Thursday, February 4, 2010

"V" Casting Scoop!

With the battle between the reptilian visitors and the human resistors
set to heat up this spring on V, the ABC series has cast three actors in new roles I previously teased. They are:

UK actor Charles Mesure, who played Archangel Michael on Xena, Warrior Princess and J.D. Pollack on Crossing Jordan, will be recurring as mercenary Kyle Hobbes. Kyle is an in-demand black ops expert who forms an unlikely alliance with the resistance when he’s hired by Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell), Ryan (Morris Chestnut), Jack (Joel Gretsch) and Georgie (David Richmond-Peck) to strengthen their fight against the Vs.

Canadian actor Nicholas Lea (X-Files, Andromeda, CSI, Men in Trees and Kyle XY's Tom Foss) will be playing Erica's ex-husband who re-enters Erica and Tyler’s (Logan Huffman) lives at a crucial point in a two-episode arc.

And Canadian actress Lexa Doig, recognizable to sci-fi fans for her
roles in Andromeda, The 4400 and Stargate SG-1, has been cast as Dr. Leah Pearlman (not to be confused with Cheers barmaid Rhea Perlman). Dr. Pearlman is an OB/GYN treating Valerie Stevens (Lourdes Benedicto), who discovered she was pregnant in November’s cliffhanger. Will Dr. P be the one to detect that Val's unborn baby's looking a little green around the gills? And may have scales? And a tail....? We'll find out this spring!

Source: TV Guide Magazine

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