Wednesday, February 17, 2010


What's in store for Jack on Lost? — Edison
MICKEY: Matthew Fox tells us that Dr. Shephard is not so interested in saving people anymore. "For the first time in his life, he's really listening to his own sense of what his fate is. He actually believes he's completely ready to give his life for what he is meant to do on this island." Gulp. That sounds ominous, huh?

Give me scoop on the Glee Madonna episode. Who's going to sing what? — Kristy
MICKEY: Forget what they're going to sing; look at what Sue Sylvester is going to wear! As this video indicates, the Cheerios will tackle "Express Yourself" and Rachel will be wearing a "Team Finn" T-shirt when the show returns in April.

On The Vampire Diaries, are we going to find out that Alaric's wife is a vampire? — Mirabel
MICKEY: Interesting theory, M! We've already seen a particularly bloody flashback in which Isobel is attacked by a familiar-looking vampire. Get ready to learn more about her interactions with bloodsuckers. It's no accident that Alaric is teaching in Mystic Falls, but is his assumption that Isobel is dead correct? This is a good question to ask. Related question: Does Bonnie's college-aged cousin have any supernatural secrets of her own?

What's coming up for Chloe on Smallville? — Robin
ADAM: Allison Mack tells us that even though she'll be back at the Daily Planet later this season, don't expect to see her behind a desk. "I think the journalist in Chloe is something that she finds in her work at Watch Tower now," Mack says. "Chloe just wants to know the truth. Now that she recognizes how corrupt the Daily Planet and the media is, she's doing things on her own and you really see her desire to change the world... come out in her experience at Watch Tower and working with the Justice League."

Any other V babies that you know of? — Cahn
MICKEY: Elizabeth Mitchell says she's not ready to be a grandmother to an alien baby, but she's OK with Lisa, her son's alien girlfriend. "She didn't really seem to mind too much that he had a girl in his room," Mitchell says of her character. "She just wants him to be physically safe. He's not obviously. He's in great jeopardy — she just doesn't know it yet." Play safe, Tyler!

Source: TV Guide

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