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LOST Truths!

From BuddyTV

Last week we asked, “Are the 'Lost' Casting Scoops Much Ado About Nothing?” This morning, via an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lost producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof gave the definitive answer to that question as they discussed the five new actors coming to Lost in season 4.

The scope of our piece was not so much are the casting announcements newsworthy, as much as do they reveal anything of consequence about the show. As information began to dribble out, imaginations were fired across the web and before you knew it fan sites were dripping with story details and character names all derived from the casting sheets. As it turns out, none of that is true.

“We actually [have] the actors read fake [scenes] and give them fake character names because those casting [pages] travel so widely, there's no way to maintain secrecy. So we basically have to come up with fake but analogous scenes that will show us qualities of an actor but won't give away what the role is. So yes, the stuff out there is not totally accurate.” Carlton Cuse told EW's Jeff Jensen.

A frustratingly bitter pill for hungry Lost fans to swallow, for sure, but not exactly new medicine. Every season of Lost is buffered by tons of false and inaccurate information from the Internet. In the end, of course, all that matters is what ends up on the screen.

While the interview at Entertainment Weekly illuminated more about the ‘why' than the ‘who,' ‘what,' and ‘when' of the new additions, it did reveal some unique trivia with regards to a past casting choice. “We had been interested in Lance back when we were casting the Mr. Eko part, but he was unavailable due to The Wire.” Cuse said, with regards to Lance Reddick joining as a ‘Ruthless Corporate Recruiter.'

And, just what does a ‘Ruthless Corporate Recruiter' do in the world of Lost? Is this a reveal after all? Damon Lindelof says “Around here at the Lost offices, 'corporate recruiter' means something entirely different than corporate recruiter. Let's just say that part of the character's skill set is coercion.” Yeah, we didn't think so.

Must See for Prison Break Fans!!

Prison Break Interviews!!

Smallville Season Seven Poster!

And apparently episode five will be titled "Action".


ABC Family may have ordered as many as 23 episodes of "Kyle XY" this year, but only 13 will air this summer. The season finale is scheduled for Monday, September 3 and the remaining 10 episodes will air this winter.

Meanwhile, on the season finale titled "Leap of Faith," Kyle and Jessi may finally find out the truth behind their connection (possibly much stronger than they had thought), as well as their creation.Kyle gambles with his safety and the Tragers', but will his hunch about Jessi turn out to be true, or will she - now that she knows the whole truth about where she came from and what her mission was - disappoint him?

Meanwhile, the Tragers come together to try and figure out the secrets that Kyle has been hiding.Writer/producer Julie Plec says: "As everybody starts to put the pieces together of the things that just don't make sense when it comes to this boy, it comes to a point where Kyle realizes that, although he's been trying to protect his family all along by keeping them in the dark, eventually in order to be a true family, you need to be honest about who you really are. And that is where we're heading by the end of the season and at the beginning of the next."

LOST Mystery Answered??

This is from DarkUFO's site and apparently someone he knows met up with Kristen from E! and this is what they found out about last seasons finale coffin mystery:

She did drop a interesting tidbit about who was "supposedly" or planned to be in the coffin and that the producers initially planned to show the person but changed their minds because they felt it added to the mystery of the finale....the info was from her sources on the show...but who really knows if that was the writers intent.....???Sorry guys I didn't get any pictures taken and do not know when they will air, but as soon as I know I will let you know.....All in all I had a great time and I have a completely whole new different view of Kristin...For those of you that said Ben....nope sorry you were wrong....for those of you that felt it was Michael....nope wrong again.....those who said it is somebody we have not seen before nope wrong once again....BUT for alllll of you that said everyone's favorite hunter are right...!!Like I said this is from Kristin who is known to be a VERY reliable source on LOST but she also did say the writers changed their mind about showing Locke....soooo at this point who knows......maybe they will change their minds again....!!?? Source: The ODI

Whaddya think?

and also from DarkUFO:

I've just been informed by one of my reliable sources at ABC that Jeremy Davies, as suspected, will be playing one of the characters that is on Naomi's Freighter.

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Watch Prison Break Premiere!!

Watch the first seventeen minutes or something here:

Spoiler Time!!

Question: Do you happen to know in which episode Sarah Wayne Callies returns to Prison Break?— Isabelle
Ausiello: Sarah Wayne Callies or Dr. Sara Tancredi? I'm not sure when Sarah Wayne Callies is back — Spoiler alert! — but Sara Tancredi makes a blink-and-you-missed-her cameo in the season premiere. It's also worth noting that Callies' name has disappeared from the opening credits. Her manager, however, assures me that her client is "returning to Prison Break this season."

Question: I think I’m entitled to a little Prison Break scoop!— Amy Lyn
Ausiello: (Spoiler alert) Mahone's going to do something very out of character in the premiere: Save Michaels life. And in Episode 2, Linc turns to an old friend to help break Michael out of that hellhole of a prison.

Question: Kyle XY?— Jeremy
Ausiello: Lori's getting a new love interest in the form of sometime-CSI: Miami lab tech Josh Zuckerman, although their relationship will at first be more hate than love. As sparks continue to fly, both Stephen and Declan take notice – and neither of them is happy about it. Zuckerman will debut in the fifth episode of Season 2's back 10, which is scheduled to air next year.

Question: Where's all that extra Bones scoop you promised? I feel cheated.— Lauren
Ausiello: This year's Halloween episode is going to be, ahem, wonderful.

Question: Is there any hope of House getting a new love interest in the new season?— Sophia
Ausiello: Depends on how he feels about fast women, because there's a speedy one headed to Princeton-Plainsboro. An upcoming patient-of-the-week story will revolve around a Danica Patrick-esque NASCAR driver. In a separate episode, House will tend to a patient with a craniofacial deformity à la Eric Stoltz in Mask.

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More Supernatural Info!

Article from buddyTv:

One of the over arcing issues for the Winchester brothers as they enter Supernatural season 3 is the deal that turned the hour glass on Dean's life. If left unresolved, Dean has to die. Naturally, this little problem is going to an imperative to the story. But, when, and how Dean (Jensen Ackles) can escape from the bargain is not known, yet.

Some recent spoilers, on the other hand, suggest that the resolution have some sometime early in the first half of Supernatural's third season.

Spoilers ahead.

In the episode “Bedtime Stories,” set to debut in November, Sam will take up the cause to reverse Dean's deal when he confronts the crossroads demon and tries to barter a release. The crossroads demon has an interesting reason for denying the request, it turns out the demon doesn't have the authority.

Sam (Jared Padalecki) will shoot the crossroads demon's human host after he learns that there is higher up pulling her strings. This could equate, in some degree, to the endgame of the season. If the demon is one of those released during last seasons finale, no diversion would be necessary to track it down, and the confrontation could make for a heck of cliff hanger with Dean's life hanging in the balance.

On the speculative side of things, it would not be surprising at all to see Dean actually die before the finale ends, leaving significant buzz over whether or not the character would return in the subsequent season. That kind of buzz could be helpful if Supernatural finds itself sitting on the bubble once again.

Of course, it would not at all be surprising for this issue to be dealt with well in advance of the finale to allow a larger, more globally threatening end game emerge. But, that is still a long ways away. Supernatural's premiere, on the other hand, is just a little more than a month away: Thursday, October 4.

House Stuff!

Sneak Peek: House Breaks In New Docs
by David Hochman @ TV Guide

What happens when you have 40 medical-fellowship candidates competing for three coveted staff jobs at one famous hospital? If you're Dr. House (Hugh Laurie), you let them battle it out reality-show style until every last ounce of their dignity is gone.

Season 4 of the Emmy-winning Fox series kicks off Sept. 25 with House putting a gaggle of fellows to the test just to watch them squirm (he even makes them wear numbers). "It's classic House sadistic behavior," says executive producer David Shore. "No other character on TV — aside from maybe that guy on Survivor — could get away with hiring practices like these."

Over eight episodes, House will winnow down the group of fellows with his usual grace and sensitivity — which is to say, expect him to be a heartless boor. "At one point House just fires the entire back of the room," says Peter Jacobson (The Starter Wife), who plays a Park Avenue plastic surgeon hoping to bring fresh meaning to his life. "Boom, gone! Except one woman he thinks is hot."

The side effect, of course, is that House gets a new cast of characters. Olivia Wilde (The Black Donnellys), who plays a fellow House can't quite figure out, says, "With new people being eliminated each week, we half-expect Ryan Seacrest to pop out and say, 'If you like No. 13, text 13 to.... '"

Other candidates are played by Kal Penn (24), "who thinks the whole game-show thing is cool," Shore says; and Edi Gathegi (Lincoln Heights), who plays a black Mormon.

What's funny is there really is a competition to become a permanent member of House's team. "We're adding another couple actors to the regular cast and we haven't figured out who they'll be yet, so we figured we'll do it this way," Shore says. "We think House would definitely approve."

Excellent John & Teyla Vid!!

By Stephaflea

HEROES Preview #2!!


Watch w/Kristen @ E:

Thomas in Dallas: Any word on Lost? I can’t wait to see new episodes!
We still don’t get new eps until February (a little fact that makes me sob uncontrollably every time I hear it). However! The coolest cast around just went back to work last week in Oahu, and I’m hearing very good things about the new season! Michael is back, the Losties we love are front and center and the storylines are tighter than, well, I’d say Josh Holloway’s backside but, sheesh, I’m a married woman.

Ginny in Ipswich, Massachusetts: Will there be any cast changes this season on Lost?
Aside from the newbies we announced last week (much thanks to Korbi for that scoop!), Entertainment Weekly is now reporting that Grindhouse’s Jeff Fahey will join the island crew this year. I can also tell you that although I'd heard a while back we’d be seeing a little less of Matthew Fox this season, so far there are no signs of any “Jack-off” days on the production schedule (sorry, I couldn’t resist, I’m 12). So, we’ll see.

Noah in Miami: I’m confused about the death scoop you gave on Heroes. Who is dying?Well, let me come right out and tell you that and then call my loved ones and tell them I love them before Tim Kring sics Sylar on my ass. What I’m saying is...I can’t name names. However, here are the facts I can spill:
- There is a series regular from last season who is no longer a part of the cast and as far as I know is not coming back.
- There is a series regular from last season who is presumed dead, but is not.
- There are two popular and important recurring characters who appear to be totally and completely doomed, and at least one of them will die within the first two episodes.

Helena in Eugene, Oregon: What is Kristen Bell’s power in Heroes?
If you did the "Electric Slide" with me and still don’t get it, I will tell you that Kristen’s power is electricity. I’m also hearing that Kristen might be doing some kind of scene with Masi/Hiro in the past, but honestly, that makes no sense whatsoever to me based on everything else I’ve heard.

Frankie in Hollywood, Florida: I haven't heard much about Jericho lately. It's still coming back, right?
Yep. They're in production as we speak, and are looking to add a new recurring character to the cast. Rumor has it a guy by the name of Barsotti will work for Goetz at the Ravenwood organization as a trained soldier. He's a potentially dangerous kind of guy who gets things done.

SGA Ad with New Ending!

Stargate Atlantis Visitor!!

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Bones Episode Details!!

"The Mummy In The Maze "

Booth and Brennan go to a Halloween-themed maze when a kid faints after seeing a real dead body amongst the fake ones. The body is that of a young woman who was mummified. A couple whose daughter has been missing for a week drop by the lab claiming that the young woman could be their daughter. Evidence soon shows that this is not their daughter but there is definitely a link between the two cases. The investigation leads Booth and Brennan to an amusement park. There is a Halloween party at the Jeffersonian. Cam, Zack, Angela, and Hodgins also appear.

"Intern In The Incinerator"

Tyler Neville - A co-worker of the murder victim, Kristen Reardon. Both worked in the authentication department at the Jeffersonian, and were competing for a prestigious prize called the Bates Fellowship. When questioned he did not know who Kristen was dating, , but she told him that he would be surprised when he found out.

Booth hints that Tyler may have been jealous, but Tyler informs him that he is gay (ouch!)Phil and Nick - Two janitors in the Jeffersonian. Nick alerted Phil to the black smoke billowing out of the incinerator, and Phil informs him that the smoke goes black sometimes when animals wander in or the doctors dump them in.

Phil remarks that the odor is like that of roasted pork - but they definitely DO NOT find a pig in there. They find the body of Kristen Reardon charred.Felicia Saroyan - Cam's sister, and oh is there sibling rivalry. I'm not going to give to many details because this is actually hysterical. Basically, Cam never told her family that she and Booth broke up because she was afraid she would never live it down - but that doesn't stop Felicia from kissing him.

Let's just say hilarity ensues and siblings bond - at Booth's expense.Dr Ted Reardon and Dr. Kyle Aldridge - Reardon is Kristen's father, and Aldridge we find out was Kristen's lover. However, that's not the only cause of strain between the two men - Aldridge was instrumental in helping Bancroft unseat Reardon from power at the Jeffersonian.

Aldridge is a bit of an intellectual snob who tries to undermine the investigators by playing "I am smarter than thou". It doesn't work when he realizes that they know about his affair with Kristen and consider him a suspect. While Booth makes Brennan interrogate Aldridge, he sits with Reardon who is watching the interrogation.

Reardon is furious over the fact that Aldridge seems to be getting away with killing his daughter, and says that there is no punishment bad enough for him. Later, when Aldridge is found murdered, Reardon becomes a double suspect. Booth suspected him before, being so furious at his daughter for sleeping with his political enemy, and is even more suspicious when the method used to murder Aldridge is traceless.

Reardon wrote a book about a compound whose use as a poison could not be traced.Dr. Harlan Bancroft - Head of the Jeffersonian and the man who masterminded Reardon's ouster. While he promises complete cooperation with the investigation, there's still something about him that Booth does not trust. Later, when Cam, Angela, and Zack are piecing together Kristen's murder which explains how copper was found in her body and also a wound in Aldridge and is accidental Bancroft enters.

When the investigators wonder why Aldridge would not have admitted what happened if it were accidental, Bancroft tells them that Aldridge wouldn't have spoken until he spoke to the top, and since Aldridge had requested a meeting with the in-house counsel of the Jeffersonian he believed he was going to do so. Bancroft leaves them with a bizzare "be careful" and informs Angela that if HE were the killer she would be next. Angela and the gang take his words as a threat.

Dr. Evan Klimkew - Not really too much there. He was suspected by the cops but later on in the sides they decide that he was not the killer. However, he was running some kind of smuggling ring and got in some illegal artifacts.

HEROES Stuff!!

Ripper Series:CONFIRMED

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Stargate Atlantis Spoilers!!

From Syfyportal:

Samantha Carter (Amanda Tapping) makes waves on the show Oct. 5 with the episode "Lifeline" when she takes the Apollo in a "race against time" to find Atlantis, which has gone missing after the Replicator attack of the third season. Col. Sheppard (Joe Flanigan) takes a team to try and steal a ZPM from the Replicators.

In "Reunion" on Oct. 12, Ronon's (Jason Momoa) people return, and want him to help them raid a Wraith weapons facility. But there is more than meets the eye, as an enemy emerges that no one ever expected.

After "Doppelganger" airs Oct. 19, a new alien race is introduced Oct. 26 called the Travelers in an episode of the same name. Col. Sheppard ends up a prisoner on their generational ship, and they don't want much. Just Ancient technology

Stargate Atlantis Schedule!!

Courtesy of Gateworld:

Sept. 28 - "Adrift"
Oct. 5 - "Lifeline"
Oct. 12 - "Reunion"
Oct. 19 - "Doppelganger"
Oct. 26 - "Travelers"
Nov. 2 - "Tabula Rasa"
Nov. 9 - "Missing"
Nov. 16 - "The Seer"
Nov. 23 - No new episode (Thanksgiving week)
Nov. 30 - "Miller's Crossing"
Dec. 7 - "This Mortal Coil" (Mid-season finale)
Dec. 14 - No new episode
Dec. 21 - No new episode
Dec. 28 - No new episode

Jan. 4 - "Be All My Sins Remember'd"
Jan. 11 - "Spoils of War"
Jan. 18 - "Quarantine"
Jan. 25 - "Outcast"
Feb. 1 - "Midway"
Feb. 8 - "Trio"
Feb. 15 - "Harmony"
Feb. 22 - "The Kindred, Part 1"
Feb. 29 - "The Kindred, Part 2"
Mar. 7 - Season Finale (Untitled)


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Reported from Kristen @ E

Oh, new Lost news makes me so ridonkulously happy. We're hearing that creepmaster Jeremy Davies (Saving Private Ryan) is doing eight eps of Lost this season, and one Rebecca Mader will have a major recurring role as well...perhaps as the much discussed Charlotte? More as we hear it.

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Smallville Spoilers!

From BuddyTv:

Millar stated in no uncertain terms that Lana would be back, and would, for the first time, take a shot at an actual relation with the young man of steel. The exact circumstances were not divulged, but Millar definitely accented that the relationship is not going to be an easy venture at all.

“The relationship between Lana and Clark, that takes on a new level as they try and make it work. Can a superhero really have a girlfriend? Which is a classic superhero dilemma. They never had a real shot before. With a secret, how does a superhero's girlfriend cope.” The detail is a major chunk to digest when pondering everything else that will be going on in Season 7 of Smallville.

Side from this relationship, we know that Clark will now be taking charge of his teenage cousin from Krypton – who is actually older than him, go figure – and lets not forget that Michael Rosenbaum is not returning for Season 8 of Smallville, so his departure must be set up as well. Aside from the Lana revelations, Millar made reference to the return of a mysterious and deadly villain but only teased the identity. Besides discussing the series from a fanboy friendly
perspective, Millar was surprisingly open in addressing the short comings of Smallville.
Hearing Millar discuss the reality of not getting it right 100 percent of the time was worth the price of admission alone. The full interview can be found on the Voices From Krypton blog and podcast.

Another New LOST Island Member!!

Quoted from BuddyTv:

Yet, another Lost casting scoop has made its way onto the internet. This time it concerns a mysterious Tall and Thin man that was described in a recent casting notice for ABC's hit drama. In addition to who will be playing this mysterious character, a new twist has arisen concerning some Lost casting news that was broken earlier this week.

Read on, but be aware of minor spoilers.TV Guide's Michael Ausiello has reported that the role of Arthur, a tall, thin, and ominous corporate recruiter will be played by The Wire alum Lance Reddick. Besides starring on The Wire, Reddick also appeared on Oz with returning Lost regular Harold Perrineau. Fans who keep their ears to the ground on casting calls will remember that prior to the appearance of Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell), his character was also described as a corporate recruiter.

When he appeared, it was to woo Elizabeth Mitchell's Juliet to come work on the Island. Could “Arthur” have a similar agenda?Ausiello also updated his previous scoop that Soprano's guest star Ken Leung would be joining Lost by revealing that Leung is not in line for the role of Russell - a mysterious mathematician with a penchant for the paranormal - but instead will be taking on a top secret role that is known only to key Lost crew members AKA “The Powers That Be.”

That bit of ambiguity is more then enough to get Lost fans' theory engines purring again. Already, Leung's nationality had the constantly computing brains of Lost's hardcore fandom eyeballing the talented actor as a possible compatriot of Sun's corporate-oppressor daddy, or even a younger version of the mysterious Dr. SomthingToDoWithCandles.

It seems to be evident with every casting scoop that Lost is intent on adding some actors with serious range. Both Reddick and Leung are well known for being able to manifest intensity of the scary variety, but also capable of playing the cool intelligent types. One can only guess what the focus on that range means for season 4.

Supernatural Snippet

Supernatural Snippet from this morning's Ausiello @ TV Guide

Question: Where's all the Supernatural scoop you said you'd get for us? I need my fix!— Lisa

Ausiello: (Spoiler alert) Looks like Dean is going to have some trouble with the demon who stole his soul last season. A casting call has gone out for that very demon, and she just so happens to be in her mid-twenties, gorgeous and seductive. I've got two words for you, Eric Kripke: Bianca. Lawson.

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Supernatural Casting Sides!!

Episode 3x05 will be titled "Bedtime Stories." Follow the link for casting sides, courtesy of DarkUFO @

New Moonlight Preview!

Ehhh....I have a feeling this show is going to be dissapointing......I hope I'm wrong though...

Kristen Bell Speaks!

The link will take you to all the Kristen Bell Heroes/LOST scoop you need people:

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Latest from Kristen @ E

Marcus in Idaho: Give us some good Heroes dirt!

One major character is presumed dead in the season premiere (but isn't), but another will die in that very same episode! Also, there's another huge threat targeting all the Heroes that is far less attractive than Sylar.

Andre in Toronto: What's happening this season on Heroes with my hot hot hottie Hayden Panettiere?

Um...Last I checked she was underage. Yes, she turns 18 tomorrow (happy birthday!), but still. So let's call her cute cute cutie, m'kay? Claire's gonna have a new looove interest named West, and while she'll try to lie low at her new Cali school, the raging teenage hormones will get in the way. Hayden's hot hot hottie onscreen father Jack Coleman tells us: "It's fair to say that Claire does have a romance this year, and it's going to bring us into conflict." Mmmm...Daddy's not happy!

Angeline in Singapore: Any more news from Heroes?

We caught up with James Kyson Lee at Hot in Hollywood, and he said, "Lots of things to look forward to in season two, including a new look for Ando...We'll probably move on from the Members Only jacket. And there [will] be parallel times, the modern time and the ancient Japan, so I' the present day, going back and forth between New York and Japan, and there's going to be some kind of connection between me and Hiro...But you have to wait until Sept. 24 to find out."

Amelia in New Mexico: Give us more on the Smallville clonage!

The misdirection you all think you've identified in the finale is not the death misdirection to look for. And we can eliminate Antarctica and South America as Lana landing zones...

Melanie in Decatur, Alabama: Dexter is due back very soon. What do you know?

Dexter's murderous tendencies could become known to one of three different women: Deb, Rita or Lila, the new character who appears beginning in episode three.

Smallville Episodes!!

Prison Break Season Three Stuff!


Reported from Kristen @ eonline:

Hot damn! Joe Adalian over at Variety is reporting that Ms. Kristen Bell (of kick-ass Veronica Mars fame, of course) will be taking her ass-whupping awesomeness over to Heroes this season.
The nature of her character, named Elle, is shrouded in mystery, but apparently she has ties to Claire, H.R.G. and Peter, and she kicks off her multi-episode arc with a little criminal activity. Aw, Veronica would be proud...

She's all over the place huh? Hey maybe, tomorrow she'll join the cast of House or something lol

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Ken Leung – whose memorable turn as Uncle Junior's mentally unstable protégé on The Sopranos last season turned many a head in Hollywood (mine included) – is joining the cast of Lost next season, sources confirm to me exclusively.

It's believed Leung will be playing the recurring role of Russell*, a brilliant mathematician who is capable of great insights and has a tremendous knowledge across various scientific fields. He's expected to first turn up in February's season premiere.

Non-Sopranos fans may know Leung from his role as Kid Omega in Brett Ratner's franchise killer, X-Men: The Last Stand.

Stargate Atlantis Episode Details!!

The first plot information has arrived at GateWorld for "Harmony," an episode set to air late in Stargate Atlantis's fourth season. Executive producer Joseph Mallozzi has implied, but not yet confirmed, that the title character and lead guest star will be played by 12-year-old actress Jodelle Ferland.

Ferland played Adria at 7 years old in the SG-1 Season Ten premiere, "Flesh and Blood." Her long list of film and television credits also includes Masters of Horror, Supernatural, Smallville, and the 2006 film "Silent Hill."Colonel Sheppard and Dr. McKay visit one of their favorite planets, where they toast a long-time trading partnership.

Their hosts are two beautiful and charming princesses, Flora and Mardola. As palace guards stand nearby, they thank John and Rodney for their life-saving medicine, their warnings about a Wraith culling, and their kindness. The two men are obviously smitten.But as they prepare to leave, the women bring themselves to ask for a favor.

They have a younger sister named Harmony, who they introduce to Sheppard and McKay. With their mother the Queen having recently died, Harmony is the heir to the throne -- but before she can be crowned, she must pass a dangerous test and trek a day's walk into the forest, to the Temple of Laros. While others are generally not permitted to assist in the rite of passage, the concerned older sisters wish Sheppard and McKay to protect Harmony from danger without the others knowing.

They are happy enough to oblige, and head into the woods with the strong-willed girl. It isn't long before danger finds them -- but it's not lions, tigers, or bears. There is a Genii contingent on the planet, and the deadly soldiers seem to be trying to prevent Harmony from ascending to the throne. Though they manage to take out some of the men, they must stay on the run ... and keep young Harmony alive.

The Genii's motives are not solely their own, however. They are working with one of Harmony's sisters.Guest characters include Harmony, Flora, Mardola, the Genii Field Captain, Genii soldiers, and various palace guards and villagers."Harmony" will go before cameras soon, and will premiere on SCI FI Channel in the U.S., Sky One in the U.K., and Movie Central in Canada early next year. Season Four premieres September 28 on SCI FI!

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Via Kristen @ E:

I've just heard word that a reliable source has spotted Adrian Pasdar on the Heroes set with—I hope you're sitting down for this—massive burn marks all over his face.

Thankfully, the burn marks are not real and have been applied via makeup, but the bad news is it's all part of some sort of new look for his character for the upcoming second season. (Most likely the remnants of Peter and Nathan going boom over the city in the season finale, one can suppose, though I honestly don't know.)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Heroes: Update!

This is regarding the previous spoiler of Nichelle Nichols joining the cast of Heroes in Season Two.

Showing up in the season's fourth episode, [Nichelle Nichols]'ll play Nana, a New Orleans doyenne whose daughter died during Hurricane Katrina. "Nana is tough and undaunted and - like the blues - she just keeps rising to the occasion," Nichols says.

The character, who is in dire financial straits, has moved back into her once-flooded home, where she cares for her two grandchildren. One of them, new hero Monica (The Nine's Dana Davis), is an avenging angel intent on bringing justice to the corruption-plagued Big Easy.

Nana is also a great-aunt to Micah, the junior hero played by series regular Noah Gray-Cabey. "Micah is sent to New Orleans to live with the family," Nichols says. "It's a quite marvelous, magical story, with wonderful things emerging." Source: TV Guide Online

OMG Another Hero!

This update from BuddyTV:

Yet another fresh face has signed on for Heroes, making her the millionth new character for the season. Janel Parrish, fresh off her big screen turn as Jade in the Bratz movie, will be on board for three episodes of Heroes second season beginning with the third episode in.

The series, which returns in just a little over a month, has been adding so many new cast members lately that some are worried that the ongoing procession of fresh faces might mean less screen time for the vets. Don't worry though, we have some news on that as well.Parrish, for starters. Will be filling the role of head cheerleader at Claire's new school.

The fact that Claire is a cheerleader at all is a little disconcerting to some fans who have begun to cry foul over what appears to be a recycling of the successful first seasons themes. Whether Parrish will play the uber bitchy head cheerleader type that Claire clashed with in season 1 way may answer the question as to whether or not those concerns have any merit.On other rumors concerning the return of Heroes, Kristin at E!Online has reported that Claire and Nikki will finally meet in the new season.

The relevance of that is a bit of a head scratcher. Maybe there is a connection that Kristin thinks has been revealed that hasn't, yet? Anyway you look at it, the meet will take place and given Claire's capacity for abuse, if it is not an amicable meet up, it may turn out to be a pretty gruesome one.Thankfully no more regulars have been introduced recently so it looks like Heroes has nailed down its cast of characters for the second season's story, the details of which are still a mystery.

Holy Crapola Smallville Fans!

Here's the lastest lowdown on Lana via Kristen @ eonline

The Smallville season premiere is still weeks away, but my inbox has been overloaded with questions regarding L.L.—not Mr. Cool J (though we have scoop on him today) or Lindsay Lohan, mind you, but one Miss Lana Lang.

Yes, she might have been blown to smithereens in last May's season finale, but as my crack team announced in the spoiler chat on Monday, Kristin Kreuk has signed on for the upcoming season and Lana will definitely be back. So, inquiring fans want to know, how the bloody hell are the writers gonna pull off that?!

Well, Big, Fat Spoiler Alert! Let me be the first to tell you the inside storyline scoop: Lana's salvation involves cloning. Yep, you heard me right. Cloning! The Francinator and Buffy Bot had better step aside, because TV has a new Doublemint twin of freaky-deaky generation.

I'll tell you more in Monday's chat, but for now you gotta tell me in the Comments section below: Am I the only one giggling at the thought of Lana 2.0? I mean, this is Smallville, and I'm sure the writers will knock it out of the park, but I just can't shake the feeling Clana's genesis will somehow involve lonely Lex, a bottle of tequila and a little weird science.



Ok this show is AWESOME, the leading man James Nesbitt is absolutely perfect for the role! In the USA it can be found on the BBC America channel and you are sorely missing out if you don't catch this show.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007



TV Guide's Spoilers

Question: I was wondering if you had any scoop on Kyle XY. I heard that they had a 23-episode season, but the promos tonight said only two episodes are left till the season finale, putting the total at 13 episodes. What gives?— Parker

Ausiello: Oh, you know cable — they like to split their seasons up. As a result, Part 1 of Kyle's second season ends Sept. 3. The remaining 10 episodes (aka Part 2) kick off in early '08. Meanwhile, I just got this teaser for the penultimate, Aug. 27 episode:

"After recent events, all members of the Trager family are on lockdown until Jessi is found. Lori enlists the help of Hillary to plot her revenge on Jessi; Josh plans a fun day of junk food and video games with Andy, only to be told that she can't see him anymore; Declan is caught off guard when Hillary decides to do couples therapy with him and Lori; and things explode between Stephen and Nicole when she confronts him about his 'affair' with Emily.

Meanwhile, Kyle struggles to figure out how he should deal with Jessi. Upset that he is the reason for all of the Tragers' issues, he looks for a solution to fix everything."

Question: Do you have any news about Lana from Smallville? Is Kristin Kreuk coming back?— Scott

Ausiello: Prepare to not be surprised: Yes, I can confirm that she's coming back. But in order to maintain some air of mystery, I won't be revealing the following things about her return: 1) how she'll be brought back, 2) whether she'll be playing Lana, or 3) how long she'll be sticking around for.

Question: Please give me some hot scoop from Supernatural! I love Jensen and Jared almost as much as I love AA!— Jenny

Ausiello: There'll be a big twist concerning Ruby (Katie Cassidy) in this season's second episode.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New LOST Character!

Ok so the Peter Stormare and Forest Whitaker appearances didnt pan out, and ok neither did the Kristen Bell one but heres the description for a character slotted for Season Four of LOST.

Also appearing in 4x01 and 4x02, with possibly more eps down the line, is Arthur Stevens. He is a ruthless corporate recruiter, tall and thin, with a chilling prescence.

Hmm...tall and thin, chilling about William Hurt?? I'd say Steve Buscemi but he's not tall!! C'mon people, who else can be chilling???


Apparently shes going to join Sulu on Heroes. I'm not making this crap up!


Scoop from Kristen:

Justin in West Hollywood: Anything on Heroes?

Expect all the regulars who didn't share scenes last year to spend time together onscreen this year. The producers are looking to weave the various story arcs together more tightly. Most notably, Niki leaves her family troubles behind and connects up with the show's larger mythological mysteries.

Tim in Brooklyn: Dying for more Heroes dish, if you've got it…

Claire and Niki finally cross paths.

Jeffrey in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida: Any Lost scoop?

We have no bananas today. We do, however, have a contribution to the ongoing debate about when Lost starts production on season four: The publicist says it's Aug. 20, other reports say Aug. 15. Perhaps the crew getting back to work is different than the cast getting back to work?

Tilly the Kid: Prison Break! I miss my hot convicts!

How about a hot fed instead? Mahone and his little white pills have been separated, and that goes better for the pills than it does for Mahone...

Jeff in Louisville, Kentucky: Will Prison Break live up to its title this season?

I hear Michael and a new inmate buddy begin planning their intricate escape from Sona by episode five.

James from Chicago: Any scoop on Supergirl from Smallville?

Kara, aka Supergirl, and the Martian Manhunter are both aware of each other from the past and they, to say the least, are anything but friends.

Sam from Walnut Creek, California: Smallville?

Sources tell me there is a showdown between Kara and someone very close to Clark's heart.

Rose in Seguin, Texas: What is Lana's future on Smallville?

See item immediately above.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Heroes Season Two Talk

Interview with Hayden Panettiere (Claire Bennett) from Heroes regarding the upcoming Season two:

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Stargate Goodness!

Click the link for a special preview for Stargate Atlantis from Comic Con 2007 - Hurry up!
Note: A transcript and screencaps of that trailer can be found at

Interview with Carson Beckett!

Paul McGillion, who will be returning to Stargate Atlantis in the role of Dr. Carson Beckett for a two-episode arc during the upcoming fourth season, told SCI FI Wire that it feels great to be back on the show after nearly a year away.

"Honestly, it feels like coming home," McGillion said in an interview on the phone from the set in Vancouver, B.C. "And everyone's been so terrific to me. The crew gave me a little round of applause when I came back on the set. And that was really sweet. That felt really nice. And everyone's been really gracious towards me and it's just been really nice. I love the character, and the chance to reprise Beckett is my pleasure."

McGillion's character perished in an explosion near the end of the third season, causing an outcry among fans, who began a Save Carson Beckett campaign in an attempt to bring him back. He said he's been encouraged by the all fan support, but was still somewhat surprised when he got the call to come back.

"When the fellas told me that they were going to be making some changes with the cast and stuff, they said, 'No one ever dies in sci-fi,'" McGillion said. "I was kind of surprised, but having heard a lot of the fan reaction and stuff, I think it was a big thing when my character died, and I think that has a lot to do with the writing they gave the character and the opportunity to play such a fun character and a well-loved character.

A lot of people have called him the heart of Atlantis. And I think the fans really stood behind that, and rallied behind the character a lot. So I was flattered and obviously thrilled to come back." The details of the episodes are being kept under wraps, but McGillion assured fans that they would be satisfied with his role in the story. "They gave me a really great storyline," he said. "I think the fans will appreciate it. Beckett has a lot to do in the storyline that they've given the character. So I'm really happy with it. I think it's a really great way to bring Beckett back. Without going into any details, because I really can't, he's heavily, heavily based in the episodes. They'll see a lot of Beckett."

The future of the character beyond the two episodes remains unclear, but McGillion is open to the possibility of coming back on a more permanent basis. "We'll see what happens," he said." I don't know what their plans are for the character or where I'm going to be, but it's always a pleasure to come back and work on the show, that's for sure. So I'm not ruling anything out." In addition to McGillion’s return, Atlantis viewers can also look forward to guest appearances by Torri Higginson (Dr. Elizabeth Weir) and Stargate SG-1’s Christopher Judge (Teal’c) in the upcoming fourth season. Stargate: Atlantis will return on Sept. 28 in a new timeslot on Fridays at 10 p.m. PT/ET

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


From TV Guide's Ausiello:

Question: Have you spoken to Darlton about having Kristen Bell on Lost? If you pull this off, I swear (and you have this in writing, with AA witnesses) that I will send you one case of Diet Raspberry Snapple for every episode of Lost that Kristen appears on. Hope you're up for the challenge!— Erin

Ausiello: You better get busy clipping them there Snapple coupons, Erin. And while you're at it, slap on a pair of Depends, 'cause this is the kind of exclusive casting prattle that causes mass piddling: I can tell you for a fact that Kristen's name has been brought up with regard to the new role of Charlotte, the hot twentysomething who is said to be "precocious, loquacious and funny... a very successful academic who also knows how to handle herself in the real world." Yep, sounds like our Kristen!

The only question now is whether my in-demand BFF is ready to jump back into another series. And, if so, will the financial toll wrought by all those Snapple purchases force Erin to declare bankruptcy? Please, God, let the answer be "Yes!" to all of the above!

Question: There's been a serious lack of Bones spoilers in AA lately, and it's depressing me.— Liza

Ausiello: Cheer up, Liza, this is your week. My Bones mole reports that producers are introducing a major, season-long serial killer plot that sounds like a cross between Dexter's ice truck killer and CSI's miniature-making menace. Only this murderer's calling card of choice is — yep, you guessed it — bones!

Question: Anything Bones-related?— Derek

Ausiello: Someone page Eddie Cibrian's agent! Bones producers will soon begin casting the role of Angela's mythic (and as-yet-unseen) husband, who we'll learn early on is basically The Perfect Man. Explains my spy: "He's big, beautiful and has tons of charisma. He's a pilot, he's an entrepreneur, he's a philanthropist, he saves children from burning buildings." In other words, the exact opposite of Hodgins.

Question: The Smurfs are coming to DVD! I think that deserves some Kyle XY scoop.— Sherif

Ausiello: ABC Family just sent out this teaser for the Aug. 20 episode: "After finding a photo of himself and Jessi locked in Baylin’s box, Kyle and Declan realize that the best way to crack the mystery of Jessi is to get close to her at a high school charity event. Once there, Kyle uses the opportunity to talk to the already vulnerable Jessi. But is Kyle prepared to learn what Jessi is hiding? Meanwhile, other secrets are revealed during the event as Lori finds out the identity of her attacker."

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


LOST & Heroes Spoilers!!

From Kristen @ Eonline:


Tina in Twenty-Nine Palms, California: Heroes! Tell me about Heroes!

Claire's new boyfriend has something in common with one of her dads.

Petra in Miami: Can you tell us anything about the new Heroes?

Okay, we'll stop teasing you. Claire's new boyfriend can fly, and for one particular romantic getaway he picks her up and carries her to the Hollywood sign atop Mt. Lee. Also, according to our source, Claire is still very much a teenager and has been sneaking out of the house to hang out with her new fella.

Alessandra in Oklahoma City: Anything good on Heroes?

If all goes according to plan, one of your favorite Heroes will appear in the third ep of Pushing Daisies. He (yes, it's a he) even brings one of his "powers" with him.


Rosie in Houghton, Michigan: Have you heard anything about Peter Stormare and/or Forest Whitaker appearing on Lost this season?

Interestingly, Peter and Forest have the same manager. We heard the same rumors you did and asked if either of those guys would be appearing on Lost this season. The management company came back with "not that we know of." That doesn't mean they're not working on a deal for one or both of them to be on Lost. But if it is true, it sounds like nothing is certain.

New Jericho Picture

Here's a new pic of upcoming season two of Jericho.

Another "Hero"?

The list keeps growing eh?? Add Stephen Tobolowsky to it. Don't know who he plays yet though.

Battlestar Spoilers!!

Read on:

Kara Thrace is back from the dead in the third season finale of "Battlestar Galactica," claiming to Apollo (Jamie Bamber) that she not only knows where Earth is, she's already been there.
Of course, the humans in the fleet know of only one race that can die and come back to life again, and they certainly aren't human. So Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff) is met onboard the Galactica with machine guns in her face, and a new place to live ... behind bars.

What is really behind Starbuck's reappearance? Is she the fifth and final Cylon?

"You can imagine what Galactica officers are feeling when they see Kara resurrect," a source told SyFy Portal. "It is going to be almost impossible for anyone to trust what her motives are, but they will eventually have to trust her if they are ever going to fine Earth."
Adm. Adama (Edward James Olmos) decides that he will eventually need Starbuck, and decides to send her on a mission to help locate the planet they've been looking for almost from the beginning.

That's where the mysterious ship Demetrius comes in. Members of the recent SciFi Channel Digital Press Tour -- which included SyFy Portal -- had a chance to see some of the interior of the Demetrius under construction. Set designers giving the tour wouldn't reveal the name of the ship, but it was later revealed that the ship was called the Demetrius, and was a smaller, older ship compared to what had been seen previously on "Battlestar Galactica."

Not much was known about the ship or what role it would play in the fourth season, but it appears Adama sends Starbuck to the ship, undercover, because apparently that's the only way they will be able to find the planet.

Adama himself is caught between a rock and a hard place, and not sure whether he should go back to treating Starbuck like the daughter he never had, or keeping her locked up in a cell. In fact, Adama -- in a way to clear his mind -- takes off in a Viper (yes, the "Old Man" will get a chance to fly a Viper) -- and turns an asteroid field into dust while he tries to make up his mind.

"This was something Eddie wanted to do for a couple seasons now," the source said. "We're going to show a younger version of Adama flying a Viper in 'Razor,' so why not show the star in one as well?"

Of course, Adama still can't let the rest of the fleet know that he may believe what Starbuck is saying, so most of what Kara is doing is known only to to the leader of the fleet. But what Kara finds could answer a lot of questions as to what the Colonials will find once they reach Earth.

Monday, August 6, 2007


Eric Kripke, creator and executive producer of The CW's series Supernatural, told SCI FI Wire that he's been waiting to get to the storyline in the upcoming third season ever since the show began. "This is the season to join the party," Kripke said in an interview. "Or for fans, this is the season they've been waiting for. From the beginning I was always like, 'Oh, man, just let us get to season three.'

Because season one and two we set the chessboard, and in season three, really, all hell breaks loose." "All Hell Breaks Loose" was, in fact, the title of the season two finale. It set up a third season in which brothers Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) will be tracking down some of the demons that escaped when the gates to hell were opened.

Kripke added that the series will return to a simpler season-long mythology focusing on the ongoing war between good and evil. "There's so much we're paying off," he said. "I feel the mythology was great in season one. I think the stand-alones were great in season two. But I think the mythology of season two was just okay. It was too complicated. It wasn't as visceral as 'find dad.' And in season three we're back to a really visceral mythology, which is 'It's war, what do we do?'

And so we're really excited about that mythology, and we feel, again, it's going to be the most exciting season yet.' Still, Kripke doesn't intend to leave behind the show's "bread and butter" stand-alone episodes, which will continue to explore various urban myths. One of these will even inform an upcoming Christmas episode.

"We'll never run out as long as they keep us on the air," Kripke said. "I just found a urban legend about the anti-Claus, an evil Santa Claus, the one who doesn't come to give you gifts, the one who comes to punish you when you're naughty. It's called the Belsnickel in Maryland. And we were like, 'Great. The Supernatural Christmas episode.' So there's sort of no limit to those episodes."

AHHHhhh I can't wait!!

Even More Details on New LOST Characters

Russell:Late 30s, a brilliant mathematician and deep thinker who is capable of great insights and has a tremendous knowledge across various scientific fields. He sometimes struggles socially by being too direct and disconnected in his interpersonal relationships. While an empiricist by trade he is humbled and fascinated by the magic and mystery of all in this world that cannot be explained by science. Starts with Episode #401 -August 19, 2007 in Hawaii).


Charlotte: Late 20s. Very attractive in a naturalistic, athletic way, her looks are only one small part of charms. Precocious, loquacious, and funny, Charlotte a very successful academic who also knows how to handle herself in the real world. On a personal level it is hard to crack the hard shell of poise and certainty around her, but when it DOES crack its like an egg; lots of repressed and pent up emotions spill out. (Starts with Episode #402 - August 29, 2007 in Hawaii).

Hey you guys do realize there has already been a Charlotte on the show right? That creepy back from the dead daughter of the (Fake?) psychic Claire knew. Remember she told Eko about his brother at the airport??? I put up her pic to jog your memories if you didnt already know. Whatdya think? Same one?


Old Supergirl on Smallville

Helen Slater, the original Supergirl will appear on Smallville this coming season.

Sorry. I'm just not excited about this. She ranks up there on my WHO CARES list with Dean Cain's appearance.


Little more info on two new charcters from Spoilerfix:

Here is a little more about Russell: He is said to be fascinated by magic and mystery even if he works in a world of science. The role is a recurring that may end up to be a series regular.

The role of Charlotte could become a regular

I know, solid stuff huh?

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Another New Hero!!

I guess this girl, Jessica Collins also from The Nine, is joining the Heroes cast as well.

An article describes her as a mysterious woman who works at the organization tracking all the heroes, which I assume is Primatech Paper Company -- unless there is a new organization to be introduced.