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Supernatural Finale Spoilers!

"The season finale takes place on the very last day before his card gets pulled by the demon," Gamble said. "It's a fight to the finish. Several of the players that we've been watching deal with this over the course of the season will be in the episode. We said we weren't going to make it easy for them, and we've made it pretty difficult, bordering upon impossible." Will Dean survive and elude hell's clutches? "For all you know, in the fourth season it's going to be Sam with a flashlight in haunted houses with a special cell phone that calls hell," Gamble said with tongue in cheek. "Everyone has a theory. Everyone will find out soon enough. They just have to wait a few more months."

Source: SCI FI Wire

Bones Promo Pics!


Moonlight Episode Details!

Episode 1x14 "Click"

“Click” - A rising Hollywood starlet is murdered after she hires Mick as part of her security detail because she felt her life was threatened by aggressive paparazzi. Meanwhile, Beth’s new boss at Buzzwire has questionable journalistic ethics, on MOONLIGHT, Friday, May 2 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.


Dollhouse Spoilers!

Here's a ton of leaked spoilers/rumors about Joss Whedon's new show Dollhouse, starring Eliza Dushku: The Dollhouse, home of the amnesiac "dolls" who can be anyone or anything, is in Los Angeles. There are two types of "dolls," Actives and Inactives.

Dushku's character, Echo, is an Inactive.In one scene, Adelle, the "ice queen" who runs the Dollhouse, meets with a Senator who's considering "buying" an Active doll to use as an "escort." She convinces the Senator the Active will be better than any human escort, because the emotions will be real to the "doll" and she'll be programmed to want it as much as he does.The geek who programs the dolls, Topher, calls Echo's "handler" Boyd, because he's noticed that a group of the mind-wiped dolls has sat together at lunch at the same table for the third time within a week.

Dushku's character, Echo, seems to be initiating this clique, which means she may be evolving beyond her mind wipes. There is definitely something unusual about Echo, compared to the other "dolls." If Adelle the boss finds out, she'll have Echo killed.Topher the geek and Boyd the handler have differing opinions about their work. Topher believes it's purely programming and sort of morally wrong (even though he enjoys doing it.) But Boyd thinks it's healthy for the "dolls" to get to experience every possible human emotion through their programmed personalities.

Source: io9

Supernatural Spoilers!

"One thing that fans probably won't be seeing anytime soon is an episode about Sam and Dean switching bodies. This is one of those concepts that many Supernatural addicts would love to see, but Kripke didn't seem particularly excited about the idea. However, while on stage, Ackles did a quick impression of emo-Sam that proved the idea would work wonderfully if they ever went through with it.

The biggest news from the con, aside from the fact that Jared Padalecki is engaged to his longtime girlfriend, were the hints about what's to come in season 4. Kripke has promised that there will be a lot of back story about Mary Winchester next year, and he's even toying with the idea of showing John and Mary when they were teenagers. Everybody loves a good flashback episode. We'll also find out more about the amulet in the near future.

For those hoping that the Winchester boys would successfully vanquish Lilith by season's end, it doesn't look like it's going to happen. She's going to play a large part throughout the next season of the series. However, one person who may not play such a huge role in Supernatural's future is Bela (Lauren Cohan). Kripke admitted that he's aware of the fan's hatred of the character, and he promised that she'll be getting her comeuppance in a major way. He said that she definitely won't have a touchy-feely moment of redemption, but he wouldn't mention whether she'll be back next season.Before we can look forward to season 4 of Supernatural, we still have to worry about how, or if, Dean will avoid going to Hell in the remaining four episodes. At the convention, Eric Kripke promised that season 3 would wrap up with "a bitch of a cliffhanger," meaning that it's going to be one long wait until the fall."


Bones Episode Details!

Episode 3x12 "The Wannabe in the Weeds"

Former American Idol contestants Ace Young and Brandon Rogers appear in one episode as talent-night contestants at a local eatery.

Source: TV Guide

New Amsterdam Episode Details!

Episode 1x08 "Love Hurts" (Season Finale)

In the season finale John, still recovering from his recent gunshot wound, and Eva investigate the death of a drowned woman. The death might be related to a string of robberies of wealthy men linked to a dating service. The case causes John to flashback to his life in the 1920s when he stole an expensive diamond from his lover.

Source: SpoilerTV

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Stargate Atlantis Episode Details!

Episode 5x07 "Whispers"

Having been removed from stasis in Atlantis after two months, Carson Beckett -- or, more precisely, the clone of the late doctor created by the Wraith Michael -- returned home to Earth for some R&R. Now he has returned to Atlantis, and is called upon to join Colonel Sheppard on a visit to another planet.The two trapse through the alien forest and rendezvous with another team, commanded by Major Anne Teldy. Also on the team is Captain Alicia Vega (Leela Savasta), the tough Sgt. Dusty Wells, and the cute and bookish Dr. Alison Porter. The team has called Sheppard and Dr. Beckett there to see what they have found: a Wraith lab hidden inside a network of underground caves, with a dozen humanoid forms in stasis along the wall.

Beckett and Porter study the lab and the condition of the "patients," who they suspect may be more of Michael's test subjects. As they work, Teldy, Vega, and Sheppard shoot the breeze. (The Colonel mentions that the I.O.A. is hesitant to rebuild the Midway space station, recently destroyed in a Wraith attack ["Midway"].)The presence of the people in stasis brings up Carson's own recent experience, prompting him to tell Dr. Porter about what happened when he showed up on his mother's doorstep two years after his own funeral.

The two scientists begin to bond.The group decides to bunk overnight in a nearby village -- though they have no way of knowing that there are forces nearby that are conspiring against them. And Michael's test subjects are about to wake up.Guest characters include Dr. Carson Beckett, Major Anne Teldy, Captain Alicia Vega, Sgt. Dusty Wells, Dr. Alison Porter, and Mirellus, one of the local villagers.

Source: Gateworld

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Bones Episode Details!

Episode 3x10 "The Man in the Mud"

When a young couple decides to go skinny-dipping in a hot spring, their spontaneity is ruined when they find the remains of a skeleton in the mud. Brennan and Booth soon discover the skeleton is that of Tripp Goddard, a professional motorcycle racer who just won the Super Grand Prix. The team immediately suspects Danny Fitz, the runner-up in the race and Tripp's main rival, to be the murderer. But just when Brennan and Booth think they have it solved, a fiery motorcycle crash claims another victim, and the circumstances seem far from accidental. Meanwhile, Dr. Lance Sweets forces Brennan and Booth to join him on a double-date in an effort to encourage them to interact in a social setting, away from any of their cases.

Guest Cast: Chris William Martin as Garth Jodrey; Abigail Spencer as Phillipa Fitz; Wings Hauser as Lenny Fitz; M.C. Gainey as Braxton Smalls; Channon Roe as Danny Fitz; Andrew Lawrence as Tim; Alicia Ziegler as Chandler; Christopher May as Park Ranger; John Edward Lee as Tripp Goddard; Burnadean Jones as FBI Forensic Tech; Darlena Tejeiro as FBI Motor Tech Opal Warneke; Senta Moses as April Presa.

Source: Fox

LOST Spoiler!!!!

In the latest issue of LOST Magazine, Damon Lindelof answered the following question:
Question: "Will there be any emerging romances on or off the Island? I feel the guys need some love! "
DL:"Romance is always blooming on and off the island. And just for you, I hereby promise you one of the most spectacular kisses you've ever seen on the show in this year's finale."

So who will it be??? Comment below!!!

LOST Episode Details and Promo Pics!

Episode 4x09 "The Shape of Things to Come"

"The Shape of Things to Come" - Locke's camp comes under attack, and Jack tries to discover the identity of a body that has washed ashore, on "Lost," THURSDAY, APRIL 24 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.
More Promo Pics here:


Guess who's alive and well for a fulltime return in Season Four!!!

Read below:

New Amsterdam Preview!

Moonlight Episode Details!

Episode 1x15

Title: TBA

Airdate: May 9, 2008

When six-year-old Jess Fordham disappears, after having nightmares about monsters, the case draws the attention of the vampire community. Especially Josef. He and a woman named Sally investigate her disappearance and discover that valuable family papers have also gone missing. Is there a connection?

ADA Talbot investigates a man name Paul Verdolino who appears to be involved in a chop shop scheme.Meanwhile, a returning character takes an interest in who has been researching documents at the local library.

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Battlestar Scoop!

Battlestar's McDonnell Has Spoilers

Mary McDonnell, who plays President Laura Roslin on the SCI FI Channel original series Battlestar Galactica, offered SCI FI Wire a spoiler for the upcoming fourth and final season: that her character will have to deal with a recurrence of the cancer she thought was cured. "I can only you tell that, as we all know, I have to struggle once again with the cancer," McDonnell said in an interview at the network's upfront presentation to advertisers in New York earlier this month.

"That's a whole different level of struggle than we have seen so far. I [also] have to struggle with the ideas that one commits to as a leader and whether or not they have value. Those are kind of the broad strokes, and other than that I don't know yet." Filming on the final season was interrupted by the recently settled writers' strike; production will resume shortly in Vancouver, Canada, on the remaining new episodes of the final season.

McDonnell said that she's eager to return to work. She said that she's sad that such a "real gift" of a job will soon end but "very excited" about completing the saga on the show's own terms. "I find that the energy going into the last nine [episodes] and knowing that we're completing the telling of the story is a very unusual experience on television," McDonnell said. "You have the choice to go ahead and finish the story, and it's very specifically laid out to be bookended. So on that level I'm thrilled. I think it's a great idea."

The fourth season of Battlestar Galactica kicks off on March 28 at 10 p.m. ET/PT with two back-to-back half-hour specials, with the first new episode, "He That Believeth in Me," premiering the following week, April 4, at 10 p.m. --Ian Spelling


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Dollhouse Casting Alert!

Just in case you need more reason to get excited about Joss Whedon's return to television with the upcoming FOX drama series Dollhouse, here are some just-leaked notes on the characters they've now cast...

Tahmoh Penikett as "PAUL SMITH": 30s, good-looks hardened by a cynical distaste for most of humanity. An FBI field agent, he's been chasing the urban myth of the "Dollhouse" long enough to have lost any shot at promotion. Becomes obsessed with, and a twisted romantic foil for Echo (Eliza Dushku).

Fran Kranz as "TOPHER BRINK": 20's, genius programmer who's articulate, nerdily attractive and blithely amoral. He's responsible for imprinting the dolls - and making sure they stay unaware of anything. Is fascinated by the science and kind of digging the illegality. Fun to be around, but might not be remotely trustworthy.

Dichen Lachman as "SIERRA": 20's, Asian, (or certainly not Caucasian). Strikingly beautiful. A Doll like Echo, she has every personality in the world but her own. Is not as self-aware as Echo, but is instinctively drawn to her as a friend.

Enver Gjokaj as "VICTOR": 20's, handsome and fit. A Doll, and the other closest thing to a friend Echo has. Childlike when he's inactive, and everything from Errol Flynn to a young DeNiro when he's active.

Source: E!Online

Bones Preview!

LOST Spoilers!

Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse provided TV Guide with several new details and what we should expect for the remainder of Season 4.

1) We will learn "exactly" what happened to Michael between leaving the island and him getting to NYC.

2) Michael is a "pivotal" part of the end of the season and he will have an "impact" on many of the characters, including Sayid.

3) We will see how the Oceanic 6 "escaped the island" and what happens to those that don't leave.

4) The Team Locke v Team Jack debate about who is right will "amplify"

5) We will learn who is in the coffin

6) More about the freighter people

7) We will also find out who "seemingly killed" Karl and Rousseau

Posted By: The ODI

Stargate Atlantis Episode Details!

Episode 5x07 "Whispers"


Beckett must put his personal plans on hold and joins Sheppard in the investigation of an off-world situation where he becomes smitten by a lovely young scientist...


Female, mid 20s, a "tough Michelle Rodriguez type," Dusty is part of a team investigating an off-world situation. Left at the lab with Beckett and Alison, she is a no-frills, capable, take-charge sort, with a somewhat gruff exterior and little patience for the brewing romance happening between Beckett and Alison. She had left Earth for a chance to take out some bad guys.. LEAD - POSSIBLY RECURRING

( who was actually named and created for a fan of the show!!!)

Mid 30s, she is the by-the-book commander, in charge of the investigation which has brought her and her team to Michael's lab. Intelligent and usually composed, she fears that something may go wrong with Sheppard's plan to take out the demons. She is sternly put in her place by Sheppard who knows they must act quickly...LEAD - POSSIBLY RECURRING

Source: SpoilerTV

Smallville Scoop!


Alternative Jericho Ending Details!!

Check it:


Latest from TV Guide's Ausiello:


Question: You said that a Smallville character will take "his" last breath in the April 17 episode of Smallville. Are we to assume that this person is a man? — Alex
Ausiello: Actually, I "said" his/her, so you should assume that it's a man, a woman or some combination of both. In related news, allow me to clarify a clue that I dropped in my vodcast last week regarding the upcoming death. The character about to get Grim Reapered has never been presumed dead by the audience. It's an important distinction.

Question: Hey, can you give us some frakkin' news about the new season of Battlestar Galactica? — Cortney
Ausiello: I hear a pivotal scene in Friday's season premiere involves an authority figure being held at gunpoint.


Question: Battlestar Galactica's final season is only a week or so away! Do you have any tidbits? — Sarah
Ausiello: Pay attention to the condition of Starbuck's viper upon her return from Earth. And a major character is going to get a close shave. Literally.

Question: I have soooo many questions about Supernatural. Will Dean die? Will Dean go to Hell? Will Sam turn dark? Will Sam fight against Dean? Help!— A Desperate Fan
Ausiello: The answer to two of your questions is yes.
Question: Jack is my constant. Will my constant get a centric episode this season? — Laura
Ausiello: Yes.
Source: TV GUIDE

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Battlestar Galactica Spoilers!

"However, amongst the following nuggets of info there's one fake spoiler thrown into the mix. Can you detect it?

-Lee Adama contemplates whether his brother was a Cylon.
-Tigh is seen to shoot William Adama, but not fatally.
-Baltar discovers a shrine in his honour.
-There's something very strange about Starbuck's Viper.
-Starbuck returns to Galactica but believes she has only been gone hours, not months.
-Baltar has sexual relations with a human female, as opposed to Number Six.
-Tyrol and Sharon reignite their romance after she discovers the truth about him.
-Anders makes eye contact with a Centurion Cylon."

Source: Digital Spy

Smallville Preview!!

Supernatural Episode Details!

Episode 3x15 (Unknown Title)

"We're gonna charge full-steam into Dean's deal with the devil, because his soul is coming up due," [reveals Eric Kripe.] Adds Padalecki: "Sam is trying new and different methods to try and save Dean. In the third episode I think we have a week left of Dean's life, and we're sprinting to the finish line to beat this deal that's closing in."

Source: EW

Moonlight Sneak Peek!!

Will Jericho Live On?

Who knows??

Battlestar Galactica Contest!

New Amsterdam Episode Details!

Episode 1x07 "Reclassified"


John becomes fixated on granting the dying wish of his first partner, Andy (Chris Bauer), who is slowly wasting away from leukemia caused by a bullet lodged in his heart. Andy wants the unknown shooter brought to justice before he dies, but the case is more convoluted than anyone originally believes. Memories of John’s beginnings as a homicide detective help him not only piece together clues to his friend’s case, but also prompt John to realize he may be nearing the end of his quest for love and mortality. However, he embarks down a precarious path as his investigation leads to altercations with the Russian mafia and culminates with a shocking end on the “Reclassified” episode of NEW AMSTERDAM airing Monday, April 7 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

Guest Cast: Robert Clohessy as Detective Santori, Susan Misner as Callie Burnett, Chris Bauer as Andrew Gleason, Isiah Whitlock Jr. as Joe Williams, Kristine Sutherland as Didi Gleason, Donnie Keshawarz as Nazir, Tim Devlin as Bobby Randall, Michael Solomon as Uni, David Vadim as Carney, Chris La Panta as Danny, Olek Krupa as Viktor Brodsky, Ivo Velon as Ivan Brodsky, James Lindenberg as Russian Henchman, and Hudson Orbe as Bobby.

Source: Fox

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Spoiler Vid!

New LOST Rumor!

"I have some very valuable information. This is 100% accurate. Karl was not killed by Ben's people. Danielle doesn't die. In a future episode BEFORE the finale, We will see Charles Widmore on the island. The people who shot at danielle and Karl are in fact mercenaries hired by Widmore. So widmore has more than 1 team working for him. The mercenaries are totally decked out in camoflauge. They are their to retrieve Ben and kill everyone else. In the Ben Centric episode we see the mercenaries burning down the barracks. I don't know if they retrieve Ben. As of this moment one lostie dies in the retrievel, but this of course is scheduled to change."

Source: WidmoreIndustries@DarkUFO

Just Cuz....

More Details for Moonlight!

Mick is still human. The case of the week revolves around Kent Morton, a 40-year-old politician currently running for mayor. Kent's wife died tragically a few years earlier and he is now raising their teen daughter Bonnie alone. Maureen, from Buzzwire, is investigating the wife's death and it seems Mick is also on the case. Mick will have to do more than expose the truth, he'll have to save Bonnie who's been lying for her father and can't take it anymore. Beth and Mick have picnic on a beach. A new recurring character, ADA Benjamin Talbot, is introduced in this episode when another recurring character is killed.

Source: SpoilerFix

Supernatural Scoop!



WHERE WE LEFT OFF: After being arrested by Special Agent Henricksen (Charles Malik Whitfield), Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) helped defend the jail from a mass demon attack. The Winchester brothers managed to escape shortly before demon Lilith (Rachel Pattee) killed Henricksen.

UP NEXT: The Supernatural boys are venturing into reality...television. ''We're coming back with a reality show version of Supernatural,'' says creator Eric Kripke. ''It's sort of our loving tribute to Ghost Hunters. People will either congratulate us or think we're totally effing insane.'' The second episode will return to normal — at least as normal as Supernatural gets — with Sam and Dean visiting a town haunted by phone calls from dead loved ones. Due to the strike, though, Kripke had to jettison some plots in order to focus on Dean's ongoing entanglement with Satan. ''We put almost every other story line on hold until next season,'' Kripke explains. ''We're gonna charge full-steam into Dean's deal with the devil, because his soul is coming up due.'' Adds Padalecki: ''Sam is trying new and different methods to try and save Dean. In the third episode I think we have a week left of Dean's life, and we're sprinting to the finish line to beat this deal that's closing in.'' Seeing as Supernatural was recently picked up for season 4, we're guessing that race is won. —Tim Stack

Source: EW

Bones Scoop!!

"Yeah, we have to deal with how awkward [the kiss] made us feel," sighs [Emily] Deschanel, who tips us off to another ep in which the two have to care for a baby, and one in which she sings. We'll also see the inevitable trial of Brennan's murderous dad. "We'll get a quicker ID on everyone's favorite medieval serial killer, Gormogon. He'll be corralled in a single episode instead of an extended arc; while no one's giving away any deets on the Gor-man's identity, we can tell you that Hanson loves everyone's conjecture - he actually giggled when we suggested it might be John Francis Daley's Dr. Sweets - and he promises that Gormogon is "not just somebody out in the world. I probably told you too much."

Source: EW

Stargate Atlantis Episode Details!

Episode 5x12 will be called "Inquisition"

Sunday, March 23, 2008

R.I.P Karl!

Interview with exiting Lost star Blake Bashoff on the death of his character Karl:

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Supernatural Episode Details!

Episode 3x14 "Long Distance Caller"

Sam and Dean hunt a Crocotta, its goal is to get people to kill themselves and then take their souls. To do so, it communicates via phone and computer as a dead loved one. Dean gets information on the demon holding the contract on his soul from a seemingly unlikely source. While Sam goes to confront the Crocotta, Dean unknowingly prepares to ambush an innocent victim.

Source: SpoilerFix

Prison Break Renewed!

"So we got word on Wednesday that we are officially picked up by the network for Season 4. This is great news. We are all very excited. We are moving offices onto the Fox Studio Lot next week and we had to say goodbye to the offices that were our home for the past 3 years ... not really that sad because, well, c’mon, it’s just a frickin’ building. But my new office is about half the size with just a tiny window which normally would suck except for one thing ... I get to go to work everyday with people I love and respect and I get to be creative.

So I don’t really give a rat’s ass what our new offices look like! For those of you who celebrate Easter, have a great one. I will be at my home having Easter dinner with family (visiting cousins) and friends (including Prison Break writer Kalinda Vazquez) -- it should be a nice weekend leading into an even better week of diving head-first into Season 4! Best, Nick(ps -- I am WAY behind on answering myspace messages but I am getting dozens a day and have been so busy with PB, it is impossible to keep up with all of them, plus I get scores of emails to my website, so I am sorry if I didn’t get back to everyone, please don’t take it personally.)"

More Moonlight Promo Pics!

New Amsterdam Episode Details!

NEW AMSTERDAM 1x06 "Reclassified"


John becomes fixated on granting the dying wish of his first partner, Andy (Chris Bauer), who is slowly wasting away from leukemia caused by a bullet lodged in his heart. Andy wants the unknown shooter brought to justice before he dies, but the case is more convoluted than anyone originally believes. Memories of John's beginnings as a homicide detective help him not only piece together clues to his friend's case, but also prompt John to realize he may be nearing the end of his quest for love and mortality.

However, he embarks down a precarious path as his investigation leads to altercations with the Russian mafia and culminates with a shocking end.

Guest Cast: Robert Clohessy as Detective Santori, Susan Misner as Callie Burnett, Chris Bauer as Andrew Gleason, Isiah Whitlock Jr. as Joe Williams, Kristine Sutherland as Didi Gleason, Donnie Keshawarz as Nazir, Tim Devlin as Bobby Randall, Michael Solomon as Uni, David Vadim as Carney, Chris La Panta as Danny, Olek Krupa as Viktor Brodsky, Ivo Velon as Ivan Brodsky, James Lindenberg as Russian Henchman, and Hudson Orbe as Bobby.

Source: Fox


Thanks to DarkUFO & Fedrich519 for this summation of the latest ABC Podcast for LOST:

As per the Official Podcast episode 4x09 will be called "The Shape of Things to Come". This is rumoured to be a Ben and/or Sayid episode based on the filming photos that we've recently posted.

*Shocking twist for the finale will not be the final scene, but close to the end of the episode.

*Oceanic Six are Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun, and Aaron.*

Tom (Mr. Friendly) is indeed gay.

*Desmond/Minkowski "side effects" may indeed be the "Sickness" that Rouseau refers to... (they hint at it very strongly)

*The Swan Hatch implosion will probably not be revisited. However, we have not seen the last of the "purple sky" this season.

*They explain the appearance of certain paranormal events and what they are....

Ben's mother=apparition

Sawyer's Boar=animal


Hurley bird=no comment



Kate's horse=undead

Mikail' Cat Nadia=animal

Walt=some have been apparition, some have been monster

Boone in Locke's dream=dream

*Lepidus name in Expose script that Hurley read is just a name one of the writers in fond of.

*Is Aaron in danger since he is being "Raised by Another"? The psychic told Claire that she must raise the baby herself. They leave it up to the viewers if you believe if the psychic is real or not.

*Significance of name Kevin Johnson.....the Others chose the most innocuous and bland name they could so as not to raise suspicion and raise attention to Michael's alias.

*Will learn much more about four-toed statue and Black Rock.

*Secret code name for the finale twist "The Frozen Donkey Wheel"

Friday, March 21, 2008

Supernatural Episode Details!

Episode 3x15 will be titled "Time is On My Side" and is rumored to be Bela centric, possibly showing her youth and past experience.

Source: GatetheWay @ Gateworld Forum

Torchwood Episode Details!


When a local teenager disappears Gwen is drawn into an investigation that reveals a darker side of Torchwood. Hundreds of people have disappeared without trace, but why is Jack obstructing attempts to find them? The answer seems to lie in the rift, and as Gwen follows the trail she makes a shocking discovery.written by Chris Chibnall directed by Mark Everest


A booby trapped building explodes and knocks the team unconscious. As their lives flash before their eyes, we learn how each of them was recruited to Torchwood - Captain Jack's initiation into a shocked Victorian Torchwood in1899; Toshiko's daring mission to trade alien technology for her mother's life; how Ianto woo'd Jack with coffee and a flair for alien-catching and; the medical revelation that changed how Owen saw the world.Written by Chris Chibnall Directed by Jonathan Fox Bassett.

Exit Wounds

Taking Captain Jack prisoner, Captain John sends him back in time for a long overdue reunion. Without their leader, Torchwood are faced with a city flooded with Weevils, on the brink of destruction. But who is Captain John really working for? Can anyone trust him? And how great a price must Torchwood pay to save the city?written by Chris Chibnall Directed by Ashley Way.

Source: SpoilerTV

Smallville Preview!!

Stargate Atlantis Episode Details!

"Ghost in the Machine"

The Replicators were last seen in the Season Four episode "Be All My Sins Remember'd," which ended with a startling revelation: though the Replicators in the Pegasus Galaxy were believed to be destroyed, in fact a rebel group of the technological foe survived and is under the leadership of Elizabeth Weir, the former head of the Atlantis expedition -- or some form of her.Today GateWorld received some scattered plot details for the episode, via casting calls put out for the episode's guest stars.

Koracen, a Replicator scientist on Weir's ship, believes he has found a way to reach a digital equivalent of ascension. Their consciousnesses will be enabled to exist indefinitely as fields of energy. As such beings they can essentially upload their minds to subspace and let their nanite bodies disintegrate, allowing them to move freely about the galaxy at will.Lia, another Replicator, is understandably skeptical.

But Koracen has a willing volunteer, and demonstrates the procedure. Later, in Atlantis, the team works furiously to regain access to a room they have been locked out of. Colonel Sheppard orders two officers to retrieve heavy arms and explosives to blow the sealed door, but there is no need. The door suddenly opens, and Sheppard and his team are shocked by the familiar face which greets them.

It is Fran (Michelle Morgan), the "Friendly Replicator ANdroid" engineered by Dr. McKay last year ("Be All My Sins Remember'd"). Apparently now missing their bodies, the Replicators have come to Atlantis. And their leader is someone very, very close to the Atlantis team: Elizabeth Weir herself.Weir will not be played by actress Torri Higginson, who turned down the offer to appear in the episode (story).

Instead the script was rewritten so that the cliffhanger could be resolved and the story continued without her.The existence of disembodied Replicator consciousnesses in the episode may go a long way in explaining just how this science fiction feat will be accomplished -- if the Weir from "Be All My Sins Remember'd" was, in fact, a Replicator duplicate and not the human Weir, who the Replicators claimed had been killed ("This Mortal Coil")."Ghost In the Machine" also guest stars David Nykl as Radek Zelenka.

Written by Carl Binder and directed by Ken Girotti, the episode is expected to go before cameras in a few weeks.Visit GateWorld's Season Five episode guide for more on the upcoming season! New episodes return to SCI FI Channel in the U.S. in July.

Source: Gateworld

Sarah Connor Chronicles Gearing Up!

Smallville Episode Details!

Episode 7x18 will be called "Apocalypse".

Source: SpoilerTV

Moonlight Promo Pic!

First pic from Episode 1x13 "Fated to Pretend"


LOST Preview!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

LOST Scoop!

Can you believe that ABC told Lost producers that the whole four-toed statue thing was TOO WEIRD??? LOL! Oh but not the black smoke monster or anything else right??? Well here's a brief article covering what was said and here's hoping someway, somehow, we still get an answer to it.....Oh yeah and one more thing: I swear I read another article that said the other thing ABC asked of LOST producers was if they could make it a SIX toed instead!!!!

New Sci-Fi Shows!

Heroes Scoop!

& Here:

LOST Interview!

Chuck Scoop!

LOST Scoop!

Possible scoop for rumors episode 4x10"

"I have a set report today (sadly no pictures to confirm it) but there was some filming action going on @ YMCA's camp erdman (THE BARRACKS) today when i went to go to the area for a swim. I was able to see Sawyer, Locke and Hurley on set. They were filming a scene with Sawyer where he was talking to a group of kids? But here's the best part. They were filming a scene where one of the barrack houses were ON FIRE, and tons of men dressed in military uniforms and war paint and guns stormed the barracks. PRETTY AMAZING?! what are military soldiers doing on the island?"

LOST Teaser!

''Meet Kevin Johnson'' is the eighth episode of Lost's fourth season and the last episode that was filmed before the Writers Guild of America went on strike for three months. The good news is that the strike is over and the show is back at work; at present, cast and crew are shooting the ninth episode. The bad news is that we'll have to wait until April 24 to see it. (Curse you, post-production demands!)

The slightly worse news is that when our mutual obsession comes back next month, it will air at 10 p.m., a brutal time slot for people like me, whose glittering mental carriage morphs back into a moldy pumpkin at exactly 10:01 p.m. So relish this, the last installment of the year to air at a sane hour.

It promises to be a dynamite chapter in the unfolding Lost saga, according to executive producer Damon Lindelof:''Yes, you'll find out a lot about Michael. But you'll ALSO learn why bearded Jack was unable to jump. AND where the Others are holed up. AND, according to those silly promos, apparently someone dies, too.''The promise of additional intrigue about Grizzly Jack's flash-forward despair in an episode that would APPEAR to be about Michael? Curious. I want to see this thing NOW (which for me is Monday morning, not your present Thursday time-space coordinate, so you can understand my impatience).

Source: EW

LOST Preview for Tonight!

“Start from the beginning!! And explain how you came to be on this boat!!”

“The same guy who sold all of us out so he could get off the island??”

“What wouldn’t a man do for his son??”

“I thought we were going on a rescue mission!!”

“I’m sorry!!”

ABC says of tonight’s Michael-centric installment, “Meet Kevin Johnson”:Sayid confronts Ben's spy on the freighter, and Ben urges daughter Alex to flee Locke's camp in order to survive an impending attack.

Guest starring are Cynthia Watros as Libby, M.C. Gainey as Mr. Friendly/Tom, Mira Furlan as Danielle Rousseau, Tania Raymonde as Alex, Blake Bashoff as Karl, Marsha Thomason as Naomi Dorrit, Ken Leung as Miles Straume, Jeff Fahey as Frank Lapidus, Kevin Durand as Keamy, Anthony Azizi as Omar, Fisher Stevens as George Minkowski, Grant Bowler as Captain Gault, Jill Kuramoto as female anchor, Galyn Gorg as nurse, Starletta DuPois as mom, William P. Ogilivie as Gus, Francesco Simone as Arturo and James Locke as mechanic.

* We’re back to flashbacks this week.

* At least one of the flashbacks is said to be set in New York, where Michael will have a confrontation with Ben’s pal Friendly Tom.

* Another flashback, likely featuring the freighter, is said to be set in Port of Suva, Fiji.

* A 9-year-old-size Walt is expected to turn up, if fleetingly.

* In Othertown, someone will say, “No More Secrets!!”

* On the freighter, someone will say, “I’m here to die!!”

* And someone will die this week.