Tuesday, February 9, 2010


‘The Vampire Diaries‘ sure is drawing out these flashbacks. We still have yet to see how Damon and Stefan actually died, or the burning church with 27 vampires trapped inside. Will we see those events before the end of the first season? – Heather
You will certainly see something. All exec producer Julie Plec would tell me is, “There will be one more flashback episode this year.”

It’s so awesome that Martha Kent is coming back to ‘Smallville‘! An Amanda Waller connection maybe? – ClarkLovesLois via Twitter
Ooh, I like your thinking – perhaps U.S. senator Kent (played by Annette O’Toole) has the goods on the Checkmate baddies? I pressed exec producer Brian Peterson on the reason for Martha’s Episode 21 appearance, and he teased, “There is a purpose to it” beyond a fun (and very overdue) cameo. With Michael McKean returning as Perry White in the same episode, Peterson added, “We have a couple fun twists and turns planned.”

Is Stephen Swift/Warrior Angel going to be part of any future storylines on ‘Smallville’? – Lori
I’m thinking no, and frankly it was a little cruel that the powers-that-be ever “kidded” around about this guy would be Chloe’s next love interest. That said, Brian Peterson told me that in this Friday’s episode, Stephen/Warrior Angel “fulfills a little fantasy of Chloe’s.”

The Hollywood Reporter said that a certain Todd Williams has been cast in the Fox pilot ‘Ridealong.’ Is this the same Todd Williams who plays Detective Dershovitz on ‘In Plain Sight‘? – Bernd
Yes, it’s the one and the same. But keep in mind, ‘Ridealong’ (a Chicago cop drama from ‘The Shield’s Shawn Ryan) is just a pilot, so there may not be implications for ‘In Plain Sight.’

Any info on ‘Supernatural’s 100th episode? – Jason
Only that the title for the milestone hour is ‘Point of No Return,’ and it’s being filmed as… we… type.

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