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Tonight's House Scoop!

This season's House has offered up character-centric episodes focusing on Dr. House and individual members of his team. In Monday's episode, titled "Wilson," House's best bud gets his turn.

"You see my assistant [whom] you've never met. You see the oncology floor. You see where I work," Robert Sean Leonard said of the upcoming episode revolving around his character. "I have my own patients and my own day that doesn't include House. So you basically follow Wilson around for a few days and see what his life is like."

In the episode, one of Wilson's old friends (The West Wing's Josh Malina) displays paralysis in his arm and enters Princeton-Plainsboro as a patient. Wilson takes the case but refuses to believe the patient's cancer has returned, so he works with the team to diagnose him with more hopeful results.

"I has some moral decisions to make throughout the show," says Leonard. "It's a personal case for me."
Source: TV Guide

True Blood Scoop!

With True Blood starting production on its third season this week, the spoilers are starting to flow as freely as Type O-neg at Fangtasia! The biggie: Casting is now underway for a role that sounds suspiciously like it can only be that of Sam’s mother!

Debuting in episode 2, middle-aged Melinda Mickens, The Ausiello Files’ sources say, is just about the only character in history who lives in more trash than Oscar the Grouch. And since she and equally filthy hubby Joe Lee share the same surname as Tommy, the character this column’s already reported is Sam’s brother… well, you can do that math, can’t you?

The show is also on the hunt for a knockout to play Crystal Norris, a mysterious beauty who bewitches one of our alpha males. (Figuratively. Um, I think.) She’ll also make her first appearance in the second eppy.

But wait, there’s more…

In that same hour, we’ll flash back to a World War II werewolf dogfight, flash forward again to meet a werewolf biker who likes the look of Sookie’s kibbles and bits, and be treated to the spectacle of Tara smacking down a couple of rednecks who diss the recently deceased.

Source: EW

Alas, poor Eggs.

True Blood Casting Scoop!

Marshall Allman is joining the cast of HBO's "True Blood" as a regular for the upcoming third season.

On Alan Ball's vampire drama, Allman will play Tommy Mickens, Sam Merlotte's (Sam Trammell) long-lost younger brother who works at a Tire Depot in Arkansas.

Allman, who was a series regular on Fox's "Prison Break" playing LJ Burrows, recently guest-starred on AMC's "Mad Men" and FX's "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia."

The actor, whose feature credits include "The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle," is repped by Gersh.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Cool LOST Promo!

True Blood Casting Call!

For Episode 3x02 "Beautifully Broken"

Director: Scott Winant
Writer: Raelle Tucker


20s.. Barefoot in a sundress, this mysterious and hauntingly beautiful young woman shares an electric connection with Jason before disappearing into the lines in this episode, 1 scene (50) VERY STRONG RECURRING


Female, 50s, dirt-poor, hung-over, trashy-looking, she wears stained clothes and lives in a shanty house styled in early dumpster. She has a mysterious link to Sam's distant past...STRONG RECURRING (19)


Male. 50s, Melinda's husband, he's a dirt poor, poorly educated man who is also amazed when he realizes Sam's link to his wife's early life...STRONG RECURRING (19)


This African-American woman in her late 40s to early 50s is clearly deranged. Intensely religious and viciously homophobic, she's being cared for in an elite private facility.sptv050769..6 lines, 1 scene (23)


FEMALE, 20s or 30s, NAKED, MUST SPEAK GERMAN. Seen in flashback to World War II, this naked, trembling German woman pleads for help, but suddenly and terrifying transforms...4 lines, 2 scenes (9)


This big, rugged, bare-chested man in his 40s is upset when the police arrive with a warrant to search his rundown trailer...2 lines, 1 scene in this episode; STRONG RECURRING (50)


This attractive female reporter interviews the authorities about some recent "animal" attacks...2 speeches, 2 scenes (25)


These two drunk, lowlife hillbillies incite Tara's fury with their disrespect for one recently dead. When Shane refuses to apologize, Tara proceeds to beat him up...4 lines, 1 scene; 1 line, 1 scene respectively (51)


Seen in flashback to World War II (Germany 1945), this baby-faced American G.I. in his 20s stops to assist a distressed German woman -- and gets a terrifying surprise...2 lines, 2 scenes (8)


This biker/werewolf
menaces Sookie, but just might find she's not the easy victim he anticipated...1 line, 1 scene (21) MAY RECUR.

Source: SpoilerTV

New Stephen King Show Coming to Syfy!

Here's the scoop:

Tonight's Heroes Scoop!

Dexter Sneak Peeks!

Vampire Diaries Casting Scoop!

Word is, actress Kelly Hu has joined the cast of Vampire Diaries.
More here:

The Mentalist Interview!

LOST/"V" Scoop!

Flash Forward Interview!

"24" UK Press Release!


When we last saw Jack Bauer (Golden Globe® and Emmy® winner Kiefer Sutherland), his life was hanging in the balance. But, true to form, the hardest man in television is back for another heart stopping, action-packed series of the award-winning US drama series 24. With a relocation to New York, the return of CTU and new exciting cast additions, this season looks set to follow Day 7 in being one of the best yet when it returns to Sky1 HD and Sky1 on Sunday 24 January.

At the start of 24’s new, eighth season, Bauer is hoping for a quiet life with his daughter Kim (Elisha Cuthbert, Captivity) and his granddaughter. However, a group of terrorists have other plans and an assassination plot against a visiting Middle Eastern leader Omar Hassan (Anil Kapoor, Slumdog Millionaire) is uncovered. It’s not long before Bauer is called upon to help prevent Hassan’s murder.

Kiefer Sutherland said: “Season 7 and 8…are really connected together. The storylines from Season 7 really do play all the way through into Season 8. The setup for [this season] is the most realistic political thing that I think we've ever done since we started the show. This season is more grounded in what possibly could happen. There's a sense of reality that almost brings it back to Season 1.”

CTU is back in action and based in New York, headed up by Special Agent Brian Hastings (Mykelti Williamson, Forrest Gump). He is joined by brainy bombshell Dana Walsh (Katee Sackhoff, Battlestar Galactica) and her fiancé, head of field operation Cole Ortiz (Freddie Prinze Jr, I Know What You Did Last Summer).

Returning for Day 8 are CTU devotee Chloe O’Brian (Mary Lynn Rajskub, Little Miss Sunshine), Renee Walker (Annie Wersching, General Hospital) and President Allison Taylor played by Cherry Jones (Ocean’s Twelve) fresh from her Emmy® win for her work on Day 7. Plus, villainous ex-president Charles Logan (Gregory Itzin, The Mentalist) is set to return when Taylor enlists him to assist with an escalating crisis. “The opportunity for these two remarkable actors to share the stage was simply too compelling to pass up,” said executive producer Howard Gordon of the unison of the current and previous presidents.

24 Day 8 looks set to add another enthralling, shock-filled chapter to the series when it launches with a double bill on January 24 at 9pm on Sky1 HD and Sky1.

Viewers can bring themselves up to date with a 24 Day 7 catch up, from Tuesday 29 December at 8am through to Wednesday 30 December at 8am.

Source: Sky One

Flash Forward Spoilers!

Here is a little summary of what to expect in episode 1x11 "A561984":

* The mystery Lady that calls about Demitri's murder over looks a lot of newspaper articles.
* Demitri and Mark go after that lady and it ends in a fire fight
* Lloyd makes a statement to the public which ends up with a gun firing at him.
* Simon goes to the FBI and looks at the towers and says that they are his towers but he designed them in 1992 and that they were created in 1991.
* Mark Loses his job
* The Mystery of Demitri's wedding is revealed
* D Gibbons is revealed and is linked to someone we know.
* Lloyd and Olivia seem to be getting along
* The final cliffhanger is with Lloyd and Olivia

Source: TV Spoilers

The Mentalist Casting Scoop!

Meet the new boss on "The Mentalist."

Aunjanue Ellis has joined the cast of the sophomore CBS drama in a heavily recurring role.

She will play the beautiful but tough new head of the California Bureau of Investigation who is installed following the resignation of the unit's former chief, Virgil Minelli, played by Gregory Itzin. (Itzin recently signed on to return to "24," reprising his role as former President Charles Logan.)

She is brought in to restore discipline and morale to the division after the murder of three agents, including Agent Sam Bosco (Terry Kinney), and will be Agent Teresa Lisbon's (Robin Tunney) new supervisor.

The Warner Bros. TV-produced series revolves around Lisbon's team and the help they get from independent consultant Patrick Jane (Simon Baker).

Ellis' debut on "Mentalist" is tentatively slated for April.

The actress, who appeared in "The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3," recently co-starred on Broadway in Joe Turner's "Come and Gone" and wrapped the actioner "Game of Death." She is repped by ICM and TMT Entertainment.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Dexter Episode Details!

Episode 4x11 "Hello Dexter Morgan"

Dexter's worst fears have been realized. Because of Debra's unrelenting pursuit, Miami Metro is just one step away from discovering the identity of the Trinity Killer. And Dexter can't let that happen. Arthur's arrest would not only deprive Dexter of a satisfying kill, it would also expose the secret life Dexter's been leading in his pursuit of this monster. Dexter must take drastic action to buy himself time to deal with Trinity in his own fashion. Meanwhile, Rita decides to confide in Dexter, which doesn't go as well as she'd hoped. LaGuerta and Batista's breach of ethics paints them into a very tight corner. And Arthur, who still can't understand why Dexter didn't simply turn him in, begins his own bloody investigation into Kyle Butler.

Written By: Scott Buck & Lauren Gussis
Directed By: SJ Clarkson
TVMA - Brief Nudity, Violence, Graphic Language, Adult Content

Source: Showtime

Dexter Preview!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Merlin Preview!

Legend of the Seeker Preview!

Castle Promo Pics!

For Episode 2x11 "The Fifth Bullet":

True Blood Casting Scoop!

Australia’s Sunday Telegraph confirms that Grant Bowler has joined the cast of True Blood for season 3. Bowler isn’t saying which character he’ll play, but he’s excited about the opportunity:

“Mate, it’s HBO and it’s the King … it’s the chance to work for an Oscar-winner [series creator Allan Ball] and alongside an Oscar-winner [Anna Paquin],” he said.

Bowler is currently co-starring on Ugly Betty as the dasterdly Connor Owens, the man who charmed even the scheming Wilhelmina. You may also recognize him as Captain Gault from Lost, which stars Carrie Preston’s hubby Michael Emerson. Bowler will be bi-coastal while filming True Blood in Los Angeles and Ugly Betty in New York, but it sounds like he’s up for the challenge


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Smallville Casting Scoop!

An Internet Movie Database listing revealing that not only has the character of Wesley Dodds, a.k.a. Sandman, been cast - we know the identity of the actor playing him.

Ken Lawson, who recently played the hotel manager in the Supernatural convention episode "The Real Ghostbusters," will be appearing and hopefully wearing the legendary gas mask


Watch "Riese, The Series" Now!

Riese is a world of moral ambiguity and political intrigue.

A decimated land populated by characters from dreams and nightmares. Loyalties are ever in question, suspicion in the minds of all. The realm, however, was not always so cruel. Everything began with a peaceful nation called Eleysia.

The Kingdom of the Wolf, Eleysia was once prosperous due largely to the influence of Empress Kara and Emperor Ulric. This all changed when a coup d’etat, orchestrated from the shadows by a religious cult, brought about a total regime change.

Taking the throne was Amara, the Empress’s cousin.
A power-hungry tyrant, Amara immediately utilized Eleysia’s wealth and power to begin colonizing the world, crushing nation after nation in order to unite the people under one banner. Even as she assaulted the world, an ominous, enigmatic group clearly wielded power over her. Called The Sect, they purported themselves to be the official religion of Eleysia, and began to spread alongside Eleysia’s borders.

Since the coup, the land has begun to die, resources are dwindling and compassion is fading. Humanity itself is seen as impure. People have grown restless, almost feral. Rituals and mythology have resurged, and the darker side of mankind has begun to reveal itself.

The true horror of the world is not in how it ends, but what will become of mankind as it fractures.And yet, despite the impending doom, a single beacon of light shines in Riese. A mysterious wanderer, she travels with her wolf Fenrir across this barren land. Branded as heretics by The Sect, Riese and Fenrir will pause to aid those in need as they travel, but they must evade capture at all costs. As she flees, she’ll piece together her past and her destiny, in a conflict that will hold the fate of this world in the balance - and the once peaceful kingdom of Eleysia will be the battlefield.

This is the world of Riese.

Heard about this web series from a friend and just now got around to catching the first two episodes. Just like "Sanctuary" originally ran online, "Riese, the Series" has thusfar two released episodes and will have a total of five. The official website below contains the actual episodes as well as tons of info, a forum, and gives release dates for the future ep's. Its pretty good but it definitely leaves you wanting to know more so far.

Check it out:

Glee: Rachel/Finn or Rachel/Puck?


Winter Shows Premiere Dates!

Saturday, Jan. 9
Legend of the Seeker returns (syndication)

Sunday, Jan. 10
Chuck (NBC), 9 p.m.

Monday, Jan. 11
Heroes returns (NBC), 9 p.m.
Tuesday, Jan. 12
American Idol (Fox), 8 p.m.

Wednesday, Jan. 13
Leverage returns (TNT), 10 p.m.

Thursday, Jan. 14
Bones returns (Fox), 8 p.m.
Fringe returns (Fox), 9 p.m. (for four weeks, then off until April)
The Mentalist returns (CBS), 10 p.m.
The Vampire Diaries returns (CW), 8 p.m.

Sunday, Jan. 17
24 (Fox), 9 p.m.
Human Target (Fox), 8 p.m.

Tuesday, Jan. 19
White Collar returns (USA), 10 p.m.

Thursday, Jan. 21
Burn Notice returns (USA), 10 p.m.
Supernatural returns (CW), 9 p.m.

Friday, Jan. 22
Caprica (Syfy), 9 p.m.
Smallville returns (CW), 8 p.m.
Spartacus (Starz), 10 p.m.

Wednesday, Jan. 27
Psych returns (USA), 10 p.m.


Tuesday, Feb. 2
Lost (ABC), 9 p.m.


Thursday, April 1
Fringe returns (Fox), 9 p.m.

Tuesday, April 13
Glee returns (Fox), 9 p.m.

Lie To Me returns in late spring, exact date TBD.
V returns in March, exact date TBD.

Source: E!

White Collar Preview!

For next week's ep "Free Fall":

Dexter Episode Details!

Episode 4.11 - "Hello, Dexter Morgan"
Dogged Debra's investigative skills have the department on the verge of not only nailing the Trinity Killer, but ultimately exposing Dexter's clandestine and deadly side job. It would also deprive him of the opportunity to deal with the serial murderer in his own way. At home, Rita's decision to confide in her husband doesn't garner the result for which she hoped. And back in the squad room, a breach of ethics has Batista and LaGuerta in hot water.

Episode 4.12 - "The Getaway"
In the Season 4 finale, the police close in on the Trinity Killer, who cautions Dexter to keep away. But Dexter is willing to do whatever he can to get his man, legal or not. Meanwhile, LaGuerta and Batista must answer for their breach of ethics; and Debra becomes privy to something she's not sure she wanted to know.

Source: TV Guide

Stargate Universe Promo Pics!

LOST Spoiler!

Here are 3 on Island plot points for season 6 so far: smokie now played by actor Terry O Quinn is recruiting, one of the Kwons is 42, there is a lighthouse on the island, and somehow all of these things are interconnected.

Source: DarkUFO

Friday, November 27, 2009

Lie To Me Episode Details & Casting Call!

Episode 2x13 "Double Dip"

Lightman investigates the case of a police officer shot in one of the local projects, and uncovers a scam that involves the Police Department...

Casting call available here:

Smallville Promo Pics!

Source: CW

USA Shows Return Dates!

USA will shake up its original series slate a little bit in January as both "White Collar" and "Psych" will move to new nights.

"Burn Notice" also has an official return date, though it's staying put on Thursday nights.

The cable channel's winter slate ill kick off on Jan. 19 when "White Collar" moves from Friday to Tuesday. The back half of "Burn Notice's" third season will debut Thursday, Jan. 21.

"Psych," which has aired on Fridays for much of its life, will move to Wednesday nights beginning Jan. 27. That will give USA three consecutive nights of original series. (And at least a portion of the NBC Universal empire will have scripted dramas at 10 p.m. ET.)

"White Collar" will continue to air on Fridays for the next couple of weeks, paired with the final episodes of "Monk."
Source: Zap2it

Bones Scoop!

Bones executive producers Hart Hanson, Stephen Nathan and story editor Dean Lopata invited me over to their offices on the Fox lot to play an old school video game they had designed for their Dec. 3

episode, "The Gamer in the Grease." Inspired by the documentary, The King of Kong, the episode finds Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz) delving deep into the cutthroat world of competitive arcade gaming. I say "cutthroat" because the opening scene's discovery of a gaming champion's corpse is quite possibly the show's most gruesome image to date. Without spoling it for you, lets just say Brennan's disappointment that the body still contains its skin is short-lived.

The producers tell me that Fox asked them to conceive an episode that would help promote Twentieth Century Fox's holiday release, Avatar, a film set in a virtual reality world that co-stars Bones recurring player, Joel Moore (Colin Fisher) as an on-ship technician overseeing avatar transference. "The studio wanted us to do some kind of cross-over," explains Nathan. "So we designed a whole story that kicks off with Sweets (John Francis Daley) meeting a girl in a movie line."

The movie the characters are going to see, not surprisingly, is
Avatar. The episode finds characters playing 80's style arcade games. Getting the rights to established games like Pac Man and Donkey Kong, Hanson explains, "would have cost a fortune, so we had to design our own retro game that looks like it came out in the 80s."

The game they designed, Punky Pong, is so easy that a monkey can play it. Heck, even I managed a high score by blocking a steady flow of
bananas, mangos, pineapples and raspberries from sneaking past me. And I somehow was able to keep focused on the game despite Hanson's constant screaming in my ear, "Don't let the banana hit you!!!"

You'll be able to see (and play!) for yourself when the game is
posted on after the episode airs. And oh -- watch out for those bananas. They cause shrinkage.

Source : TVGuide Magazine

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Merlin Promo Pics!

For Episode 2x12 "The Fires of Idirsholas":
For Episode 2x11 "The Witch's Quickening":
For Episode 2x10 "Sweet Dreams":

"24" Preview!

Eastwick Press Release!

Episode 1x10 "Tea & Psychpathy"


Guest Stars Include Cybill Shepherd as Eleanor Rougement

"Tea and Psychopathy" - After Jamie (Jack Huston) reveals to Roxie that Darryl is his father, she sets about having a dinner party where father and son can bond. But Jamie has a secret, darker plan for the evening. Meanwhile Kat embraces her newfound power by healing every patient she comes into contact with, but her compassion leads to drastic physical consequences. And Max (Jason George) asks a reluctant Joanna to help him crack a famous unsolved Eastwick murder, but their snooping leads them to a perilous situation with Eleanor (Cybill Shepherd), on "Eastwick," WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 16 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

"Eastwick" stars Ashley Benson as Mia Torcoletti, Jon Bernthal as Raymond Gardener, Veronica Cartwright as Bun Waverly, Jaime Ray Newman as Kat Gardener, Lindsay Price as Joanna Frankel, Rebecca Romijn as Roxanne (Roxie) Torcoletti, Sara Rue as Penny Higgins, Johann Urb as Will St. David and Paul Gross as Darryl Van Horne.

Guest starring are Jack Huston as Jamie Dalton, Cybill Shepherd as Eleanor Rougement, Jason George as Max Brody, Torsten Voges as Fidel, Nynno Ahlias Sheriff Teaser, Emily Alyn Lind as Emily Gardener, John Paul Foster as RJ Gardener, Mia Hays as Amy Gardener, Tacey Adams as doctor #1, Ray Laska as doctor #2, Taj Speights as gurney kid, Ogy Durham as hospital mom, Jason David McNichols as hipster dude, Patricia Melone as EMT, Michael A. Dibacco as moaning man, Casey Canoy as teenage girl and Craig Barnett as heart attack man.

"Tea and Psychopathy" was written by Maggie Friedman and directed by Michael Katleman.


White Collar Sneak Peek!

Another sneak peek for Episode 1x06 "All In":

Glee Promo Pics!

For Episode 1x13 "Sectionals":

Bones Promo Pics!

More from Episode 5x10 "The Goop on the Girl":

Chuck Promo!

Sons of Anarchy Season Finale Preview!

Flash Forward Sneak Peeks!

Glee Preview!

Eastwick Preview!

Stargate Universe Press Release!

Episode 1x10 "Justice"

Air Date: Friday, December 4 @ 9:00pm – FALL SEASON FINALE!

Everyone is shocked when a member of the crew is found dead from a gunshot wound. While at first glance it appears to be suicide, the gun is nowhere to be found. The crew is confined to quarters while a search is performed and when the gun shows up in Col. Young’s (LOUIS FERREIRA) quarters, he becomes the number one suspect. Fearing a mob scene, Young agrees to a trial and cedes command to Camile Wray (MING-NA).

Dr. Rush (ROBERT CARLYLE) convinces Wray to give him control of the science team and carte blanche with the new Ancient interface, previously kept under guard. But before Rush can unlock its secret, or Young’s trial can conclude, both are needed to explore a planet hiding a secret that threatens the Destiny and her crew.

Source: TV By The Numbers

Sanctuary Press Releases!

Episode 2x10 "Sleepers"

Air Date: Friday, December 18 @ 10:00pm

Magnus (AMANDA TAPPING) and Will (ROBIN DUNNE) investigate a number of inexplicable teenage disappearances. The common denominator in the case seems to be that they all recently spent time at an exclusive rehab clinic in Mexico.

Paying a visit to the clinic, Magnus and Will are surprised to meet the program’s director…none other than a disguised Nikola Tesla (JONATHAN YOUNG), one of the original Five.

Tesla portentously explains he has been working on a treatment that cures the teens of their addictions in merely a week. Magnus and Will know Tesla has an ulterior motive and press him to disclose the real purpose for the clinic. Unable to hold back his excitement, Tesla reveals he is actually turning his patients into Vampires.

Tesla’s treatment is designed to create a time-release of the Vampire gene, evolving his unsuspecting patients into Vampires over a 30-year period. But when one of his patients discovers the formula to speed up the process, they find themselves up against a powerful and determined group of new Vampires. Unless they can be stopped, Magnus fears Tesla may have unleashed the resurrection of the deadliest race of Abnormals ever to roam the Earth.
Episode 2x09 "Penance"

Air Date: Friday, December 11 @ 10:00pm

Magnus (AMANDA TAPPING) is reunited with an old friend, Jimmy (MICHAEL SHANKS) who is transporting a valuable elemental Abnormal to the Sanctuary for safety.

But an underground mob accustomed to cashing in on the Abnormal black market, tracks down Jimmy and his valuable cargo before the delivery is complete. Magnus and Jimmy find themselves in a dangerous shootout, determined to save the Abnormal. Will (ROBIN DUNNE), Kate (AGAM DARSHI) and Henry (RYAN ROBBINS) are quick on the scene as backup. Kate proves her worth when she manages to get Jimmy and the Abnormal to safety. But not before taking a shot from one of the mobsters herself.

Hiding out in an abandoned, derelict motel room until the immediate danger of the mob passes, Jimmy tends to Kate’s gunshot wound. With little to do but talk and wait for Magnus to find them, Jimmy and Kate discover an unexpected common history.

Episode 2x08 "Next Tuesday"

Air Date:Friday, December 4 @ 10:00pm

Magnus (AMANDA TAPPING) and Will (ROBIN DUNNE) are called to make a straightforward retrieval of a rare Abnormal off the coast of Louisiana. With a commissioned helicopter, the retrieval is successful and their cargo securely on board. But as the pair starts heading back to the mainland, something causes the unusual sea creature to break loose. Unable to control the Abnormal and the helicopter simultaneously, Magnus and Will make a crash landing and find themselves entangled in guy wire, precariously dangling over an abandoned oil bore well several feet above the water in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico.

With the Abnormal nowhere to be found, Magnus concludes it has made its getaway into the depths of the water. But their solitude doesn’t last long. Not only does the Abnormal return, it’s even angrier than before. And Magnus and Will quickly learn they must escape or become its next victim.

Source: TV By The Numbers

Sanctuary Promo Pics!

For Episode 2x09 "Penance" with Michael Shanks

Source: SpoilerTV

LOST Episode Title!

Episode 6x09 is titled "Ab Aeterno". This translates from Latin to "Since the Beginning of Time".This is rumored to be a Richard Alpert centric episode.

Source: DarkUFO

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Heroes Sneak Peek!


Question: There’s a clip making the rounds from the Christmas dinner scene on the Dec. 10 episode of Bones where people are talking about a kiss. What do you know about it? Is it a Booth/Brennan kiss? —Penelope
Ausiello: That’s a really good question. It’s so good that I’m not even going to try to answer it myself. “The Christmas episode is special — it’s Christmas after all,” responds exec producer Stephen Nathan. “But a kiss? With all of the squints and family there? That seems a bit too forward for Brennan and Booth, doesn’t it?” Damn you and your trick questions, Nathan!

Question: I need to know if there is still hope for House and Cuddy this season. —Jaden
Ausiello: There’s still hope. And that’s all you’re getting out of me.

Question: I’m feeling pretty down about House and Cuddy these days. Any chance there is even a tiny bit of good news ahead for Huddy fans? —Megan
Ausiello: There is good news ahead. And that’s all you’re getting out of me.

Question: Any Dollhouse news? We only have nine episodes left! —Lindsey
Ausiello: I better get this out there quick then! English actor Adam Godley (The X-Files: I Want to Believe) has been cast as Clyde, a genius who holds secrets to the dollhouse. The role is potentially recurring. Or as potentially recurring as one can be when the show only has nine episodes left. Speaking of which, here’s a handy clip-n-save rundown of how D’house’s remaining episodes will be burned off air.

Dec. 4: two episodes
Dec. 11: two episodes
Dec 18: two episodes
Jan 8: one episode
Jan 15: one episode
Jan 22: one episode (series finale)

Question: Is Warrior Angel really going to be a love interest for Chloe on Smallville? —Claire
Ausiello: He is, but per exec producer Brian Petersen, “There’s a wink behind it.” And what about a real, non-winky love interest? “I have promised that we’re going to give Chloe a relationship this year, and rest-assured, that was not just a tease. She will have a relationship this year.” Does this guy have a name? Teases BP: “We’ll know [who he is] in ‘Warrior.’”

Question: Will we be meeting any other Justice Society members in Smallville: Absolute Justice other than Hawkman, Dr. Fate and Stargirl? —Mike
Ausiello: Yes. According to e.p. Brian Petersen, “we will see glimpses of” several others. Guesses? Head to the comments!

Question: Thanks for all of the great news about Chuck and Lost. All of this plus you appreciate Santa Barbara, Smurfs, and constantly give incredible scoop. Thanks so much for being you. Any chance you have White Collar scoop? —Jennifer
Ausiello: After all that ass-kissing you just did? You bet I do. In the upcoming Dec. 4 midseason finale, our partners in crime-solving are called onto the case of a missing diamond, only to find Neal at the top of the list of suspects. The winsome swindler tries to clear his name and, in a shocking reveal, finds out he’s not the only one that’s been good at lying. Now tell me what else you like about me.

Question: Glee! Scoop! Now! Thanks! —Elizabeth
Ausiello: Coming! Right! Up! In next Wednesday’s eppy, Will gets in a bind when some surprising news at home causes him to accidentally disqualify the New Directions from Sectionals. Of course, the following episode is titled “Sectionals,” so you can probably figure out whether or not it works itself out. You can, right?

Question: I need Glee scoops! I’m hungry for some info on upcoming couples! —Connor
Ausiello: Brace yourself, ’cause Mark Salling (a.k.a. Puck) says he’s heard “talk” of some surprising romantic pairings. “I have read posts and stories about all kinds of pairings fans are hoping will happen on the show,” he says. “For instance, people have been asking for a Mercedes-Puck hookup. I hear people want Puck and Artie because they want to Partie. And Finn and Puck. I think that one is pretty popular in certain neighborhoods. I can’t say never, but Puck is such a dude that I am not sure how that one would ever come to pass. Maybe a dream sequence of Kurt’s?” Of those options, I think I’m kind of loving the idea of a Partie. Anyone want to join me?

Question: Any scoop on what’s coming up for Glee’s Puck in the near future? —Rachel
Ausiello: Mark Salling would like to see his alter ego grow up a little — emphasis on a little. “Hopefully, Puck will continue to develop and mature,” he says. “I think he is trying to figure out how to do the right thing. He was a total douche in the beginning of the show and he has worked himself up to half-a-douche status. I never want him to be fully cured of his douchiness, though, because that would be no fun to play. I like him being a little mean and rebellious.”

Question: Please tell me that Monk will finally figure out who murdered his beloved Trudy by the end of the series. —Rebecca
Ausiello: Yes, he will find out. But the identity of her killer is only half the story. In this Friday’s penultimate episode, we’ll discover that her death was tied to a bombshell secret. That secret will be revealed in the series finale on Dec. 4.

Question: Is there any further scoop you can give on the Monk finale? Will Sharona be in it? —Cassie
Ausiello: She’s not physically in it. But she’s very much a part of it.

Question: Now that it’s returning in January, Chuck me, spoiler God! —Scott
Ausiello: Chuck co-creator Chris Fedak confirms that Anna Wu will be MIA during season 3’s first 13 episodes, but there’s a chance she could pop up in the last six. “We’re still [writing the last] six episodes, so I don’t have anything first on that,” he says. “But I would love for Anna to come back.” Fedak adds that Julia’s absence at Buy More will be referenced early in the season.

Question: There’s a $5 tuna foot-long with you and Mister Scooch’s names on it if you can give me any Chuck updates. —Jen
Ausiello: Can you make my half a veggie? If so, you’ve got a deal. Chris Fedak says the six additional episodes that NBC recently tacked on to Chuck’s season 3 total created an interesting storytelling challenge. “[We were faced with] the problem of either expanding the story we’re telling or taking the story and telling it more slowly. And what we essentially decided to do was tell more story. So we’re looking at the six episodes that have been added on as Chuck season 3.2.”

Question: Can we get more info about who House will get a job for at Princeton-Plainsboro? —Abby
Ausiello: I have written about this person in the past two weeks.

Question: Darling, you’re viciously ignoring a fabulous show — Dexter! Care to redeem your fabulous self and dish? —Tina
Ausiello: Are you channeling Miss Piggy or Alexis Carrington? Either way, I like it! Re: Dexter, I hear there’s a big breakup coming.

Source: EW

White Collar Sneak Peek!

For Episode 1x06 "All In":

Heroes Episode Titles!

Episode 4x16 - The Art of Deception

Episode 4x17 - The Wall

Source: Herosite

White Collar Interview!

Bones Promo Pics!


Any chance we'll see a Wilson-Cuddy hookup on House? — Allison
MICKEY: I suppose this is a natural progression after we all lived through Huddy, but Robert Sean Leonard disabused us of that notion when we asked. "I think [Wilson] is a dark guy. He has three ex-wives, he lives alone, deals with death every day and his best friend is House," he says. "So when I think about him with Cuddy, it doesn't work." Fine, so then maybe there's someone else out there for him? Not for now, says Leonard. He'll just have to content himself with a domestic partner (as in roommate) in House. They'll be going apartment-hunting together soon.

The sexual tension between Castle and Beckett is starting to heat up. When are these two going to hook up already? — Mike
ADAM: Not any time soon, I'm afraid. The next obstacle will be a guest-starring Alyssa Milano, who plays Castle's one that got away. "A bridesmaid is murdered at a wedding, and Castle shows up on the scene where his old flame is the bride," creator Andrew W. Marlowe tells me. "It sets off a story about doubt and second chances, which creates an interesting love triangle for the episode." The good news: Marlowe knows what you want. "We always want to play fair with the audience... but you have to handle it carefully. Our intent is to continue to mine the fun of what we have right now."

Now that we know Val is pregnant with Ryan's baby on V, does that rule out Tyler and Lisa from procreating as well? — Cecily
MICKEY: You can't rule anything out! Just listen to what Laura Vandervoort told us: "Val's going to be the first one to have an alien baby, but I don't know if the baby is going to survive or something's going to happen." Did you notice the emphasis she placed on first? We did.

Any word on Naveen Andrews returning to Lost? — Maureen
MICKEY: There's been no word on Andrews heading back to Hawaii just yet (hmmm...), but I have heard more about his SVU episode. It also features guest-starring gigs from Sarah Paulson (Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip) and Valerie Cruz (who played Isabel on True Blood). I'm hearing the role is quite a departure for Andrews, and that it's an effort to attract the attention of casting agents for post-Lost work.

Got any Heroes scoop? — Justin
ADAM: Todd Stashwick (The Riches) kicks off his guest role in Monday's episode. He plays Eli, who fills the void as Samuel's right-hand man now that Edgar (Ray Park) has split from the carnival. Also, expect to see a lot of Eli: He has the ability to replicate.

With V on hiatus, will Laura Vandervoort return to Smallville for an episode or two? — Jackie
ADAM: No one would love to see it more than me, Jackie. Well, OK, maybe the chatty Laura Vandervoort, who sadly informed us that the outlook's not so good right now. "[The producers] had to get rid of my story line because it just didn't fit into the Lois-and-Clark direction that they were heading. If Super Girl is hanging out, she can save everyone as well." The good news: If the writers ever see fit to release Kara from Kandor, Vandervoort is in.

Dexter has gotten so good! What else is coming up? — Gene
ADAM: It will be tough to top the reveal that Christine is Trinity's daughter, but let me try. It seems Frank Lundy missed some clues when he decided to call his pet serial killer Trinity. Dexter will soon discover that Trinity's kill cycle actually contains four victims.

Source: TV Guide

House Sneak Peek!

Behind the Scenes: Chuck!

Heroes Spoiler Pics!

From Episode 4x11 "The Fifth Stage":

Dollhouse Episode Details!

Alpha is back.

DOLLHOUSE season 2 episode 7 and 8 "Meet Jane Doe/A Love Supreme" - Echo struggles to control her multiple memory downloads; Topher discovers the dangers of science that will have devastating effects on the future; the Dollhouse fears Alpha has returned to seek his revenge; the Actives turn against their handlers.

Source: Daemonstv

Dollhouse Promo Pics!

For the next four episodes!

Fringe Promo Pics!

For Episode 2x10 "Grey Matters":

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"V" Scoop!

The Visitors are leaving for a while. (You know what they say about guests and fish stinking after three days.) Tonight is the last new episode of V's premiere pod of episodes, and it's a doozy. There are major reveals about the future (think circle-of-life type stuff), someone gets tortured to death, we learn more about the so-called "fifth column," we learn that the Vs are out to get us using a method that would make Bill Maher nod and go "Toldya!," and, oh yeah, Lisa (Laura Vandervoort) brings Tyler (Logan Huffman) home to meet her "mother." Eek!

What's to come after all of tonight's alien madness is said and done? We caught up with superfoxy alien babe Morena Baccarin for an exclusive chat, and she hinted that things (maybe even big romantic things) are heating up for Anna. Here's what we learned:

OK, what is up with your and Scott Wolf's characters?
The relationship is definitely going to keep going in whatever strange direction it's going now. You don't really know if they're going to fight each other, love each other, or if she's going to eat him. You don't know what's going to happen! It gets really interesting in the episode that comes out on Tuesday. Something happens to his character that makes him very dependent on us. He has to sort of battle with his will to see what he's going to do. It's a very interesting dynamic.

Did you watch the original V to research your role at all, or did you steer clear from it?
I didn't watch the original...I had seen it when I was really little, so I remember it and I remember the creepy factor, but I haven't watched it since. I think I won't, because I want to create this character on my own.

Now that we're hooked, you're taking a break from filming…
Yes! It's torturous isn't it? It's torturous for me too. I really want to know what happens. We start back up in January, so just right after the holidays.

Does it make you nervous that you have several months of hiatus? Or do you think the suspense will help the show in the end?
I think it will help it. When people see the next episode, they're definitely coming back for more!
Source: E!

House Scoop!

It took ‘em long enough, but I suspect it’s gonna prove worth the wait: House’s keepers are giving Lisa Edelstein’s Cuddy her own Very Special Episode, to air on Feb. 8. (That’s two weeks before my birthday. Coincidence? I think not.) And in honor of, well, the honor, I got her on the horn yesterday to discuss exposing more than her character’s emotions (nudity!), her unpopular love interest (Lucas!), the future of Huddy (her fingers are crossed!), and more. As always, on screen and off, she didn’t disappoint. (Warning: Portions of the following Q&A are NSFW.)

As I understand it, this episode on Feb. 8 is like a day in the life of Cuddy, right?
LISA EDELSTEIN: Yes. What’s interesting about it is it lets you know what her world is like when you don’t see her. When House does what he does. You see everything she has to deal with, and you get a better understanding of where she’s coming from.

You’ve been featured heavily in House episodes before. What’s different about this one?
EDELSTEIN: Every other line [of dialogue] is mine. [Laughs]

You’re into the second day of shooting the episode. Tired yet?
EDELSTEIN: It’s exhausting, but [big episodes like this don't happen] that often so I can really enjoy it. [Laughs] It’s so much fun. I love my job. It’s also fun because I get to participate a little bit more in the episode in terms of where my character’s coming from, what’s going on, if there’s a dialogue thing that I have an issue with… I get to creatively participate a little more.

How did you find out this big episode was coming your way?
EDELSTEIN: I found out a couple weeks ago. They told me, “Big Cuddy episode coming up!” And I went, “Okay!,” because I don’t always know what that means. Sometimes that means I have four scenes. [Laughs] Or I have to take my clothes off.

Or you’re making out with Hugh Laurie.
EDELSTEIN: [Laughs] Actually, in this one I kind of do all of it. There’s some sexual activity, there’s some partial nudity… The writer, Tommy Moran, said he couldn’t imagine writing an episode without having me take a shower.

Unfortunately for Huddy fans, I hear it’s Lucas, not House, you’re taking a shower with.
EDELSTEIN: You know, we all have to go through things that we have to go through in life. And I think Cuddy is trying to explore having a relationship that would be considered normal. I myself have done this. It doesn’t work. But you have to try. I don’t know what their future plans are for Cuddy and Lucas, but I know from my own experience that when you have really bad taste in men, sometimes you just go, “Oh, Okay, this is the guy that somebody else would date. So I’m going to see how that flies.”

Is there anything else drawing her to Lucas?
EDELSTEIN: He’s well hung.

And this is why I love interviewing you
EDELSTEIN: He’s really well hung. [Laughs]

But that can only last so long. The novelty is going to wear off.
EDELSTEIN: It’s true. The novelty wears off. And then you get a little vaginal rejuvenation and you move on. [Laughs] Thank God we’re not doing this interview on camera.

Has the cast been treating you differently this week? Are they fetching coffee for you?
EDELSTEIN: I make them hand-wash my underwear in the morning. I don’t have time to do it myself — I have lines [to memorize], people! No, Hugh has been wonderful. He left me a bouquet of flowers and a congratulations note. And one of our producers, Greg Yaitanes, did the same. My trailer looks like it’s opening night. It was really sweet. It made me feel really good. I’m really excited about it. I love that they’re giving me the opportunity to play like this and just kind of flex my muscles a little bit.

You’re getting a taste of the kind of workload Hugh has to endure every week.
EDELSTEIN: I never doubted what Hugh was going through every week. You get up at 4 a.m. on Monday, you work 14 hours every day, and you have no life basically. But it’s a hell of a lot better than working in a coal mine. I don’t think Hugh ever forgets his good fortune, and I certainly don’t.

It’s time now for the requisite Huddy question. Is there any hope for them?
EDELSTEIN: Their timing just really sucks. As soon as he was emotionally prepared to give [a relationship] a shot, she kind of gave up. But I’m rooting for them.

When the day comes that they actually make a go of it, what else will we have to talk about?
EDELSTEIN: It’s like losing your virginity. After that, you’re just dirty. [Laughs] You’re just dirty and used.
Source: EW

Fox Winter Lineup!

Fox announced its midseason lineup today and it contains a couple of surprises. Dr. House and Jack Bauer will team up on Monday nights, "Fringe" will remain in its challenging Thursday night time slot, and "Glee" will be off the air until April 13, when it returns on a new night following "American Idol" but up against the last episodes of ABC's "Lost."

"American Idol" returns on Jan. 12 and will help launch "Our Little Genius," a new game show by Mark Burnett ("Survivor" and "The Apprentice") the following night. "Our Little Genius" then will shift to Tuesdays paired with "Idol" until April 13, when "Glee" returns for its remaining nine episodes at 9 p.m.

The new drama "Human Target," starring Mark Valley, premieres on Jan. 20 after "Idol."

As previously announced, "24" returns with a two-night premiere on Jan. 17 and Jan. 18 and then settles into its regular Monday 9 p.m. slot after "House" on Jan. 25.

"Fringe," which has taken a ratings hit on its new night, will remain on Thursdays but will take a break beginning Feb. 11, when Fox launches the new drama "Past Life." "Fringe" returns to the schedule on April 1.

As previously announced, "Dollhouse" will end on Jan. 22. "Kitchen Nightmares" will take over its Friday time slot the following week.

The new comedy "Sons of Tuscon," starring Tyler Labine, will premiere March 14 at 8:30 p.m. when "The Cleveland Show" moves to 9:30 p.m. and "American Dad" is off the schedule.

Fox also ordered a complete second season of "Lie To Me."