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Torchwood Promo's!

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Torchwood Promo Pics!

Episode 2x04 "Meat:

LOST Interview!

LOST Outtake!

Click here to watch a scene of tonight's new LOST episode that didnt make the cut:


Good shows are BACK!

A little scoop on tonights Smallville/Supernatural return!!

LOST Interview!!

Tons of House Scoop!!

Prison Break Small Spoilers!

Episode 3.11 'Under and Out"

Michael finalises plans for the tunnel escape but his fellow plotters begin to turn on him.

Sofia is threatened, Whistler contemplates a betrayal.

3.12 'Hell or High Water'

Michael, Whistler, Mahone and McGrady escape from Sona but not everything goes according to plan.

The exchange is compromised.

LOST Episode Details!

Episode 4x04 "Egtgtown"

Kate's need to get information out of the hostage may jeopardize her standing with Locke -- as well as with Sawyer.

Guest Cast

Ken Leung as Miles

Jeremy Davies as Daniel Faraday

Rebecca Mader as Charlotte

Shawn Doyle as Duncan Forrester

Susan Gibney as Melissa Dunbrook

Traber Burns as judge

Fred Q. Collins as bailiff

Beth Broderick as Diane Jansen

Tania Kahale as nanny

William Blanchette as child

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Smallville Interview!!

Talk with Brainiac!!

LOST Death Rumor!!

Found this in DarkUFO's rumor section:

"Basically, I was working on the set of Lost during the filming of the first eight episodes. Due to the strike, I've been fired, so I'll be honest... I'm really rather pissed off at the writers.Perhaps I'm being petty, but I'm sure some of you guys want to know one of the bigger story twists from Season Four.
Don't read below if you don't want to be spoiled. I'm angry at the writers, not you guys.

Claire gets onto a rescue helicopter with Jeremy Davie's character Daniel, along with Aaron, fulfilling Desmond's prophesy. However, as they leave the island, Daniel takes Aaron from her, giving him to some miscellaneous Freighter type, and pushes Claire into the ocean from the helicopter. It's more shocking due to the fact she doesn't get a centric episode for it. Sun and Jin do.I wasn't personally involved in their storyline, as it wasn't filmed where I was working on Hawaii, but I believe they also get a big twist in their flash forward."

First Images of LOST Season 4!!!

American Idol Leak #2!!

Bones Scoop!

So check out this article that tells of cut-out scenes between two of Bones's stars:

Prison Break Episode Details!

Episode 3x13 "The Art of the Deal"

“The Art of the Deal”In the Winter Finale of PRISON BREAK, Michael and Lincoln must hand Whistler over to Susan in order to save LJ and Sofia’s lives; Mahone seizes a golden opportunity; T-Bag shows Sona who’s boss; and a familiar face enters Sona as another leaves it in a body bag.

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House Sneak Peeks!

Supernatural Promo Pics!!

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Kyle XY Promo & Sneak Peek!


Click away for the FULL detail of episode 4x02 "Confirmed Dead"


Latest from TV Guide's Ausiello:

Question: Lost is tomorrow! We have been waiting for so long! Any scoop? — Nathan
Ausiello: A big premiere demands an even bigger scoop: I'm hearing that a significant death occurs sometime after Episode 4, but before Episode 8.

Question: I reckon Kate and Sawyer are past due for some angsty goodness, but please tell us they'll have at least one more session of sexy time before it all goes to hell! — Melissa
Ausiello: Does one innocent night of canoodling qualify as sexy time? If so, then the answer to your question is yes.

Question: There have been rumors floating around that Jesse Spencer and Jennifer Morrison have been reduced to "guest cast" status on House. — Debra
Ausiello: Not true.

Question: Before I get too wrapped up in the new season of Kyle XY, how many episodes can I expect? — Xiller
Ausiello: Too lazy to click through to the Countdown Chart, eh? All 10 Season 2 episodes of Kyle XY have been produced. Three episodes have aired, so there are seven episodes left. The season finale airs March 17.

Question: A while back you said that Jane Seymour was returning for a flashback on Smallville this season. Now the rumor is she is not returning. — Michael
Ausiello: It's true. A Smallville spokesperson confirms that "a scheduling conflict" put the kibosh on her one-episode reprisal.

Question: I heard rumors that the CW is switching the 11th and 12th episodes of Supernatural because the 11th will apparently make for a better season finale if the strike continues. Is this true? — TK
Ausiello: Well, it's true that they're strongly considering making Episode 11 the "season finale," but I'm not certain a final decision has been made. Based on what I'm hearing about 11 — "It's awesome" "OMG!" "Frak me!" — I can understand why they'd want to end the season with it. Apparently, the eppy's climax involves Sam, Dean and a slew of dead bodies.

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Jericho Spoiler Pic!

There's the engagement ring!!!

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LOST:Behind the Scenes!!

Source: Lyly via DarkUFO

Prison Break Spoiler!

Episode 3x12 "Hell or High Water"

The escape attempt succeeds for some, if not all, of the escapees, and those who make it receive assistance on the outside from an unlikely source. But one escapee inadvertently leaves something behind.

Kyle XY Episode Details!

Episode 2x18 "Between a Rack and a Hard Place"

Suspicious of Taylor's intentions, Adam Baylin returns to urge Kyle to keep an eye on Jessi, but Kyle's new mission comes between him and Amanda. Meanwhile, Josh struggles with his additional responsibilities at the Rack.

Airs: 12th February 2008

Source: SpoilerTV

Sarah Connor Chronicles Episode Details!

Episode 1x05 "Queen's Gambit"

Sarah's friend Andy enters his computer into a chess competition. While at the event, Sarah meets a stranger (Brian Austin Green) who shares a similar past. Meanwhile, Cameron undergoes grief counseling at school, and Agent Ellison tries to make sense out of the carnage resulting from a terminator clash. Andy Goode: Brendan Hines. Charley Dixon: Dean Winters.

Airs: 12th February 2008

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LOST Spoiler!

These are two excerpts taken from an article specifically claiming to have no spoilers within. I took out what I thought was spoilery and can't help but wonder what the author actually considers as a "spoiler" LOL

"With this recently added flash-forward storytelling feature, Jack is seen in his Los Angeles kitchen mixing a morning cocktail when his eye falls on TV coverage of police in hot pursuit of a speeding motorist.The car crashes and the driver is arrested. Jack realizes it's one of his fellow former castaways, who is haunted by the past and sees visions of the dead. Jack, who himself is plagued by substance abuse,unrequited love for Kate (Evangeline Lily), and other demons, pays this person a visit. There is mention of a dreaded secret they share.

"It's gonna be hard to talk (Jack) into thinking they're not coming here to rescue us," says Hurley, who, with Locke, shares Ben's alarm for what the freighter people might do."We're just gonna have to try our best," says Locke, "because if we can't talk him out of it, then Charlie died for nothing."By the end of the hour, the castaways are split into two factions - those aligned with Ben and Locke who believe the freighter people represent a mortal threat and Jack's group, still holding out hope for rescue, even as they start to fear the worst."

LOST Scoop!

This is actress Thekla Reuten who will be playing Elsa, Sayid's flash forward girlfriend.

American Idol Leak!!

Here you can find the top 12 male contestants without having to wade through all the auditions:

LOST Spoiler Recap!

Not as in detail as the mass of info you can find elsewhere but still accurate:

LOST Article!

A new article on the upcoming new characters of the fourth season of LOST:

Prison Break Sneak Peek!

Smallville Episode Details!

Episode 7x12 "Fracture"

"Lois (Erica Durance) follows Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) to Detroit and discovers he has found Kara (Laura Vandervoort), who has amnesia. Finley (guest star Corey Sevier), a busboy who is obsessed with Kara, fears Lex will take her away, so he shoots Lex and holds Kara and Lois captive. After Lex's comatose body is found, Chloe (Allison Mack) offers to heal him, but Clark (Tom Welling) refuses to let her." "Fracture" was written by Caroline Dries and directed by James Marshall

Source: CW

Episode 7x11 "Siren"

She's been kicking butt and taking names since 1947, but kinkily beloved DC Comics superheroine Black Canary gets an extreme makeover on Smallville. Played by Canadian actress Alaina Huffman, she sports exceptional hand-to-hand combat skills, an ear-shattering 'canary cry' (described in the script as a subsonic pulse), and, of course, the character's trademark fishnet stockings. But in a departure from previous incarnations, she starts out on the wrong side of the law, running errands for Lex Luthor, who has fooled her into thinking Justice League leader Green Arrow (returning guest star Justin Hartley) is a terrorist.

Romantically linked in the comics, Black Canary and Green Arrow will "meet cute and slightly violent," says executive producer Al Gough. Another new twist: her alter ego, Dinah Lance, is a conservative radio talk show host, dubbed "the Right Wing Hawk of the Airways," by archnemesis Lois Lane. Speaking of that budding Daily Planet reporter, she has a tempestuous reunion with Green Arrow's alter ego, Oliver Queen, who dumped her a year ago."Hell hath no fury like Lois scorned," Gough says. "Oliver has to deal with both Black Canary and Lois, and quite frankly, I don't know which is worse."Black Canary goes after Chloe after she procures Lex's file for Oliver.

Source: TV Guide
Pic Source: Spoilertv

House Interview!


Latest from E!Online's Kristen:

Aeryn in Rijswijk, Netherlands: I just heard/read that BLOOD TIES is definitely not gonna be picked up by another network. Can you confirm this?

Not true! Sources tell me everything is still on the table, and negotiations may even begin this week at the NATPE conference, a major TV-biz event in Vegas. Keep your bloody fingers crossed, friends!

Helen in England: You've got to help me, because I'm dying here! The reason? I read the spoiler that Cutthroat Bitch (April) and Wilson are dating on HOUSE! Please tell me this is true, and please tell me this is not just a one-episode thing, pretty please! You are my only hope...
Actually, your only hope is the sweet and lovely and (woo!) tall-like-me Anne Dudek. I ran into her at the SAGs and, of course, asked about her stints on House, BIG LOVE and MAD MEN. (She didn't have such a bad 2007, that one.) I ran this House bidness by her, and she said, "Wait, where did you hear that?...I can't comment on that." But might we see her again on the show? "Um, I think so. I think Cutthroat Bitch is more involved in things than you might think." Sweet. Anne will also be back on Mad Men next season as Francine, and on HBO's Big Love as Albie's lady, whom Anne describes as "the really evil crazy woman with weird fake eyelashes. I have no makeup except giant fake eyelashes, which I think is such a genius choice."

Holly in New York: Is Nathan really dead on HEROES? And please tell me Kristen Bell and Ali Larter are back in the new season. We need our hot girls!

A well-placed source tells me there appears to be a plan in place for when the show returns, and it involves Kristen Bell, David Anders and...yes, Adrian Pasdar and Ali Larter all back in the mix and most likely as series regulars. Happy news? I'd say so, but you tell me in the Comments section below!

Grace in Miami: Lady, I need some LOST!

You know how the kids are always saying OMGWTFPOLARBEAR about crazy Lost twists? Well, that's totally coming back in style in season four with, yes, another P Bear! Also, in case you haven't seen it yet, the first official review of the Lost season premiere is up at Ugo. Now, do you guys want a spoiler-free review of "The Beginning of the End" here before it airs Thursday, or would you rather hold out to see it for yourselves? Vote in the poll right below and/or post your wishes in the Comments section. Meanwhile, I can tell you that from what I've seen and heard so far, this season is going to kill us all with shocks, revelations, answers we've always been wanting and some craaazy twists.

Fadhila in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia: Regarding Lost's fourth season, is there going to be something between Sayid and Juliet this season? I'm starting to like the idea of them as a couple.

Not that I know of, but we do learn a lot more about Juliet's romantic past, as well as meet one of Sayid's lady friends. The ladies love Sayid, what can I tell you?

Mike in London: Some people claim you can see the parachutist—who was seemingly killed by Locke at the end of season three—alive and well in the trailer. So, did she survive or not?

She's mostly dead. (Think Princess Bride: "It just so happens that your friend here is only mostly dead. There is a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive...") But her being mostly dead doesn't mean we're done with her story. There's at least one mystery about Naomi left to solve.

Jane in Los Angeles: I'm dying to know what's in store for Desmond in season four. Do you know anything?

Look for more trouble from Desmond's rotten almost father-in-law. I talked to Alan Dale at the SAGs, and he's back as Charles Widmore in two of the first eight episodes of Lost this season. He told me, "I can tell you that I continue to be an absolute asshole to Desmond. I love that they keep coming up with ways I can do that. But Henry's [Ian Cusick] a lovely guy, and I enjoy doing that show." No matter how much I begged, Alan wouldn't divulge the other ep he's guesting on. Got a good guess? Post it in the Comments!

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Supernatural Interview!!!

Supernatural Sneak Peek!

Stargate Atlantis Sneak Peek!

Torchwood Scoop!

"Eve Myles, who plays Gwen Cooper in BBC America's Torchwood, told SCI FI Wire that the upcoming second season will feature a balance of action and romance. "You guys have so much to look forward to," Myles said in a phone interview. "There's a handful of new monsters. You've got the supernatural to look forward to. You've got beautiful love stories to look forward to." Myles added that more will be revealed about the mysterious Capt. Jack Harkness (John Barrowman), the leader of the alien-fighting team at the center of the series.

"You've got wonderful storylines about Jack's past," she said. "You get to find out a lot more about where Capt. Jack Harkness came from. You've got some really great guests coming into it. One week it'll have you laughing off your chair, the next week it'll have you crying into a pillow, and the week after, you'll be kind of in this kind of sinister mood after it." Myles added: "There's tons and tons of ingredients in this series, and it makes a really beautiful soup."

The Welsh actress also expressed her excitement that the second season of the show would be arriving on American television so soon after premiering in the United Kingdom (the first episode of season two aired there on Jan. 16).

"You've got it really quickly this time 'round, and I'm chuffed to bits about that," she said. "So you won't have to wait as long as last year. It'll be really cool. ... You're going to have a lovely treat. I'm so pleased that it's going out so quickly to you guys." The second season premiere of Torchwood, featuring guest star James Marsters (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel), airs on BBC America Jan. 26 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. --Cindy White "

Jericho Promo Pics!

Heroes Spoilers!

Thanks to Kristin's latest report, David Anders will definitely be back in Volume 3 as Adam Monroe. Kristin also confirmed that Adam indeed is related to Nikki because his last name used to be Sanders.


New LOST Mobisode!

LOST Scoop!

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LOST Interview!

"If the finale of season three of "Lost" seemed bleak for Michael Emerson's character, Ben Linus, who was left tied to a tree by the survivors of the wreckage of Flight 815 as they phoned an off-shore freighter for rescue, the actor said that season four will be worse.How does Emerson define worse? More violence and fewer allies for his character, as the mysterious "freighter people" land on the island, a group that Ben, in season three, warned the survivors "will kill everyone on the island."

"I'd say season four will be far rougher than anything (Ben) has seen," Emerson said in a phone interview about the ABC-TV hit series about survivors of a plane crash and the mysterious supernatural island they are stuck on.Emerson, as Linus, the apparent leader of the mysterious Others, ended last season on the brink of losing control of that group, after a failed raid on the survivors' beach results in an ambush, which left the raiding party dead. Flight 815 survivor John Locke (Terry O'Quinn) challenges Ben's authority by demanding an audience with Ben's boss, the even more mysterious Jacob.

In true Ben fashion, Emerson's character shoots Locke, leaving him in a ditch filled with the bodies of the failed Dharma Initiative, the research group that Ben orchestrated the deaths of, in conjunction with the island's inhabitants. Even Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) has defected and is aiding the 815 survivors."The violence doesn't stop; it ramps up," Emerson said. "Ben is in dire straights. His army has disappeared; he doesn't have the loyalty of Juliet. It will be Ben living by his wits."Season four will include Ben making some sort of pact with one of the splinter groups of the 815 survivors."He never really teams up in the conventional sense. He will, for convenience or leverage, do whatever he needs to do to further his agenda," Emerson said. "And because he is the great chess player, he's always eight to 10 moves ahead of everyone else."

Emerson is sure of one thing — Ben Linus will be part of the "Lost" story through season five."He's so deeply interwoven, I'm sure he's good until the end of the season. I'm gonna guess he's good to the end of the fifth season," Emerson said. "I should say this guardedly; they kill people off left and right."More looks aheadThe new season also will see more use of the "flash forward," introduced at the end of season three to tell more of the story, he said."All that stuff that happens in the future becomes very poignant as season four goes along. We live in that world a lot more," he said. "Think of the possibilities that open up. We explore the expance of who does survive the island, and how and at what cost — those sorts of issues."

"Lost" fans also will learn more about the story of Alex (Tania Raymonde), daughter of the French explorer Danielle Rousseau (Mira Furlan), whose ship was wrecked on the mysterious island and gave birth to Alex, only to have the infant snatched by the Others days later.The now-teenaged Alex calls Ben "dad," but Emerson isn't giving away whether Ben is her biological or step father."His relationship with Alex will be explored in much more detail and nuance in season four," he said.Is he her biological father?"That's a mystery," Emerson said.

Another mystery yet to be revealed to both Emerson and the audience is Jacob, the man who Ben tells Locke he answers to."I'm not sure who or what Jacob is. In two or three frames (in "The Man Behind the Curtain"), we did see somebody sitting in that chair," Emerson said. "On the (season three DVD) boxed set, I understand the scene is easier to see."Another mystery he spoke about is who was in the coffin in the season finale during a "flash forward.""I don't know (who it is). I think there is a more intriguing answer and a sadder answer than Ben," he said.The actors also seem to know as little about future "Lost" episodes as viewers do."We'll get a script anywhere from three to seven days before we shoot the episode, and we don't know anything beyond that," Emerson said. "I don't know what's in the next episode or two beyond that."

From guest to regular, the role of the devious Ben started for Emerson two years ago this month, as a guest star. The role originally was a three-episode cameo as Henry Gale, an industrialist on a round-the-world balloon trip who crashed on the island and was captured by Rousseau and the Flight 815 survivors as a suspected "Other.""I flew to Hawaii for first time two years ago . . . the following morning I was hanging from a tree in the jungle," Emerson said. "It was a whirlwind, going from the dead of winter in New York City to the steaming jungle of Oahu in 24 hours."The role of Henry Gale/Ben Linus was offered to him on the strength of past TV work. Such offers are not common, he said."I wish I knew how I landed it. I played a variety of other damaged characters on lawyer and cop shows," Emerson said. "At the time it was three ("Lost') episodes. It seemed like a good one; it was an (story) arc. I had no idea it would turn into the rest of my career."But it is a role which blossomed from the meek, seemingly victimized Henry Gale into the more sinister, calculating Ben.Emerson said he has a simple approach to playing Ben."

Ben is sort of in-the-present moment at all times. In a way, it's freeing," he said. "I don't have to worry about big story arcs or where it is going. I just have to worry about the story at hand."Not like BenThose are modest words from a man who is a Shakespearean actor, has several Emmy nominations and has had parts on shows ranging from "The Practice" to the "X-Files," "Without a Trace" and "Law and Order" on the small screen, to a role in the horror film "Saw."

But Emerson insists that off camera, he's not like Ben. He's playing a part on an upcoming movie "Really? OK," which he calls a bittersweet comedy about a 10-year-old boy who wants to be a cheerleader. Emerson is the sympathetic neighbor next door, a role he thanks his wife, Carrie Preston, for."It's one my wife and partner produced over the summer, a sweet, quiet movie," he said. "I don't have a big part. This role couldn't be much more different than Ben."In turn, Preston played the mother of young Ben Linus in "The Man Behind the Curtain" episode of "Lost.""It's a Freudian nightmare.

That was my dear wife lying in the jungle giving birth to little Ben," Emerson joked.In real life, Emerson said there aren't a lot of characteristics he shares with Ben."I'm not a great planner and not a manipulator of people, which are all trademarks of Ben. I tend to be a cool person, a reasonable listener and not over emotional," he said."Something about Ben is satisfying for me to play. I get to live out a kind of fantasy.""

Source: APP

LOST Scoop!

LOST Spoiler Confirmation!

"I worked as an extra on Lost for the 8th episode of the upcoming 4th season,and I can confirm that it is a Michael-centric episode that takes place between the time he left up until present time on the island. I was one of the extras in NY where Michael ends up and meets Tom. On the set there was a lot of talk about how Tom could be there and there were the theories of the Orchid going around."

Source: Andrew via DarkUFO