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Vampire Diaries Promo Pics!

For Episode 1x13 "Children of the Damned":

For Episode 1x14 "Fool Me Once":

For Episode 1x15 "A Few Good Men":

Legend of the Seeker Scoop!

Katrina Law has been cast in the 2 episode mord-sith role of Garren

Source: Twitter

Sister Nicci has been recast and will return in episode 13 and will continue in a recurring role


Upcoming Episode Titles:

2x13 "Princess" (February 27, 2010)
2x14 "Bound"
2x15 "Creator"
2x16 "Desecrated"

Source: sword-of-truth

LOST Promo!

LOST Sneak Peeks!

and another one here:

"24" Interview!

White Collar Preview!

Psych Interview!

LOST Spoilers!

Read on only if you want to be spoiled for the first episode!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

In Plain Sight Episode Details!

Episode 3x03 "Coma Chameleon"

ATF agent WADE GUTHRIE is shot and left for dead by gun trader JASPER MALONE; after three years in a coma, he comes to and finds the world he left behind has drastically changed

Casting call:

"24" Sneak Peeks!

For next week's episode:

Caprica Preview!

Another Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek!

Fringe Casting Scoop!

In case you didn't know, Fringe star Joshua Jackson (Peter Bishop) is dating Diane Kruger. Don't know Diane Kruger? She's a fairly A-list actress who has appeared in films such as Troy, National Treasure, and, most recently, Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds. The German-born actress isn't ending her credits there, though. She's also going to be adding a guest appearance on Fringe to her filmography.

Her relationship with Jackson probably secured her the role, but she won't be around long on the show. She looks like she'll instead be one of the victims of some super-bubonic-plague-like affliction that causes her arm and next to develop boil-like, scaly cysts. It also looks like the affliction will be hitting Kruger's character while she's going for a drive (pictured right). It's not pretty, but it's totally Fringe-y. See the photos.

Source: TVOvermind

Smallville Sneak Peeks!

White Collar Interview!

LOST Interview!

Q: Regarding the footage that was leaked today, were you shocked it got out there, or was it that this was the right time for people to see those first few minutes?

Lindelof: [Chuckles] I mean, they were on a flash drive in a bottle that ABC sent out, so it's one thing to call it a leak and it's another thing to reach over and turn on the faucet. They've been great. When Carlton and I basically said, "We don't want any material from the final season to get out in advance of the premiere," they were enormously willing to play ball. But when we said we wanted to do sunset on the beach in Hawaii, and that we'd be showing the first hour of the show on Saturday, it didn't seem fair to the people who weren't actually going to be here to give them nothing. So this is the compromise we came up with.

Cuse: We didn't want, basically, stuff to become stale. So we felt like three or four days ahead of the premiere, for there to be some hint as to what's going to happen in Season 6 is exciting for the audience, as opposed to if they'd been pounded for four months with images of Season 6. It wouldn't be so fun.

Q: It seems that Faraday was right and everything seems to be back on track, as if 815 never crashed. But you couldn't help notice that Jack sensed something…

Cuse: Well you know, that's what's cool about it.

Lindelof: And Cindy [the flight attendant] only gave Jack one bottle this time around.

Cuse: So I think you have to figure that we're up to something more than a literal recreation of what happened in the pilot, and we are.

Lindelof: You'll know a lot more in 24 hours than you do now, that's for sure.

Q: Are we going to learn more about why Richard doesn't age soon?

Cuse: Yes you will. You will definitely learn more about Richard Alpert this season. Now, whether it's enough for you to be satisfied, that'll be up to you. But we're definitely going to explain more about him.

Lindelof: We've been coming up against what we call the chicken and the egg conundrum, which is every time we answer a question, there's two questions left in its wake. So we have to decide where we draw the line. So if the question is, "Are we going to learn more about Richard? Are we going to see his origin story?", the answer is, we would be remiss if we were not to present that. But if we were to say, "Are we going to definitively answer all these mysteries regarding Richard?", it's literally impossible to do.

Q: Are there teams supporting Jacob and the Man in Black? And what should we call that guy, by the way?

Cuse: The Man in Black.

Lindelof: Call him the Man in Black.

Q: Are there teams? Are there people that are going to take sides this season?

Cuse: People are going to take sides, but that doesn't mean they're not going to switch sides later on. It's a little bit like baseball pre-season. You're on a team, but there's a lot of trading going on.

Lindelof: I think one thing to keep in mind though is that just because one guy wears white and the other guy wears black, don't make immediate judgments over who's good and who's evil. Jacob has kind of put our guys through the wringer in a lot of ways, so it might be interesting to see what the Man in Black has to say for himself.

Source: IGN

Smallville Preview!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Smallville Episode Details!

Episode 9x13 "Persuasion"

LOIS MOVES IN WITH CLARK — It is Valentine’s Day and while Clark (Tom Welling) is out on a date with Lois (Erica Durance), he unknowingly becomes infected by gemstone kryptonite, which has magical wish-fulfilling properties. Clark mentions to Lois that he wishes they had a more traditional relationship,so Lois quits the Daily Planet, moves in with Clark and starts planning their wedding. Still unaware of his new power, Clark also casually tells Chloe (Allison Mack) he wishes she would spend more time watching out for him, so an infected Chloe takes his wish to heart and sets her sights on a new target – Lois. Christopher Petry directed the episode written by Anne Cofell Saunders (##3X5264).

Source: CW

Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek!

Legend of the Seeker Episode Details!

Episode 2x12 "Hunger"

Cara dies but returns as a baneling and Zeddicus seeks help to find a cure for her.

Another Supernatural Sneak Peek!

Supernatural Sneak Peek!

LOST Scoop!

1. Under Pressure: “I don’t think ‘panic’ is the right word,” says Damon Lindelof of co-writing the highly anticipated premiere with fellow executive producer Carlton Cuse, “but it was like, ‘How do we do this?’” The producers have said that time traveling through the ’70s is history, as are the show’s traditional flashback/flash-forward narrative structures. “We haven’t [told the story] like this before,” Lindelof says. “It’s like, ‘Are we gonna be able to pull it off?’” Daniel Dae Kim, who plays Jin, believes they have. “I knew it would be something inventive because that’s how this show rolls,” he says. “But we’ve definitely increased our scope.” His three words to describe his reaction to the first episode? “Intrigued. Excited. Curious.”

2. All About Character: For all of Lost’s elaborate and feverishly dissected mythology, the series has always been, at its core, a character drama — and that won’t change. “The final season is really when you’re going to learn what these characters’ destinies are,” says Cuse. Expect man of faith Locke (Terry O’Quinn) — or whoever he is now — to prove a central figure, along with man of science Dr. Jack Shephard. “About midway through [the season], Jack will absolutely know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that his whole life has brought him to this point in time,” Matthew Fox says of his tortured character, “and that he is meant to do something very, very important.”

3. About That Mythology: SPOILER ALERT! In the two-hour premiere, one of Lost’s biggest mysteries — one that’s been rattling around since the pilot no less — is fleshed out. (Got goosebumps yet?) How about this? “We might be seeing Hurley’s guitar case in some way again,” says Jorge Garcia, who plays the lottery winner. What’s more, one character’s first line of dialogue in the season-opener was actually handed to fans way back in July at Comic-Con. Let the theorizing begin!

4. Sun’s Safe House: Lost quickly earned a reputation for a willingness to kill off main characters, including Boone, Charlie, Mr. Eko, and Michael. This season, it doesn’t take long to realize that more names will be added to the list. Yunjin Kim, who plays subservient wife-turned-revenge-seeker Sun, may be the only one who’s not worried. “Back at the end of season two, I said, ‘I bought a condo [in Hawaii] and if I get killed off, you’re going to have to buy it from me,’” Kim says of a conversation with producers. “Carlton was like, ‘Well, we’re never going kill you off.’ I was joking but it didn’t seem like he was.”

5. Lost Stars Are Still Lost: “No actor has been given the full blueprint of what the ending of the show is,” Cuse says. “And no one’s asked us either.” That doesn’t mean the actors don’t have ideas about their character’s fates. Dae Kim hopes his is integral to the show’s final conflict — whatver it may be — while his onscreen wife hopes Sun doesn’t get her happy ending: “I would be really disappointed if we wound up being a happily married couple,” she says. She’s not the only one who thinks love is overrated. After five seasons of love triangle-ing over Kate (Evangeline Lily), neither Sawyer or Jack seems sold on winding up with the feisty fugitive. “Jack and Kate have always cared deeply for each other but [their] circumstances may be too much for that relationship to ever really have a chance,” says Fox. Josh Holloway is more blunt: “Sawyer and Kate have a love that is undeniable but maybe it must be denied.”

6. She’s Back: That would be Emilie de Ravin, who returns full-time playing Aaron’s (dead?) baby mama Claire after being M.I.A. in season 5. “I didn’t watch the show at all while I was gone,” she says. She has a good excuse: de Ravin was busy shooting last July’s Public Enemies with Johnny Depp and the upcoming Remember Me with Robert Pattinson. But what can she tell us about Claire’s hiatus? “It’s in a very unexpected scenario,” she says, choosing her words carefully, “and she’s not quite the same.” Does that also apply to Charlie (Dominic Monaghan) and Boone (Ian Somerhalder), both of whom return for guest shots? Lips are sealed! But one thing is certain: off-screen, Holloway is a changed man. “I have become quite the lightweight [since becoming Dad to daughter Java Kumala last April],” Holloway reports. “Three beers and I’m, like, gone. It’s ridiculous! But it’s wonderful. Just being with the little one — that makes me feel intoxicated.”

Source: Full Article @ TVWatch

LOST Sneak Peek!

Glee Scoop!

Earlier this month, Glee creator Ryan Murphy gave me the scoop on two of the three new characters he’s planning to add to the cast in season 2. To recap, those roles are an Eve Harrington-esque rival for Rachel and a gay jock-slash-boyfriend for Kurt.

Well, the time has come for me to exclusively reveal the identity of the third and final Glee newbie…

“The third role is an R&B-singing teen,” Murphy tells me. “A male Mercedes!”

When asked whether the counterparts would duet, ahem, outside the choir room, Murphy teased, “Perhaps.”

Translation: Kurt isn’t the *n** seemingly celibate **ee *h*r***e* **tt*** * *o** i******t *e*t *e****!
Source: EW

Chuck Sneak Peek!

Smallville Promo Pics!

For the upcoming tv movie "Absolute Justice":

Smallville Scoop!

Watch out, Lois (Erica Durance) and Clark (Tom Welling), there's a new hot Smallville couple. Justin Hartley reveals to that his character Oliver will be moving on when the show returns, setting his sights on Clark's go-to gal, Chloe (Allison Mack). Hartley also discusses how Ollie feels about the Lois and Clark pairing, how his relationships will change with and whether the super-show will say farewell this year. How do you feel Oliver is different in the second half of the season?
Justin Hartley: He's cleaned up a bit, he's shaving, so that's good. I'm guessing he's probably bathing as well, which is probably something new for him. He's back closer to the old Oliver that we're used to, the fun guy. There's a few demons still left in his closet that he's got to deal with. He's not depressed and dark and suicidal. Fans really enjoy the Oliver and Chloe dynamic. Is there a chance the two of them will get together romantically?
Hartley: Yeah, I think that's in the works. I don't know how long it will last or how far they're going to go with it because we haven't shot that much yet, but that's what's going on right now. Would you want to see him with Chloe over Lois?
Hartley: No, it's not like he prefers Lois. It's an interesting thing because he's got the love of his life in Lois, and she's happy now. It sounds so cliché, "I just want to see you happy," but I think that Oliver understands that he can't make a woman like that happy and give her what she needs. He's just not that man. What Chloe is asking for is a little bit different; it's more Oliver's speed. Not to downplay it or say it's a convenient thing, they're definitely comfortable together and they understand each other and don't have to put on a front. Will there be any more Tess (Cassidy Freeman) and Oliver hookups?
Hartley: She threw a knife at me the other day, so yeah, we're going to be working together. I think I pissed her off again, so that's always fun. I don't know if they're going to be involved anymore. I would say no, but then at the same time who knows what Oliver's going to do? He's a dirty bird. How will the relationships among Clark, Chloe and Oliver change in the next few episodes? Are they still at odds about the best way to deal with Zod (Callum Blue)?
Hartley: Yeah, they are in a way. In spending more time with Chloe, Oliver starts to understand Clark's way a little more. Instead of taking sides, if there were in fact three sides, Oliver has his own view. All three of them think they're the best person for the job. In working with Chloe, I learn more about why Clark looks at things the way he does, and what's wrong with both of our plans. Hopefully we come at it with a three-pronged attack. Does Oliver get to meet Warrior Angel or reunite with Zatanna in "Warrior"? Zatanna does still owe him a wish.
Hartley: Yeah, I tried to bring that up. I was like, "Listen, I believe she owes me a wish and I believe that I know what I want to cash in on." But I don't work with either one of them. I'm barely in that episode. I'm in the very end and the scene I'm in precludes what's about to happen. It's like a teaser at the end of the episode. What interaction will Oliver have with Zod in the coming episodes?
Hartley: It's being discussed. Of course if there's a battle between the two of them, Oliver has got to have something, a weapon; it's not a fair fight unless Oliver has some kind of weapon. Do you feel you guys are heading into a series finale or a season finale?
Hartley: It feels like a season finale. I will say that, but I'll say immediately after that that I have no idea. I don't know. No one has said anything to me either way, but it feels like a season finale just because it seems like there's a lot more story to tell. It seems like people want us back next year. Are you signed on for Season 10?
Hartley: Yeah, if they want me. If they want me, they can have me back. If this is the last season, do you worry the writers may kill Oliver off?
Hartley: I don't know if they can kill him. He's alive in the comics much older than me, at least he looks older, so I don't know if they can kill him. I guess they could do whatever they wanted. They could always make him disappear either way. He doesn't live in Smallville or Metropolis, does he? All I have to say is if he's killed, it better be a good one. I don't want to go out like a chump; I want to go out in fireballs.

Are you excited to see a love connection between Chloe and Oliver?

Source: TV Guide

The Mentalist Preview!

Bones Preview!

Vampire Diaries Preview!

Fringe Preview!

Supernatural Preview!

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Legend of the Seeker Episode Details!

Episode 2x11 "Torn"

A crisis looms in Kahlan's homeland---just when Kahlan has lost her powers---and Richard soon realizes that the situation is even more dire than it seems.

Source: TV GUIDE

Justified Preview!

Psych Preview!

Legend of the Seeker Promo Pics!

For Episode 2x12 "Hunger":

& for Episode 2x11 "Torn":

Burn Notice Sneak Peeks!

Castle Casting Scoop!

Desperate Housewives‘ Dana Delany will have some backup when she crosses over to Castle later this season.

Ex-Heroes star Leonard Roberts has been cast as the partner of Delany’s kick-ass federal agent character, sources confirm to me exclusively.

In the two-part episode, the first of which is conveniently scheduled to air after immediately following Housewives on March 21, the feds (a.k.a. Delany and Roberts) are brought in to assist Castle and Beckett on a serial killer case. The conclusion airs the following night in Castle’s regular Monday-at-10 timeslot.

In related news, ABC — no doubt encouraged by Castle’s season-high ratings on Monday — just increased the show’s episode order from 22 to 24.

It’s official: This thing’s a hit!

Source: EW

Castle Scoop!

Breaking news just in from our sources! ABC has ordered two more episodes for Castle this season taking the total number of episodes for season 2 to 24.

Since season two began viewer numbers have crept up with an increase almost every week, continuing against the trend as other shows continued to lose viewers. On October 20, ABC ordered a further nine episodes to add to the initial season order of 13.

Last week the much anticipated episode “Sucker Punch” in which the murder of Beckett’s mother was revisited reached a season high in the 18-49 demographic reaching 2.8 with 9.44 million total viewers. Castle also took the number 1 spot for the hour and gained more viewers than CSI: Miami in the important “women 18-34″ demographic.

This week the ratings rise continued with the episode “The Third Man” reaching a new series high of 3.1 in 18-49 with 10.5 million viewers.

No news yet on season 3 but the signs continue to look positive.

Source: castletv

House Sneak Peeks!

Legend of the Seeker Promo Pics!

LOST Interview!

Vampire Diaries Scoop!

Vampire Diaries has done quite the flip since returning from the holidays. Damon (Ian Somerhalder) is starting to embrace a somewhat softer side, which is helping him form a bond with Elena (Nina Dobrev). Does Damon turning good mean Elena will run into his arms? Not quite, said Somerhalder, who explained to that there's only one woman for Damon.

As for Damon becoming a good guy, Somerhalder said: "I don't think it will go all the way to that place."

"Damon only has fun," he said. "Damon is that way, smiling and joking, and there's something about him that makes Elena fun when she's around Damon. As crazy as she is and as much as she tries to hate him, he makes her smile sometimes. I think maybe she might start trusting Damon if he presents it to her that she can."

Damon isn't always upbeat, though. Somerhalder teased an upcoming episode of the CW series (Thursdays at 8/7c) in which he's anguished. "I had to shoot a scene where Damon was not happy at all. ... and my whole day was shot because I was miserable. Normally I walk around set laughing and joking, pulling pranks on people and just screwing with everyone. [Paul Wesley, who plays Stefan] is always so intense, because he's got so much going on in his mind. I thought, whoa, that's heavy."

Deep down, Damon yearns for Katherine. "That's his girl," he said. "That's all he wants. It's love. Look, I know it's so trite, but it is that old adage, 'Love conquers all.' It's what drives us in every way shape and form."

"Damon misses his brother and his girl and he wants them both back in his life," he added. "He's waited 150 years to get his girl back. He finds her at some point fairly soon."

Once Katherine does come back in the picture, though, Somerhalder says he's unsure if Damon will actually get the girl, "but I just know he wants her and he has an insatiable thirst to find her. He's not going to stop until that thirst is quenched."

Do you want to see Damon with Elena or Katherine?
Source: TV Guide


Question: Is there a chance Wilson will go on a date this season on House? —Martina
Ausiello: Not only is there a chance, it’s a good one. A really good one. In other House couples news, I hear House and Lucas will engage in some swordplay later this season. No, not that kind of swordplay.

Question: Tell us something about Hugh Laurie’s direction of episode 17. How’d he make out? —Denise
Ausiello: Let’s ask Lisa Edelstein: “I have been directed by Hugh Laurie and it was fantastic,” she declares. “It’s one thing to have a tall, strapping man around, but it’s quite another thing when he tells you what to do!” Lisa, don’t ever change.

Question: The boyfriend Glee is introducing for Kurt next season will be on the football team? Hooray, I finally solved one of your asterisk quizzes! —Carly
Ausiello: And you know what that means, right? You’ve made it to Level 2. Here’s your next quiz: Kurt isn’t the *n** seemingly celibate **ee *h*r***e* **tt*** * *o** i******t *e*t *e****.

Question: Any Glee scoop? —Jesse
Ausiello: Sounds like there’s some good Artie-Tina stuff in the upcoming Madonna-themed episode. “What I love about Artie is he’s just clueless,” exec producer Ryan Murphy told reporters last week at press tour. “We’re doing this thing [in the second episode back] where he’s a little bit sexist with her, and she kind of isn’t going to take it any more.”

Question: Any tidbits on where the Will/Emma relationship will be when Glee returns? —Rebecca
Ausiello: It’ll be in the Schuester living room! Allow me to explain: When I was on set last week, I observed Matthew Morrison and Jayma Mays shooting a scene that takes place in the Schuester living room. I’m not really sure what was going on, but I can confirm that they were alone. Not scoopy enough? Um… let’s see… Ryan Murphy says there’s an ongoing debate in the writers room about the pace of the Will/Emma romance. “We have a lot of conversations about, ‘When should they kiss again? When should they sleep together? Should they sleep together?’ We talk about that a lot.”

Question: Back at Comic-Con, Bones exec producer Hart Hanson said that there would be a trial for the Gravedigger this season. Is that still happening? —Jill
Ausiello: That’s the plan. I suspect we’ll start to see some Gravedigger action in May.

Question: I’m absolutely dying for a Castle scoop. Is there any hope for some Beckett and Castle action in the near future? —Brittney
Ausiello: Depends how you define action. If you define it as two people who immerse themselves in the underground world of bondage when a high-end dominatrix is found murdered then yes, there will be some Beckett-Castle action in the near future.

Question: When are we going to get some background info about Peter on Fringe? We know he is from the alt universe, but other than that we know very little about him. —Emily
Ausiello: I have a hunch we’ll learn more in the April 1 episode, titled “Peter.” “It’s a window into the mysteries of Peter that have been promised since the first season,” explains consulting producer Akiva Goldsman. “It’s an episode that’s fundamentally about his relationship to Walter and the truth of where they are right now, which is pretty revelatory to the characters and hopefully the audience.” Will he finally find out that he’s from ‘over there’? “By the end of [the Feb. 4 episode] and into [the April 1 episode] questions about Peter’s identity and mortality go a long way towards being answered.”

Question: When are we going see some development in the Peter/Olivia relationship on Fringe? —Serena
Ausiello: “The romantic elements of their relationship will come forward pretty soon,” teases Akiva Goldsman. “Like any courtship, it wanes, and then it comes back again. So that’s going to make another move forward [on Feb. 4], and then we’ll keep addressing it throughout the season.”

Question: I want to know if they’re ever going to use Special Agent Amy Jessup again on Fringe. I thought she was going to be Charlie’s replacement, then she just disappeared. —Emma
Ausiello: Responds Akiva Goldsman: “You have not seen the last of Agent Jessup.” And what about Charlie? “I plead the Fifth on that one.”

Question: Can you please share some Big Love spoilers? —Caroline
Ausiello: The Ben-Margene imbroglio will boil over next week when Bill finds out which one of them really initiated that kiss. When the dust settles, the population of the Henrickson compound will decrease by one.

Question: Any chance you have a nice, juicy tidbit regarding Chuck? —SmurfLover
Ausiello: This one’s for all the gays and gals out there: “I have a shirtless scene coming up [in the March 1 episode],” reveals Brandon Routh (Shaw). “It’s a really big deal for me. I worked out like crazy for Superman Returns, but stayed behind the leotard most of the time so you never knew just how in shape I had gotten. Then I took some time off and let my body go a little. So when I heard this shirtless scene was coming up, I worked hard to have something good to show people.” I’m guessing producers liked what they saw. Routh tells us that his Chuck stint was recently extended from four to eight episodes.

Question: Any new spoilers for season 3 of True Blood? —Heather
Ausiello: Carrie Preston hints that “something very unexpected is going to happen with her character Arlene… [She] might just be nervous enough about the supernatural characters around her that she will try to do something about it. I think she is going to try to figure out a way to protect herself. She gets very upset. She doesn’t think vampires should be around children.”

Question: What’s Jason going to be up to on True Blood this season (aside from taking his shirt off, of course)? —Nick
Ausiello: “He finally discovers the long lost art of love,” reveals his portrayer, Ryan Kwanten. “Well, at least his version of. It gets him into more trouble that he expected. He’s also dealing with the fact that he committed a small crime in that he killed [Eggs].” What’s been his biggest acting challenge so far this season? “I start the season in bed with two girls,” he says. “Not that I couldn’t do it, but a challenge? Sure.”

Question: Anything on Leverage? —Bill
Ausiello: Luke Perry changes zip codes in the Feb. 3 episode to play a smarmy psychic who is more swindler than soothsayer. The team must pit con-job against con-job to expose him, especially after a cold reading leaves Parker in tears. And in the Feb. 17 season finale, Hutton and Co. try to take down a dangerous weapons dealer, all while the FBI inches closer and closer to catching them. Some unexpected friends (and enemies) will return, and others will make their exit.

Source: EW

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Smallville Scans!

Source: TV Guide via Spoilertv

Bones Scan!

Source: TV Guide via Spoilertv

Vampire Diaries Scan!

Source: TV Guide via Spoilertv

LOST Scans!

Source: DarkUFO

LOST Scoop!


"24" Scoop!

Actress Jennifer Westfeldt will be returning to "24" before the season is out.


Bones Casting Scoop!

Talk about dream casting. Oh rather "Nightmare" casting!

Fox's Bones has lured Freddy Krueger himself out of the shadows to come terrorize Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) in a slasher-themed episode set to air this spring. Actor Robert Englund, 62, who has slipped on his razor blade hands, brown fedora and red/black striped sweater a dozen times since the original 1984 "Nightmare on Elm Street" film, will play a creepy custodian at Brennan's old high school.

The story finds jaded Brennan planning to skip her high school reunion, until a murder sends her and Booth to the scene to investigate. Emily tells me she has supplied the show with an actual
photo of her taken during her high school years. "They wanted one of me not smiling, so they're going to doctor it a bit," says the actress.

That should be fun to see!

Source: TV Guide Magazine

Smallville Promo!


What's the deal with Claire on Lost? That new promo seems to refute your little theory about her being a ghost. — O'Grady
MICKEY: Of the South Boston O'Gradys? You, sir, owe my great-uncle Shorty $472.68 for your outstanding bar tab! Your arrogance is as galling as your spendthriftiness! Ahem. While the image in question shows a distinctly Rousseau-esque Claire, it hardly proves that she's alive. But this might. Emilie de Ravin told us that she has a lot of scenes with Evangeline Lilly this season. Um, also there's this: "I think I'm alive, as far as I know," de Ravin told us. Remit payment at once, O'Grady

I miss Lie to Me. Any scoop on what to expect when the show returns? — Aidan
ADAM: One of the team's next cases will focus on a youth center with ties to a murder. "There's a whole crime ring," Mekhi Phifer tells me. "Somebody on staff is sending the kids out and people are getting killed." Also be on the lookout for more of Ben Reynolds' personal life. "We're going to delve into what makes [him] tick," Phifer says. "We haven't delved into his home life yet or who he likes to date. We have a lot of room to play with."

I can't believe Damages killed Tom! Any more bombshells coming? — Katelyn
ADAM: Boy, are there! Look for two juicy reveals in the next episode, which present possible motives for Tom's murder. The first causes Tom to take a personal interest in the Tobin case and may also lead to the second. "Ellen starts to help me out in my quest [for revenge]," Tate Donovan tells me, "and things start to develop in a complicated, interesting way. That's all I'm going to say."

Margene! How dare she kiss Ben?! Please tell me Big Love will fix this. — Barrie
MICKEY: I wouldn't say fix exactly. Ben and Margene will come to terms about what happened, but the kiss might be just the first item on the list titled Crazy Things Margene Does This Season. This is a woman who works on live television, remember.

What can you tell me about how Clark will deal with Zod on Smallville? — Mark
ADAM: Clark's going to need a little help. Enter The Green Arrow. "Oliver and Clark, instead of butting heads about everything, team up and find the usefulness in each other and the power of unity," Justin Hartley tells us. "They spend so much time griping at each other that it's fun to see them work together."

Source: TV Guide

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Any news on what the ‘Smallville’ episode “Persuasion” is about? – Tyson
Oh yes. This episode will find Clark exposed to a kryptonite gemstone which gives him the superpower of (see episode title). So for example, something he casually says to Lois leads her to promptly move in with her beau and play happy homemaker. Similarly (and more gravely), an offhand remark he makes to Chloe about her recent priorities will have unforeseen, complicated repercussions.

Any Chloe spoilers for this week’s new ‘Smallville’ episode, “Disciple”? – Lorraine
You know how everyone is wondering about a Chloe/Oliver hookup? Well, this I can assure you: At least one guy toting a bow and arrow has his sights set on Miss Sullivan.

Hi, News Master. We humbly ask if thou hast any ‘Smallville’ news or spoilers. Anything at all. Blessed be thee if you do. – Josue_can via Twitter
Rains, pours! Here’s a little something on a dude who shares this News Master’s initials: “Absolute Justice” isn’t the only episode Martian Manhunter will appear in this season.

Do you know anything about a ‘Bones’ wedding? – Val
Emily Deschanel told me that yes, “This is a wedding this season” – and it will take place before the finale. Now while it’s simply logical to rule out Temp and Booth as the about-to-be-marrieds, if that is not the case, why are they calling each other “husband” and “wife” when Bones braves her 15-year high school reunion in an upcoming episode?

Matt! Please, please, can you find out where they get the clothes for Tamara Taylor on ‘Bones’? Because they are always awesome. – Kimberley
Only for you, Kimbers, will I risk making The Big Tease read like Glamour. According to ‘Bones’ costume designer Cynthia Summers, “Tamara wears a lot of Herve Leger and Karen Millen. In fact, that sums up most of her wardrobe,” save for the odd piece from Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Theory, Diane von Ferstenberg and Donna Karan.

I was confused by last week’s ‘The Vampire Diaries.’ Is the explanation for why Katherine and Elena are identical simply because Elena was born to a distant descendant of Katherine’s? That really didn’t make sense to me. – Ashlee
Is Elena’s adoption storyline going to drawn out for years, or will they wrap it up before the end of this season? – Lori
Ready, set, kill two questions with one tease: Exec producer Julie Plec tells me, “This week’s episode will make it very clear to viewers that the mystery of Elena’s adoption will be an important part of this season – and that there will be answers.”

Got ‘FlashForward’ scoop? – Donald
Yep! For starters, Jack Donovan told me that when the series resumes its freshman run on March 18, the Lloyd-Olivia-Mark triangle will “heat up in a lot of unexpected ways.” I then asked him if the reason why Simon and Lloyd created the blackout was “really cool,” and he grinned, “Oh yeah. [Series boss] David Goyer is nothing if not capable of coming up with some pretty cool s–t in that regard.” One last tease: The lovely Ashley Jones Tweeted the other day that we’ll be seeing Simon’s bar car hook-up, Camille, again.

Color me skeptical about a U.S. version of my beloved ‘Torchwood.’ Is there any update on John Barrowman starring in it? – Misha
I checked in with Barrowman’s rep across the pond, and he said it is still “very early” in the Fox pilot’s development process. As such, “There is nothing yet to report.”

I am so excited to see Kristen Kreuk on ‘Chuck’! Any more scoop on her character? – norlean
Didn’t she positively twinkle in her debut last night? Thus it’s understandable if Chuck isn’t the only fella to take notice of Hannah. Specifically, that relentless lothario, Lester, is gonna be angling to “reboot the newcomer’s servers,” if my analogy makes any lick of sense.

I’m digging the new season of ‘24, but Katee Sackhoff’s ex-boyfriend is giving me the creeps. Make him go away! – Anna
Tough it out a bit longer: A source assures me that we won’t have to worry about Mr. Apartment-Crasher very far into the season.

Any scoop on ‘Glee’s Will and Emma? – Kristy
I asked Jayma Mays what’s next for those long-tortured lovebirds now that Emma has finally got her man. Her response: “Do I? I don’t know if I’ve technically got him or not. I definitely think she wants him, but ['Glee' creator] Ryan Murphy said, ‘It’s my job as a writer to keep you two apart.’ And we have to respect that!” Meanwhile, how are Ken Tanaka’s spirits in the wake of everything? “Mopey,” says Jayma.

I hope the new season of ‘Damages’ is as good as the first, because I wasn’t loving Season 2! – Lisa
I, too, was disappointed with Season 2, but I’m feeling confident that it will fast become but a distant memory. Now, how about last night’s jaw-dropping reveal of a certain corpse?! In next week’s episode, you’ll get at least two more surprises regarding that ill-fated character.

Source: Fancast

Supernatural Web Series Spinoff!

McG's Wonderland shingle and Warner Bros. TV are plotting a spinoff to the CW's long-running spooky drama "Supernatural."
But rather than produce it for TV, the new show -- "Ghostfacers" -- is heading straight for the Internet.

"Ghostfacers" reps the latest expansion into the digital studio space for Wonderland, which is producing the "Supernatural" spinoff with Warner Bros. TV's Studio 2.0.

In a twist, "Ghostfacers" will preem on -- the interactive/video-on-demand website that emerged from the ashes of the WB television network (where "Supernatural" first bowed). The series will also appear on the CW's website.

Wonderland has already begun production on the project, which will initially run as 10 three-minute episodes.

"Ghostfacers" follows a team of ghost hunters who tape their exploits in documentary fashion.

"It felt like the nature and style of what they do with their show-within-a-show would be fun to see in new media," said Wonderland TV topper Peter Johnson. "It's a fun, subversive way to allow these characters to play in the margins."

The somewhat comedic group first appeared on the first season of "Supernatural" (and were created for the show by Trey Callaway for the episode "Hell House") and also returned in season three, in the episode "Ghostfacers," by Ben Edlund.

According to Johnson, the "Ghostfacers" characters have already spawned a convention in London.

New series' first installment will follow the "Ghostfacers" as they investigate a theater believed to be haunted by the ghost of a young starlet (played by "Nip/Tuck" alum Kelly Carlson).

"Ghostfacers" stars A.J. Buckley ("CSI: NY"), Travis Wester ("Bones"), Brittany Ishibashi ("Supernatural") and Austin Basis ("Life Unexpected").

Besides starring in "Ghostfacers," Buckley and Wester are also writers on the project, along with Patrick Doody and Chris Valenziano. "Ghostfacers" is exec produced by McG, Peter Johnson, Jeff Grosvenor, Eric Kripke and Phil Sgriccia.

The web series reps the latest cross-media extension for "Supernatural," which has spawned 18 comic books, several novels and an official magazine. Another round of six comic books are in the works as well.

"'Supernatural' has sprung forth beyond the TV show," said Johnson. "The mother series seems flexible enough to allow our creative talent to pursue some of these other arenas."

Beyond the webisodes, and will also include other "Ghostfacers" content, such as gag reels, behind-the-scenes videos, photo galleries and actor confessionals. More mythology will also be uploaded to a dedicated "Ghostfacers" website.

Wonderland has also been behind the web series "Sorority Forever" and "Exposed." Going forward, however, Johnson said the company's digital studio output will focus on extensions of the production shingle's TV and film projects.

Source: Variety

Caprica Sneak Peek!

Smallville Promo Pic!

Source: LilMissX Twitter

"24" Sneak Peek!

House Press Release!

Episode 6x13 "5 to 9"


Michael Weston Guest-Stars

During a day in the life of Princeton Plainsboro’s Dean of Medicine, Dr. Lisa Cuddy, the inner workings of the hospital are seen through her eyes. This day proves to be especially trying as Cuddy wrestles with myriad hospital issues and staff disputes that test her perseverance and skills as an administrator, all while juggling issues in her personal life, in the all-new “5 to 9” episode of HOUSE airing Monday, Feb. 8 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (HOU-614) (TV-14 D, L, S)

Cast: Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House; Lisa Edelstein as Dr. Lisa Cuddy; Omar Epps as Dr. Eric Foreman; Robert Sean Leonard as Dr. James Wilson; Jennifer Morrison as Dr. Allison Cameron; Jesse Spencer as Dr. Robert Chase; Peter Jacobson as Dr. Chris Taub; Olivia Wilde as Thirteen/Dr. Remy Hadley

Guest Cast: Michael Weston as Lucas Douglas; Tracy Vilar as Nurse Regina; Ron Perkins as Dr. Simpson; Maurice Godin as Dr. Hourani; Anthony Tyler Quinn as Eli Morgan; Celia Finkelstein as Gail; JD Jackson as Ronald; John Lacy as Dr. Dave Thomas; Patrick St. Esprit as Tannenbaum; Mark Espinoza as Stan; Nigel Gibbs as Sanford Wells, Bernardo Verdugo as Martin; Kim Estes as Hall; Jeremy Howard as Oscar; Rajni Kareer as Claudia; Liz Benoit as Nurse Anne; Kathleen Antonia as Marina Alexander

Source: FOX


Penny in Barstow, Calif.: More info on Glee's Madonna episode, please.
Aside from the kickass fact (revealed by our own Marc Malkin!) that Sue Sylvester will be singing and shakin' her groove thing to Madonna's "Vogue," Jane Lynch tells us you will not want to miss everything else the New Directions have in store. "We're up to about 10 songs already, and almost every day is a musical number." Seriously, there are 10 Madonna songs in a single episode! As for Idina Menzel's gig, Jane hasn't worked with her yet, but says: "I can't wait to meet her, I'm a huge fan." BTW, did you guys all see @ChrisColfer's tweet this morning? He wrote, "We're doing a BIG number today at Glee. I mean HUGE! You may need to check yourself into Gleehab after you see it." Any guesses on what song they're doing? Hit the comments!

Maureen in Tacoma, Wash.: Any truth to the rumors that werewolves might be heading to The Vampire Diaries?
Well, werewolves are the new trend, you know, but The Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley tells us this: "I know that in the books that happens, but it hasn't been confirmed—it's been insinuated." But if Paul has his say—which we're guessing he will—he's totally on board. "It'd be fantastic. And I played a wolf on a series called Wolf Lake, which was a very short-lived show on CBS, so I love the idea of it because I've done it."

Kelly in New Madrid, Mo.: I can't wait for more True Blood! What can we expect from season three this summer?
Oh, where to begin? Let's start with the gorgeous Ryan Kwanten, who has some major storylines this season. First among those storylines, Ryan says, is that "Jason finally falls in what he thinks is love. It's a pretty rare, unknown concept for him." Awww...Plus, Ryan tells us of Jason's future, "The fact that my character is dealing with the fact that he really has killed someone now is pretty crazy, and there's a whole host of new characters. There's the addition of werewolves coming in. We're using real wolves. It's crazy. I've yet to work with them. I'll work with them later on in the season, but I'm looking forward to it."

Alicia in La Cañada Flintridge, Calif.: I need True Blood scoop!
True Blood's Rutina Wesley tells us of Tara in season three, "She's going to have to grieve a lot to get over [Eggs]. And then it's going to be crazy madness." As for Tara's ex-lovah Sam, Nelsan Ellis teases, "Sam moves away from Sookie and Bon Temps, and he clings to the family that he's now starting to get to know. He finds his mother, father and brother." Come back home, Sam!

Azul in Orlando: Gimme some Eric Northman scoop! I miss my favorite Scandanavian True Blood vampire.
Did you see Nelsan's dish that he's going to be "Eric's henchman" this year? Nelsan also reassures us that we'll be getting a lot of Eric and Pam tag-team action this year as well: "Eric will definitely be in every episode, and Pam is definitely in the first four."

Marissa in Tbilisi, Georgia: Any news on Supernatural? What's going on with that show?
Oh, nothing much. Hey, does anybody remember that song "Even Angels Fall" from the 10 Things I Hate About You movie soundtrack? Well, you might want to queue it up, because you're going to need it as the soundtrack for tear-stained Supernatural lamentation fanvids after the episode two weeks hence. We can't spoil what happens outright, but the first person to guess it right in the comments gets a cookie and a hug. In other, better SPN news, Sam and Dean's long-lost half-brother from the season four episode "Jump the Shark," the awesome but dead Adam Milligan (Jake Abel), comes back to play a pivotal role in an upcoming episode.

Tamra in Washington, D.C.: Any development in the Damon-Elena-Stefan triangle on Vampire Diaries?
Seriously, will those angsty three ever be happy? Not any time soon, and as Ian Somerhalder puts it, Elena may start leaning towards a different Salvatore brother. "Damon's very truthful when he speaks. Even when he's a deviant bastard, he's still telling the truth," he explains. "Elena feels that she's been lied to by Stefan. [But] in Stefan's defense, he essentially had to lie to her to protect her."

Eileen in Paducah, Ky.: Big Love is fabulous so far this year. What can we expect over the remaining six episodes?
According to Bill Paxton, "Well, I'm going to run for a state senate seat, and I'm going to run into some big problems doing that. That's the big conflict [is that could result in the wives being exposed]. The gals are kind of starting to grow away from the thing. There's a lot going on. We've opened up the casino. There's murder. There is all kinds of good stuff, it's something else this season." Hold the phone...did you just say murder, Bill Paxton? Is that the murder of ol' Roman Grant, or is there a new and different homicide that we don't know about yet? Hmmm...

Chuck in Tucson, Ariz: How much are we going to see of newlyweds Scott and Sarah in Big Love this season?
Scott himself, Aaron Paul, has confirmed, "I definitely do come back quite a bit. The arc this season is wonderful with Scott and Sarah." Unfortunately, Paul won't appear in the finale—Amanda Seyfried's last episode—because producers couldn't work out the scheduling with his other show, Breaking Bad, for which he received an Emmy nod. Fun fact: "I definitely can relate to the character Scott," Paul revealed, "My father, who experimented with different religions growing up, ended up getting excommunicated from LDS because they found out he was a youth minister at a Nazarene church, [but] it wasn't as serious as what happened with Barb on the show."

Trevor in Wrightwood, Calif.: I need a Sons of Anarchy fix.
Don't we all? Unfortunately, Kurt Sutter just headed back into the writers' room and would only tell us this of season three: "I have a baby to find, and that's all I know." As for Gemma's future as an outlaw, Katey Sagal doesn't seem too worried. "I don't think it will alter the family bond, but there are so many things that have to be addressed," she explains. "Gemma obviously doesn't know what's happened to her grandson, and she'll probably go insane when she finds out. I wouldn't put anything past her. I'm sure she'll take care of business."

Source: E!

LOST Spoiler & Interview!



"24" Preview!

Heroes Preview!

House Preview!

Chuck Preview!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Castle Press Release!

Episode 2x15 "Suicide Squeeze"


Joe Torre Appears in Episode

"Suicide Squeeze" - A beloved former major league baseball player is found dead after a goodwill trip to Cuba. The investigation, which includes running into Joe Torre (guest starring as himself), leads the detectives into New York's Cuban community to solve the murder. Meanwhile, Alexis' genealogy project forces Castle to consider the identity of his unknown father, on "Castle," MONDAY, FEBRUARY 8 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET/PT) on ABC.

"Castle" stars Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle, Stana Katic as NYPD Detective Kate Beckett, Susan Sullivan as Martha Rodgers, Molly Quinn as Alexis Castle, Ruben Santiago-Hudson as NYPD Captain Roy Montgomery, Tamala Jones as Medical Examiner Lanie Parish, Jon Huertas as NYPD Detective Javier Esposito, and Seamus Dever as NYPD Detective Kevin Ryan.

Guest cast: Ray Wise as Bobby Fox, Don Franklin as Tommy Zane, Jose Zuniga as Alfredo Quintana and Joe Torre as himself.

"Suicide Squeeze" was written by Jose Molina and directed by David Barrett.

Source: ABC

American Idol Finalists Leaked?

Check it out:

"24" Interview!

Vampire Diaries Interviews!

Spartacus Interviews!

Legend of the Seeker Interview!

Chuck Promo!

Fringe Scoop!

It’s the showdown we’ve been waiting for.

Fringe’s second-season finale this spring will feature a long-awaited confrontation between weird science partners-turned-frenemies William Bell (Leonard Nimoy) and Walter Bishop (John Noble).

“William and Walter will finally face off in the finale,” confirms consulting producer Akiva Goldsman, who is directing the two-part episode (written by exec producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman). “These [characters] have so much that they’re bringing to bear. And Leonard and John are two fantastic actors.”

The William/Walter reunion is just one of several mythology-related payoffs Fringe has in store in this season’s final episodes. “We’re going to be looking very closely into Peter’s [Joshua Jackson] identity, Walter’s choices in the past, and Walter’s choices in the future,” reveals Goldsman. “And by the end of the season, we’re all going over to the other side.

“We’re trying to do the last two episodes as a singular event, a little bit more movie-like,” elaborates the acclaimed auteur, who won an Oscar for his adaptation of A Beautiful Mind. “It’s really one big story. We’re approaching it like a mini-feature. It’ll have a singular narrative drive.”

But will it have any closure should, heaven forbid, the episode turn out to be a series finale? “Good stories typically have sufficient closure, but also have the promise of continuing — even if you’re not watching them continue,” he says. “So, short of killing somebody — which we’re not doing — we’re just treating it like the end of a movement, not the end of a symphony.”

Source: EW

"24" Scoop!

This season on 24, Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub) isn't just sitting back at the computer anymore. Rajskub tells that Chloe will take matters into her own hands. She also discusses the possible grim future for Chloe, Dana's dirty little secret and which femme fatale her character will be teaming up with. What do you think makes this season of 24 stand out?
Rajskub: I definitely think there's stuff that's the same about 24 [each season], but that's the beauty of 24 — that you know the components. The writers work very hard making the stuff different. The characters have evolved. They find different ways to have all these differences in the characters. Although there's a terrorist plot, it's how the plot unfolds. I really love the peace-talk plot that's happening. That parallels what's happening in real life and that's an interesting concept. Chloe stepped into a leadership role in the premiere. Will that continue this season?
Rajskub: Yeah, and I think that's what's cool about 24. ... When you watch Chloe from the beginning, she's very much by the rules. Now, after all that she's been through, she's having to stand behind her own convictions and be a little pushy about it. Chloe seems already suspicious about what's going on with Dana (Katee Sackhoff). What will we find out?
Rajskub: It's just getting really interesting. In the next few episodes, there's going to be some pretty twisted stuff happening. Honestly, you can't really grasp what's going on with her for many episodes, and we're all just trying to do our own stuff. Although I give her a look and we suspect [something], it doesn't really come out for a while. Would we be on the right track to think there's some sort of Bonnie and Clyde dynamic with Dana and her ex?
Rajskub: Oh, interesting. I do wonder why she gave him the key. That's not a good sign. She is still is weak for him on some level. Will Chloe return to the field this season?
Rajskub: I do get some really good action. It's not like I'm outside running through the jungle or anything, but I do take matters into my own hands at some point. Will she continue to butt heads with Renee (Annie Wersching) this season?
Rajskub: Her and Renee join together a little bit. Not in the way you're thinking [Laughs]. It's already been shown that Renee is kind of nuts, but I will say that there is a support system down the line between Renee and Jack and Chloe. With Chloe taking things into her own hands, would she ever torture anyone?
Rajskub: I don't think so. Killing someone, sure. But could you see Chloe being able to torture someone? No. I think to be torturing someone, you have to cross a line. ... I don't think Chloe is to that point yet. If 24 is on for 10 more years, then yes, she will be torturing people. Do you feel you guys are heading towards a series finale?
Rajskub: I have no idea. We've been wondering that all year. Every day I go to work, we wonder if we're going next year. Right now, I've only read Episode 19 and 20, so I'll be really curious to see what happens. There are higher stakes this year, especially if it turns out to be the last season. Are you ever worried that Chloe might be killed?
Rajskub: Oh, I don't worry about it. I hope that it will be something really, really cool if she gets killed. I hope that she isn't. It's really a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I'll play her as long as I'm able to. Will Jack make it to the plane at the end of the season to go back to Los Angeles?
Rajskub: I hope he does, but I'm a softy. I like romantic comedies. I want there to be a happy ending.

Do you want to see a happy ending?

Source: TV Guide

Heroes Scoop!

As his life hung in the balance on last week's Heroes, Hiro was confronted by the important characters from his past in his subconscious. Well, most of those people.

Missing in action, of course, was Charlie (Jayma Mays), his significant other who is lost in time. But, with three episodes left in the season, that doesn't mean a reunion for the pair is out of the cards yet.

"Let's put it this way: He has to find Charlie and it will be resolved by the Winter Olympics," Masi Oka tells "I can't say what kind of reunion it will be, but there will be a resolution. Whether it's good or not, the audience will have to decide. But it won't just be talked about — like, 'Oh well, she's lost in time. Too bad!'"

With Mays starring on Glee, getting her back has been tricky, but Oka says he likes the direction Hiro's arc has taken because of the schedule conflicts. "Everybody wants them back together, but I'm very happy with the stuff he got to do this season," he says. "I think having the brain tumor, dealing with that and Charlie were two great things that Hiro had in terms of a dramatic [story line]. It was very challenging. I would say this is my second favorite creative season for Hiro."

Hiro's brain tumor story line and his quest to find Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) will also be tied up by the end of the season, which culminates in an epic showdown between the Heroes as Samuel (Robert Knepper) continues to divide the group. "Hiro will see Samuel again," Oka says. "He'll be a little bit involved with the carnival story line, but he's not too involved in the big showdown."

The clash will close the Redemption volume, but will open a whole new set of questions, Oka says, thereby necessitating another season to answer them. While he acknowledges Heroes' ratings have dwindled considerably since its robust first season, Oka says the show deserves at least one more season — for the fans.

"I haven't gotten any word on a renewal, but everyone agrees the show does deserve a proper ending, just because we want to pay homage to fans who have stuck with us from the beginning," he says. "Nothing is 100 percent guaranteed in television. Maybe they get amazing pilots. Hopefully it won't be like the X-Files where we need a movie to wrap things up. My hope is to have a finite end date, like Lost, or they give the writers the chance to wrap up everything and know they're going to be done."

And so where does he ultimately see Hiro ending up?

"I've always believed that if he becomes Future Hiro, there are no more stories to tell because it's hard to grow with that character," Oka says. "I think that's why the writers prolonged it as much as possible, but I think if we know there's an end in sight, I think it'd be fun to just take him over the edge and turn him into Future Hiro and end it that way. The best ending for him would be to go back in time and revisit his love for Charlie over and over again and live in that infinite loop."

Source: TV Guide

Vampire Diaries Promo Pics!

More promo pics for 1x12 "Unpleasantville":

Smallville Casting Scoop!

Smallville is adding yet another DC villain. Odessa Rae has been cast as the Silver Banshee, has learned exclusively.

Rae (Leverage) will first appear as Siobhan McDougal, aka the Silver Banshee, in Episode 16, "Escape."

The Banshee is a vengeful spirit of a fallen Gaelic heroine. She's accidentally released from the underworld, and takes out her vengeance at an unassuming country bed and breakfast. Guess who just happens to be staying at the B&B? Lois (Erica Durance) and Clark (Tom Welling).

Rae joins the line of DC heroes and villains being added to Smallville this season, including Icicle (Wesley MacInnes), Dr. Fate (Brent Stait), Hawkman (Michael Shanks), Star Girl (Britt Irvin) and Amanda Waller (Pam Grier).

Source: TV Guide

Chuck Promo Pics!