Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Supernatural Scoop!

Denise in Janesville, Wis.: I'm hoping you can answer this question since it has turned into a very heated debate among the Supernatural fandom. The so-called hot topic is this: Does Misha Collins' contract with the show end this year, or does it run through the newly announced season six? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

We checked on this for you, and insiders tell us that as of right now, Misha Collins' Supernatural contract is just through to the end of the current fifth season—in part because when his deal was being worked out, there was no such thing as a season six.

Sources close to the CW Award-winning Best Supporting Actor are "hopeful" that Misha will be asked back for season six, but as of right now, folks close to the recurring player are in the same holding pattern as the rest of us.

News about whether or not we'll get more Misha should come down over the coming weeks and months as the writing staff sorts out storylines for season six.

Source: E!

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Maddoxx said...

i love supernatural and i cant wait till the next season comes out on DVD

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