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LOST:True or False??!!

This was found in the Rumors Section of Darkufo's Mega LOST site:

Kokin says:

"I work at a movie theater, and I happened to see the new promo tonight. First off, I had a major LOST geek moment when I saw the footage (wasn't expecting it). The promo is pretty short (details that the plane went down in 2004 and that rescue would be in 2008..or will it?). There are a lot of very quick cuts/dialogue from last season and season 4 footage. Everything happened so fast, but I do recall seeing the following...

-Jack firing a gun in the dark
-a cow/bull
-Locke claiming that the people arriving aren't here for them but something else
-a nonhuman skull with a knife in it
-blood dripping down and Kate looking up (at something/someone dead?)
-AND...what appeared to be Charlie. And what's even odder is that he had a devilish grin and what looked like short hair.

Overall, a very exciting promo (hell, ANYTHING new is great)."

What do you think spoilergeeks? True or False???

Supernatural Preview!!

Bones Episode Details!

Episode 3x11 "The Man in the Mud"

While on a date at Homestead Natural Hot Springs, a couple discovers a body while taking a dip in a spring filled with mud. Booth and Brennan are soon called to the scene. The decease is Tripp Goddard, a motorcycle racer who was also elected one of the top ten sexiest bachelors, who was murdered after a race about two weeks ago. The episode introduces April Pesa, Sweets' girlfriend. When we meet them, they are attending a ceramics class.
Source: Spoilerfix

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Free Supernatural Magazine!

Bionic Feud Set Straight!!

From Tv Guide:

Katee Sackhoff wants to set the record straight. "I have no plans to leave Bionic Woman, and Michelle Ryan" — who fills the title role — "is doing a great job. There's not one ounce of bad blood between us."

Sackhoff, whose flamboyant turn as Sarah Corvus has overshadowed Ryan on the struggling NBC series, tells TV Guide that she absolutely did not diss either BW or its star at a recent convention. (News of the alleged cattiness came from a blogger who attended the sci-fi confab.) "It's sad," says Sackhoff, "because you want to connect with the fans, and then they throw it in your face in a negative light."Sackhoff confides she's meeting with producers "to discuss my involvement in the show, which was pretty limited this year" — pre-strike, she was slated for seven episodes — "because of my obligations to Battlestar Galactica."

Making clear she's "contractually obligated to a six-year deal" on BW, she insists she'd be "happy as a clam" to stay that long. "It's fun and it's a physical role, and god knows that's what I love to do." That said, "If they want to cut my involvement, that's totally fine. I understand that it's called Bionic Woman, not "Women." It would be nice to actually do a pilot season."

Available she might be. NBC hasn't called for additional episodes of BW, as it has done with fellow newbies Chuck and Life, so there's talk that last night's episode may have been an unexpected finale. — Ileane Rudolph @ Tv Guide

Heroes Sneak Peek!

House Preview!

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House Scoop!

For the how's and why's of House and their decision for the final three, click this interview Tv Guide did with one of the producers for an inside look:

Major Robin Hood Spoilers!!

"Robin and the Outlaws, The Sheriff, Gisborne and Marian are now in the Holy Land, in the Dramatic conclusion of Dominic Minghella's Drama. Robin warns the King of the impending threat to his life, but The Sheriff's cunning has prevailed; instead of a heroes' welcome, Robin and the Outlaws are treated as traitors... Marian makes a final attempt to redeem Gisborne – if he kills The Sheriff, he will have everything he wants, including her.

Will fear of The Sheriff or the smell of power win the battle for Gisborne's soul? The battle for England is on. Will Robin be released in time to save the King's life? Will Marian escape from the clutches of The Sheriff? High stakes and ultimate tragedy ensue... "

Well, what do you think??

Check this out...

Normally, I don't post about music here but I heard this song the other night watching Chuck (which I may add to my site since I just began watching it and found it to be a great show and especially since it just got picked up for a full season!!) Anywho, check this song out by Band of Horses called "No one's gonna love you":

Supernatural Insanity!

Article from

"Fans of The CW’s "Supernatural" have already expressed concern over the show’s new look and the addition of two young female leads. Now, they have the rug pulled out from under them regarding Jason Voorhees’ appearance in the 10th episode of Season 3.
Plans were in place for Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester to go head to head with the unkillable killer with superhuman strength.

"We have Jason from 'Friday the 13th,' the character with the hockey mask," creator Eric Kripke said. "He shows up in Episode 10. We have cleared the rights to actually use Jason. We have a twist on it so it is not really Jason out there but we have found an interesting way to bring him in so Sam and Dean fight Jason from 'Friday the 13th.' In our world, that is a pretty cool guest star."

However, word on the Internet — and the writers picket line — is that there is in fact a copyright issue preventing Jason’s “Supernatural” premiere So now, no one really knows what will fill in the Voorhees gap in Episode 10, and "Friday the 13th” fans will have to wait until the new movie hits theaters on Feb. 13, 2009 to get their fix."

Heroes Interviews!

Heroes Sneak Peek!!

Smallville Scoop!

Although the writers’ strike has caused quite an inconvenience for viewers, fans of The CW’s Smallville have a lot to look forward to next year. For one, a forthcoming episode will feature a special guest character who gives Clark (Tom Welling) a run for his money.

The episode, the 13th in the current season, is scheduled to air towards the end of February. For those who want to know more about the episode, read on for spoilers.According to Kryptonsite, Smallville’s special guest character for 13th episode will not only be male, but will also be deemed a “hero” after he, and not Clark, ends up saving the lives of Kara (Laura Vandervoort) and Jimmy (Aaron Ashmore).

The site also claims that the guest character first exhibits power in the episode through a Kryptonite plot device. Jimmy shows interest in the person’s powers, which makes Chloe (Allison Mack) question her decision to be so secretive about the abilities she acquired through the meteor shower.Living up to his villainous nature, Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) tries to use the person with the powers to his advantage.

No word yet on who will play the guest character, nor what exactly his powers are.Aside from the guest character, fans can also expect to see a “muscle-clad henchman,” a “roadie” and a “drummer” in the episode. Moreover, Kryptonsite claims that a portion of the episode takes place at a concert.Although the episode, aptly entitled “Hero” is scheduled to air on February 21, this could easily change should the writers’ strike reach a sudden end. Talks resumed on Monday, November 26, and although an agreement is not expected to be made this week, Deadline Hollywood Daily is claiming that the strike could be over before Christmas.

Source: BuddyTV

Bones Preview!


Latest from Tv Guide's Ausiello:

Question: Gimme some Moonlight scoop. I'm so hooked on that show it's not even funny. — Mandy
Ausiello: A little birdie with big fangs tells me that there's an assassination attempt made on Josef (Jason Dohring) in the Dec. 14 episode. But the major news is that we discover a secret that Josef has been keeping from Mick (Alex O'Loughlin) for over 40 years, and it may (read: will) explain why he believes Mick and Beth can never work.

Question: I will blab to Gargamel the location of every Smurf I know unless you do this one thing for me: Tell me if Supernatural ever plans on exploring the good side of the supernatural world. You know, guardian angels, the spear of destiny, stuff like that.— Jeff
Ausiello: TV Guide's HR policy strictly forbids me from negotiating with terrorists, but I suppose I could make an exception just this once. Here's your answer, courtesy of Supernatural creator Eric Kripke: "We have a firm belief in the cosmology of this show that evil, in terms of demons, etc, is very tangible and real and out there. Angels and supernatural forces of good are much more elusive. But in my opinion — and the opinion of the writers — if God is out there, he isn't sending angels to fight the battles; he's working through a very human, sweaty, outgunned and overwhelmed group of hunters. For us, these are the angels. I think the point that's very important to us to make is that the forces of good work through humans who are flawed and imperfect and trying to make the right decisions. And that's the way God works. So we try to present that."

Question: I just read a rumor that Katee Sackhoff might be leaving Bionic Woman. Is it true? — Rob
Ausiello: What it is is a moot point, since there may not even be a Bionic Woman for her to come back to. There's only one episode left in the can, and it airs tonight. And given the ratings, there's no guarantee it'll go back into production when the strike ends.

Question: Any spoilers on House?— PE
Ausiello: Yes, and it's a fairly big one. Even though Cutthroat Bitch was the final doc voted off House's island last night, I have it on good authority that we have not seen the last of Anne Dudek on House. For more on that, head over to my Ausiello Report blog later today.

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Blood Ties Interview!!!

Robin Hood Scans!

Click away for loads of new Robin Hood info!

Moonlight Scoop!

A new article on the upcoming Moonlight episode "Sleeping Beauty":

Blood Ties Emergency!

Looks like Lifetime's "Blood Ties" will be next up on the chopping block to follow other great shows gone to dust like The Dresden Files and the near fatality of Jericho. So get out your fandomness and start petitioning to Lifetime for a continuation of the vampire detective series.

Bionic Bye Bye?

Latest from regarding the slow demise of Bionic Woman, which sadly I must say, I liked and thought it had tons of potential....

"Last week, Roadrunner reported that not only was Katee Sackhoff (Sarah Corvus) done with NBC's "Bionic Woman," but she was "skating a fine line toward being rather unprofessional [while making insulting comments about co-star Michelle Ryan]."

Is NBC rookie series toast?According to the blogger, although Sackhoff was going to have a meeting with the producers this week, she doesn't expect to return to the show if it resumes production which seems somewhat unlikely given the show's poor Nielsen performance.

Roadrunner also reports the cast and crew managed to film 11 episodes prior to closing down production earlier this month, and the last episode may serve as the series finale, if necessary.NBC has scheduled episode #108 of "The Bionic Woman" titled "Do Not Disturb" for this Wednesday, November 28. The show has averaged about 10 million viewers, but the most recent episodes could not pull in more than 6.5 million viewers."

Bones Sneak Peeks!

Moonlight Scoop!

Click here to find out whats to come on Moonlight:

Heroes Previews!

Heroes Scoop!

What Lies Ahead for Heroes from Kristen @ E!:

In next week's winter finale, three Heroes will die.We'll call the first death Final, the second death Uncertain and the third death Reversed (thanks to Claire's miracle juice--yay!). (And no, they don't go down in that order.)

Although you may be shocked by all of these deaths--because they are all series regulars and very pretty people!--you probably won't cry over Final or Reversed (that's just my hunch). But if Uncertain turns out to stick, well, let's just say the Heroes producers best be stocking up on some Haz Mat suits for the s--t storm that's about to erupt! The fans will not be happy.(P.S. In other winter-finale news, Mama Petrelli just might be the worst mother ever in the history of the planet, while Noah Bennett has my vote for Father of the Year and Sylar the Comeback Kid.)

Added Note: I found this @ Spoilertv which indicates Elle is the ressurected one.

Kristin is now reporting that a main character who has not been well-received this season is going to get shot by "a certain serial killer we all love." She goes on to say that, unfortunately, Mohinder injects her with some Miracle Blood ™ and she comes back.


Latest From Kristen @ E!

Heather in Miami: My sincerest condolences that your Hawaii trip was canceled. Is there no justice in the time of the strike?! Anyway, why don't you make it up to yourself by telling us some Lost scoop.Thanks, Heather.

Anyone wanna help me drown my sorrows with some mai tais? As you may know, the Lost production office is an impenetrable fortress of secrecy these days, but I was able to dig up a little scoop that I certainly found fascinating! Sources tell me the series most definitely flashes backward and forward in this season—and until the series ends...yeee! I'm also hearing we get quite a few new characters courtesy of Marsha Thomason's character, Naomi. Word is, Naomi summoned them via walkie-talkie before Locke busted that knife in her back. So, newbies are a-comin'!

Tanya in Chino, California: Only two episodes left of Heroes! Any scoop on what happens? Are the eps good?

I've heard of what happens but haven't seen them yet, and I can tell you this: I'm highly alarmed by the body count at the end of next week's episode. If one death in particular isn't a fake-out (that is, if he or she doesn't come back when the show returns), I will be asking you to join me for the rioting, looting and hissy-fitting that is only appropriate with a death of this kind of fan favorite.

Brenna: OMG! This Tuesday is the big Bones kiss! I am so looking forward to it! But I need to know, is anything good gonna happen for them after it? Love you, Kristin!

All I can say is that in the last scene of the last episode before Bones goes off the air (because of the strike), there's an event that's much, much bigger for Bones and Booth than a li'l ol' kiss...and not in a good way. Gaaah! (Oh, and thanks for the love, my dear.)

Linda: Loved Razor. However, I could not hear what the old man in the tub said! Grrr...please tell me what I waited nearly two hours to hear and then miss. Thank you so say we all.

He said, "Kara Thrace will lead the human race to its end." I say, "The end and the beginning are always the same thing," but that's just me. As for the season-four preview, Tricia Helfer spills that there is going to be a new Six, who goes by the name of Natalie; Jamie Bamber says the first 10 eps are all about the secret Cylons; and Ronald D. Moore promises we meet the final Cylon before the end of season four. There's also a season-four trailer that includes one particularly intriguing shot: Kara lying on the floor of a Galactica hallway screaming, "We're going the wrong way!" Mmmm...

More Supernatural Details!

Episode 3x08 A Very Supernatural Christmas

Sam and Dean investigate murders committed by an anti-Santa who pulls his victims up the chimney; and Dean wants to celebrate a traditional Christmas since it will be his last, but Sam refuses, not wanting to accept that Dean won't be around next year.

Airs: 13th December 2007

Source: SpoilerTV

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SGA Preview Pics!

Source: Spoilertv

LOST Scoop!!

Some info from DarkUFO, translated by Carol, & Original Article @: GDA

The press meeting with part of the LOST cast to introduce its fourth season is as mysterious as the successful show. We are in a room in Disney's studios at Burbank, and no one among the hundred journalist arrived from all around the world knows who will come. It is said that Evangeline Lilly (Kate). Or maybe Josh Holloway (Sawyer). Even Naveen Andrews might appear. "Impossible", says someone who has been coming to these events for years. The actor who plays the tormented Sayid has never attended one of these meetings. But, surprise!, suddenly, Andrews enters the room. "I came to a Sex Pistols concert and took advantage of the chance of doing this", he says, in a very good mood.

The amazement doesn't end with him. There is also Harold Perrineau, Michael, a character that didn't appear in the whole third season and that the day after this meeting will begin shooting in Hawaii his first comeback episode. "Last Friday I finished shooting a movie, the next day I took a plane to come here, and last night I was given a script I plan to read in the plane to Hawai, so I have absolutely no idea about what is going to happen", he says.Perrineau attitude is a reminder of how some things never change. The inscrutability is the norm while dealing with LOST.

However, actors let out some things. Before, a warning: those who follow the third season through Canal 13 and haven't finished watching it, are advised to not read further.Elizabeth Mitchell, the blond and enigmatic Juliet in the show, says: "There are still lots of people left to die. There are many deaths... people exploding and things like that". She also tells an anecdote that deepens the mistery: "Yesterday I was reading the script of the episode that comes after the one dedicated to my character. I cried a lot, because I learned something that I didn't like finding out about".

Fourth season of LOST will be shorter: only 16 episodes instead the more than 20 of a conventional one. Depending of the duration of the writers strike, the intention is airing it without reruns. Every week, a new episode broadcasted.Perrineau says: "When I left the show, the idea was always that my character would come back. And I was told as well that he would be very different. How different? "I don't know, that's my point. I am told he is going to be different, but nothing else" he adds, laughing.

About his role, the son of Chilean Jorge Garcia (Hurley in the show) points out: "He still doesn't know that Charlie (Dominic Monaghan) has died, so he will have to deal with that loss. I think the relationship between Charlie and Hurley was the most solid one in the show. It won't be easy for him". Garcia states that he is interested in coming to Chile, but adds that it will depend of the representatives of the studio coordinating the possibility. "I also would love to go when there is good weather".

Those who watched the third season finale through cable or in DVD, found out the new modality: now, moments of the future are also shown, when the survivors have already left the island. Can we assume that this will be done again? "You can assume whatever you want to", says Andrews. "But, yes... yes, that could happen", he adds, turning into the most secretive of the guests.

Elizabeth Mitchell goes a little further: "There will be more looks into the future, but that won't be find out until the end of the episode. We will also see that some survivors are dead in the future". The actress adds: "A big difference between last season and the new one is that now we are going to see more group interaction. There won't be episodes in which you don't see a character. That has given me the chance to work with almost everyone".

Heroes Rumors!

Rumors abound? True or False??

Lot's of reunions - Hiro and Kensei, Peter and Nathan, Mohinder and Sylar.

West just leaves.

The brain is not relevant to the plot.

HRG strikes a deal to keep Claire safe.

Sylar kills Maya & Alejandro.

And then one of them comes back to life.

Kensei will be buried alive in some sort of metal casket or other. (Kind of reminds me of Alias???LOL Somebody get Rambaldi.....)

Source: Spoilertv & Superhiro

Prison Break Rumors!!!

What do you think? True or False?

Michael, Mahone, Whistler, McGrady escape.

Bellick kills someone in a fight.

Bellick gives Sammie a chicken foot.

Sammie is killed when the escape tunnel collapses on him.

Lechero is shot and killed in SONA.

Sucre is badly beaten and gets thrown into SONA.

T-Bag takes over SONA.

He finds money buried under SONA and distributes some to the inmates to gain their trust but keeps most for himself.

Michael sets up the hostage exchange site to be a museum with a metal detector. (LJ for Whistler)

The exchange is made.

Gunfire goes off outside the museum and Sofia is shot in the crossfire.

Whistler is taken by the Company.

Source: Spoilertv & Fox Forums

Smallville Episode Details!!

Episode 7x14 "Traveller"

Traveller is about Patricia Swann, daughter of Dr. Swann and a childhood friend of Lex's. Swann and Lionel were part of a group who were waiting for the arrival of an extra-terrestrial "traveler". Patricia wants to stay in touch with Clark because she believes he can do good for the world.- Another character currently being cast is "Pierce," who fears aliens, and kidnaps Clark and keeps him in a specially built prison.

Source: Spoilertv

Dexter Episode Details!

Episode 2x12 "British Invasion"

Special Agent Lundy (Keith Carradine) and the task force believe they've solved the case of the Bay Harbor Butcher, but Dexter might not yet be out of the woods.

Airs: 16th December 2007

Source: SpoilerTV

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Robin Hood Interviews!!

Interviews with all the cast of the BBC hit show, Robin Hood:

BSG Interview!

Click the link for a special interview with Battlestar Galatica's Jamie Bamber (Apollo):

Jericho News!

The Season 2 Premiere will be called "Reconstruction".

Source: SpoilerTV

House Preview!

Smallville Episode Details!

Episode 7x09 "Gemini"

CHLOE REVEALS TO JIMMY THAT SHE IS A METEOR FREAK — Clark (Tom Welling) returns to Smallville from the Fortress and tells Lana (Kristin Kreuk) that Kara (Laura Vandervoort) is gone. Clark tells Lana they should team up to bringing Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) down, so she gives him all the information she’s gathered so far, including a report on a man named Adrian (guest star Tim Guinee), who was infected with an alien substance. Adrian secretly plants a bomb on Chloe (Allison Mack) and tells Lois (Erica Durance) if she doesn’t get Lex to admit the truth about his experiments with 33.1, he will detonate the bomb. Chloe, thinking she is about to die, confesses to Jimmy (Aaron Ashmore) that she is a meteor freak. John Glover also stars. Whitney Ransick directed the episode written by Caroline Dries.

Source: CW

Moonlight Episode Details!

Episode 1x10 "Sleeping Beauty"

We meet a very old, dying man named Richard Whitley who has had a man searching for Josef. He tells the man to hunt him down and kill him. The man attacks Josef's office with fire, turning everything to ash. Josef lets Mick and the Head of Building Security, Tom, take the reigns of the investigation. To keep Josef safe, he stays hidden and Mick and Beth keep his being "alive" a secret from everyone, including Tom. Beth and Mick visit Richard Whitley who tells them in 1955, Josef killed his daughter so before he dies, he wanted revenge. Beth and Mick visit an unconscious Coraline in the hospital. Later, Coraline nearly transforms into a vampire and kills a nurse but stops herself, then later escapes into the night out the window.

Episode 1x09 "Fleur de Lis"

Richard Haggans, a rich CEO hires Mick to follow Tina, his much younger trophy wife, believing because of her recent actions that she is cheating on him. Mick meets Morgan at a public restaurant to talk and have her help him follow and take pictures of Tina. Tina meets a man who turns out to be her stepson Owen. Morgan catches a picture of Tina and the young man kissing. Mick thinks he hears them saying that if her husband finds out, he'll kill them. Morgan later listens to the recorded file and hears their plans to kill Richard instead. When Mick goes to confront Owen, Tina shoots him in the back of the head. Beth has flashbacks to her childhood abduction after researching Morgan because of her jealousy over Mick working together with the woman.

Source: Spoilerfix

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Bones Preview!

Heroes Spoilers!

WHAT LIES AHEAD...Spoilers for Heroes from E!'s Kristen V.

Two More Heroes Die!

One may stick; one may not. You could cry...You probably won't.

Mohinder Gets a New Power!

It comes in the form of a lovely little syringe, and it goes by the name of resurrection. Wonder if he'll set his sights on bringing back Stinkerbell or D.L.? Or hey, what about his Daddy, hmmm?

Sylar and Elle Square Off!

See, there is a Santa Claus! Elle tries to do her dad proud by stepping in to save the a most inopportune time for Mohinder and his newfound abilities.

Don't Blink!

Maya and Sylar are on the lightning-fast road to an episode of Jerry Springer. They hook up, he does bad things, it's over before it even begins and we are going to have less of a chance of more Zachary Quinto shirtless. Hmph.

More Bones Pics!

Booth (David Boreanaz, L) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel, R) share a Christmas kiss under the mistletoe in the BONES episode "The Santa in the Slush" airing Tuesday, Nov. 27 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2007 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Isabella Vosmikova/FOX

Pics from