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LOST Episode Details!!

Episode 4x08 "Meet Kevin Johnson"


Cynthia Watros Guest Stars as Libby

“Meet Kevin Johnson” – Sayid confronts Ben’s spy on the freighter, and Ben urges daughter Alex to flee Locke’s camp in order to survive an impending attack, on “Lost,” THURSDAY, MARCH 20 (9:00-10:02 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

“Lost” stars Naveen Andrews as Sayid, Henry Ian Cusick as Desmond, Emilie de Ravin as Claire, Michael Emerson as Ben, Matthew Fox as Jack, Jorge Garcia as Hurley, Josh Holloway as Sawyer, Daniel Dae Kim as Jin, Yunjin Kim as Sun, Evangeline Lilly as Kate, Elizabeth Mitchell as Juliet, Terry O’Quinn as Locke and Harold Perrineau as Michael.

Guest starring are Cynthia Watros as Libby, M.C. Gainey as Mr. Friendly/Tom, Mira Furlan as Danielle Rousseau, Tania Raymonde as Alex, Blake Bashoff as Karl, Marsha Thomason as Naomi Dorrit, Ken Leung as Miles Straume, Jeff Fahey as Frank Lapidus, Kevin Durand as Keamy, Anthony Azizi as Omar, Fisher Stevens as George Minkowski, Grant Bowler as Captain Gault, Jill Kuramoto as female anchor, Galyn Gorg as nurse, Starletta DuPois as mom, William P. Ogilivie as Gus, Francesco Simone as Arturo and James Locke as mechanic.

Source: ABC

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LOST Reviews!!

For last night's time traveling episode "The Constant":



LOST Preview!

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Joss Whedon's Dollhouse Scoop!

What's Sarah Connor's Fate???

Here's an article on how things are shaping up for the new Fox series:

Smallville Promo Pics!

New Amsterdam Sneak Peeks!

Moonlight Update!

"We've just had confirmation from CBS that the new episodes of Moonlight will begin airing April 25th, rather than the April 11th date originally announced. With the effort of getting the production up and running again, having an extra couple of weeks to perfect the episodes is probably welcomed by those working to create our show! Plus, this means the episodes will be airing during May sweeps, whichis a vote of confidence from CBS, in our opinion."

Dexter Season Three Spoilers!

"And now for the dirty sexy dish from Clyde Phillips about season three. We talked to him before the writers' room even opened for the new season, so everything is subject to change, but here's what Dex's boss is thinking about for the series' next installment.Who's Your Daddy? Clyde says that in season three, Dexter gets personal and, uh, professional traction in a way we've not yet seen:

"Basically, what's happened with Dexter is that the first year was his childhood, and the second year was his adolescence, and the third year is going to be his adulthood. He will become more of his own man. He will still live by what we call the Code of Harry, if you know what that is, although his relationship with his father was already to some extent deconstructed in the second year." Ah, he's metaphorically killed the father..."But then, once you kill the father, then you learn to appreciate him." If this involves more James Remar (Harry Morgan) and MCH in a silly wig, whatever this means it's A-okay by me.

Clean Slate: Clyde says they're still noodling around with the exact arc of season three: "The first year we had the books, and the second year we knew that the bodies were going to turn up and that the FBI was going to come and that Doakes was going to be suspicious. The third year we're starting tabula rasa." This, in case you couldn't guess from the show in question being Dexter, means anything is possible...DexterDarkly Dreaming Dexter: Dexter Morgan continues to embrace the Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne side of his life in season three. In particular, one of TV's best good and evil entanglements, Dexter and Rita, will be going strong.

Clyde tells me, "The relationship will be there...One of the things that keeps him grounded is his burgeoning affection for Rita and his outright affection for her children. If Dexter didn't have Rita, if he didn't have the Code, if he didn't have his sister, there's a very good chance he'd go off the rails. He does have them all, and that's what levels him, that's what keeps him grounded."Darling Deadly Doakes: Now that Sgt. James Doakes (played by Erik King) has been, well, dispatched from the series, is that the end of his presence in Miami? Clyde says, "First of all, it was a very difficult decision personally to do what we did to Doakes, because we love the guy—we love Erik King. Nobody could have handled it more professionally than he did. He was splendid when we had to break the news to him.

It's what you do on a show...We're all professional, and he understood. Basically, next season, Doakes' end resonates emotionally with Laguerta (Lauren Vélez), although I don't know where that goes yet." May I propose an appearance by Ghost Doakes?Be sure to check back Monday for more Dexter goodness in my Watch with Kristin Show.Until then, what do you think should go down in season three? A new direction for Deb's (Jennifer Carpenter) love life? A better babe for David Zayas' Bautista? More shirtless Michael C. Hall? All of the above?Your thoughts are welcome in Comments!"

Jericho Promo Pics!

Battlestar Galactica Sneak Peeks!

Head on over here and check out whats what for Season Four of BSG:

Sarah Connor Promo Pics!


For tonight's "The Constant" with Doc Jensen here:,,20180747_2,00.html

LOST Interview!

"Flashbacks are so … in the past. ABC's Lost (tonight, 9 p.m. ET/PT) is now all about flash-forwards. But then there is Desmond, whose scenes tonight are something else entirely. Henry Ian Cusick, 40, previews tonight's episode with USA TODAY.

Q: So is Desmond's episode tonight a flash-forward or flashback?

A: It's, uh … to be honest, it's neither. It's more in line with those time-travel flashes before his eyes. A lot of people either love the time-travel element or hate it.

Q: The last time we saw Desmond, he and Sayid were being taken by helicopter to the freighter, but it had been taking an unusually long time to arrive. What's up with that?

A: There's a reason for that, and you'll find that out in this episode. And you'll find out why it's so difficult to get to the island.

Q: With whom do we see Desmond interact?

A: You will see (Desmond's love) Penny and her father, Charles Widmore. You will also see Desmond back in the military. And you'll also meet a whole new bunch of guys on the freighter, who have been a whole lot of fun to work with.

Q: What was it like for you and Naveen Andrews (Sayid) working on that freighter out in the middle of the ocean?

A: We filmed off Barber's Point (the west coast of Oahu) — about 10 to 15 minutes offshore. Once you're there, you're stuck on the boat, so we all had to find places to sleep and hide to be out of the shots. We had days and days being on that freighter and had a few night shoots as well. Because Naveen and I are both from the U.K., we had a lot of things to talk about — like characters from crappy old TV shows from our childhoods.

Q: We are learning one by one who make up the Oceanic Six, so far revealed to be Jack, Hurley, Sayid, Kate and maybe (the show's not confirming) baby Aaron. Since Desmond was never on Flight 815, can we assume he does not turn out to be one of the six?

A: That's what all of us were trying to figure out when we were receiving the scripts. I think it suddenly dawned on us that you had to be an original passenger on the plane that went down to be an Oceanic Six.

Q: So tell us. Who is Ben's man on the freighter?

A: You find out, but not for a few episodes. "

Source: USA Today

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Battlestar Galactica Episode Titles!

Season FOUR

4x01 - "He That Believeth In Me"

4x02 - "Six of One"

4x03 - "The Ties That Bind"

4x04 - "Escape Velocity"

4x05 - "The Road Less Traveled"

4x06 - "Faith"

4x07 - "Guess What's coming To Dinner"

4x08 - "Sine Qua Non"

4x09 - "The Hub"4x10 - "Revelations"
Source: Spoilertv

LOST Promo Pics!

Source: DarkUFO


Latest from TV Guide's Ausiello:

Question: I'm dying for some juicy Heroes scoop! — Stacie
Ausiello: Well, this is about as juicy as it comes: Kristen Bell is not — I repeat, not — signed on for next season. But (and this is a big "but," so listen up) sources confirm that Heroes is in active discussions with her to return for an arc during Season 3. And considering how much everyone at the show worships her — and she them — I have every reason to believe that this will happen.

Question: I have a Heroes question: Are they going back to work on new episodes in the spring, even if they will not air until the fall? Is that how NBC is able to order more than 22 for next season? — Pat
Ausiello: Nothing gets by you, Pat. Yes, Heroes is tentatively slated to start production on Season 3 on May 1 — more than two months ahead of schedule. As a result, the show could have as many as 10-13 episodes already in the can by the time it returns in September.

Question: I'm so sad to hear that Heroes isn't returning until the fall. Do you have any idea what we can expect for next season? — Holly
Ausiello: Let's just say that over the next few months the show's casting offices will be filled with actors who are very good at being very bad.

Question: Please settle a heated office dispute regarding Lost: Aaron is or is not one of the Oceanic Six?— Dane
Ausiello: Aaron is *** *** of the Oceanic Six.

Question: Can you give us any scoop on Supernatural? Are we getting another season?— Hazi
Ausiello: Some very encouraging news awaits you in this week's Ausiello Report vodcast.

Question: Happy birthday! I hope you'll celebrate by giving us some scoop on anything besides Lost. — Lauren

Ausiello: One hot piece of Lost scoop comin' your way, Lauren: Sources confirm what was first reported by my frenemy on Monday: ABC has opted to end the current, pre-strike arc with Episode 8, not 7 as was the original plan. So, just to recap, this is what Lost's revised sked looks like.
Episode 5: Feb. 28

Episode 6: March 6

Episode 7: March 13

Episode 8: March 20

Episode 9: April 24

Episode 10: May 1

Episode 11: May 8

Episode 12: May 15

Episode 13: May 22 (season finale)

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Stargate Atlantis Episode Details!

Season FIVE Episode "Broken Ties"

In "Broken Ties," Ronon is reunited with Tyre once again. Apparently having turned on his new masters and broken free of their brainwashing, Tyre hopes to rebuild the relationship with Ronon and Atlantis that has been destroyed.

But when Ronon is captured by the Wraith, Colonel Sheppard and the team face a startling new problem: Could the Wraith manage to turn Ronon into a Wraith worshiper, like they did to his friends? How could they fight a friend, someone they consider to be one of their own?

A confident Wraith takes on the challenge, bringing Ronon to the edge of death and boasting of the Wraith's power and their victories over powerful foes, such as the Ancients.The episode will also see a dramatic change in Ronon's appearance: the loss of his signature dreadlocks, which Ronon himself cuts in the course of his experience with the Wraith torturer. Actor Jason Momoa actually cut off the heavy dreadlocks during the show's hiatus, and is having them painstakingly reattached for purposes of continuity in the first three episodes of the season.

Source: Gateworld

LOST Scoop!

LOST Exec producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof focus on the positives: faster pacing, questions answered — and Nestor Carbonell!

CARLTON CUSE: We were faced with the daunting challenge of taking eight hours of story and having to compress it [into five]. We knew we were going to be off for another eight months; we didn't want the audience to leave the season feeling unfulfilled.

DAMON LINDELOF: Carlton arrived five minutes before I did. As usual, I said, ''Hello, doctor!'' And he said, ''Hello, doctor!'' We hugged, sat down, ate breakfast, and began to discuss the modus operandi for the day.

CUSE: There were literally cobwebs on the couches of the writers' room.

LINDELOF: The storyboards were empty. We wiped them clean for fear of people finding them during the strike.

CUSE: While we were gone, Disney had used our writers' room to shoot scenes for Eli Stone, so our boards were hanging at slightly different heights; the cast photos weren't where they were supposed to be. It was kind of a metaphor for coming back — slightly realigned, requiring adjustment.

LINDELOF: We had sent the writing staff copies of all eight episodes we produced before the strike to review. On our first day back, we talked a lot about them. ''Let's try to be the audience. They will have had one month to digest the first seven episodes. What will they want us to focus on when we come back?''

CUSE: One of our first concerns was cast availability. We have one actor we very much need who is doing a play and another actor doing an HBO series. But we also have some opportunities. Nestor Carbonell, who played Richard Alpert last season, was on Cane. But now we'll be able to use him. Another unforeseen advantage is that we'll be able to respond to confusion the audience might have about the season so far.

LINDELOF: Like Naomi's bracelet in the Sayid episode. I got some e-mails from some people who wondered if there was a connection between Naomi's bracelet and the bracelet worn by the woman Sayid killed in his flash-forward. There is no connective tissue. But some people interpreted that as ''Is there something more there?'' We might need to address that. Perhaps the biggest complication is character geography. We've always known how the season was going to end. To get there, we need to have the characters in various places on the Island itself, and it can take an entire episode to travel from A to B. So we have to get people moving sooner.

CUSE: We're definitely energized. We got a chance to recharge our creative batteries during the strike. We're sort of like Rosie Ruiz dropping into the marathon at mile 21 — we're just going to run the final five miles of this baby at a 10K pace.

LINDELOF: It's like stuffing eight kids into a Prius. We probably should have an SUV, but it's going to be a really fun ride, so let's buckle up and party. One of the kids might end up flying through the windshield, but hey: That's Lost. —"

As told to Jeff Jensen @,,20179357,00.html

Sarah Connor Chronicles Finale Preview!

Kyle XY Episode Details!

Episode 2x22 "Hello"

The discovery of Sarah (Ally Sheedy) creates a dilemma for Kyle when she demands that her identity be kept a secret. Meanwhile, the upcoming prom presents separate problems for Amanda, Lori and Josh.Airs: 10th March 2008

Source: SpoilerTV

Moonlight Renewal?

Question: As you can probably imagine, there's plenty of wailing and gnashing of teeth out here in Moonlight-land with CBS' list of 2008-'09 renewals published and no mention of Moonlight. The pickup of the four episodes for April gave us all cause for hope. Now we don't know what to think. What are your thoughts?— Lyn

Matt Roush: If Moonlight were really dead, CBS wouldn't have gone to the expense of putting the show back into production for just four more episodes. I'd take that as a sign to be cautiously optimistic that if the spring episodes show the same creative growth and fan momentum that Moonlight was exhibiting when the strike kicked in, then CBS will have little choice but to renew it. But I doubt we'll know for sure until the actual Upfronts in May.

Source: TV Guide

Kyle XY Sneak Peeks!


1)Today is the day the LOST videogame comes out entitled "Via Domus"!!


2)Watch Jericho live tonight or put it on to go to sleep to if you care at all about another season!!!

Jericho Promo Pics!


New Amsterdam Episode Details!

Episode 1x03 "A Soldier's Heart"

Skeptical of a confession by a homeless Gulf War veteran (Orlando Jones) who says he murdered a psychiatrist, Amsterdam probes the doctor's own research for clues about the killing. Airs: 10th March 2008

Source: SpoilerTV


Here's the latest from E!Online's Kristen:

Johanna in Tulsa, Oklahoma: I've heard episode 13 "could" serve as a series finale of Battlestar Galactica. (Lords of Kobol, forbid!) What about the last frakkin' seven episodes!? Any news?

I double-checked to be sure, but don't worry, you are definitely getting your final seven. BSG scribe Jane Espenson even told me she turned in an outline for episode 14 the day before the strike started. The full 20-episode order for Battlestar Galactica will be written, produced and aired. Now can I get a "Frak yeah," motherfrakkers?!

Angelina in Washington, D.C.: Any new news or rumblings from the powers that be on the status of Blood Ties?!

I'm told producers remain "cautiously optimistic" and are hoping to have news for all y'all by March—which would still allow for new episodes by fall '08.

Erin in Paramus, New Jersey: Is that show New Amsterdam ever going to air?

New Amsterdam actually airs next week, on Mar. 4. I have seen the first two episodes—and let's just say, he might be 400 years old, but Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (who plays John Amsterdam) may need to become a Future (Second) Husband. (BTW, you might remember Nikolaj from the movie Wimbledon.) Although the premise is a tad far-fetched, Amsterdam is still a pretty enjoyable hour of television, and the second hour has a pretty shocking reveal about John's family. I recommend it!

Maritza in Chicago: I have come to regard your column as my go-to for anything Lost! It's nice to know I'm not the only Lost junkie out there...this show is soooo awesome! So, here is my question: Do we get a Oceanic Six reveal soon? I'm dying to know at least one more.

Yep...we'll know more about the Oceanic Six before the end of this first pod of eps. And speaking of that, I'm hearing we might not have to wait for episode eight after all. Even though episode seven is said to make a more logical endpoint for the pod, ABC wants Betty, Grey's and Lost to return all at once on Apr. 24, so they may be bumping episode eight back from Apr. 17 to its original airdate of Mar. 20. Good news for our greedy Lost-lovin' selves, yes? Meanwhile, for more Lostie goodness, check the spoiler section.

Carrie in Columbus, Ohio: After that awful Kate-Sawyer fight in last week's Lost, I felt like I did when Ross and Rachel broke up for the first time in Friends. Angst is great, especially between Kate and Sawyer, but can you tell us if there's any chance they'll make up or at least share some scenes in upcoming episodes?

Sawyer and Kate are totally on a break for at least episodes five and six. No word yet on if during said break Sawyer sleeps with the girl from the copy place. That said, Skaters, don't tune out yet. From what I've heard, even sans Skate, eps five and six are absolute barn burners.

Diana in Phoenix: Anything on Juliet from Lost?

Her upcoming flashback ep is entirely located on the Island. And yet it guest stars Alan Dale as Charles Widmore. That's what Arsenio would call a thing that makes you go hmmm...

David in Dallas: Do you have anything on my favorite Other: Juliet?

She's going on a little field trip to the Orchid Station. As in the station unveiled this summer at Comic-Con, with the "highly volatile and potentially dangerous" research—and them creepy numbered bunnies. I'm also hearing something about a field of skeletons...

Benny in El Paso, Texas: Do you have any scoop on Jacket in Juliet's episode? Thanks!

I'm told she's the one who initiates the kiss. Tramp! Kidding. Love her.

Keeping Awake in Montclair, New Jersey: How will Ken Leung's New York stage commitment affect Lost? Is he already off the show?

I suspect an understudy for that play might be getting his big shot sometime soon. Ken's people didn't have an official restart date for Lost, so they've been going ahead with other jobs, but Ken's contracted through the season to play regular character Miles, so don't assume Locke's breakfast of champions did him in, at least not yet. Meanwhile, our girl Gina Serpe hit the Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday, and Fisher Stevens (Minkowski, the guy tied to the bed in this week's Lost previews) said he would be returning to Hawaii next week to resume filming his role on Lost. (Join me in a Snoopy dance joy at the news that Lost is back in front of the cameras soon!)

Gail in Omaha, Nebraska: On Jericho, Major Beck and Heather...Are the rumors true?

Yes, indeedy! If you don't believe moi, believe Esai Morales (Major Beck) himself. He gives us this scoop: "There is chemistry between [Major Beck] and Heather, and it doesn't have to be consummated for it to feel real. Eventually, there's a situation where he feels betrayed, and he feels like a fool, and he has to come to grips with what happened and realize what she's all about. Is she there to help him, is she a Mata Hari, or is she a true patriot for the cause? The thing is, he has to make up his mind about what cause he is going to follow." By the way, I'm told Tuesday's episode of Big Brother will have some clues for you Jericho fans. In the "Power of Veto" challenge, the houseguests will receive news from the outside world, including a mystery headline that gives a clue to the upcoming Jericho episode.

Kim in Bangor, Maine: I like that Esai Morales character on about Jericho. He's such a cutie. Do he and Jake eventually go head-to-head?

Sounds like it—or worse. Esai tells me, "The insurrection is a slap in the face to the major because of what he did for Jake. He entrusted him to be the sheriff, and he turns around and finds out that all is not well. So I have to become a bit of a Guantánamo...well, there are enhanced interrogation techniques."

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New LOST Sneak Peek!

Longer SGA Preview!

LOST Spoilers!

Excerpt of a recent interview with LOST executive producer Damon Lindelof:
"The flash forward is part of an overall plan for the show," says Damon Lindelof, co-executive producer. "Season 4 is about who gets off the island and the fact that they need to get back. Season 5 is about why they need to get back, and season 6 is about what happens when they get back."

Source: NY Post

LOST:The Constant Spoilers!

Basically DarkUFO made a really detailed summation of "What We Know" for the upcoming episode 4x05 "The Constant":

"With Episode 4.05 - The Constant coming up next I thought it would be a good time to try and summarize what we know so far about this episode. I've taken this info from our own spoilers as well as those from other sources and from Lostpedia."

From Carlton Cuse

The fifth episode of the season deals with time travel and operates in different time periods.

From the ABC Podcast

The producers want to explore what happened to Desmond in prison; how he ended up there, and why they want him back.

From Ryan in Hawaii

Filming took place behind the barbed wire fence of the Oahu Community Correctional Center. Overheard crew chatter touched on the arrival of Faraday. A military camp of some kind has been set up on the slopes of Diamond Head, with soldiers made to do sit-ups in the mud.


Damon Lindelof: "Desmond will question the role he played in Charlie’s death. He will have to deal with the after effects and the guilt of it. He will question whether or not Charlie would have made this sacrifice had he not told him that it was what he was going to do." Charles Widmore continues "to be an absolute asshole to Desmond."


From our Hangman game: Charles Widmore bids at an auction place on a prize item from the personal collection of Alvar Hanso: a journal from the Black Rock ship. This very journal is mentioned by Oscar Talbot in Find 815 ARG

DarkUFO Casting Call

Ray 40s-50s, any ethnicity, psychiatrist, cold, professional type who can do what's necessary to get the job done... Very nice co-star that could turn into a possible recur as a guest starAlfred. 40s-50s, Caucasian, British, cool and calm under pressure, knows his place in society and knows how to handle members of the upper classes... Co-star. impeccable british accent.Bannerman. Mid 40s, any ethnicity, narcoleptic, can fall asleep at the drop of a hat, but has an important piece of information to tell. A very smart technician by trade... Guest star.Billy. Mid to late 20s, Caucasian, British, a good buddy to have, willingly to listen but won't take too much gruff before he'll knock you in line... Nice co-star. impeccable british accent.Foley. 40s - 50s, any ethnicity, British, physically fit, tough task master, unrelenting. A performance reminiscent of R. Lee Ermey in "Full Metal Jacket"...Nice co-star. impeccable british accent.Larson. Late 20s - 30s, any ethnicity, smart, dangerous but capable of charm and humor. Tough military type. Follows orders and doesn't question them... Guest star, possible recur.Keamy. Late 20s - 30s, any ethnicity, dangerous, physical - a great tactician, loyal friend and the last enemy you ever want. Military type. Follows orders and doesn't question them... Guest star, possible recur . ABC Press ReleaseGuest starring are Jeremy Davies as Daniel Faraday, Rebecca Mader as Charlotte, Jeff Fahey as Frank Lapidus, Alan Dale as Charles Widmore, Sonya Walger as Penelope “Penny” Widmore, Graham McTavish as sergeant, Darren Keefe as Billy, Edward Conery as auctioneer, Marc Vann as doctor, Fisher Stevens as George Minkowski, Kevin Durand as Keamy and Anthony Azizi as Omar.ABC Sneak Peeks and UGO ReviewWhen Frank Lapidus stears the helicopter straight into a thunderstorm at a bearing of 325, Desmond experiences expected side effects (look for a twist on the “Flashes Before Your Eyes” formula). Daniel Faraday appears in this episode as a professor of physics at Oxford. He will be a feature player in Desmond’s flashes. We’re also going to learn a little bit about Frank Lapidus that will surprise us, he does have a soft spot for happy couples and may know a thing or two about how to ‘reach out and touch’ someone. The people onboard the freighter are not the warm and welcoming sort. Not all of them anyways.Desmond jumps/timetravels to a location near the port of Fiji. He seems to be expected there and is caught by two men: Keamy from Vegas, and Omar from Florida. They lock him up in a room and are going to get "the doc" to ask him some questions. In the room George Minkowski is lying tied up in a bed and he asks if "it" is happening to Desmond, too?On the beach, Jack and Juliet are worrying about the helicopter that has been missing for day. Juliets notices that Charlotte and Daniel are not so worried, even though the freighter is only 40 miles away - 20 minutes of flying. Against Charlotte's advice, Daniel admits that the perception of time on the Island might be different than the time experienced of the Island. He says that as long Frank uses the variables that were given to him, the people on the helicopter should be fine. If not, there could be "side-effects".

New Amsterdam Episode Titles!

Episode 1.04 - Honor - Airs 17th March 2008

Episode 1.05 - Reclassified - Airs 24th March 2008

Source: SpoilerTV

Watch With Kristen!

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Jericho Episode Details!

Episode 4 of Season 2 will be called Oversight and will air on 4th March 2008.

Source: SpoilerTV

Smallville Preview!

Smallville Episode Details!

Episode 7x14 "Traveler"

Chloe, Kara, and possibly Lana are transported to the Fortress of Solitude, and Chloe gives Jor-El an impassioned plea in order to save Clark's life.

Source: KryptonSite

ABC Official Podcast!!

Cool Kids Blog!

Hey Spoilergeeks....My stepdaughter has started her very own first blog for kids with cool games, vid's and pics of all sorts of things. So if you guys have children send 'em on over to

Stargate Atlantis Preview!

Supernatural Scores!!

"The chances of Supernatural seeing a fourth season just got a little brighter. Last night's zombie-themed episode scared up some serious ratings, with the show matching its best performance of the season in adults 18-34 and women 18-34, and scored a season high with men 18-34. It also attracted its largest audience of the season (3.22 million). And get this: It did so on a night when Smallville wasn't even on. A Supernatural rerun aired at 8 pm. Crazy, right? —"

Battlestar Galatica Spoilers!!

"The fourth season of the reimagined Battlestar Galactica TV series will be the last. An insider says the Galactica's crew do find Earth, but it will be the Earth of the 22nd century, rather than that of the present.

On the less-than-official news-front, our insider on the Battlestar Galactica TV show, The Dirty Daggit, told that the back-end of its last series will be loaded with twists and turns and a number of surprises, and said that the last fleet of humanity will reach Earth, but unlike the final series of the old Galactica, it won't be the Earth of the present, it will be the Earth of the future. And what they find there on that 22nd century Earth will be one heck of a surprise to all the fans (and the colonial survivors

Expect a twist of "M. Night Shyamalan-proportions", in fact. The Dirty Daggit said there will also be some deaths along the way, including some crew-types we've all come to love. They didn't say who, but we suspect it might be poor old Starbuck.

As far as the official uber exciting wind-up of the fourth season goes, BG's executive producers Ronald Moore and David Eick officially told last year that season four of Battlestar Galactica will be its last. They will use the 22-episode season, currently in production, to draw the tale of humanity's struggle for survival to a close.

"This show was always meant to have a beginning, a middle and finally, an end. Over the course of the last year, the story and the characters have been moving strongly toward that end and we've decided to listen to those internal voices and conclude the show on our own terms," Eick and Moore told the Nest in 2007.

"On a personal level, it's been a creative privilege and an honor for all of us who work on the show and we know we'll be lucky to ever see its like again. And while we know our fans will be saddened to know the end is coming, they should brace themselves for a wild ride getting there - we're going out with a bang."Battlestar Galactica is from NBC Universal Television Studio and is executive produced by Ronald D Moore and David Eick. Its cast is led by Edward 'Miami Vice' and 'Bladerunner' James Olmos, Mary McDonnell (presidential), Katee Sackhoff (sweet), Jamie Bamber (cute), James Callis, Tricia 'Xena' Helfer, not to mention Grace Park."


Intro to New Amsterdam!

LOST Sneak Peeks!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Lost Episode Details!


“Ji Yeon” – Juliet is forced to reveal some startling news to Jin when Sun threatens to move to Locke’s camp. Meanwhile, Sayid and Desmond begin to get an idea of the freighter crew’s mission when they meet the ship’s Captain, on “Lost,” THURSDAY, MARCH 13 (9:00-10:02 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

Guest starring are Sam Anderson as Bernard, Jeremy Davies as Daniel Faraday, Rebecca Mader as Charlotte Lewis, Jeff Fahey as Frank Lapidus, Kevin Durand as Keamy, Marc Vann as doctor, Grant Bowler as Captain Gault, Lanny Joon as Dr. Bae, Simon Rhee as shopkeeper, Zoe Bell as Regina, Christine Kim as admitting nurse, Lynette Garces as another nurse, David Yew as Chinese security agent and George Kee Cheung as Chinese ambassador.

“Ji Yeon” was written by Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz and directed by Stephen Semel. ”Lost” is broadcast in 720 Progressive (720P), ABC’s selected HDTV format, with 5.1-channel surround sound and Spanish audio via SAP. A TV parental guideline will be assigned closer to airdate. This episode of “Lost” will be available on the day after airing on the network for users to watch online.

Source: ABC

LOST Scoop!

Here's a little spoiler info from E!Online's Kristen about next weeks episode:

Desmond! Next week it's all about our favorite nude beach runner and what happens to him and Sayid in the freighter-copter. (Note: The turbulance toggles his "time travel"-y switch and flashes to a run-in with Daniel Faraday as he is a professor at Oxford...This is the clip we see in the preview in which short-haired Des says to long-haired D.F. "Am I gonna die?" And it should be mentioned that Desmond also could survive off the island and not be counted as one of the Oceanic Six since he wasn't on the manifest.)

And the week after that, it's...Smooch time! Chances are, you already know the players (tsk, tsk, tsk). But I think many of you will like the development of that romance. are also getting very close to the return of Harold Perrineau (Michael), which makes me want to kiss someone my own self. His episode (number 8) will fill in where he's been since we last saw him, and I think you'll be pleased.

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Stargate Atlantis Promo Pics and Spoilers!

"Disheartened by another unsuccessful search for Teyla, Lt. Colonel Sheppard returns home to Atlantis and immediately senses that something is not right. Further investigation reveals that not only has the city been completely abandoned, its systems are all dead and, instead of ocean, is now surrounded by rolling sand dunes as far as the eye can see.
A significantly older looking McKay appears -- a hologram with devastating news to relay. A freak anomaly has sent Sheppard over forty thousand years into the future and everyone he has ever known is long dead. But McKay has a risky plan to return Sheppard to the past, and reverse a future that went horribly wrong."
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LOST Spoilers!

Some spoilerish info for next week's new Desmond-centric episode "The Constant":

The official description says something like Desmond experiences some side effects. Well that is most definitely true, but not only for Desmond. We’re also going to learn a little bit about Frank Lapetus that will surprise us, no he isn’t the man on the boat but he does have a soft spot for happy couples and may know a thing or two about how to ‘reach out and touch’ someone.‘Professor’ Faraday will be a feature player in Desmond’s flashes, and look for a twist on the “Flashes Before Your Eyes” formula. Not something that hasn’t been done, but something that will be done again to a new extreme.Are the freighties good or bad? Well the four we have met so far may be a little ambiguous, but the ones onboard the ship are most certainly not the warm and welcoming sort. Not all of them anyways.

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LOST Previews!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Moonlight Shake Up!

Jericho to End...For Real??

I guess not enough people watched to please the network. Read on for details....

Richard Alpert to Return??

The official word has come out and the series Cane has been cancelled. Here's hoping actor Nestor Carbonell gets back to the island to reestablish his mysterious character of Richard Alpert on LOST!!!

LOST:Eggtown Spoilers!

* This week’s flash-forwards belong to (a maternal) Kate Austen.

* We’ll learn why Kate’s hinder isn’t languishing in stir.

* Beardless Jack Shephard turns up in Los Angeles.

* These are the last flash-forwards until 4.7, said to be the last episode before the multi-week break.

* John Locke will release Ben Linus from the rec room.

* The captive Miles will make a deal with the less-captive Kate.

* Over a box of Dharma vino, Kate will make a eyebrow-raising proposal to James Ford.

* Jack, Juliet, Dan and C.S. Lewis will be informed that the helicopter carrying Sayid, Desmond, Frank and Naomi did not get where it was going.

* We may learn how a major cast member – one introduced in the series pilot – meets his or her untimely demise. (Hint: It’s not Rose.)

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Torchwood Cast Addition!

LOST Scoop!!!

From an interview done with show runners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse by Doc Jensen over at, here are the key points of whats to come during the remainder of LOST:

-Episode 5 deals with elements of time travel.

-In episode 5, Lapidus will explain why the satellite phone can't contact in the outside world.

-By the end of the season, we'll know who was in the coffin as well as what's happened to Jack to make him want to go back.

-No answers coming on Jacob and the cabin this season, although we may see it again.

-More details on The Purge, Adam & Eve and another station are coming, but not this season.

-Ben's List for Sayid is linked to who place the wreckage of Flight 815.

Source & Rest of Interview: EW
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