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Supernatural 2007 Comic Con

Supernatural Flashbacks!!

Check it out from BuddyTV:

With the chilling admission that Supernatural nearly did not receive a third season order, Eric Kripke has made many Supernatural fans nervous about the prospect of a fourth season. Part of this anxiety comes from the fact that for months the solution to solving Supernatural's popularity issues has been the addition of two new female leads, which fans seem to universally agree is not the answer to the problem.

While the ‘chick factor' may be drawing the ire of fans, there are other changes coming to the show that may be more welcome.Kripke's context for the new characters as foils rather than love interests certainly helped to calm fans' jangled nerves, but the doubts remained about whether adding new characters would be enough to save Supernatural from its ratings woes.

Obviously, the goal for Kripke and company is to have fans refocus their anti-hot-chick angst into efforts to bring new viewers.Future changes to Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam's (Jared Padalecki) journey will take a leap into the past with season 3.

Now that the war is officially on, and Dean's life clock is ticking down, expect a more intense and focused subtext in season 3. Part of that will be adding flashbacks into the Supernatural formula to give us a look back into the brother's lives to see how they were brought up to be the young men they are.After the panel at San Diego Comicon, it was very clear that what the team has in mind for fans this season is far from a hormone baiting dumbing down, but rather we will see the urgency that has built sluggishly over the past two seasons reaching a fever pitch of action and revelation that Supernatural does best.

Supernatural's third season begins October 4 on the CW.

New Stargate Atlantis Preview #3!!

Random Spoilers for Multiple Shows!!

Phillipa in Vancouver: Do you have any more Bones scoop?Just that the Bones-Vanished storyline crossover probably does not involve any Vanished actors.

Katie in Joplin, Missouri: Any information on The 4400?Two absent characters are returning—one of whom we thought was dead.

(Hmm.....Ok who do we think is dead? Lily is one.......that guy who Isabelle killed with her mind, the marked guy......help me out here...WHO ELSE PEOPLE???)

Cordelia(Charisma Carpenter) from Buffy will be a regular cast member on the ABC Family show GREEK.

Eureka Episode Description: Noche de Suenos - The townspeople find themselves literally sharing their dreams following a toxic-waste spill, but the situation turns from amusing to dire when a lethal aspect of the spill is discovered.

Dexter 02x08: Morning Comes - Click the link and scroll down for episode details http://spoilertv.blogspot.com/2007/07/dexter-episode-8-morning-comes-details.html

Heroes Spoilers for Season Two!

From Kristen at E:

Deanna in Indianapolis: Do you have any Heroes news? I miss that show!

The powers of new Heroes Maya (Dania Ramirez) and Alejandro (Shalim Ortiz) are connected. Dania told us this about her brother, "We need each other." We also hear that despite reports the fraternal twins are from the Dominican Republic, they're actually from Central America and will either be leaving from or at least passing through San Cristobal, Honduras.

Pilar in Montreal: Do you know anything more about David Anders' role on Heroes?

We asked Masi Oka, "Riddle me this. White guy from Oregon. How is [David Anders] a samurai-type in feudal Japan?" He answered, "You will find out in the first episode. And it's an answer that everyone will be happy about. Does he have any powers? Does he share any powers? We don't know. Is he white? Yes." Masi wins at life. By the way, for more on this Kensei fellow, check out Yamagatofellowship.org.

Meg in Juneau, Alaska: How is Sylar going to fit into Heroes this season?

We talked to Greg Grunberg recently, and he had this to say: "We're still playing with some of the stuff from last year, but they've definitely introduced a new character, which I hope I have a big part in, that they alluded to last year. Remember, Molly said last year, 'Every time I think about him, he can see me; he's the bogeyman.' There's this character that is looming out there that's bigger and badder than Sylar, so it's going to be pretty crazy." I ran that by Sylar himself, Mr. Zachary Quinto, and he said, "There's definitely a dark new energy on the show, and it'll be interesting to see how Sylar fits into that."

Sharon in Peru, Maine: Do you know what's going on with the Petrelli brothers in season two?

I want my Petrelli action.So do we, so we asked Adrian Pasdar what was going on between Nathan and Peter, and we were sad when he told us, "Milo and I have not worked together in a long time..." Speaking of time, Jack Coleman tells us of the season premiere, "It's not a direct cut in time. We're four months in the future, and Hiro is 400 years in the past, but those timelines collide in a very dramatic way."

Alan in Pittsburgh: What's happening with my boy H.R.G. on season two of Heroes?

According to Jack Coleman, he's moved the family to somewhere in Southern California. He says, "Los Angeles would not be accurate, but not far off." He added, "Everyone survives, but the Bennets are a very dislocated but determined group that tries to make the best of it, but old ways and old ghosts quickly come into play very dramatically."

Monica in West Hollywood, California: Heroes, Heroes, Heroes!

There will be an upcoming storyline set in County Cork, Ireland. Separately, look for a dangerous new Francophone character named Sophie. She's the employee of a powerful, mysterious group, and she's "not afraid to use lethal force to accomplish her mission."



Ruby in Antwerp, Belgium: Any scoop on Lost?

Executive producer Carlton Cuse and line producer Jean Higgins appeared at the LATV Festival last week, and E! Online spoke with them exclusively, getting answers to your questions. As for the for the future of the show in general, here's what Carlton had to say: "Some people speculated that [going forward] the show will be set in the future and then flashbacks to the present, but no, we aren't changing any of the format of the show. We are just adding the flash forwards as an element. They have made a radio call to a freighter, and there are people on that freighter, and it might be logical to imagine that that storyline will continue... The situation is going to be very intense this year. Charlie wrote on his hand not Penny's boat, and the message he wrote on his hand was very important. It was really funny because [the clip at Comic-Con showed] Mr. Friendly saying, 'by the time you see this, I'm gonna be dead, but I am telling you it's a shame because whoever is going to come after the Others is going to be a hell of a lot worse than we ever were.' Damon and I were listening to him and sort of nodding our head going, 'That's pretty prophetic.' "

John in Spokane, Washington: There are rumors of a new Lost set being built along the lines of a temple or ruins. Have you heard anything?

According to Ms. Jean Higgins, "I don't expect any [permanent sets] for season four."
Ana in Denmark: What can we expect for Jin and Sun this season?

According to Carlton: "With Jin and Sun there is a very dynamic situation at work. She's pregnant...the fate of her child, the fate of their marriage, all those questions Damon and I will get to and more this season."

Pyotr in Moscow: Good news that Michael is returning to Lost, but what about Walt?

Again, Carlton Cuse, "Walt will be back also. But we're not going to get into any details about that."

Myrto in Athens: Hello from sunshine-filled Greece. Just one Lost question. Are we going to see Jacob again or learn anything about him in the fourth season?

According to Mr. Cuse himself, "Yes, you will see more of Jacob."

Francesca in Italy: Please, anything about Sawyer in Lost season four!

We asked Carlton if he had a favorite pairing in the triangle, and for what it's worth, he said, "I'm just a Sawyer fan..."

Watch This Show!

Its on this weekend. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, each night part of the trilogy. Heres the description: All Aaron Corbett ever wanted was a normal life. But on his eighteenth birthday he will find out that he has a destiny beyond his wildest dreams. Caught in a battle between opposing celestial forces, Aaron will have to make a difficult choice.
Check your local listings for times.

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Battlestar Spoilers!

Miss that great defense attorney Romo Lampkin already? Well, fans may see more of Mark Sheppard again by the end of "Battlestar Galactica" as showrunners for the SciFi Channel series admit they are trying to get him back.

Sheppard originally played Lampkin in the tail-end of Season 3, defending Gaius Baltar (James Callis) in his treason trial. Lampkin's time on the show was supposed to be short-lived, but it's possible that the extremely positive fan reaction helped with Sheppard's return.

That's not the only thing fans have to look forward to when Season 4 finally premieres in 2008, according to TV Week. Starbuck may be back from the dead, but Katee Sackhoff won't be playing the same character everyone saw in the first three seasons of the show.

In fact, Sackhoff won't be playing the character that was originally intended for the fourth season.
Sackhoff told fans at Comic-Con International in San Diego that the original plan was for Starbuck to be more serene, since she has seen the face of god and had also seen Earth. However, that just didn't work out, and now Starbuck will have moments of clarity, but will operate at an emotional state so much higher than what she had before.

All of that, of course, will help fuel the Adama-Starbuck conflict (it's not clear if this William or Lee), especially in the first episode.

Finally, when will fans finally get to learn who the fifth and final Cylon is? Get ready to wait, because executive producer Ronald D. Moore hinted that the final Cylon could be revealed as late as the series finale.

Have you guys heard about this??

Joss Whedon, head honcho for Buffy/Angel/Firefly, has begun preparation for a RIPPER based movie/series for BBC! That means an all out Giles motivated story, possibly (I'm hoping) with some Ethan Rayne crap, maybe a little Mark of Eyghon stuff, woo hoo, anything Buffy/Angel related has my FULL SUPPORT!!

Jericho Panel @ Comic Con!


Such an innocuous line, yet as significant an utterance as prime time television has ever witnessed. After Jericho was canceled by CBS last spring, fans answered with one of the biggest (and, ultimately successful) campaigns aiming to resurrect their favorite series. Fans sent tons and tons of nuts to CBS, and CBS amazingly thought better of their decision and picked up Jericho for second (albeit short) season.

The Jericho panel at Comicon (featuring Skeet Ulrich, Ashley Scott, Lenny James, and the key members of the production team. The mood was understandably jovial, with everyone on the panel genuinely ecstatic to be able to come back for a second season and constantly giving thanks to the fans.The event kicked off with really cool clip package summing up the first season, set to The Killers' “All These Things That I've Done”.

It was one of those things that, even if you weren't familiar with the series, you could feel the emotion of it all. The fans ate it up. Then, the panel was brought out and talked a lot about the show's surprise resurrection. Everyone recounted how and where they heard the good news. It turns out that Skeet relayed the good news to a number of people, including Lenny James, who was awoken in the middle of the night (he lives in England) by a call from Skeet.

In Lenny's words, after Skeet told him the news, they “both screamed like little girls.” Other than that, the producers imparted some cool pieces of news about the show and it's upcoming second season. The first episode of the new season will resolve what happened in the final battles quickly, and then jump forward a couple of weeks to show the government occupation of Jericho.

The government will be much bigger character (possibly the biggest) in season 2. Esai Morales has joined the cast and will play a government official who is sent to hunt down Hawkins. The writers had originally planned to show season two in three different perspectives from three different cities, but now that they only have seven episodes for season 2, they're just going to show Jericho's point of view.

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Friggin AWESOME..........

Battlestar Galatica Comic Con Panel

Scoop from BSG panel @ Comic Con:



The Razor film airs Nov. 24 and features the Original Cylon War, the Pegasus under fire during the initial Cylon attack on the 12 Colonies, a new character named Kendra Shaw, and the original Centurions and Raiders from the '70s series.
Battlestar Galactica show runner Ronald D. Moore: There will be a series of two-minute promos, pieces of the movie that were cut from the original long version of Razor so it would fit it into the on-air time slot. You will see these mini-sodes of Razor, then you will see a feature-length version on the air, and then the DVD has it all together in one extended-edition movie.
Razor does not address the cliffhanger; the cliffhanger is resolved in the first episode of season four, which airs in January 2008.


Lucy Lawless will be returning to play Cylon model Three, aka D'Anna Biers. She says, "Oh, yes, I'm coming back...to cause some trouble." She’ll appear in two or three eps, beginning around ep 10.
Moore on the return of Three: “Why is Lucy back? …There are a lot of people interested in unboxing D’Anna because she knows things. There’s a long plot leading up to that. It’s a pivot point for the season, and after that, things change and drive us toward the finale.” Lawless: “She’s coming back to participate in someone's plan. Can you keep her vicious? What I loved about her was she was the grit in everybody’s eye."
Mary McDonnell and Lucy Lawless will have a scene together.


Which of the characters has the most surprising destiny? Moore: "Baltar and Six have an interesting journey."
If you read hairstyles like spoiler tea leaves, you should know Tricia Helfer is sporting Gina hair, not Six hair.
Tricia Helfer: “Baltar’s getting a lot of action this season and not with me.”


Someone in the front row of the ballroom has a sign that says "I'm the last Cylon." Moore says: "Oh, that makes things so much easier."
The last Cylon is not revealed until the latter half of season.
According to Tricia, “We're doing some of the 'Cylon parties' stuff right now." The beginning of the season is a lot about the inner turmoil of the new Cylons.
And per Katee, "Michael Hogan is still in denial [about Tigh]. He will not admit he's a Cylon. As he's an actor, he's really pissed off."
Moore: "We're going to learn, over the course of the season, who, what, where and when they got all those [new Cylon] people into positions of power."
Moore: Baby Hera has a role, she's always been sort of specific in the mythology, but with Nicky we go back and forth on what we're going to do...


Katee re Starbuck: "She has a mission that she believes in 100 percent. She always questions herself, and this is a time where she knows she's capable. She's just as hotheaded and as crazy as ever, but she's…heightened."

Smallville @ Comic Con!

Small info on Smallville Comic Con Panel:

Then, came the panel. Tom Welling unfortunately couldn't attend because he was filming in Vancouver. Neither could Michael Rosenbaum, because he was recovering from major back surgery and his doctor wouldn't let him attend.

However, Phil Morris (Martian Manhunter), Erica Durance (Lois Lane), Justin Hartley (Green Arrow), Laura Vandervoort, and creators/executive producers Al Gough and Miles Millar. It was, for the most part, a love fest, with fans admitting their love for the show and the panel talking about how much they loved being on the show. There were some nice pieces of info that they gave everyone:Dean Cain will make an appearance on Smallville in the fourth episode of this season, and he'll be playing a bad guy.

And for the record: I CAN'T STAND DEAN CAIN. Just thought you might wanna know. :)

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Supernatural Comic Con Panel!!

Supernatural fans turned out in large number, filling a couple thousand person ballroom for a panel featuring Executive Producer/Creator Eric Kripke, producer Sarah Gamble, writer Ben Edlund, and star Jensen Ackles. Sadly, Jared Padalecki couldn't make it.

You could feel the elation held by everyone in the room that Supernatural would be coming back for a third season. At one point, Kripke told the audience that they were very close to being canceled and implored the fans to spread the word and watch in large numbers so they can ensure a fourth season.

In terms of big news, there wasn't much to tell, but they did elaborate on the two new female characters, and some general bits of info regarding the upcoming third season, which they just began shooting.The presentation kicked off with DVD footage of some behind the scenes of the filming of the season 2 finale “All Hell Breaks Loose”. Craig Tomashoff of TV Guide presided over the panel, asking pertinent questions, and then at the end they did some audience Q and A.

The behind the scenes footage was interesting in that it went through a number of trials and tribulations that the production team went through putting the finale to film. They had to severely pare down what was an originally epic script, change locations numerous times and endure notes from executives. You can see the whole thing on the Supernatural season 2 DVD.Kripke and the other producers discussed the two new incoming female characters that are going to join Sam and Dean.

Here's what they said: the girls are not there to be the girlfriends. They are obstacles, foils, and antagonists. Ruby is an unhinged, ruthless character, while Bella is a hot cat burglar who is going to be constantly at odds with the boys. In other character news, both Gordon and Bobby will be back.Besides that, everyone was very excited about the third season, which they are currently shooting. Jensen Ackles is a charming, funny guy and everyone seems to get along impeccably well. Let's hope more fans tune in next year to ensure the future for this beloved series.

Heroes Comic Con Panel!

Today, the big event at Comicon was the panel for Heroes, the massive NBC hit recently nominated for an Outstanding Drama Series Emmy award. The panel featured virtually the whole cast, including Noah Gray-Cabey, James Kyson Lee, Greg Grunberg, Adrian Pasdar, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Jack Coleman, Ali Larter, Milo Ventimiglia, Hayden Panettiere, Masi Oka as well as creator Tim Kring and the man behind all of Isaac's artwork, Tim Sale.

They offered up some interesting clues about a the new anthology series Heroes: Origins and a teaser clip of the second season.Read on for the hottest details revealed at the panel:-The Heroes: Origins six=part anthology will begin airing in late April through the end of May.

Kring shocked the fans and even the cast when he announced Kevin Smith will write and direct one of the Origins episodes. Smith was then brought on stage and talked about how much he loves the show and is excited to do some cool stuff with it.-The panel also featured a teaser trailer for the second season. Here are some of the scenes and shots they showed:

Samurai knights in Japan. Nathan sporting a massive beard. Claire cutting off her pinky toe. Peter locked in a cage. Matt Parkman shooting someone. It's not clear when this footage takes place, but it can definitely reassure fans that the Petrelli brothers and Officer Parkman will return, despite having their fates left in doubt during the first season finale.

About the new Heroes, Dominican actress Dania Ramirez who will play Maya, was on the panel, and looking quite hot. They also talked about Monica, another new hero from a post-Katrina New Orleans, though no actress was announced.

Ubisoft is making a Heroes video game.

For reasons beyond explanation, Danny Bonaduce was in attendance...in the audience, asking a question.

Watch the Stargate Atlantis Panel at Comic Con Here!!

Stargate Atlantis Comic Con Stuff!

Here's some tidbits direct from Comic Con on Joseph Mallozzi's blog. These were items he had reminded himself NOT to discuss at the convention. :)

1. Sheppard battles evil Sheppard and gets his ass kicked all over the gate room

2. The big live-action Space Invaders sequence

3. The hidden replicator sub-routine, taking it to “the next step”, Teal’c and Ronon face off

4. The Return of Carson Beckett

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SGA Comic Con!

Follow the link for the VERY SMALL info we got from SGA & SG-1 movie panels at Comic con: http://screenrant.com/archives/july-27th-comiccon-report-897.html

Dexter Season Two Scoop!



The ballroom was standing room only for the Lost: Season 4 presentation, and it's not hard to see why. The last half of Lost's third season was, arguably, the best creative stretch the show has ever seen. The final scene game-changer with Jack and Kate put fans in a tizzy and increased both the anticipation and expectations going into season 4. Couple that with the announcement of an end date (only 48 more episodes) and it's an exciting time to be a Lost fan.

They kept it simple this year at Comicon, giving us a basic, hour-long Q & A. After some technical difficulties, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse addressed the masses. The two were their usual charming, funny, and self-deprecating selves. They introduced a clip of the Lost videogame from Ubisoft. It looked pretty cool, but it didn't reveal anything about the gameplay or the story.

Then, began the questions. Before we get to the info nuggets, let's talk about Harold Perrineau. About halfway through the presentation, after Damon and Carlton pretended they didn't want to answer any questions about Michael's reappearance on the show, Harold Perrineau himself walked on stage to huge applause. They didn't give us much in terms of how or when he'd be coming back, except that it wouldn't just be in a flashback: Michael is back for good as a series regular. He'll return early in the season. That's the big news.

Here are all the other significant pieces of info that they let loose.They talked a lot about how liberating it now is to have an end date. Damon seemed to slyly indicate that Claire and Jack would find out they are brother and sister sometime next season.Michael's comeback after a year off was planned all along and was extremely hard to keep quiet for all three of them.It was not Locke that Hurley saw fall off the office building in season

They won;t close the door on the possibility of having another Lost Experience.They intend to have a flashback and tell Libby's story. They also hinted that she may have ties to the Dharma Initiative.

They intend on telling the Rousseau's story in a flashback, and we'll see it either this season or next season.

The monster's origin, everything, will be answered definitively at some point.

And, at the end of the hour, they showed us a clip of Marvin Candle of the Dharma Initiative filming one of their videos. It was from Station 6: The Orchid. He was holding a rabbit.
Did Ben get caught by Rousseau on purpose? Did Ben kill the real Henry Gale? Damon says he will answer one of those questions. The asker chooses the capture question. Carlton: "He got caught by accident." Damon volunteers this, regarding Ben vs. Henry Gale: "They had words."
Dude says he likes Richard Alpert; Damon and Carlton say (I paraphrase) don't get too attached to him, because Nestor Carbonell's on CBS' Cane.
They're writing episode one, but it's still untitled.
What questions are fans not asking that we ought to be?" Carlton: "Who's in the coffin?" and rings the bell on himself. D.L. and C.C. ask Harold, "Who do you think is in the coffin?" Harold thinks it's the person with the teenage son...probably Locke! Damon would ask, "Who's on that freighter out there, and what do they want out of the Island?" Carlton would ask, "Okay, Kate and Jack got off the Island? Did anybody else get off the Island?"
Shooting starts in four weeks.
The promised clip is one of the station orientation films, hosted by Marvin Candle under an alias. The footage begins with him getting his makeup done and smoothing down his Dharma labcoat. Bunnies! It's about bunnies! Bunny #15, to be specific. Marvin, who calls himself Dr. Edgar Halifax in this film, identifies it as station six, the Orchid. He says the viewer has probably realized by now that he or she is not working at a mere botanical research unit.
He apologizes for making him or her lie to friends and family members about the nature of the work. He mentions something that sounds like "Kasimir effect" and mentions the "unique properties of the Island." Then there's one of Jacob's subliminal messages. It may have been some variation on "as Jacob loves you." Then there's a bunny riot. One of the station's alarms blares, Dr. Halifax/Marvin panics. There's an intercut clip of someone riding a bicycle. The clip is inserted upside-down, and the rider appears to be in the village green of Otherville...And then, amid the chaos (perhaps this is the Incident?), the filmstrip slides off the reel.

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More Supernatural Episode Details!

Episode 3x03 Bad Day at Black Rock

Kubrick and Creedy- Kubrick visits Gordon in prision and tells him about the Devil's Gate opening in Wyoming-Tells him hundreds got out - calls it an army- Kubrick tells Gordon that Bobby saw Sam Winchester there, but that he was there to try and stop it. Gordon does not believe that and says that Winchester is dangerous, even when Kubrick tells him that Winchester checks out and he is just a hunter.

Kubrick's RV- Creedy questions believing that Sam is dangerous based on Gordon's instincts alone, but Kubrick tells him that he trusts Gordon.- Creedy reminds Kubrick and Sam's wanted status will make him almost impossible to find, and Kubrick admits that his most recent lead was three weeks ago Sam was seen in Nebraska.

As Kubrick is giving Creedy this information and a pep talk that all they need is one good lead, Creedy sees in Kubrick's RV one of those Jesus statues that seem like they're looking at you no matter where you are. Creedy is doing this funny thing by closing one eye and swaying from side to side, playing with the statue. He then picks up the statue, and starts moving it from side to side. Kubrick grabs the statue from Creedy and tells him "Stop playing with my Jesus"!

Kubrick wants to do everything in his RV, including eat and sleep. Creedy will have nothing of it, taking out his laptop and finding a restaurant to eat in and a hotel. You can tell Kubrick is clearly disappointed Creedy is so unimpressed by the RV life. However, by doing this the two men accidentally are put on Sam's trial.Hotel Room - Kubrick, Creedy, and Sam- Sam is restrained on a chair.- Creedy tells Sam that they didn't have to do anything to subdue him, he had some kind of seizure and kind of subdued himself.

Kubrick begins questioning Sam, hitting him and telling him that he does not believe that he had nothing to do with the Devil's Gate nor does he believe his powers are gone. Kubrick aims a gun at Sam's head.-Creedy tries to get Kubrick to hesistate, but Kubrick points out how they were kind of led there by God by a series of errors, and it was destiny.-Dean enters and saves Sam. (the rescue scene is x'ed out, so its probably not going to be filmed as per the scene in the sides.)

Personally, I'm glad to see Gordon back! I think his hate for Sam is a good storyline!!

Kyle XY Comic-con Panel Spoilers!

Just saw a clip for an upcoming episode and it appears Declan is in on Kyle's secret.

By the end of the season, Kyle will let his parents in on the secret too, so says supervising producer Julie Plec.12:05 pm: On revealing so much about Kyle in the season premiere, Plec says "out of respect for the audience, [we didn't want] to tease them.

Jaimie Alexander hints that something happens to Jessi in an upcoming ep that leads her "to act in a different way towards some of the characters on the show."

Nicholas Lea will be back as Foss... at some point, teases Plec. Matt Dallas recalls some interesting fan encounters: Once, a girl rushed him and stuck her tongue in his ear.

Another time, a woman stuck her hand under his shirt, felt his belly button and whispered in his ear: "I touched it." That second one happens to me at least once a day.12:18 pm: Plec reveals that theme of Season 3 will be, "Kyle's realization that the ordinary can be just as extraordinary."

LOST Videogame Leaked!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!CHECK IT OUT @ http://darkufo.blogspot.com/2007/07/leaked-footage-of-lost-game.html

More Info on the Supernatural Ladies.....

Eric Kripke talks more about the new leading ladies of Supernatural. Frankly, I'd like to see some sexual tension and angst between the boys and these girls, but whatever. I guess thats just me. Here's the link:http://www.buddytv.com/articles/supernatural/creator-eric-kripke-urges-fans-8697.aspx


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More Stargate Atlantis Episode Descriptions

Episode 4.10 - This Mortal Coil -This episode is the first installment of the mid-season two-parter. Source: GateWorld

Episode 4.11 - Be All My Sins Remember'd -McKay and a Wraith are working together on some technology. Carter talks to Caldwell about times past. Sheppard and Ronon are unconscious. Source: SpoilerFix.com

Little Itty Bitty Spoilers

Prison Break - Sara and LJ will be reunited by the third episode, if not sooner. However, it won't be a happy reunion due to the thud taking care of them. Mahone will not enjoy his stay at Sona and one of the reasons is the lack of meds. You can expect his tremors to come back to haunt him. [Source: TV Squad]

Smallville -Clark takes Kara to Smallville's annual Harvest Festival, where she decides to join the Miss Sweet Corn Pageant. So much for staying incognito. Kara gets a job at the Talon and has a conversation with the establishment's folically-challenged owner. Lex is very curious about her... Chloe gets the scoop on a major story for the Planet. [Source: KryptonSite]

The 4400 -In the season finale, Tom is battling for his life and needs Shawn's powers to stay alive. Paramedics try to resuscitate Susan Farrell. They believe that she took promicin and lost the 50/50 loto that comes with it. Danny is certain that she did not take the shot. After arriving at the hospital with the paramedics, things get complicated as everyone around Danny start to die. Garrity and another NTAC agent are sent to the hospital to assess the situation. It looks like Jordan is nowhere to be found. Meghan ponders asking Jordan's "army" for help when this "death virus" spreads. Kyle gives a press conference. Diana, Marco, Isabelle and Abigail also appear. [Source: SpoilerFix.com]


I read FOR CERTAIN, that Harold Perrineau (Michael Dawson) is BACK!! I wonder how....Probably with those bad guys Naomi's friends with on the boat coming to "Rescue" them all!!

New LOST Action Figures!

McFarlane is finally releasing the second series of LOST figures. This time its Mr. Eko, Sawyer, Sun and Jin. "Others! Others!" lol: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000QJ5Q9K/103-8474019-7008662?ie=UTF8&tag=lostbooks-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=1789&creativeASIN=B000QJ5Q9K

Clips of Dr. House and Michael Scofield!

Syfy Awards!

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Bones Crossover??

Well that's just weird. Ok for anyone who watched (and liked) the short lived show Vanished, apparently the show's arcing mysteries will be wrapped up on an episode of BONES??? Weird right?

Cool though for Vanished fans, count yourselves lucky, because most cancelled show's get crap after cancellation.

So not that I watched Vanished, but I'll update when I know which episode it'll be.

Watch This...

Hey if you guys aren't fans of this show yet, you need to catch up before the second half of Season 1 begins this fall......Here's a preview for Blood Ties on Lifetime if you haven't seen before..................Now, go.....watch.....

Dexter Season Two.....and with Pictures!!!

Click, scroll down, click again and read for mega spoilers ~ Can you handle those instructions??? :)

Supernatural Season Three Interview!

Talk with Jessi XX

House Scattered?

If you are worried about losing Spencer, Epps, and Morisson, don't be. They will all return, but they will be drastically scattered away from the center of the season's action. When the fourth season kicks off, Chase is practicing in Arizona with Cameron in tow, and Foreman has moved on to head up his own team at a different hospital.

House will be attempting to go it alone, but it will be Cuddy who convinces him he needs to put together a new team. The beginning of the season will see House auditioning team members. Ultimately House may end up with a larger team. The word from the producer is that they have hired five actors as potential regulars. House will be particularly rough on his new team, referring to them by numbers instead of their names.

The largest risk, of course, is alienating fans who were comfortable with the shows foundation. The obvious reason for this change is to prevent that foundation from stagnating. In the end, of course, it will be the fans who decide if the new formula House is the wave of the future, or if House classic is the way to go.

Jericho Adds to Cast for Season 2!

Esai Morales will join the cast of CBS' post-apocalyptic drama Jericho as a recurring player in six of the upcoming seven midseason episodes, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Morales (NYPD Blue) will play Col. Hoffman, a career military officer and Iraq War veteran who has not heard from his wife since the day of the nuclear attacks. Jericho, which chronicles the events following a series of nuclear explosions as seen from one small Kansas town., was canceled in May but picked up for a seven-episode second season in June after a massive campaign by the show's fans.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Dog's Breakfast

Hey who has seen this movie from David Hewlett(Rodney McKay of Stargate Atlantis)??? This preview looks hysterical! Leave me a comment with your review of the film!!

WARNING: Partial nudity in preview

Saturday, July 21, 2007

BIG Supernatural Spoilers

Prison Break Recasting Put to Rest

OK, All is well in the world of Prison Break. Here's the real scoopage on the recasting of Sara.

The "Sara" being cast is only being cast as a temporary lookalike to [Sarah Wayne Callies] for the purposes of the episodes leading up through Ep.03x03. The actress will have shadows blocking her face or her features will be turned away from the camera during filming in order to camouflage her as the real "Sara."

Sarah Wayne Callies is NOT leaving the show and will be back filming for Ep. 03x04. Although SWC will be on maternity leave, she has already taped voiceovers in order to keep Sara's voice the same as the director and producers want to keep the stand-in as secret as a stunt double is in the show...ultimately hoping the audience doesn't notice a thing different about the two Sara's.

Yeahhhhhh, thats what we thought beyyyatch.

4400 Interview

Interview with Conchita Campbell (Maia) from the 4400. Audio and transcripts available here:http://www.buddytv.com/articles/the-4400/exclusive-interview-conchita-c-8507.aspx

Supernatural Creator Speaks

Eric Kripke talks about Supernatural leading ladies. He had this to say: "Ruby and Bela, each in their own unique way, are dangerous, ruthless, more bad than good; and they'll each prove big trouble for Sam and Dean.

We were excited to find both Katie and Lauren; they just popped off the screen for us, and they bring charisma and intelligence to their roles." Kripke told TV Guide today via E-Mail.Kripke's description certainly offers a different image of the characters in contrast to what was assumed to be a network enforced order to beautify and sex up Supernatural for the sake of attracting viewers.

More Heroes Cast!

New addition to Heroes cast looks like the chick from The Nine. Read on if you care http://www.buddytv.com/articles/heroes/heroes-expands-its-cast-again-8510.aspx

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Firefly Panel!

If anyone's interested in a Firefly convention.........http://www.creationent.com/cal/serenity.htm

Happy Harry Potter Day!!

Last book for Harry Potter comes out today! Will he live.....will he die......time will tell!

Hey if anyone reads it right away, leave me a comment with what happens! I'll make sure you get credit for the spoilers!!

Calling All Stargate Fans!

Check this stuff out!! http://cinequest.com/products.cfm?sid=67806107H02933002707002H1184927960519L75I67I46I145K62084856Q4516&c=194

Supernatural Magazine!!

Smallville Episode Title!

Episode 3 will be titled Fierce. Did this really warrant its own post....Probably not....

Dexter Revealed???

Someone is claiming to have seen the first two episodes of Dexter Season 2...Read on if you want to see what he says! Scroll down when you get there! http://spoilertv.blogspot.com/2007/07/dexter-first-2-episodes-already-seen.html