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LOST Spoiler!

For Episode 5x06 "316"

Mrs Hawking gives something to Jack that MUST go back with Locke's body along with a special item that comes in pairs that is related to Jack's grandfather.

Source: DarkUFO

Episode 5x07 "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"

Wednesday, February 25, 2009
09:00-10:06PM EST Lost
Lost will be extended by 4 minutes on this date and will end at 10:06 rather than 10:02. This is going to be a big episode in the storyline. Life on Mars will air with less commercials on that night.

Source: ABC

Kyle XY Cancelled!

What the hell??? This is sooooo not good...

House Press Release and Promo Pics!

Episode 5x16 "The Softer Side"


The team encounters a teenage boy who collapsed from severe pelvic pain after playing basketball. Tests reveal the boy has genetic mosaicism, or both male and female DNA, and the boy’s parents inform House and the team that the boy is unaware of his condition. They consciously chose a gender for him when he was born and raised him accordingly, never telling him about his unique condition. However, when his condition worsens and his life is threatened, the parents wonder whether they made the right decision. Meanwhile, Cuddy and Wilson suspect something is wrong with House when he starts acting way too nicely. When they discover the shocking answer, they must face the prospect that House may be changed forever in “The Softer Side” episode of HOUSE airing Monday, Feb. 16 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/ PT) on FOX.

Cast: Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House; Lisa Edelstein as Dr. Lisa Cuddy; Omar Epps as Dr. Eric Foreman; Robert Sean Leonard as Dr. James Wilson; Jennifer Morrison as Dr. Allison Cameron; Jesse Spencer as Dr. Robert Chase; Peter Jacobson as Dr. Chris Taub; Kal Penn as Dr. Lawrence Kutner; Olivia Wilde as Thirteen

Guest Cast: Dominic Scott Kay as Jackson; Julia Campbell as Melanie; Ben Reed as Joseph; Nick Puga as Ian; Fred Kronenberg as Doctor; Meagan Gordon as Young Woman; Nicole Cannon as Nurse Helen; Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse

Source: FoxFlash

Promo Pics:

Prison Break Episode Details!

Episode 4x22 "Killing Your Number"

The frantic chase for possession of Scylla takes some lethal twists...

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Smallville Interview!

Smallville Promo Pics!

For Episode 8x14 "Requiem":

Smallville Sneak Peek!

Supernatural Sneak Peek!

Terminator Promo Pics!

For Episode 2x15 "Desert Cantos":

Dollhouse Promo Pics!

For Episode 1x02 "The Target":

Fringe Promo Pics!

For Episode 1x14 "Ability":

Bones Press Release!

Episode 4x15 "The Princess and the Pear"


When a group of eighth-graders find the decomposed body of woman wearing a medieval princess dress, the team is on the scene to investigate. With Booth incapacitated due to a back injury, Agent Payton Perotta (guest star Marisa Coughlin) steps in to help with the investigation. With insight from "squint" Colin Fisher, a self-professed geek and expert in the language of sci-fi, the team identifies the woman as a promotional model from ImagiCon, a convention for fans of comic books, video games and other sci-fi genre entertainment. Brennan and the team must navigate through the outlandish landscape of ImagiCon in order to track down the killer. They soon find the victim may have owned a highly valuable piece of sci-fi memorabilia that many would kill to possess in "The Princess and the Pear" episode of BONES airing Thursday, Feb. 19 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

Cast: Emily Deschanel as Dr. Temperance Brennan; David Boreanaz as FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth; TJ Thyne as Dr. Jack Hodgins; Michaela Conlin as Angela Montenegro; Tamara Taylor as Dr. Camille "Cam" Saroyan; John Francis Daley as Dr. Lance Sweets

Guest Cast: Marisa Coughlan as Agent Payton Perotta; Joel David Moore as Colin Fisher; Poetri (aka Devin Smith) as Chip Derf; Tara Buck as Valerie Daniels; Betsy Rue as Shiny Kopinsky; Oliver Muirhead as Badgley Mormont; Eric Nenninger as Peter Kroon; Charles Rahi Chun as Bruce Kim; David Greenman as FBI Tech Marcus Geier; Josh Sussman as Afro Geek; Jon Collins as Geek On-Looker; Charles Stewart as Trev the Mage; Austin Rogers as Warrior; Carlon Jeffery as Ezra the Elf

Source: Fox

Dollhouse Press Release!

Episode 1x02 "The Target"


Echo is imprinted to be the female counterpart to an avid outdoorsman and quickly learns how the hunter becomes the hunted during her wilderness adventure. Agent Ballard receives a clue to Echo’s real identity, encouraging him to continue his investigation, while flashbacks reveal the tragic events at the Dollhouse that led to Boyd’s arrival and Dr. Saunders’ scars in “The Target” episode of DOLLHOUSE airing Friday, Feb. 20 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

Cast: Eliza Dushku as Echo; Tahmoh Penikett as Paul Ballard; Olivia Williams as Adelle DeWitt; Fran Kranz as Topher Brink; Harry Lennix as Boyd Langton; Enver Gjokaj as Lubov; Dichen Lachman as Sierra

Guest Cast: Amy Acker as Dr. Claire Saunders; Reed Diamond as Laurence Dominic; Matt Keeslar as Richard O’Connell; Miracle Laurie as Mellie

Source: Fox

Terminator Press Release!

Episode 2x15 "Desert Cantos"


Sarah, John, Cameron and Derek investigate the company town connected to the destroyed factory while Weaver sends her own man into town in search of a potential survivor in the “Desert Cantos” episode of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES airing Friday, Feb. 20 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

Cast: Lena Headey as Sarah Connor; Thomas Dekker as John Connor; Summer Glau as Cameron; Brian Austin Green as Derek Reese; Richard T. Jones as James Ellison; Garret Dillahunt as Cromartie; Shirley Manson as Catherine Weaver; Leven Rambin as Riley

Guest Cast: Mackenzie Smith as Savannah; Alanna Masterson as Zoe McCarthy; Adam Wylie as Henry Douglas, Jr.; Susan Floyd as Stella McCarthy; Thomas Garner as Mourner; Cyd Strittmatter as Diana Winston; Shane Edelman as Matt Murch; Jim Jansen as Minister; John Pyper-Ferguson as George McCarthy; Max Perlich as Walsh; Ned Bellamy as Ed Winston

Source: Fox

"24" Press Release!

Episode 7x09 "4:00 - 5:00"


After eight hellacious hours of this terrible day have elapsed, the country remains on edge. President Taylor struggles with the painful circumstances facing the First Family, including her daughter Olivia (guest star Sprague Grayden). Meanwhile, a huffy Chloe faces-off against paranoid FBI Agent Janis Gold, while Jack and Agent Walker track leads through Washington, D.C. to eliminate the threat of another ruthless terror attack in the “4:00 PM-5:00 PM” episode of 24 airing Monday, Feb. 16 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

Cast: Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer; Mary Lynn Rajskub as Chloe O’ Brian; James Morrison as Bill Buchanan; Janeane Garofalo as Janis Gold; Cherry Jones as President Allison Taylor; Carlos Bernard as Tony Almeida; Annie Wersching as Renee Walker; Colm Feore as Henry Taylor; Bob Gunton as Ethan Kanin; Rhys Coiro as Sean Hillinger; Jeffrey Nordling as Larry Moss

Guest Cast: Sprague Grayden as Olivia Taylor; Peter Wingfield as Emerson; Issach De Bankole as Ule Matobo; Tonya Pinkins as Alma Motobo; Hakeem Kae-Kazim as Dubaku

Source: Fox

LOST Episode Details!

Episode 5x06 "316"

The members of Oceanic 6 discover how to get back to the island, but not all of them want to return.

Source: ABC

LOST Filming Scoop!


and here:

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Psych Promo Pics!

Bones Casting Sides!


"24" Sneak Peeks!

LOST Interview!


Talk With a Hero!

Starting this morning @ 11:00 am EST:

Terminator Promo!

Supernatural Casting Call!

For Episode 4x19 "Jump the Shark":


This tall, ruggedly handsome 19-year old Caucasian youth (please submit 18 and over) is a former Eagle Scout and honors student. He's resilent and adaptable but now he's all alone in the world. He wants to genuinely help in a crises. Later, Adam may make an unexpected transition...THIS IS A VERY IMPRESSIVE ACTING ROLE FOR A YOUNG MAN...GUEST STAR (7)


Adam's mother, she's a very attractive Caucasian woman in her 40s who is seen fleeing from an unseen menace. Later, she pleads pitiably for help -- but her distress may disguise hidden motives.sptv050769..GUEST STAR (1)

Source: SpoilerTV

LOST Stuff!

Doc Arzt has confirmed that “Besixdouze” is the name of Rosseau’s boat.

Jorge Garcia Interview:

Prison Break Scoop!


Smallville Preview!

Supernatural Preview!

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Chuck Episode Details!

Episode 2x15 "Chuck vs the Beefcake"
Chuck (Zachary Levi) breaks up with Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) after Ellie’s (Sarah Lancaster) urging, but jealousy strikes when Sarah must seduce a handsome agent in order to retrieve Fulcrum intelligence. Morgan (Joshua Gomez) deals with his mother’s relationship with Big Mike (Mark Christopher Lawrence) by crashing at Chuck’s apartment much to Ellie and Awesome’s chagrin. Meanwhile, Jeff (Scott Krinsky) and Lester (Vik Sahay) talk their way into hiring the new Buy More employee but decide to search for the “Buy More Babe.” Adam Baldwin also stars.
Source: NBC

LOST Interview!


LOST Interview!


LOST Spoilers!

1) 2 New People will accompany the O6 back to the Island

2) We will see another crash

3) We will see Ms. Hawking inside the Lamppost Station

4) Sawyers has to lie. The lie hinges on everyone's safety, especially his own

5) Someone we've seen will be shown to be Ethan's Mother.

Source: ParadoxMan@DarkUFO

LOST Scoop!

Smallville Spoilers!

General scoop:

- The marriage between Chloe and Jimmy might not be long for the world as they face some major challenges upon his return.

- Something really exciting should be coming somewhere between episodes #20 and #21. All we know is that it will be a big deal for the show's longtime fans, and as far as we know, sadly, it's not "the return of Lex Luthor" but still something just as cool.

More scoop on Episode 8x18 "Eternal":

-In one of the flashbacks, young Lex sees Davis (as a child) in one of the rooms of the mansion. When Davis takes off a wool hat that Lex is wearing revealing his baldness, Davis asks him if he is Warrior Angel.

- Young Lex discovers that "a man" has been doing experiments on Davis and put needles in him.- In the flashback, Martha Kent visits the Luthor mansion (sadly, off screen).

- Young Davis is left in an alley by Lionel's aide.

- In the present day, Chloe and Clark discover that Davis has stopped in the same field that Clark landed back in 1989. While there, they find a charred truck.

LOST Theory!

Found this post on Doc Artz's blog and tend to agree with it!

"I had a really cool theory about Charles Widmore that got scooped recently because I dragged my feet in posting it, so I’m going to get this one out there as soon as I can.

Here it is:

I know who Faraday’s mother is! Yes, yes, I realize everyone suspects it’s Mrs Hawkings, but I have some indirect proof. Not to mention if I’m right, this sheds some light on the white-haired lady’s back story.

Remember the Constant last season? Desmond goes to Faraday’s lab where he is putting a little rat through a maze. The rat’s name? Eloise. I figure this is the name of Faraday’s mother, you know, because why wouldn’t Faraday name a rat after his mom?This would be just useless guess work were it not for the popups during The Lie last night. One of the popups identified the white-haired lady as Eloise Hawkings. Aha! So if Mrs Hawkings does turn out to be Faraday’s Mom, then I was right that he named the rat after her.

And if so, big deal! So he named his rat after his mother, why would this merit an entire article?
Because, the blond Other that captured the Freighter Trio and led Faraday to Jughead was named Ellie.

As in Elloise?

Is Ellie Faraday’s Mom? Maybe. What if she is? We can gleen several interesting bits of information from this one fact. This would mean that, like Widmore, Ellie somehow ends up banished from the Island and grows old. Like Widmore, she is a former Other. It is also worth mentioning that she witnessed Faraday vanishing after telling her that he was from the future. That could have sparked her evident interest in time travel.

It is also note-worthy that Faraday mentioned that she looked like a woman he knew. Coming after the revelation that Faraday left that girl in a coma, we were clearly meant to assume he was talking about her, but I would submit he was talking about his Mom.

So, what do you think?"

LOST Easter Egg!

So I've looked on the net and can't find anyone else who has pointed this out yet.

Actress Mary Ann Taheny who played Ticket Agent Jenna in Season One's "Exodus Part Two" was in last nights episode "Jughead" playing Moira, the desk clerk at Oxford University with whom Desmond spoke with trying to get a location on Faraday's office.

IMDB confirms:

Pic's source:

LOST Interviews!

LOST Preview!

LOST Spoilers!


Jin's coming back next week. (Or so I'm told.) Yay, Daniel Dae Kim! We've missed you.

Keep reading below for some thoughts on the love quadrangle (pictured above), courtesy of a chat with Lost chiefs Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse...

How would you describe the Kate/Sawyer/Jack love triangle storyline this season? Is it given much prominence or are you pulling away from that a little bit?
Carlton Cuse: Not at all. I think we're always trying to find the balance between character-based stories and mythology-based stories, and I think it'd be better to categorize it as a quadrangle. Juliet is very much in the middle of that. In fact, Sawyer and Juliet were last seen together on the island, and Kate and Jack were off the island, so that's something which is interesting to us and we will explore. It very much is a quadrangle.

Damon Lindelof: What's cool about the show this year is that we're kind of picking up both stories exactly where we left off. On the island there's been this big flash of light, and Sawyer and Juliet are standing there on the beach having just seen the freighter explode. For those guys, Kate just left on the chopper five minutes ago and for Kate and Jack, they were engaged, they broke up, she went on trial, he got addicted to pills, he grew a horrible beard...

That was a bad beard.
Damon: (Laughs) Yes, but it's gone now so we'll never have to speak of it again. The fact of the matter is, it's all a matter of perspective; if you're watching the Oceanic Six show then the island scenes are flashback, if you're watching the island show then the Oceanic Six scenes are flashforward. But as far as the relationships are concerned, Sawyer and Juliet have kind of just started hanging out, and Kate and Jack have already gone through the wringer. If and when they all come together, there should be some interesting permutations in play.
Source: Kristen @ E!

Supernatural Spoilers!


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LOST Scoop!


Scifi Scans!


LOST Scoop!

Yes, Lost executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse kindly agreed to a round of False; True; Hell No, We Won't Tell You, and they addressed all your burning Q's about season five, including, of course, what's in store for Sawyer

If you've never played this game with us before, the rules are these: We suggest a potential spoiler, and the show runners answer "False," "True" or "Hell no, we won't tell you."

We'll find out what Sawyer told Kate in the first half of the season.

Carlton Cuse: True.There's some kind of romantic tension between Sawyer and Juliet.

Damon Lindelof: True.

Mrs. Hawking is related to someone we already know.

D.L.: Hell no, we won't tell you!

C.C.: True.

D.L.: Carlton!

Christian took Claire into the cabin to protect her from the impact of the time-jumping Island.

C.C.: Wow. I think that's a hell no.

D.L.: That's a hell no.

OK. Ben really cannot go back to Island.

D.L.: Um, false.

Someone in the Oceanic Six will die.

D.L.: Hell no, we cannot tell.

OK, Locke can escape death somehow.

D.L.: He looks pretty dead to me.

Source: E!Online


Chuck Sneak Peeks!

Chuck Stuff!

Leverage Sneak Peek!

Legend of the Seeker Episode Titles!

Episode 1x13 - 28 Feb 2009 - "Revenant"

Episode 1x14 - 07 Mar 2009 - "Hartland"

Episode 1x15 - 14 Mar 2009 - "Conversion"

Source: SpoilerTV

Fringe Preview!

LOST Rumor!


Will Ben's childhood girlfriend, Annie, be showing up on Lost this season? And any word on Rousseau? — Adam

MATT: I'd give my Dharma-brand nuts to have the castaways time-trip to the Others' very early days and spy on nerdy Ben and his pubescent crush. And who knows, maybe that territory will be plumbed when we get a Ben-centric episode in mid-March? As for "the French woman," I'm holding firm to my belief that we see Danielle in this week's episode. (Team Darlton will dissect my theory in this Thursday's "Getting Lost" video entry.)

Is Sons of Anarchy going to return? — Joanne

TIM: It sure is. FX's biker drama will be back for its second cycle in the fall — no date's been set — and creator Kurt Sutter has teased that the sophomore season will focus on internal struggles. Oh, and also choppers.

Can you please tell me if we will finally see Kyle XY and Jessi get a chance this season? I really love them together. — Nonna

MATT: Does a belly button collect lint?

Source: TV Guide

Question: Your scoop about the lack of Cameron and Chase in the 100th episode of House really killed me. Out of all the episodes, the two of them deserved to be in that one. It's like a slap in the face to Jennifer Morrison, Jesse Spencer and their fans. I don't care what their excuses are. -- Jessica

Ausiello: You know this column is called Ask Ausiello, not Bitch to Ausiello, right? No, seriously, I hear you. I do. But maybe it'll take some of the insult out of the injury if I mention that although the episode number is significant, the episode itself is not. Series creator David Shore said he resisted outside pressure to make the Feb. 2 outing anything other than a typical House. So it's not like he made this really special episode and put everyone in it except Jennifer and Jesse. He made a regular episode and put everyone in it except Jennifer and Jesse. See the difference?

Question: This "Chameron" fix you told us about had better be major -- like major-major. Because after reading about their 100th episode diss, I am pissed! -- Greta

Ausiello: If I oversold it, I have a hunch Jennifer Morrison won't be patting me on the head, either. "I'm with the fans these days," she told us at last week's 100th-ep blowout. "I find out what's happening when you write about it." (Hey, at least she and Jesse Spencer were invited to that.) So, since I have yet to report which game-changing event will trigger the new storyline, she was clueless as to what it might be. So was Spencer, but not for lack of trying. When David Shore refused to divulge the deets, "I said, 'Go on and tell me, David, or I will bash your head in,'" the actor jokes. "He said no, and then we had a bit of a fight and he cried, and I went, 'Okay, fine. Have your little secrets.'"

Question: I heard a character might be leaving House at the end of the season. I'm scared it might be Cuddy. -- Maude

Ausiello: Though exec producer Katie Jacobs played dumb when I asked her about the rumored departure at press tour, Cuddy ain't goin' nowhere. Trust me. That's not to say that there aren't big changes ahead. Hugh Laurie teased, "House undergoes some pretty traumatic stuff in the last half of the season. Not physical but mental. They have lined it up for something fairly cataclysmic, but not, cataclysmic just for the sake of being disastrous, and not just to end the season on a crazy note." So Marcia Cross isn't gonna blow up the hospital? Er, no. "Stuff doesn't blow up," he promises. "I hope we never blow things up, ever. This event is sort of contained within House's head, [but] it is exciting."

Question: We haven't seen much of Wilson lately on House. Do you know if there is anything in store for him? -- Morgan

Ausiello: This certainly has the potential to boost his visibility.

Question: I've loved your relentless search for the truth about the future in-bed togetherness of Bones and Booth. But do you hear anything about the future of my favorite Bones couple, Angela and Hodgins? -- Janie

Ausiello: Good news: An annoying roadblock that answers to the name Roxie has been officially cleared, so says series creator Hart Hanson.

Question: Any Battlestar Galactica spoilers? -- Paul

Ausiello: This Friday's revolt-themed episode is the best of the season so far. Of course, it certainly couldn't be worse than the painfully tedious and self-indulgent art film that we had to sit through last week. What a colossal dud that was. But back to this week's ep, Adama and Roslin finally decide to take their relationship public when they suck face in front of the entire fleet. The PDA is greeted with a mix of "awwwws" and "ewwwws."

Question: It's been reported that both Hayden Panettiere and Ali Larter have asked off Heroes. What's the scoop? -- Aled

Ausiello: I can confirm that one of those actresses has indeed asked to be released from her contract. But I hear NBC is unlikely to allow it.

Question: I'm borderline crazy addicted to Lost, and would very much [twitch] appreciate a scoop on any recent news [twitch]! -- CJ

Ausiello: Listen up, Crazy: In last week's AA, I told you that Team Darlton had been quietly searching for a "younger Phillip Seymour Hoffman-type" for a multi-episode arc this season. Well, in this week's AA, I'm telling you who they got: October Road's Brad Henke. I can't say much about his character, except that he has ties to the mysterious Ilana.

Source: Ausiello @ EW

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Kyle XY Preview!

True Blood Scoop and Casting Calls!

Episode 2x04 "Let's Take A Trip Together"


Jason's promotion to soldier is not without strings, and while in Texas with Bill and Jessica, Sookie discovers that she's not the only one who can read minds...

Casting Calls:


30 to 45, this suspiciously pushy driver, whose thoughts are violent and dark, is sent by Fellowship of the Sun to abduct Sookie when she arrives at the airport. Instead, he is glamored (hypnotized) by Bill and Jessica, and experiences a wide spectrum of emotions and outbursts, from fear, to relief, to embarrassment as his will is usurped and his behavior is dictated. He is ultimately released to return to his superiors and tell them that Sookie "never showed up" (which is what he now believes)...GUEST STAR (33)


This sleek, female, European desk clerk at a Texas hotel prepares a room for Sookie, Jessica and Bill according to their specifications...CO-STAR (40)


This uniformed, 19-year-old bellboy at a Texas hotel brings Sookie and Jessica room service (a handsome guy to feed off of). To Sookie's surprise, Barry can read her mind, and he grows increasingly freaked out as they communicate silently ...CO-STAR / RECUR(?) (54)


50ish, very handsome, well-groomed and surprisingly country, he picks up Jessica and Bill's travel coffins to take to the airport...CO-STAR (24)


21 years old and very handsome in his hotel bathrobe, he is Jessica's polite, barely legal "room service" (B negative blood)...CO-STAR (54)

Source: SpoilerTV

Big LOST Spoilers!

For Episode 5x09 "Namaste":

5x03 "Jughead" Review":

Smallville Episode Details!

Episode 8x19 "Stiletto"

- The four characters that appear in this episode are Clark, Chloe, Lois, and Jimmy.

- Chloe and Lois finally get some hanging-out "cousin time" until they are attacked by two thugs. Lois takes one of them down with her stiletto heels (hence the title of the episode?) and begins to feel like a bit of a superheroine herself. The other, however, gets away with Chloe's car which has some very sensitive information inside.

- Lois recruits Jimmy for photography help to convince others that "Stiletto" is Metropolis' newest heroine so she can have the exclusive and then bring the Red-Blue Blur out of hiding. When Clark finds out about this, he tells Lois that she's a better reporter than one who would lie to advance her career.


Harper's Island Promo!

Fringe/Bones/24 Spoilers!!


LOST Sneak Peek for 5x04!!

LOST Extended Sneak Peek!

Heroes Episode Details!

Episode 3x17 "Cold Wars"


While being held hostage, HRG (Jack Coleman) is subjected to Matt Parkman’s (Greg Grunberg) unique brand of interrogation, revealing how he became involved with Nathan’s (Adrian Pasdar) government plot to capture those with abilities. Meanwhile, Matt’s discoveries bring Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) face-to-face with “The Hunter” (guest star Zeljko Ivanek).

Sendhil Ramamurthy and Cristine Rose also star. Ashley Crow also guest stars.Show Cast: Milo Ventimiglia, Ali Larter, Hayden Panettiere, Greg Grunberg, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Masi Oka, Adrian Pasdar, Jack Coleman, James Kyson Lee, Dania Ramirez, Zachary Quinto, Cristine Rose

Source: NBC

Fringe Scoop!

Kyle XY Sneak Peek!

"24" Preview!

LOST Spoilers!



Maya in Milford, Del.: Any truth to the rumor that Ethan Hawke or Campbell Scott are being cast as Wilson's homeless brother on House?

None whatsoever. I caught up with House executive producers Katie Jacobs and David Shore, and they firmly debunked both those casting rumors. Katie says, "Wilson does have this brother, and David has just written a beautiful episode where that comes into play again." Any thoughts on who the brother should be? I vote for Kyle Bornheimer. Worst Week's season finale is coming up, and there's a resemblance, right?

Melissa in Boise, Idaho: Have you heard anything about Sons of Anarchy lately? I miss SAMCRO when they're gone.

Good news! Sons of Anarchy show runner Kurt Sutter posted on his blog that they've gone back into the writer's room for season two. Production begins in late April, and SAMCRO should be back on the air in September, give or take a month.

Charlie in San Francisco: I know it's really early, but have you heard anything about Dexter season four?

Only that castmembers Kristin Dattilo (Angel's vice-squad girlfriend Det. Gianna) and Desmond Harrington (Det. Quinn, better known to you Gossip Girl fans as Jack Bass) would love to come back for another go. And I can personally testify that Kristin and David Zayas' chemistry is as good in real life as it is on the show. When I asked Kristin at the SAG Awards if she'd be back, David cut in to answer with an emphatic, no-disagreement-brooked Yes, and then Kristin giggled and told me, "David's the best, and all season he took amazing, amazing care of me." So cute!

Andy in San Diego, Calif.: All I care about is Lost, Lost and more Lost. Please!

Just a word of advice for anyone on/off/or around the island, don't mess with Charles Widmore, young or old. Young? Yeah, we'll see a young version of him this Wednesday. (Sidenote: You also shouldn't mess with the actor who plays Charles Widmore if you're a member of the Flight of the Conchords…Alan Dale pops by this Sunday to HBO for one of the funniest eps ever of this very funny series.) Also, remember how Richard Alpert showed up when Locke was born and a few other times as well? We'll finally find out why he was there. Oh, and Daniel Faraday is not who he seems. He's done some bad things with some bad people before he got to the island.

Preston in St. Louis: Fugitives is almost here! Anything good coming up on Heroes?

Looks like everyone's memories are safe—at least for the time being. Jimmy-Jean Louis tells me not to expect a whole lot of screen time from our favorite Haitian in Fugitives. "I don't know too much about it, to be honest with you, because I've not been doing too much in this volume." I'm also hearing that it's very likely that at least one Hero will not be coming back for the next season. It's being sorted out right now who from the cast will go.

Lily in Tennessee: Please, more House scoopage! About anyone but Foreteen!

How about the other two new kids then? Kal Penn (who just got back from Obama's inauguration) tells me, "[Kutner] does have an arc this season—you'll see him more at home, with the giant bowl of cereal, for example, and we'll see how the thing with his parents affects him," and Peter Jacobsen tells me, "There's trouble in paradise with Taub's marriage. Nothing too drastic at the moment, but there's difficulties looming."

Melanie in Manhattan, N.Y.: Hey, you said in your show that Cam from Bones gets a child. Is that true? Do you have any more details?

Tamara Taylor wouldn't say if it was a boy or a girl, but did tell me that the child would be in "the awkward years." Also, since Emily Deschanel told me Booth and Bones would be in bed together, I had to dig a little deeper. Turns out, it could be a trick! Taylor says, "They've been toying around with interesting ideas about alternate realities, where perhaps they're married, where we're all in interesting, different roles. So we may get to see it, but it may not be real."

Cecily in Portland, Ore.: Since Sarah killed a man in front of Chuck, will the pair be OK when the show returns?

Chuck chief Josh Schwartz tells me Chuck still doesn't know Sarah was actually saving his life, adding, "That's a dynamic that obviously is going to be complicated."

Morgangirl in Rhode Island: Chuck scoop!

Josh Schwartz tells me, "There's a very sexy MI6 agent who comes in to help on a mission for a couple of episodes, played by Jonathan Cake. He's a real sort of badass Gerard Butler-type who definitely catches Sarah's eye. There are a couple things that are going to happen towards the end of this season that are sort of a point of no return for Sarah and Chuck. It could be a point of no return in a good way or point of no return in a bad way, you'll have to stay tuned.

Erica in Manila, the Philippines: Please provide more scoop on Fringe. I love it, especially Peter and Olivia's chemistry. Are they ever getting together?

According to creator Bob Orci, "Sooner or later the story of John Scott will play itself out, and maybe we get to a place where [Peter and Olivia] finally notice each other in a new way." Scotty, you're hot, but take a hike!

Brenda in Augusta, Maine: Any news about season two of True Blood? Do you know what Michelle Forbes' deal is?

I love everything she does and that mystery intrigues me.I talked to Michelle at a Paley Center event honoring DirecTV's relaunch of Wonderland, and she told me that on True Blood, "I am a maenad, which is a supernatural wood-nymph creature. There are a lot of strange creatures in crazy old Bon Temps."

Espy in Staten Island, New York: Thanks for all the Supernatural scoop, but what about Castiel (Misha Collins)? Is he ever coming back?

I'm told we'll next see Castiel in March-ish. In other news, Lilith hijacks the body of a dental hygienist and returns to wreak havoc on the Winchesters in ep 18. Last but not least, you have to watch this sneak peek for Thursday's SPN, which flashes back to Sam and Dean in high school. That's a positively uncanny Jensen Ackles-as-Dean impression, if you ask me!

Martin in New Orleans: Anything on Smallville?

Tess knows all about Clark's secret.

Source: Kristen @ E!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Smallville Casting Sides!

For Episode 8x18 "Eternal":

Terminator Promo Pics!

For Episode 2x14 "Good Wound":

LOST Sneak Peeks!

LOST Episode Title & Promo Pics!

Episode 5x12 will be called "Dead is Dead".

Source: DarkUFO

Episode 5x05 "This Place is Death" Promo Pics:

Bones Preview!

Legend of the Seeker Preview!

Big LOST Spoilers!

More Dollhouse Promo Pics!

For Episode 1x01 "Ghost":

LOST Press Release!

Episode 5x05 "This Place is Death"


"This Place is Death" - Locke takes on the burden to stop the island's increasingly violent shifts through time. Meanwhile, Ben hits a roadblock in his attempt to reunite the Oceanic 6 and bring them back to the island, on "Lost," WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 11 (9:00-10:02 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

Note: This episode will repeat Feb. 18 from 8:00-9:00 p.m., ET.

"Lost" stars Naveen Andrews as Sayid, Henry Ian Cusick as Desmond, Jeremy Davies as Daniel Faraday, Michael Emerson as Ben, Matthew Fox as Jack, Jorge Garcia as Hurley, Josh Holloway as Sawyer, Yunjin Kim as Sun, Ken Leung as Miles, Evangeline Lilly as Kate, Elizabeth Mitchell as Juliet and Terry O'Quinn as Locke.

Guest starring are Rebecca Mader as Charlotte Lewis, John Terry as Christian Shephard, Fionnula Flanagan as Eloise Hawking, William Blanchett as Aaron, June Kyoko Lu as Mrs. Paik, Melissa Farman as young Frenchwoman, Guillaume Dabinpons as Frenchman #1, Marc Menard as Frenchman #2, Bruno Bruni as Frenchman #3 and Jaymie Kim as Ji Yeon.

"This Place is Death" was written by Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz and directed by Paul Edwards.

Source: ABC


LOST Casting Scoop!

Brad William Henke will be joining the Lost cast for 4 Episodes.