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Vampire Diaries Promo!

Leverage Sneak Peek!

In Plain Sight Promo Pics!

For Episode 2x11:


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True Blood Scans!

Supernatural Casting Scoop!

Rachel Miner will take over the role of Meg this coming season of Supernatural. Meg was previously played by Nicki Aycox.


Scott in Halifax, Nova Scotia: Lost!
At the 35th Annual Saturn Awards in Burbank, Calif., we asked Lost's Michael Emerson how Ben (who once crushed hard on Juliet) would react to the news that she had nuked herself, and Emerson said: "Ben's no longer in a position to entertain romantic notions. I don't think there's room for romance in Ben's world right now. As much as he admires her on a lot of levels, I don't think he can do anything about it." We also asked, on a scale of one to 10, how he would rate Elizabeth Mitchell's awesomeness? "It would be a number higher than 10." Word.

Jill in Auckland, New Zealand: I need some new Lost news!
The best we can offer you on this fine afternoon is Lost show runner Carlton Cuse saying nothing about Lost at the Saturn Awards, but saying it darn well:

Watch With Kristin: How much of the speculation on the Internet about Lost season six is correct? Give us a percentage.
Carlton Cuse: I'm not really good at math, so no speculation about that.

WWK: You're the best stonewaller ever.
CC: This is what we like to call stonewalling season, where we try to preserve radio silence—but we'll be coming out of Comic-Con with some cool things, I think, so we're excited about that.

WWK: There is one very important question.

WWK: Can you get Josh Holloway to come to Comic-Con?
CC: Mmmm...That's a good idea, which I will pitch to the appropriate parties. Josh is great. We would love it if Josh would come.

WWK: And here's a question you're not going to answer. Season one: Jack's the most important person ever. Season four: Ben's the key to everything. Season five: Jacob. If you had to pick a character who was the most central to what Lost is in the end, who would it be?
CC: You're right, I'm not going to answer that.

Kelly in Houston: I read on Twitter that the entire Fringe writing staff was replaced except for show runner Jeff Pinkner. True or false?
When we asked Fringe cocreator J.J. Abrams about this he told us, "There's been a massive influx of strange new faces with incredibly talented brains who are replacing many of the previous, equally talented brains in that room. There are some who are the same talented brains; there are some talented brains who have nothing to do with last year. Like any show, there's a rate of attrition that sort of just happens, but I have to say, the Fringe writing room—I was there yesterday—it was electric. On fire. Great ideas. Fun. So I was thrilled about last year, and I'm equally if not more excited about this year." So, change is coming to Fringe, but don't panic.

Mischa in Culver City, Calif.: 24 scoop. Anything please!
Jennifer Westfeldt appears on 24 this season, which just happens to be filming on the same lot as her man Jon Hamm's show, Mad Men. Jennifer tells us of her 24 role: "I'm a journalist with some ties to the president of the Islamic Republic, who is played by Anil Kapoor, who was in Slumdog Millionaire." She wouldn't tease whether her character was good or bad, but safe to say she's not sticking around too long because she's off to New York to star in an off-Broadway play this week.

Marianne in Healdsburg, Calif.: I'm really excited about Eastwick. Do you know anything about it yet?
We just caught up with Eastwick star Lindsay Price at the Whitney Art Party in New York, and she filled us in on her character: "[Joanna's] very awkward and shy. She's like the Susan Sarandon [character in the movie], very bookish, but she works for the paper, like the Michelle Pfeiffer character. My character on Eastwick is not a fashionista to say the least. She loves to spill something on her clothes. She's like Annie Hall meets Maggie Gyllenhaal in Secretary." Sounds pretty sexy to us!

Kelly in Amsterdam, Netherlands: Please give us some scoop on Alexander Skarsgård from True Blood!
Not only is Alex the show's leading eye candy, but he also serves as the show's official Swedish-English translator. Costar Kristin Bauer, who plays Eric's "serial killer baby" Pam, tells us, "They keep writing me lines [to read in] Swedish, and Alexander calls and says the Swedish on my phone. Hopefully he's not lying to me about what I'm saying. That's what my boyfriend does—he's from Africa, and he's teaching me Afrikaans, and I don't know what I'm saying, but he laughs."

Colby in Spring Hill, Fla.: What can you tell us about next season of Dexter and this Trinity Killer played by John Lithgow?
Dexter star Jennifer Carpenter, who of course plays Dexter's sister Deb Morgan (and who is Michael C. Hall's real-life wife) just told us, "John Lithgow is a teddy bear. I think that's part of the fun of the story—how well do you know people you spend time with? It's about how we judge people so quickly and don't really know what they're capable of."

Caroline in New York: I finally got to check out Chuck, watched all of season one without stopping, and now am totally in love with Zachary Levi. Is there information about season three? I can't wait until 2010!
We just chatted up Chuck stars Zachary Levi and Joshua Gomez about what that stunning season-two cliffhanger ("I know kung fu.") means for the future of the show. Zach told us, "It would appear that Chuck has lost his everyman appeal, but he hasn't. The new Intersect is not perfect. It has some hiccups and glitches." Or as Josh quipped, "Now Chuck might flash and then suddenly know ballet." As for Morgan's future, Gomez says he already knows kung fu, and Zach says, "Yeah, Morgan's the leader of the bad guys." He's totally kidding. We think.

V.J. in Yakima, Wash.: Any news on Heroes?
Cristine Rose, who plays the imperious Heroes matriarch Angela Petrelli, tells us, "I just read episode 4.03 and—oh, I get chills just thinking about it—I learned that 20 years ago or so, I made a decision that is going to come to back to bite me in my rear end. Angela tries her best, but she keeps screwing up. Oh well, she stays afloat with a sense of humor and a glass of wine."

Martin in Hackensack, N.J.: Any word on who will be in charge while House is in the mental institution?
Executive producer David Shore tells us, "We are going to have some fun with who is going to be running the diagnostics department. We're not bringing in anyone new right now, so it's going to be somebody you know."

Andy in Long Beach, Calif.: What's the Huddy scoop for the next season of House?
We asked Lisa Edelstein if she'd be visiting House in the mental hospital, to which she replied, "I hope so, unless he doesn't want to see her." When it comes down to it, she is rooting for Huddy to be together, but not in the way you'd expect. Says Edelstein, "I love that storyline, but not together together. I just like the torture of it all." And for you Hameron fans, Lisa sets the record straight on if she wants to see House with Cameron? "No! Are you kidding?"

Aaron in Rancho Bernardo, Calif.: Any good news for fans of Foreteen on House?
Not likely. As Omar Epps explains, trouble at work may equal trouble for Foreteen. Says Epps, "Knowing the rhythm of our show, [their relationship] is going to progress into a brick wall."

Dave in Seattle: I know it's so far away, but can you spill anything about the new season of Glee?
Fans may love the Finn-Quinn-Rachel love triangle, but the adult version is definitely one to keep your eyes on. While Will (Matthew Morrison) is married to Terri (Jessalyn Gilsig) and Emma (Jayma Mays) is pining for Will, the unlikely fourth point of the love quadrangle, Ken Tanaka (True Blood's Patrick Gallagher), should not be counted out. Gallagher tells us of the slightly creepy football coach: "I think you understand where Ken comes from as they go on. You understand where the bitterness comes from, and people may start to like him a little. Ken will keep going [after Emma]. Ken will go after what he wants. The one thing Ken won't do is give up."

Michelle in the United Kingdom: Any Smallville season-nine news?
Green Arrow himself, aka Justin Hartley, tells us, "I heard Oliver's going to start drinking again. He'd better be a funny drunk. Who wants an angry drunk around?"

Mackenzie in Oklahoma City, Okla.: Any Sons of Anarchy news?
Sources confirm that that the wicked witch of the ATF, Ally Walker's character June Stahl, returns to bust Sam Crow's balls some more in season two. FX reps also assure us that contrary to rumor, fellow recurring character Nord boss Ernest Darby (Mitch Pileggi) will be back for multiple episodes. As for Drea de Matteo—who played Jax's baby mama, Wendy, and was just cast on Desperate Housewives—FX reps tell us, "Drea is not scheduled to return to SOA."

Anna in Dallas: I love Hank and Jill on Royal Pains, but the relationship with his brother Evan is much more interesting.
Did you know Evan wasn't originally Hank's brother? Mark Feuerstein tells us, "When Paulo Costanzo came in to read for the role, the role was to actually be my best friend. When Paulo came in, we compared our Jew fros and Jew schnozzes, and the network realized they couldn't possibly have us put together and not be related because it would just be too confusing. So they changed his character to my brother. The beauty of that is we have much more at stake when we have tension. And we share history that we never would have had had the characters not been changed to being brothers."

Jerry in New Orleans: What's coming up on True Blood?
In the next episode, Sookie (Anna Paquin), Bill (Stephen Moyer) and Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) encounter trouble when they arrive in Dallas and find out that someone from the Fellowship of the Sun was sent to abduct Sookie. The plan fails. And believe it or not, Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) invites Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) into his home and feeds off his blood to recover from the wounds suffered when Eric abducted him. Strange bedfellows, indeed.

Source: Kristen @ E!

Burn Notice Episode Details & Casting Call!

For Episode 3x12 "Noble Causes":

Fringe Set Pics!


In Plain Sight Preview!

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House Scoop

Burn Notice Casting Scoop!

Chris Vance, who's currently headlining Fox's shrink procedural Mental, is Burn Notice-bound.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that the ex-Prison Breaker has booked a four-episode arc as Gilroy, a sophisticated and ruthless former MI-6 bigwig who now oversees freelance black ops.

Translation: He's about to make life hell for one Michael Westen.

Vance will appear during the second half of Burn Notice's current third season, tentatively scheduled to air in early '10. The gig won't conflict with Vance's Mental duties since production on the drama's first (and likely only) season wrapped months ago.


LOST Scoop!


"24" Casting News!

T.J. Ramini, who played Yaniv, the Israeli boot camp instructor who got Gabby into shape on ABC's "Desperate Housewives" this past season, has joined Fox's "24" as a recurring.

He will play Tarin Karoush, an associate of the Middle Eastern leader played by new series regular Anil Kapoor.

Brit Ramini, who also co-starred on the long-running U.K. cop drama "The Bill," is repped by Pakula/King and manager Brian Ferrantino.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

True Blood Preview!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Major Supernatural Casting News!

Mark Pellegrino's career is on fire. Literally.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that the actor -- who was unmasked as Lost's enigmatic Jacob at the end of last season -- is joining the cast of Supernatural as none other than the Prince of Darkness himself, Lucifer.

Lucifer was released from hell in Supe's season finale last month, although we never caught a glimpse of the little devil's face. All of that will change when Pellegrino debuts in the show's Sept. 10 season premiere.

So, does this mean we've seen the last of Jacob on Lost? An ABC rep couldn't be reached for comment, but here's a potential clue: Pellegrino isn't joining Supernatural as a full-time series regular; his status is listed as recurring. You do the math.


Chuck Casting Scoop!

What a timely bit of news to hit this week. We just watched “Chuck vs. the Wookie” on Chuck Me Monday, and now Chuck writer/producer Ali Adler announces that, “Carina the super sexy superagent will be making an appearance in Season 3!”

The Chuck writers have been at work on season 3 for a couple of weeks now, but this is the first confirmed piece of news to escape into the Interwebz. So what do you think? Are you looking forward to the return of Carina (Mini Anden) as Sarah’s sometime partner (and keeper of a certain secret involving Casey and Prague)?

Source: ChuckTV.net

More Virtuality Scoop!

Don't forget; its on FOX TONIGHT!

Heroes Scoop!


Leverage Casting Scoop!

Jeri Ryan is set to recur on TNT's "Leverage."

On the sophomore drama about a group of vigilaties in pursuit of bringing down bigwigs, she will play Tara, a smart-ass, street-wise con woman whom Sophie (Gina Bellman) calls on for help and who gets sucked into the Leverage family.

Ryan most recently co-starred on CBS' "Shark."

Her series credits also include "Boston Public," "The O.C." and "Star Trek: Voyager."

She is repped by ICM and Kyle Fritz Management.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Legend of the Seeker Casting Call!

For a new recurring character:

Burn Notice Preview!

Leverage Casting Call!

For Episode 2x09 "The Runway Job":

Caprica Casting Sides!

For Episode 1x02:

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Burn Notice Promo Pics!

For Episode 3x06 "The Hunter":

Heroes Premiere Date!

Heroes will return for its next season premiere on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 21 with two
hour-long episodes.

"The Box" Scoop!


True Blood Spoiler Pics!

For next week's episode "Scratches":

Sons Of Anarchy Are Coming To Your Town!

See inside SAMCRO's clubhouse and much, much more!

Heroes Scoop!


Episode 4x03 is titled "Acceptance".

Source: Spoilertv/The ODI

Fringe Casting Call!

For Episode 2x02 "Night of Desirable Objects":


Question: Any House scoop, other than the prolongation of Huddy after House leaves the loony bin? Translation: Why should non-Huddy fans tune into House next season? --Luke
Ausiello: Because the Princeton Plainsboro that House left in the season finale will not be the same one he returns to next fall. And admit it, you're dying to know how it'll be different. "How [the hospital] works when he comes back will be different," teases exec producer Katie Jacobs. "A doctor can't check into a mental institution and just walk back into his job like nothing happened. We will not start forsaking reality. This [story] will have consequences."

Question: How much of Cameron and Chase's home life will we see next season on House? --Diane
Ausiello: Not much, according to Katie Jacobs. "I don't know that we will show any more of their private lives that we have anyone else's. The hospital stuff is first and foremost for us and everything we show furthers those storylines. I don't think love-dovey, at-home relations is what people watch our show for."

Question: I'm not happy that Bryan Fuller has left Heroes again. Remind me again why I should even bother watching next season? --Tricia
Ausiello: Because my good pal Greg Grunberg wouldn't lie to you. Shortly after news of Fuller's exit broke, Grunberg reassured fans via Twitter that the scribe is "leaving [Heroes] in great hands... the scripts for season 4 and the stories we're about to tell will ROCK YOUR WORLD. BEST. SEASON. EVER." Plus, if you quit watching now you won't get to see a miniature version of Adrian Pasdar! My Heroes mole reports that the show is looking for a young actor to play an 11-year-old Nathan.

Question: Any goodies on the new season of Leverage for Parker and Eliot fans? --Kelly
Ausiello: If by "goodies" you mean" "romance," the answer is no -- at least not in the season 2 opener. That's not to say the July 15 premiere is devoid of action though. The hour includes a car explosion, multiple gunshots, and a bone-crushing fight scene. And it definitely ends with a bang, er, three. Expect one character to get shot with not one or two, but three bullets lodged into their chest.

Question: So does Ethan become the Vice President of 24 next season? Or maybe the first new gentleman?--Chris
Ausiello: You're wrong on both counts. According to an aide close to President Taylor, who asked not to be identified because he/she could get fired for talking to me, Ethan will be appointed the new ********* ** *****.

Source: EW

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More Virtuality Promo Pics!


Warehouse 13 Cast & Promo Pics!

For Episode 1x03 "Resonance":
Cast Pics:

Harper's Island Press Release!

Episode 1x11 "Splash"


"Splash" - After being rocked by more deaths and the disappearance of another friend, the group fights back and is more determined than ever to track down the island's killer, on HARPER'S ISLAND, Saturday, June 27 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Abby Mills................................ Elaine Cassidy
Henry Dunn...................... Christopher Gorham
Trish Wellington......................... Katie Cassidy
Chloe Carter................... Cameron Richardson
Cal Vandeusen....................... Adam Campbell
Jimmy Mance........................... C.J. Thomason
Sheriff Charlie Mills......................... Jim Beaver (RIP: 6-20)
Christopher "Sully" Sullivan .............. Matt Barr
Beth Barrington........................ Amber Borycki (RIP: 6-13)
Thomas Wellington .................... Richard Burgi (RIP: 5-9)
J.D. Dunn ............... Dean Chekvala (RIP: 6-6)
Shane Pierce ................................. Ben Cotton
Maggie Krell............ Beverly Elliott (RIP: 6-20)
Malcolm Ross............................ Chris Gauthier (RIP: 5-30)
Uncle Marty Dunn....................... Harry Hamlin (RIP: 4-9)
Shea Allen.................................... Gina Holden
Richard Allen............. David Lewis (RIP: 5-23)
Nikki Bolton.................................... Ali Liebert
Danny Brooks................. Brandon Jay Mclaren
Katherine Wellington................ Claudette Mink (RIP: 6-13)
Joel Booth............... Sean Rogerson (RIP: 5-2)
Kelly Seaver................... Anna Mae Routledge (RIP: 4-16)
Madison Allen..................... Cassandra Sawtell
Lucy Daramour......... Sarah Smyth (RIP: 4-16)
Hunter Jennings..... Victor Webster (RIP: 4-23)

WRITTEN BY: Dan Shotz, one of the show's co-executive producers

Source: CBS

Happy Town Promo Pics!


Fringe Casting Scoop!

Meghan Markle (90210) has joined the cast of Fox's Fringe in the recurring role of a new, attractive, brash and quick-witted junior FBI agent, according to The Hollywood Reporter; Markle takes the place of Kirk Acevedo, whose FBI Agent Charlie Francis won't be back.

Source: SCI FI Wire

In Plain Sight Preview & Sneak Peeks!

Supernatural Casting Scoop!

This should take some of the sting out of Adrianne Palicki's impending Friday Night Lights departure: The actress has signed on to reprise her role as Sam's ill-fated ex, Jessica, on Supernatural!

As you know, Jessica was whacked by a demon in the Supernatural pilot. She reappeared at the end of season 2 during Dean's genie-granting alternate reality head-trip, but hasn't been seen or heard from since.

Details regarding Palicki's return engagement are being kept under lock and key, but this much I can tell you: She's booked for one episode and it'll air early in the season (but not the season premiere).
Source: EW

Psych/Leverage Scoop!

Will Rachael Leigh Cook return to Psych as the schoolteacher for whom Shawn is hot? Or will he redirect his attention to the lovely Jules? — Mike
I heard that Supernatural's Jim Beaver is filming an episode of Psych. Is this true? — Candy

TIM: Cook does indeed return, but why limit Shawn's options? We've seen an upcoming script where another foxy lady spits some game in his direction — just before undergoing an exorcism. When a hellion tells you you're hot, you know she knows her stuff. And yes, Beaver turns up in the episode "High Noon-ish" as Stinky Pete, a character involved in the Old Sonoma Town mystery of the Ghost Rider. Psych's fourth season premieres Aug. 7.

I cannot wait for Leverage to start back up! Any preseason nuggets? — Lorinda
TIM: The July 15 premiere offers some of the show's sharpest, funniest writing yet, and finds the gang drawn together by the sound of music. Specifically Sophie's appearance in a Boston staging of The Sound of Music that's so bad one reviewer says it "made me root for the Nazis." We're also treated to the spectacle of Nate's latest crusade almost falling into his lap but instead flipping over and bursting into flame in front of him. Need more incentive to tune in? Parker dresses as a nun with a garter.

Source: TV Guide

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Smallville Casting Scoop!

Kneel before Callum Blue. The alum of such shows as Related, The Tudors and Secret Diary of a Call Girl has been tapped to join Smallville in the series regular role of big, bad Zod, says the Hollywood Reporter. He'll first appear in the Season 9 premiere, airing Sept. 25.

A criminal castoff from the planet Krypton, Zod was memorably played on the big screen in Superman II by Terence Stamp (who, like Blue, is British). On Smallville, Stamp has somewhat ironically voiced Clark's biological father, Jor-El.

Zod's Smallville return (he possessed Lex/was played by Michael Rosenbaum in Season 6) was forecast in the CW series' Season 8 finale, when Tess saw the villain rise from a fiery "Z" on the Luthor manse's lawn.

Zod, however, is not the only baddie the Red-Blue Blur will need to face this fall. As exclusively reported by TVGuide.com, Brian Austin Green will bring Metallo to town for the first two episodes of Season 9.
Source: TV Guide

LOST Scoop!


Virtuality Scoop!


Psych Scoop!

Episode Details & Casting Call:
Casting Sides for Episode 4x07:

Fringe Episode Title!

Episode 2x02 will be called "Night Of Desirable Objects"

Source: Fringe Television

"24" Season Eight Pics!



Eloise in Stockton, Calif.: What's the deal with this Virtuality movie that I'm hearing about?
Virtuality is a two-hour TV movie that was originally intended to be a TV pilot. Virtuality won't be going to series, but because it's high-quality goodness from respected show runner Ronald D. Moore, it's getting on the air as is, this Friday at 8 p.m. on Fox. We watched it this weekend, and it's good, but weird. (FYI, Ronald D. Moore has not gotten over his obsession with air locks. It does seem like a fairly awful way to die, but the galaxy needs to come up with more varied ways to kill astronauts: suffocation by space vacuum is so 2004.) And speaking of all things RDM, if you haven't seen it yet, check out this awesome Edward James Olmos-narrated trailer for the upcoming TV movie told from the Cylon perspective, Battlestar Galactica: The Plan.

Marika: Will Thirteen and Taub be leaving at the end of this season? They will have completed their three-year fellowships by then. Will Chase and Cameron come back, or will there be new fellows?
House executive producer David Shore says it's too early in the season to know if they're going to be introducing new characters. He says, "We don't have any plans on that. As we get closer to the end of the year we might, but I don't think we've mined everything we can with the six fellows we've had there."

Sabrina in Kentucky: Will we ever know for sure if Cuddy realizes what House imagined happened between them? Please reassure us that they won't drop this sizzling hot storyline!
As the cast teased last week, a lot of this season has to do with House (Hugh Laurie) working his way back to sanity and realizing his feelings for Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein). To answer your question specifically, David Shore says, "I think she does know. Actually, we had some discussion about it. I think him standing on the balcony, screaming out 'I slept with Lisa Cuddy!' [gave it away]."

Sandra in Germany: I'd like to know if we'll see more of Cuddy as a mom in the future on House. I like the idea of her being a working mom; she could be such a good role model for women if they'd convey this storyline properly.
We asked Lisa Edelstein if she wants to see that as well, but she's more interested in the Huddy relationship than keeping up with Cuddy's baby. Lisa tells us, "I'm eager to see what they do with the House and Cuddy storyline. The baby is fine, but I don't think it's really about that. I'm sure it will be woven through, but it grounds her to have a child. I think it gives her more of a life than she had. But ultimately it's not about that, the show is not about that. The show is about the hospital and the inner relationships at the hospital."

Lily in Santa Monica, Calif.: When does Evan Rachel Wood show up as the queen on True Blood?
We have to wait a bit to see Evan Rachel Wood as True Blood's 400-year-old lesbian vampire queen Sophie-Anne. She's slated to appear in episodes 11 and 12 on Aug. 30 and Sept. 6, respectively, and sources tell us, "She may appear in future episodes next season."

Stacy in Cheshire, Conn.: What happens with Lafayette on True Blood?
This Sunday, Sookie (Anna Paquin) discovers that Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) has been keeping Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) in his basement and freaks out on him. Naturally. In exchange for Lafayette's release, Sookie agrees to head to Dallas to find some missing vampires. She doesn't end up going alone: Bill and Jessica accompany her.

Brad in Memphis, Tenn.: What else can you tell us about the new supernatural creature that appears on True Blood this season?
We can tell you that the creature appears in the June 28 episode and brutally attacks Sookie (Anna Paquin). It's got a bull head, a half animal, half human body, gnarly claws and is poisonous like a Komodo dragon. And it almost kills Sookie. But Eric and Bill (Stephen Moyer) team to help make her as good as new. Oh, and we soon find out the murdered voodoo lady from the first episode of the season was a victim of this same creature.

Michelle in Los Angeles: Is Dominic Monaghan going to be on Flash Forward or what?
Unfortunately for the fans, executive producer David Goyer would not confirm the rumors that Dominic Monaghan is going to be on Flash Forward. He says he does have a Google Alert set for the show, so he reads all the rumors pouring out: "So much of the speculation is so f--king wrong, it's awesome!" Are they just trying to throw us off the scent?

Venus in Iowa: Thanks for all the good Burn Notice scoop last week. What else can you tell us?
Burn Notice show runner Matt Nix emphasized that Michael and Fiona's issues this season will be serious but will also be mostly illustrated via subtext—especially in that episode-six sparring scene. As Nix put it: "Michael and Fiona are not people who like talking about their feelings."

Lauren in San Antonio, Texas: I love the zany characters on the new show Royal Pains. Do you have any details about upcoming episodes?
Why yes we do, Lauren. The other day we chatted with actress Christine Ebersole—who plays Hank's eccentric client, Ms. Newberg—about her favorite storyline coming up in July. "I give a Bark Mitzvah to my dog. The dogs are so cute in their little yarmulkes! Hundreds of people sit poolside. The rabbi reads from the Torah, and all the guests end up ill." Hank to the rescue!

Source: E!