Saturday, February 13, 2010

House Scoop!

The prognosis on Huddy is in, and it’s excellent.

I just hung up with House creator David Shore, and — no beating around the bush here — he promised me, “Eventually, it’s going to happen. This is the thing we’ve been dancing around — even before we knew we were dancing around it. They’re two very flawed people, but they’re two people that are very attracted to each other.

“I’m a Huddy fan, [too],” Shore added. “Just keep watching the show. It’ll happen eventually.”

I can confirm that there was not a single qualifier in that sentence. I listened to the tape three times. Not a single “maybe” or “possibly” in there.

Coincidentally, Shore also happens to be in the middle of breaking this season’s final episodes. Could it possibly culminate with real, non-hallucinatory lovemaking? My gut is telling me yes.
Source: EW

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