Monday, February 8, 2010


Heroes Lover in Corpus Christi, Texas: I just heard that the season finale of Heroes is tonight, Feb 8.! Why is it ending so soon?

Sorry, Heroes fans, but it's true for a couple of reasons: NBC ordered a shortened Heroes season this year—only 18 episodes instead of the standard 22—and then comes the Olympics. The Peacock will have wall-to-wall Vancouver Games coverage beginning Friday and running through the end of February. As for the future of Heroes, the network will make a decision about a fifth season closer to upfronts in May. Do you think Heroes should stay or go?

Melanie in Washington, D.C.: I am going into serious Glee withdrawal. Do you have any news?
Yes, insiders confirm to me that our favorite multihyphenate Neil Patrick Harris is going to do that guest spot on Glee. The deal was nowhere near finished when reports first started surfacing that he will guest star, but now I'm told the wheels are very much in motion. Hurrah! Now, what songs do you want NPH to sing? P.S. On a related note, I believe I may have spied a real-life contender for "The Mother" on How I Met Your Mother when I ran into HIMYM boss Carter Bays and a lady friend in Los Olivos Wine Country this past weekend!

Michael in Trenton, N.J.: Any news on the new season of Sons of Anarchy yet?
Did you hear the one about the big Sons of Anarchy-Glee crossover? Suffering from a bout of writer's block Friday night, SOA mastermind Kurt Sutter took to Twitter with this news: "I'm contacting Ryan Murphy next week about doing a Glee-SOA crossover episode," he teased. OK, so he's not serious, but he did have this to say of the season-three premiere: "Writing on 301 coming along very, very slowly. This Tig gay dream sequence is a bitch. And the dance number in act 3 is way too on the nose." Come on, Kurt! Give us something—although we really wouldn't mind both the latter and the former.

Rachel in New York: Any Sawyer and Kate scoop on Lost?
Tomorrow night on Lost Sawyer and Kate will share a beautiful and heart-wrenching scene at the end of a dock, and then another one inside of a house that might turn some Skaters into Sulieters. She sees how deep his feelings for Juliet really go, and they go very deep. (Hint: He has a ring.)

Lily in England: So glad Lost is back! Do you have any dish about my favorite characters, Jack, Sayid or Hurley?
Well, let's see: In this next ep, Jack tries to kill himself. (Sorta. And perhaps not intentionally.) And speaking of death and self-destruction, Rousseau and "the infection" come back into play. As I mentioned in the previous Redux, the final 10 or so minutes of this week's Lost are not to be missed.

Bett in Roswell, N.M.: Scoop me some Lost!
In this week's flash-sideways, Kate and Claire spend more time together and we see that Kate may be destined to be a part of Aaron's life regardless of whether they crashed on the island, and someone else might have the same destiny. Keep your eyes peeled for the surprise return of an old frenemy!

Patricia in White Plains, N.Y.: Do you have any scoop on Richard and Kahlan? Legend of the Seeker is my guilty pleasure. I love it. Can we expect any hookups from them anytime soon this season?
Yes, Richard and Kahlan will hook up again. As Legend of the Seeker show runner Ken Biller tells us, "We have not seen the last time where circumstances create the conditions by which these two characters may in fact be able to fulfill their sexual desires for each other."

Melinda in Pittsburgh: Good Day, Kristin! Any word on if Kristin Kreuk will be sticking around on Chuck?
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Kristin is only set to appear on four episodes of Chuck, which means there are just two left with the adorable Hannah. The newest Nerd Herder pops up again tonight and wraps up her gig on March 1.

Deanne in Michigan: Chuck me, please. When are we going to see Chuck and Sarah hook up with Hannah and Shaw?
Sparks really start flying in tonight when Chuck inadvertently involves Hannah (Kristin Kreuk) in Agent Shaw's (Brandon Routh) mission, thus propelling Sarah into the mix. Oh, what a tangled web these folks weave.

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