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Virtuality Lives On!

Here's the scoop:

Eclipse Movie Scoop!


As Seattle is ravaged by a string of mysterious killings and a malicious vampire continues her quest for revenge, Bella once again finds herself surrounded by danger. In the midst of it all, she is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob — knowing that her decision has the potential to ignite the ageless struggle between vampire and werewolf. With her graduation quickly approaching, Bella has one more decision to make: life or death...


(Male - Early to mid 20s) He is a handsome, blond, clean-cut college boy who falls victim to Victoria. A natural born leader, Riley plays an integral role in Victoria’s attempt to murder Bella Swan. As a feral “newborn” vampire, Riley only has one weakness -- Victoria...NAMES ONLY PLEASE


(Male – Age 15) He is a Quileute Indian and the youngest member of the La Push wolf pack. He is a tall, gangly-limbed boy with a huge, happy grin, the son of Harry and Sue Clearwater and the younger brother of Leah. Seth idolizes Jacob – and is always eager to please...NOTE – we are seeking Native American Indian or First Nations actors ONLY for this role – please respect this when making your submissions. Seeking age 14-19 to play age 15


(Female – Age 19) She is a Quileute Indian and the only female member of the La Push wolf pack. She is tall and slender with beautiful skin and short cropped black hair. She would be considered gorgeous if not for the perpetual scowl she carries due to a broken heart and her anger issues. She is the daughter of Harry and Sue Clearwater and the protective older sister of Seth...NOTE – we are seeking Native American Indian or First Nations actors ONLY for this role – please respect this when making your submissions. Seeking age 18–25 to play 19

Source: SpoilerTV

Dexter Episode Title & Casting Call!

Episode 4x02 "Remains to Be Seen"


Late 30's, Caucasian, attractive, likeable, a mother of 2. GUEST STAR, 2 EPISODES.


50's, Caucasian, blue collar, drab and disheveled, he was convicted of killing his wife and served his time. 1 DAY GUEST STAR.


A doctor in an emergency room. Male or female, all ethnicities. 4 Speeches and 4 lines, 1 Scene.


mid 30's to mid 50's, an auto insurance adjuster. 1 Speech and 2 lines, 1 Scene.


Male, a cop at an accident scene. All ethnicities. 1 Speech and 2 lines, 1 Scene.


Male or female, all ethnicities, a paramedic at an accident scene. sptv050769 2 Lines, 1 Scene.


Male, a worker at an auto tow yard. 2 Lines, 1 Scene.


10-12, Caucasian, a likeable young boy eating ice cream at a mall. 2 Lines, 2 Scenes.

Source: SpoilerTV

Psych Episode Details & Casting Call!

Episode "High Noon-ish"

Shawn and Gus investigate the spectral goings-on in the tourist trap of Sonora, a town where actors re-create the Wild West -- and someone or something is gunning for SHERIFF HANK MENDEL...


Late 50s to Late 70s, a Wild West Sheriff, stubborn, proud, tough and rugged, Hank is long past his prime, but still commands a striking presence in his 1870s-era garb: Stetson, boots, duster, pearl handled revolver and tin star. The owner-operator of Sonora, a tourist trap in the boonies, Hank gets up every morning and pretends to be a Sheriff, gunning down outlaws in the dusty main street of town. An old codger who is Lassiter's surrogate father, and who talks like a grizzled old rider of the prairie, Hank is worried when his ratty pasteboard town appears to be under siege by the legendary Ghost Rider of Sonora. But when Hank gets wounded and his business rival is killed, it's time for some real lawmen to investigate the crime (real lawmen aided by a fake psychic)...LEAD (7) LOOKING FOR RECOGNIZABLE NAMES


Late 30s to 50, the town outlaw in Sonora, Stinky Pete is another of Hank's employees; every day, whenever tourists show up, he guns it out with Sheriff Hank and bites the dust on Main Street. But Stinky Pete is an outlaw in his real life as well: having discovered a profitable vein of gold in an abandoned mine (on Hank's property), Pete's been working the mine and taking steps to ensure that nobody (like Frank McBain) develops the property. A killer, an arsonist and a greedhead, Pete winds up shooting it out on main Street for real -- with a gun-toting, vindictive Lassiter...5 lines, 4 scenes (7)

Source: SpoilerTV

"V" Promo Pics!

Fringe Casting Sides!

Vampire Diaries Promo Pic!

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New Moon Sneak Peek!

Burn Notice Character Promo Vids!

"24" Casting Scoop!

The late Bill Buchanan's heir apparent has been named, and it's Mykelti Williamson.

The actor, whose credits include TV's Boomtown and CSI: NY and the Sundance hit Black Dynamite, is joining Fox's 24 in the series regular role of Brian Hastings, the boss man of CTU's New York outpost.

Hastings, says Fox, is MBA-schooled and wields a razor-sharp intellect.

Previous Season 8 castings include Freddie Prinze Jr. (as the head of CTU Field Ops/a wannabe Jack Bauer) and Jennifer Westfeldt (as an ambitious newswoman).

24 kicks off Jack Bauer's bad day in the Big Apple on Jan. 17, 2010.
Source: TV Guide

Dollhouse Scoop!

Extended Torchwood Preview!

Chuck Scoop!

Vampire Diaries Website!

It seems really detailed so check it out:

Stargate Universe Scoop!


Being Human/Torchwood Premiere Dates!

Being Human will premiere on BBC America on July 25th and Torchwood, "Children of the Earth", will air its five part mini-series sometime in July as well.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Robin Hood Scoop!

Episode 3x11 "The Enemy of My Enemy"

Unlikely allies Robin and Gisborne gallop side by side in Sherwood Forest, in tonight's penultimate episode in the current series of Robin Hood, but, before long, they are at each other's throats. Allan spots them fighting and, thinking that Robin is in mortal danger, quickly summons the others.

The gang breaks up the tussle and reels in disbelief as Robin explains his and Gisborne's kinship and their promise to their dying father that they will rescue their half-brother, Archer, from his death sentence at York.

Robin tells the incredulous outlaws that Gisborne is one of them. Gisborne, meanwhile, tries to bring them around to the idea that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". They may never trust him, but they must unite to defeat the new Sheriff Of Nottingham – Gisborne's ferocious sister, Isabella.

Robin and Gisborne head for York at breakneck speed. They've heard that Archer has brought an arsenal of innovative weapons from the Orient which, if found, could help bring down Prince John. But Isabella is on their trail and has put a price on their heads of 100 crowns each, if they're taken alive. Can they keep evading her henchmen?

Meanwhile, Archer, their handsome and ever-resourceful half-brother, is playing fast and loose with the Sheriff Of York's wife, Gweneth. Archer is soon taken before her husband, trying to talk his way out of trouble with claims that, not only does he have weapons from the Orient, but he also knows all about the esoteric science of alchemy, which can lead to untold wealth and power.

If Archer's considerable persuasive and swashbuckling skills aren't enough to win his freedom, will his brothers be in time to save him?

Robin Hood is played by Jonas Armstrong; Gisborne by Richard Armitage; Allan A Dale by Joe Armstrong; Archer by Clive Standen; Isabella Gisborne, The Sheriff Of Nottingham, by Lara Pulver; Gweneth by Tracy-Ann Oberman; and The Sheriff Of York by Anthony O'Donnell.

Source: BBC

New Moon Spoiler Vid!

Harper's Island Press Release!

Episode 1x07 Thrack, Splack, & Sizzle


“Thrack, Splat, Sizzle” – As the wedding guests prepare to leave the island, evidence leads the Sheriff to believe one of them is responsible for the deaths on the island. Also, Abby learns a dark secret linking her to Wakefield, on HARPER’S ISLAND, Saturday, May 30 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Abby Mills…………………… Elaine Cassidy
Henry Dunn…………Christopher Gorham
Trish Wellington…………… Katie Cassidy
Chloe Carter…………Cameron Richardson
Cal Vandeusen…………Adam Campbell
Jimmy Mance …………C.J. Thomason
Sheriff Charlie Mills……………Jim Beaver
Christopher “Sully” Sullivan……Matt Barr
Beth Barrington…………Amber Borycki
Thomas Wellington……………Richard Burgi (RIP: 5-9)
J.D. Dunn…………………Dean Chekvala
Shane Pierce………………Ben Cotton
Maggie Krell…………………Beverly Elliott
Malcolm Ross………………Chris Gauthier
Uncle Marty Dunn……………Harry Hamlin (RIP: 4-9)
Shea Allen…………………… Gina Holden
Richard Allen…………………David Lewis (RIP: 5-23)
Nikki Bolton………………Ali Liebert
Danny Brooks………………Brandon Jay Mclaren
Katherine Wellington…………Claudette Mink
Joel Booth…………………Sean Rogerson (RIP: 5-2)
Kelly Seaver………Anna Mae Routledge (RIP: 4-16)
Madison Allen……… Cassandra Sawtell
Lucy Daramour………Sarah Smyth (RIP: 4-16)
Hunter Jennings………Victor Webster (RIP: 4-23)

WRITTEN BY: Executive Producer Jeffrey Bell
DIRECTED BY: Scott Peters

Source: CBS


Question: With Sarah Connor Chronicles canceled, please tell me there is a possibility of Summer Glau making an appearance on Dollhouse! --Jenn
Ausiello: The noise you're about to hear is the sound of the Whedonverse exploding. Joss confirms to me exclusively that, well, he's one step ahead of you. "If anybody thinks [bringing Summer onto Dollhouse] hasn't occurred to me already then they have not met me," he says. "I mentioned it to her before [SCC] was canceled. I was like, 'You know, we should get you in the 'house.' But first we have to come up with something that works." And casting her as a doll would not work, insists Whedon. "Summer would be perfect to play an active, but she's done that [type of role] a lot," he says. "I'd rather see her play someone who talks too much. The most fun I have is when I get somebody who's good and comfortable at doing something, and then I make them do something else. Summer said to me, 'I would like to play a normal girl before I die of extreme old age.'" Got any ideas? Head to the comments section!

Question: Since you've seen the first four True Blood episodes of season 2, is there anything you can share? --Sanna
Ausiello: They're bloody fangtastic! (Never. Gets. Old.) Seriously, season 2 -- premiering June 14 -- gets off to a thrilling, gory, scary, sexy, disgusting, funny, suspenseful start. Alan Ball would drive a wooden stake through my heart if I spoiled any of the big twists (i.e. my lips are sealed about the fate of a certain flamboyant vampire blood dealer), but here are a few juicy morsels to whet your appetite:

• There are three orgies, all of them powered by Maryann's (Michelle Forbes) aphrodisiac fairy dust.

• Alexander Skarsgard's Nordic vamp has an extremely homoerotic encounter with a character who shall remain nameless. In related news, there are about two dozen gratuitous shirtless shots in the first four episodes, all of them belonging to either Mechad Brooks (Tara's new BF, Eggs) or Ryan Kwanten (Jason).

• Sookie has a very revealing conversation with a new character in episode 4.

• If you're wondering what secret Merlotte's newest waitress (played by Ashley Jones) is harboring, a clue can be found on her skin.

Question: Got any Dexter casting scoop? Who will be this year's Jimmy Smits? --Medve
Ausiello: None other than John Lithgow!

Question: Got anything on 24? --Chris
Ausiello: Big casting scoop: Freddie Prinze Jr. has been tapped to play CTU's head of Field Ops. Thoughts?!

Question: I just finished watching the pilot episode of Glee and it was amazing! Do you have any info/spoilers about the show that can hold me over until fall? --Heather
Ausiello: The club's token gay (a.k.a. Kurt) gets a love interest in the third episode, but not one he was expecting.

Question: We're so close to the new season of Burn Notice. Can we get some info on our favorite ex-spy? --Brad
Ausiello: Next Thursday's premiere picks up right where season 2 left off: with Michael up to his neck in Atlantic Ocean. By the end of the episode, he's back in hot water. Literally. (I'm talkin' 'bout the water being on fire!)

Question: This is probably a long shot, but got any Lost scoop? --Jeff
Ausiello: Yeah, having Lost scoop in late May is about as unlikely as me combing through my old transcripts and finding an unused Damon Lindelof quote pertaining to the show's series finale. OMG, looky here: "We’ve been planning out the final season for four years now. And of all the talks we have had about the show, [reuniting all the castaways] is the subject that has come up the most. The ending was almost where we began, and we had to figure out how to get there. It's like a wedding where the reception is the part that requires the most planning and is the most fun to plan. We've exchanged our vows and I am ready to go party."

Question: Realistically, how many episodes of Lost do you think Elizabeth Mitchell will be in next year? --Derek
Ausiello: My gut is telling me we'll see her in two episodes max. But my gut has been wrong before. Oh, who am I kidding, no it hasn't.

Question: Any Eureka scoop? --Paige
Ausiello: Three of the show's stars -- Joe Morton, Erica Cerra and Niall Matter -- have signed on to guest star on Sci Fi's new paranormal series, Warehouse 13, which debuts on July 7. Cerra and Matter will play small-town thieves who hit the jackpot thanks to a luck-inducing artifact, while Morton has been cast as a charismatic religious leader doing time in a Florida prison. Eureka, meanwhile, returns with new episodes three days later on July 10.

Question: Any more Bones scoop? Pretty please? --Charlee Ann
Ausiello: Since it doesn't look like Brennan and Booth will be having real sex anytime soon, how about Brennan and her bisexual BFF Angela? "We've never discussed that but I wouldn't put it past [producers]," says Emily Deschanel with a chuckle. "I feel like Brennan's the type of character that if she had feelings for a woman she wouldn't question that and she'd go for it. But it would be kind of complicated with her best friend."

Source: EW

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Smallville Casting Call!

Late 20's early 30's. He's a handsome charismatic charmer who savors life. He appreciates good food, loves fast cars and sees beauty in every woman. There isn't a detail in life that eludes his senses. He is a master of seduction... knowing what everyone wants and needs before they do. But don't let his magnetism fool you. There's more than meets the eye. His intelligence can't be matched. He outmaneuvers everyone in his path. Though he longs to find a home, that vulnerability can be twisted -- making him a force to be reckoned with."

Ausiello is speculating this could be a casting side for ZOD.


Dexter Casting Scoop!

Dexter has found its next Big Bad.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that John Lithgow is joining the season 4 cast as Walter Simmons, an unassuming suburbanite who has been living a duel life as one of America’s most prolific and deadliest serial killers. When the mad man (who is dubbed the "Trinity Killer" because he always kills in threes) relocates to Miami, Dexter becomes obsessed (or inspired?) by his efficient killing methods and ability to evade capture for almost three decades. (This is the new antagonist role exec producer Sara Colleton teased back in April.)

Dexter's fourth season premieres on Sept. 27. Oh, almost forgot, bonus casting scoop: Keith Carradine is reprising his role as Deb's daddy-figure ex, F.B.I. Special Agent Frank Lundy, for multiple episodes.
Source: EW

"24" Casting Scoop!

Jennifer Westfeldt, who had a memorable guest-starring arc on Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice this season — and who gets to call Mad Man Jon Hamm her beau — will fill the recurring role of Meredith Reed.

Described by the Hollywood Reporter as "an ambitious journalist," Reed has ties to Arman Hashemi, a Middle East leader who is in the U.S. on a peacemaking mission — and, 24 being 24, is ripe for an assassination attempt.

Of course, CTU needs to be compromised by new faces, so John Boyd (The Notorious Bettie Page) will join the cast as systems analyst/inevitable mole suspect Jonah Schwartz.

Source: TV Guide


Chuck deserves a whole season, not just 13 episodes. Any chance of more? — Darryl
MATT: Actually, yes. NBC entertainment president Ben Silverman says that while the current plan is to deliver 13 midseason episodes, depending on the ratings, "we may extend it out and continue it through the summer," where he thinks it could pair nicely with Friday Night Lights. "We're looking to ... keep [Chuck] incredibly viral and buzz-worthy until it returns, and then hopefully have it on our air for many years to come." That'd be Awesome. And even more so? I chatted up Scott Bakula at TNT's upfronts luncheon, and he's game for more Chuck, if need be.

Is Dawn Ostroff trying to kill her flagship show, Smallville? Because if Fox/Dollhouse got barely 3 million viewers on Fridays, I doubt the CW will get anything better. — Rebecca
MATT: I asked Ostroff about her expectations for Smallville's ratings in its new Friday home, and basically if Clark & Co. deliver more than Everybody Hates Chris and The Game were getting, that'd be super. "I think Smallville will do better [than 2 mil]," she told me, avowing her faith in the show's "very strong fan base." The CW will also be relying on promos to air during the new Thursday tandem of Vampire Diairies and Supernatural to help drive tune-in.

When will we find out who's dead in the car on True Blood? — Neil
MICKEY: Since the season premiere (airing Sunday, June 14, 9 pm/ET) picks up right where we left off, the victim's identity is revealed in short order. As you might have already guessed, Season 2's first casualty is related to Tara, but not in a way that you will guess. At first blush, the significance of said death will not be apparent, but just wait! Also, a minor character's drinking problem will resurface — hilariously.

Any scoop on Leverage's second season? How will things be between Nate and Sophie when the show returns? — Maya
TIM: Timothy Hutton tells us that Nate will go into ultra-revenge mode this season, and against people who very much deserve his wrath: "Sometimes the Leverage team says, 'You know, we don't really need to go that far, Nate. It's OK.' And he says, 'No, we're going to bury this guy,'" Hutton says. Of course, the team isn't even together at the start of the season — until one member lures the others to the same city. Would that be Sophie? Hutton says that's not a bad guess.

Could you please let me in on the status of Eureka? Is the show dead ever going to return? — Randy
MATT: Eureka returns Friday, July 10, at 8 pm/ET, for 10 episodes. What's more, Season 3.5's guest stars will include Ever Carradine (returning as Jack's sister, Lexie) and The 4400's own Billy Campbell, playing a specialist brought in to assist on a Global Dynamics project.

What did you think of Eastwick? — Fernando
MICKEY: I'm a huge fan of both John Updike's novel and the film starring Cher, Jack Nicholson, Michelle Pfeiffer and Susan Sarandon, but after seeing a clip of the show (which features Rebecca Romijn) at the Alphabet's upfront, my first thought was: Is this really necessary?

Source: TV Guide

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Being Human Coming to BBC America!

Being Human—about the secret lives of three twentysomethings as a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost—debuts on BBC America on July 25 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Russell Tovey, Lenora Crichlow and Aidan Turner star as housemates trying to live normal lives, despite their strange and dark secrets.

George (Tovey) and Mitchell (Turner) work in anonymous drudgery as hospital porters. They lead lives of quiet desperation under the burden of a terrible secret: Mitchell's a vampire and George a werewolf. Deciding to start life afresh and leave behind the dark side, they move into a house, only to find that Annie, the ghost of a woman killed in mysterious circumstances, haunts it.
*I've personally seen all the episodes of this show and I think its great.

Burn Notice Promo!

Summer TV Scoop!

Julia in Las Vegas: When are they airing the two-hour Prison Break wrap-up movie?

The Prison Break: The Final Break movie is DVD-only for us Americans! If you happen to live in Israel, you could have seen it on regular TV already, but if you're stateside, you have to go out to Target or Best Buy on July 21 to pick up the DVD.

Drarry: When do Monk and Psych premiere?
We just found out this very morning that Monk and Psych will be back on Aug. 7 at 9 and 10 p.m., respectively. By the way, in case you aren't following them already, you can stalk the Psych writers on Twitter.

Jeni: What about Sons of Anarchy?
FX just confirmed that Sons of Anarchy is returning in early September, but there is no exact premiere date yet.

Madisyn: What about Dexter and Californication?
Dexter season four and Californication season three are scheduled to premiere together on Showtime in late September. Hang in there for an exact date.

Alice: What about the remaining episodes of Kings?
The final seven episodes of Kings will air on NBC beginning June 13 at 8 p.m. ABC burn offs what's left of Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money beginning May 30, June 20 and July 18, respectively. And you can see Ronald D. Moore's Virtuality pilot (which was not picked up to series) on Fox on July 4 at 8 p.m.


Summer TV Schedule!


Buffy Movie Scoop!

Although its minus everything about Buffy that you actually like......

New Moon Promo Pic!

Merlin Scoop!


True Blood Scoop!

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Harry Potter Promo Pic!

New Moon Spoilers and Pics!

Twilight: New Moon - Latest Spoilers

Life & Style dishes some details on New Moon in its latest issue, revealing some crucial variations that the cinematic version takes from the Stephenie Meyer book of the same name.

First off, as has already been revealed, Robert Pattinson's role of Edward Cullen has been beefed up from the book version so that, instead of being summoned as a mere voice in Bella Swan's head, he will appear as an apparition. And apparently, Bella will commit some feat of derring-do and push fate in order to make Cullen appear to her.

Also, the film will include a major action scene in which Laurent battles back against the werewolves out to destroy him.

Perhaps most significantly, while Meyer's novel has Cullen telling Bella that he will only turn into a vampire if they marry, a very different ultimatum will be used in the movie.

Source: CeleBuzz via Life and Style
Promo Pics:

Burn Notice Sweepstakes!

Robin Hood Spoilers!

Episode 3x10

"Deep in the forest, Robin Hood comes upon a very jumpy Gisborne, who has escaped the clutches of his evil sister, Isabella, and the formidable Sheriff of Nottingham, as the medieval adventure with a modern twist continues.

Just as Robin and Gisborne take up arms against each other, tiny arrows pierce their necks and they fall comatose to the ground. They awake at night to find themselves bound and held captive by a mysterious elderly hooded leper, whose revelations will change their lives for ever and bind the mortal enemies in an uneasy truce.

The hooded leper only agrees to give them back their liberty on condition that they work together to save another who is in York and needs their help. Once their bickering subsides, they reluctantly agree to their captor's emphatic demand.

Then, by the fireside, the mysterious stranger recounts to Robin and Gisborne the truth about their traumatised childhoods – sad and troubled memories that have shackled them together with bad blood. As the leper's tale unfolds, both men come to understand what happened between their respective parents. Robin's widowed father, Malcolm, Lord of Locksley, and Gisborne's beautiful French mother, Ghislaine, and her devoted husband, Sir Roger Gisborne, were all thought to have met untimely deaths.

Robin and Gisborne are dumb struck when the stranger's narrative finally seems to conclude. But there is one further shocking truth to come.

Reeling, Robin and Gisborne stay true to their word and set off together to York to save their half brother, Archer, who, until now, they didn't know existed. They must move fast, not least because Isabella is on their trail."

Source: BBC

LOST Series Finale Scoop!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vampire Diaries Sneak Peeks!

Fringe: Charlie Still Onboard?


Leverage Set Pics!



Question: That 24 finale was awesome! Do you have any scoop about Carlos Bernard's role in season 8? --Rob
Ausiello: As of now, it's non-existent.

Question: During your interview with Chuck boss Josh Schwartz, did he happen to mention if Chuck's new abilities will be all over the spectrum? --Dana
Ausiello: No, but speaking of that Q&A, here's the (extra spoilery) portion of the interview I held over for Ask Ausiello:

MICHAEL AUSIELLO: Will Chuck and Sarah start the season off as a full-fledged couple?
SCHWARTZ: Chuck having the Intersect in his head will severely complicate their ability to be a couple ... [And] look for a potential new love interest on the show.

Really? For who?
Someone who could triangulate between a couple of characters.

Male or female?
Gosh, isn't it more fun to tease?

Question: Kirk Acevedo has apparently been fired from Fringe, according to his Facebook status. This is so sad, Charlie was just getting interesting. Do you have any info on that and what it means for his character? --Caroline
Ausiello: It means his character won't be back.

Question: The Glee pilot was more than priceless. I can't remember the last time a show captivated from the get go. Oh yeah, Pushing Daisies. But I digress .... I'll take anything you can give me on the upcoming season and/or on Matthew Morrison (a.k.a. Fox's newest hottie-in-the-making)! --Kathleen
Ausiello: Morrison's Will is not going to cheat on his psycho wife -- even though it's obvious that he and Emma are made for one another.

Question: Since Amy Acker's show Happy Town has been picked up, what does that mean for Dr. Saunders on Dollhouse? Is she headed for the attic? --Mike W.
Ausiello: Not if puppetmaster Joss Whedon has anything to say about it. He tells me he'll be "sending [Happy producers] chocolate and flowers," he laughs. "We're desperate to have her." As such, he is disinclined to put another doctor in the d'house. Only if "we find out that we're not going to use her for the bulk of the season" would he do that, he says. "[But] everyone is not going to be in every episode, so it's perfectly possible that there will just be stories that don't involve Dr. Saunders."

Source: EW

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Leverage Airing Scoop!

Leverage will be airing on Wednesdays @ 9:00pm beginning on July 15th.

CW Fall Schedule!


8 p.m.: Vampire Diaries
9 p.m.: Supernatural


8 p.m.: Smallville

Well, thats............surprising.....

Vampire Diaries Promo Pic!

Source: E!

"24" Casting Scoop!

Chris Diamantopoulos -- best known as Debra Messing's gay BFF on The Starter Wife -- has been tapped to play the series regular role of Rob Weiss, the argumentative and tough new Chief of Staff to President Allison Taylor (Cherry Jones). He replaces Taylor's current C.O.S., Ethan Kanin, who snatched his job back in last Monday's finale after the prez's psycho daughter, Olivia, was taken into federal custody.

As I previously reported, Day 8's action will switch from Washington D.C. to New York City and center on an assassination plot against a visiting foreign leader (Slumdog Millionaire's Anil Kapoor, the new season's first piece of casting).
Source: EW

Legend of the Seeker Finale Promo Pics!


Chuck Spoilers!


Spoilergeeks is now on Twitter!

Lots of daily scoop plus personal commentary on all your favorite shows:

New "V" Promo!

Fringe Season Two Spoilers!


What the hell was that? What happened to the Clois goodies we were promised in the Smallville season finale? Epic fail, man. — Jill
MATT: A lesser man would not run a question singling out a bad piece of intel, but I happen to be a super... guy. So yeah, I guess one source's idea of "Ooh, isn't it angsty and romantic?" is another person's "Time-jumping Lois sucks." (Still, Ms. Lane's offer to help the Blur decompress after his hard day must be filed under "Offers Impossible to Refuse.") To make amends, there is this: Lest you fear the worst — that Lois will conveniently stay "missing" for, like, the first third of Season 9 — I can tell you that is not the case. In fact, she... actually, no, I don't want to step out onto that limb just yet. But in a nutshell, Season 9 should be more than fine for Lois fans.

At the end of the Bones season finale, during the credits, the narrator said new episodes would return in the fall. — Tom
MATT: My, isn't Mr. Voice of Fox well-connected! But did he tell you this?: We have not seen the last of Booth's brother, Jared. "They're just starting to write next season now, but I would imagine he'll pop up," says Emily Deschanel. Noting that Jared's affinity for Temperance was "not exactly resolved" by season's end - and progressed not at all during the surreal finale - she believes "it would make sense for him to come back."

What happened to Merlin airing here in the USA on NBC? — Bryan
MICKEY:Merlin airs on NBC Sunday, June 21 at 8 pm/ET.

Now that Amy Acker's Happy Town pilot has been picked up by ABC, what does that mean for Dollhouse's Dr. Saunders? — Lynn
MATT: I ran your question by Eliza Dushku when I chatted her up at Fox's upfront party, and while the Dollhouse lead/producer is unsure just yet Acker's Happy news will impact Dr. Saunders'/Whiskey's presence in Season 2, she said that at the very least, "I hope Amy will pop in and grace us now and then." Beyond that situation, sources assure me that snipped Season 2 budget or not, the Dollhouse staff will suffer no casualties.

Source: TV Guide

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"V" Promo Pics!


True Blood Sneak Peeks & Promos!

New Moon Promo Pic!

Click to enlarge!

Eastwick Sneak Peek!

Flash Forward Sneak Peek!

"V" Sneak Peeks!

Happy Town Sneak Peek!

NBC Show Scoop!

Next season Heroes will air 19 consecutive episodes.

And the new season of Chuck is slated to air mid-season (which usually means after the New Year).

Source: Ausiello Twitter

"V" Promo Pic!

Source: Spoilertv

LOST Juliet Scoop!

And now for some news that should surprise no one: ABC is expected to announce tomorrow that it has picked up a reboot of the camptastic '80s thriller V and that Lost heroine Elizabeth Mitchell is a full-time castmember.

Translation: She will not be returning to Lost as a series regular.

However, before you go declaring Juliet DOA from last week's detonated hydrogen bomb, I should point out that this piece of scoop comes with a big but attached: Mitchell's Lost days are not done. Multiple sources confirm that the actress is expected to appear in an unspecified number of episodes next season, so it's entirely possible Juliet survived Jughead and her absence will be explained in another way.
Source: EW

Dollhouse Renewal Scoop!