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Stargate:Atlantis Promo Pics!


Fringe Set Photo's!


True Blood Episode Details!

Episode 1x05 - Sparks Fly Out

Gran invites Bill to speak at her Descendants of the Glorious Dead meeting about his life as a Confederate Soldier. Shown in flash-backs of the Civil War, we are shown the horror that Bill saw and how the attempted rescue of a wounded soldier, crying out from the battlefield, lead to his best friend's death. Bill then fields questions from his audience and one member of the DGD shows Bill a tintype of the Compton family, which Bill doesn't remember having taken, but is moved by it nonetheless.

Among the audience in attendance at the DGD meeting are Sam, Sookie, Tara and Jason, as well as three trouble-making young men packing a garlic press. Sam notices that Sookie is very tense, while Jason, high on vampire blood, is noticing Tara as if for the first time. After the meeting, Gran and Bill watch Sookie leave with Sam as they go out for coffee.At Merlotte's, the three trouble-makers from the DGD meeting have issues with Lafayette's cooking. Lafayette confronts them and they wish they had never walked into Merlotte's that night.Included in tonight's episode is another flashback to when Bill meets Lorena, the vampire who turned him, and Sookie deals with the loss of someone close to her.

"24" Casting Scoop!

"Rory Cochrane, whose dearly departed CSI: Miami character managed to resurface last season (as an ethereal vision of Delko's), has joined the ensemble of Fox's 24 for this coming season, sources tell me exclusively. Cochrane will be filling the recurring role of Greg Seaton, a crony of Jon Voight's big very baddie."

Source: TV Guide

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Harry Potter & Twilight Previews!


At House's TCA session all I saw was Hugh Laurie, Robert Sean Leonard, Omar Epps and the "new team." Does that mean that Jennifer Morrison (Cameron) and Jesse Spencer (Chase) are no longer part of the show? — Kerry
Mickey: Very observant, Kerry, but I'm told their absence is not significant. Both Morrison and Spencer remain series regulars. In fact, an upcoming ep promises to shed new light on the couple.

Any romantic relationships for Dr. House this season? — Stephanie
Mickey: There's a rumor that he and Cuddy will stop circling and start canoodling this season, but you didn't hear it from me!

Give me some awesome Clois scoop. — Danny
Matt: You want awesome? We've got awesome. Our Comic-Con video Q&A with half of Smallville's show-running team, Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer, is about to go live. When it does, you will hear's Erin Fox procure this glorious sound bite: "We've played Clark and Lois as brothers and sister, basically, so far... but this season, things change. [Working together at the 'Planet'] they can't deny that there are feelings there."

Can we get more info about Clark and Lois both working at the "Daily Planet"? — Kassandra
Matt: OK, just one more excerpt, but then I'm done robbing Erin Peter to pay Mega Buzz Paul: "The romantic banter, a la Moonlighting... the fans are going to love it," says Swimmer. Banter shmanter — is Clark's pencil going to get sharpened? The answer to that... is coming when the video goes up, folks. In the meantime, enjoy these vids featuring Allison Mack, Justin Hartley and Sam Witwer (aka Doomsday).

I thoroughly enjoyed CBS' recent repeats of Dexter. Any chance they will air more? — Curlie
Mickey: According to CBS prez Nina Tassler, no. During the TCA press tour, she called the cable-to-network re-editings and -airings "an interesting experiment," but not one they are likely to repeat.

"The Buy More smells just like Best Buy," you say? Please elaborate on your TCA set visit and throw us Chuck fans a bone! — Calvin
Matt: Yes, the video crew and I visited the Buy More set during TCA week, and there I interviewed Zachary Levi, Joshua Gomez and Adam Baldwin. (Remind me that Yvonne was MIA and I shall smack you.) Scoopage-wise, I am sad to report that what Ms. Strahovski told me at TV Guide's Sexiest Stars party — that Sarah will move in with Chuck — has not yet come to pass, and production is at least eight episodes into the new season. What's up with that? Series creator Josh Schwartz tells me the plan still is for the secret and the agent to cohabitate, "but not for a little while."

I was wondering if Bones is ever going to meet her extended family (e.g. her mother's sisters)? Max told her about them but it was never mentioned after that. — Paula

Mickey: I'm hearing that it's possible, but not planned at this time. Getting to know Booth's family, on the other hand, is another story.

Source: TV Guide

Comic Con: Stargate Atlantis!


Question: Do you have anything new on my favorite show, Chuck? — Laura

Ausiello: Yes, but let me preface this by saying some of this may have already been reported at that big fat spoiler confab known as Comic-Con. In the Sept. 29 season premiere, Chuck and Sarah finally set a date… to go on a date — a real date. Not surprisingly, things don't go smoothly. Actually, things don't go at all, thanks to one Mr. Adam Baldwin. Looking beyond the premiere, I hear John Larroquette gives his funniest performance since his Night Court days when he guests as a retired 007 in October. As an added bonus, his episode also features the inimitable Melinda Clark sporting her most over-the-top accessory yet: a thick Russian accent. Sometimes Josh Schwartz gives me gifts. And sometimes I pay it forward. Case in point: Look what I just found.

Question: Were you one of the lucky few thousand who saw the Heroes premiere at Comic-Con? — Erik

Ausiello: I actually skipped out on Comic-Con this year due to, um, er… security reasons. Yeah, that's it. Luckily, my trusty moles were out in full force. One of them even attended the packed Heroes screening, and he/she reports that the Season 3 premiere is "excellent and far less confusing than last season." My spywitness adds that the episode has several funny moments and "a really scary scene reminiscent of the Scream movies."

Question: Thanks for the awesome interview with Katie Jacobs from House! Surely, you saved a few sound bites for AA, right? — Jonathan

Ausiello: You guys know all my tricks. Yes, I banked a few juicy bits, beginning with scoop on Thirteen's real first name. Actually, it's more of a non-scoop since Jacobs says that particular mystery may never be solved. For the foreseeable future, Olivia Wilde's alter ego will continue to go by Thirteen or Dr. Hadley — although in the wake of her Huntington's diagnosis, you can probably add Evil Knievel to that list, too. "She's always been something of a risk taker," Jacobs explains. "And now that she knows she has this fatal illness, it causes her to make certain choices that may not be considered all that responsible. She's on an interesting journey."

Question: I didn't attend Comic-Con and I'm too lazy to scour the web looking for a transcript of the Lost panel, so whaddaya say you save me the trouble and give me a quick rundown of the major Lost spoilers that Team Darlton revealed? — Nicole

Ausiello: Unfortunately, I'm even lazier than you, so I wouldn't touch that assignment with a 10-foot pole. I would, however, email EW's Doc Jensen (who moderated said Lost panel) and kindly ask him to do it for both of us. Below are what he considers to be the major takeaways, bullet-pointed for your convenience.
• Richard Alpert will figure prominently in Season 5.

• The whole notion of "flashbacks" and "flash-forwards" will be reinvented, suggesting that upcoming episodes will span multiple time periods and perspectives.

• Jin will be back, but there's no word if he's dead or alive.

• It was strongly suggested that Faraday survived.

• Faraday's notebook will play a prominent role this season.

• We'll finally get Rousseau's back-story, but Darlton cautioned that it would be wrong to call it a "flashback" episode.

Source: Ausiello @ EW

Supernatural Interviews!

Watch the First Five Minutes of Season Four Supernatural!

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BSG Episode Details!

Episode 4.11 will be called "Sometimes a Great Notion"

Kara struggles with the forbidding prediction of the Cylon Hybrid while Adama and the Colonial fleet face despair over their shocking discovery.

Airs: 9th Jan 2009

Source: SpoilerTV

Heroes Season Three Screencaps!


Heroes Comic Con Official Vid!

Heroes Webisode #3!

Smallville Interview!

Smallville Scoop!

Episode 8x05 "Committed"

Someone is abducting young couples (including Chloe and Jimmy), and Lois and Clark pose as a couple themselves to investigate.- Lois proves herself to be a supporter of a Chloe & Clark pairing.

Airs: October 16, 2008

Source: KryptonSite

Chuck Spoilers!

Eureka Scoop!


New Dharma Video!


Mena in Los Angeles: I just read that Battlestar Galactica will air its "final, final" season in January. Any hints on what to expect?
I can tell you that when I asked Jamie Bamber about the last 10 episodes, he was positively effusive. This wasn't just an actor reading his lines flogging the show—he was truly in awe of the final three eps. According to Jamie: "They're amazing. Ron's finale is just sensational. All I can say is they're well-deserving of being the last episodes of Battlestar Galactica." So excited! Also, by the by, Jamie's wife is just about the coolest girl you could ever meet. She's the kind of girl who tells you that you have something in your teeth before you interview her husband and helps you get it out...(Not that that happened to me or anything. No thireee! Wait, thorry...need to get this rathpberry theed out of my teeth...No siree!)
Wendy in Singapore: Kristin, thank you for all the Comic-Con reporting. Do you have any other Lost stuff? Especially about Kate seeing Sawyer again?
Actually, I just heard from a reliable source what the new nonflash story structure is supposed to be for season five, and here's what I can tell you:
What my source told me seems to jibe perfectly with everything we've heard straight from the mouths of Damon and Carlton at TCA and Comic-Con-
-It could be incredibly confusing
-Think about the Jin and Sun episode from last season.
-In particular, this new story structure (which we'll discuss more as it gets closer to the new season) seems to ease my biggest fear about season five: separated characters and character groups. So before the secret gets out and everyone starts bitching about the confusing part, I'd like to say thanks, writers, for listening to us fans about wanting to see our faves continue to share adventures. Cheers.
Halo in St. Paul, Minn.: I would love to hear something about Heroes!
How about some Mohinder dish? As was revealed in the Comic-Con screening of the season premiere, Mohinder (Sendhil Ramamurthy) is getting powers, and I can tell you that the powers you see exhibited at the end of the finale are not the end of the story. Before too long we'll see him exhibit a nifty power that he shares with one of the top five comic-book superheroes of all time. Care to guess which hero and which power? (Here's a hint: Homer Simpson had a pig version.)
Augusta in Phoenix: Missing Battlestar Galactica real bad. Any scoop to tide me over?
I'm hearing that they leave Three (Lucy Lawless) behind on Earth. Why they leave Earth and what this means for the rest of the gang, I do not know. However, wouldn't it be cool if Earth Three found some nice young apocalypse survivor to settle down with and the two of them turned out to be Adam and Eve of this here human race?
Tessa in Albuquerque, N.M.: Kristin, thanks for the Chuck scoop from Comic-Con! The panel was amazing, but I have to ask: Who is doing the same-sex kissing this season?! They never said!
Yeah, and I'm not really sure I was supposed to let that cat out of the bag, but I can tell you that the two kissers are the fine (and I do mean fi-yeene) fellas who got the most raucous applause during the panel. A little Adam Baldwin and Zachary Levi tonsil hockey anyone? Obviously, the way in which this happens is not anywhere near a blossoming romance, but it is hot and ridiculous and hilarious, and I think you're gonna love it, along with all the rest of the goodness for the new season! By the way, if you want the full Chuck panel from Comic-Con, it is here. And thanks to all of you who attended!
Heath in Boston: So excited about meeting the Awesomes this season on Chuck. But are Ellie and Awesome really going to make it to the altar?
This coming season will not be all smiles, so Captain Awesome is going to head to the most and least likely person for advice on Ellie. Any guesses as to who he turns to?
Mischa in Mendocino, Calif.: I love Dexter! Can I please get a little scoop on the rest of the boys on there?
Masuka (C.S. Lee) and Batista (David Zayas) are finally going to get some real love! With each other? Ummm...probably not, but we shall see.
Alison in Jackson, Tenn.: I'm in need of some killer scoop on everyone's favorite and hottest serial killer, Dexter Morgan.
According to Dexter boss Clyde Phillips, "We're introducing a new character named Joey Quinn, played by Desmond Harrington, who is a Northeastern transplant with a New York accent who looks nothing like anyone in Florida. He comes over from narcotics. By the time we pick up the season, he's been there for a couple of weeks, and I.A. [internal affairs] is sniffing around him for various interesting reasons, and he partners up with Deb." Could this be Deb's new honey? What do you think?
Serena in Great Neck, N.Y.: Any Prison Break dish?
I'm hearing that vixen Gretchen (Jodi Lynn O'Keefe) may be getting a little tortured this season. Or possibly a lot tortured. Any comment from the Prison Break peanut gallery on that? Also, I caught part of the Prison Break panel at Comic-Con (before I had to run to another commitment), and they showed the first five minutes or so of the season premiere, in which Gretchen tells Michael that Sara is alive. (She's aaaliiiive!) So it all does go down very fast, and it looks like the lovely Dr. Tancredi will be reunited with the lovely Michael "Hot Pants" Scofield in no time flat. (P.S.: Wentworth Miller wasn't able to make the panel because he was working, and I swear you could hear the collective heartbreak of the crowd—including the girls sitting on each other's laps right next to me in order to squeeze in to see him—when that sad news was announced.)
Emily in San Diego: I heard there are tons of superheroes heading toward Smallville this season. What can you dish?
Aquaman, Black Canary and Green Arrow will be on the hunt to find the missing Clark, and further down the road, I've heard we'll be introduced to a few more supers from the future Justice League. Justin Hartley also told me he's going to have a new love interest this season, but the Lois Lane/Oliver Queen relationship is not dead at all. I smell love triangle!
Melanie in Winter Garden, Fla.: What is going on with 24? I miss Jack & Co.
I can offer a little scoop from Kurtwood Smith, who is a recurring character this season. He said, "I'm doing what I think is six episodes [this season]. I'm in the first episode, and then I don't come back until episode 10. I'm a U.S. senator, and the first episode is in a hearing room—where I'm grilling Jack—and then a good deal of the rest of it takes place in the White House, and what we're shooting this week is my last big scene, and it's just Kiefer and I. It's a very interesting scene. It really addresses the argument between my character and Kiefer's attempt at justifying what he has to do." Kurtwood Smith vs. Kiefer Sutherland? Awesome.
Marshall in Kentucky: Kristin, thanks for all the great scoop from Comic-Con! I was hoping for more from the Terminator show.
Yes, and just for you, it is of the steamy variety! A source on the show told me "We are casting a female resistance fighter who will burn up the sheets with Brian Austin Green." By the by, producer Josh Friedman told the Comic-Con panel he had no faith in Brian being the right choice when he came in for the audition, but was so blown away he made the decision right there on the spot to offer him the role. Also, I asked Brian if he might come on the new 90210 and he said "I'm on Terminator, Monday night on Fox!" Clearly was not about answering that question in any way or form. Hmm...So maybe David Silver is the aforementioned boy returning? What do you think? Possible in any way?
Source: Kristen @ E!

Supernatural Casting Scoop!


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Chuck Episode Details!

Episode 2x03

Bryce Larkin is back and accompanies Chuck, Sarah and Casey on a mission. Chuck, working as a waiter, is jealous, watching Sarah and Bryce flirt and feed each other strawberries, and is distracted enough to cause a scene and get fired. A Fulcrum Agent later holds Chuck at gunpoint to get what she wants. Morgan deals with big, mean guys from another store that come in to Buy More to eat their lunch and play the video games. When he tries to tell them to clean up, quiet down and share the games with other customers, the lead guy stands up to him and threatens him. The big bully challenges Morgan and Lester to a fight but they chicken out and hide at the Buy More all night.

Supernatural Scoop!

Been waiting years to learn more about Sam and Dean's mom on Supernatural? Your wish will come true early this Fall. Word is we'll flash back to the beginning of John (Daddy Winchester) and Mary (Mommy Winchester)'s relationship in the season's fourth episode. I'm hearing Mary was still in high school when they first met, so we'll see Sam and Dean's maternal grandparents as well.

Source: Zap2IT

Chuck Vs. Heroes!

Tons of Chuck Vid's!

Dollhouse Video!

Prison Break Videos!

Big Heroes Comic Con Spoilers!


Comic Con: Prison Break Pics!


Smallville Episode Details!

Episode 8x04 "Instinct"

It sounds like "Melissa" was indeed just a ploy to throw us off, and the intergalactic Maxima is indeed the one to appear in this episode.- Justin Hartley (Oliver) and Sam Witwer (Davis Bloome) do not appear in this episode.- The resurfacing of the "Fever" letter might lead Clark to realize what he's missing out on.

Source: KryptonSite

Comic Con: Bones Pics!


Heroes at Comic Con!

Heroes Spoilers!


Comic Con: The Sarah Connor Chronicles!


Comic Con: Dollhouse!


Dexter Script!


Comic Con:True Blood!

LOST Spoiler Summary!

* The island did not travel when the hatch imploded, but something did happen.

* We'll see more of Locke and Jin on the show. "Dead is a relative term," and there's still a lot of story to be told about those characters.

* Their favorite episodes are "The Constant" (Carlton) and "Exodus" (Damon). Damon adds that he really liked season four, and he admitted the show has had its "ups and downs."

* They reiterated that getting an end date for the show has really reinvigorated it in terms of giving it energy and purpose.

* We will see Rousseau's story this year, but it won't exactly be a flashback. We're done with flashbacks and flashforwards, but there will be some time-jumping excitement anyway. There will be storytelling on and off the island, and in different periods of time.

* Vincent the Dog is fine and will be in season five — and will survive until the end of the show.

* The Jack/Kate/Sawyer triangle is central to the show, and we'll see more interesting permutations of it over the next two seasons. And Kate will see Sawyer again.

* The nameless extras in the Zodiac boat with Farraday, stranded with the island gone, may be toast, but "things are looking up" for Farraday himself.

* Speaking of Daniel, he has a little notebook that tells him stuff that's happened, and stuff that will happen soon, and it's going to figure prominently in season five.

* Richard Alpert is "quite old," thanks to the island's mystical properties, and we'll see more of his history this year. We'll also see him barefoot in "the near future, pun intended," so we'll find out how many toes he has.

Source: IO9

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More LOST Comic Con Scoop!


Comic Con: Bones Scoop!


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LOST Video!

Heroes Scoop!

From Comic Con via Spoiler TV

Future Peter is Nathan's shooter and episode 3x01 is entitled " The Second Coming"

Comic Con: LOST!


Comic Con:Heroes!


More "24" at Comic Con!!


LOST at Comic Con!

"24" at Comic Con!

Tons of Comic Con Scoop!!!


Prison Break Spoilers!


Stargate:Atlantis Preview!

Fringe Pics!

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