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Stargate Atlantis Interviews!!

A must see for any SGA fan!!!

Supernatural DVD's!

According to Buddy TV:

CW’s Supernatural just wrapped up its second season last month, but Warner Home Video is gearing up to release the entire season on DVD on September 11. The six-disc DVD will feature all 22 episodes from the recently concluded Supernatural installment and will also contain two audio commentaries. The commentary from executive producer/ director Kim Manners and the stars of Supernatural, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, is for the episode “In My Time of Dying,” where Dean Winchester (Ackles) is haunted by the Reaper as he lays comatose, while his brother, Sam (Padalecki), tries to fight off a demon with their father, John (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).The commentary from creator/executive producer Eric Kripke and Executive Producer Robert Singer is for the episode “All Hell Breaks Loose, part I,” where Sam and other “special children” are abducted by the Yellow-Eyed Demon. Other features of the DVD include “The Devil’s Road Map,” a thorough study of the Urban Legend that inspired the series creator, “Script to Screen: All Hell Breaks Loose part II-Season Finale,” which details how the episode came to be, a gag reel, unaired scenes, the original screen test of Padalecki, and a DVD-ROM that has been enabled to link to special website content. On the technical side, all the episodes can be viewed in 16x9 widescreen format. Available subtitles include French, Spanish, Portuguese and Complex Chinese. Total run time is 968 minutes. The DVD has been priced at $59.98.The show, which debuted on the CW in 2005, was renewed for another year just before the second season finale aired in May. On the second season finale of Supernatural, viewers watched as Dean willingly sacrificed his soul in order to bring Sam back to life for one more year. The episode ended with the death of the Yellow-Eyed Demon and with Dean telling Sam about the bargain he had made.

Beware the Wraith!! Stargate Atlantis Update!!

SGA Fans read on!

Battlestar Mystery???

Check this out Battlestar Fans:

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LOST News!

I can tell you that producers definitely have made an offer for Harold Perrineau to return in the new season. [Source: Kristin on E!]
Well, thats that, then isn't it?

Battlestar Galactica Cast Interviews!!

I haven't watched them tell me, any good?

BEWARE: Unhappy Cylons!

Read this interview about how two of the actors playing Cylons are pretty damn unhappy with playing one.
And here's another interview with Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck) and Paul Hogan (Col. Tigh):

Comic-Con San Diego Coming Soon!

Along with great spoilers(woo hoo!), I can't wait for the overload of info we'll get. Here's the link to Comic-Con's homepage if anyones interested on seeing if theres still room available. You'll get to see all your favorite show casts there: Stargate Atlantis, LOST, Supernatural, etc. The list goes on and on!!!

Latest Ausiello Scoop

And I find it's severely lacking but here's the gist:

There's been a lack of House spoilers lately. Think you can give me a tiny glimpse into Season 4?— Sara
Ausiello: New details are emerging about the four new underlings joining House's crew who I first told you about last week. Of the two women, one is described as being in her thirties and "mysterious," while the other is in her twenties and a "real go-getter." The dudes, meanwhile, consist of a plastic surgeon in his thirties and a possibly single dad in his early forties. Also, two of the characters will be on for multi-episode arcs, and the other two will stick around as series regulars.

I read Ask Ausiello every Wednesday hoping that there will be a slight mention of Bones. And every week nothing! Disappointment? I think yes!— Jennifer Lynn
Ausiello: We're going to meet Zack's potential replacement in the season premiere. His name is Clark Edison and he gets mixed reviews from the team. Angela refuses to acknowledge his existence, Booth digs him, and Brennan, well, she's too busy fretting about the potential impact his hiring could have on her relationship with Booth to judge him fairly. Meanwhile, Angela hires a private detective to track down her Fijian husband.

Atlantis Scoop!

New info for Season 4!

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Supernatural Fans...Check This Out!

So Supernatural fans, whatddya think?

Bones Extended Season!

Fox has announced it's plan to extend Bones next season to 28 episodes instead of 22-23! Weird, right? Ya never know it could be great news or bad news meaning they'll end it after that or something. Whats your guess???

Latest Spoilers!!

Here's the latest scoop from Kristen @ Eonline:

Clo in Atlanta: Is Alona Tal, who plays Jo on Supernatural, returning next season? I hope so, because I love her chemistry with Jensen Ackles.

The Magic 8 Ball says...very doubtful. According to Alona's reps, anything is possible, but since the show hasn't done anything with her character for a long time, they're not expecting a call any time soon.

Brandi in Taos, New Mexico:What's the latest on Lost? Will Michael come back? Please say yes!

I can tell you that producers definitely have made an offer for Harold Perrineau to return in the new season, which they also did last season (Harold declined because he was working on a pilot). Back then, Harold was offered a truckload of money. Now, sources tell me he wants that same truckload. The question is whether he will receive it—hence, the holdup. I, for one, am happy to empty out my piggy bank and couch cushions and contribute to the H.P.

Kyle in Benton Harbor, Michigan: This is a good season of The 4400 so far, don’t you think? Do you have any scoop on what’s coming up?

It is! And I do! Executive producer Ira Behr told me that the first four eps this year show us what life is like for some of the “extracrispies,” so we’ve got a couple more of those coming down the pike. The next three dig heavily into the mythology of the series. He describes episode 8 as a sort of “one-off” palette cleanser. Episodes 9 and 10 bring Richard Tyler back and deal with his whole storyline, and eps 11, 12 and 13 just go into “space madness,” leading the show into whole new territory for season five!

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American Idol Tryouts!

Here. We go. Again.Auditions for American Idol's Season 7 will kick off July 30 at the Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego.

Subsequent squawking tryouts will be held as follows:

August 6: Texas Stadium, Dallas

August 10: Qwest Center, Omaha, Nebraska

August 14: Atlanta, Georgia (site TBA)

August 18: North Charleston, South Carolina, Coliseum

August 22: AmericanAirlines Arena, Miami, Florida

August 27: Wachovia Center, Philadelphia

Wannabes need to be age 16 to 28 as of July 28.

Stargate Atlantis Season 4 Previews!!

I'm a little behind but here's the new SGA previews for Season Four - Woo hoo!

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Lost Videogame News!

And it's not all good news from what I hear. I can't remember where I read this but I read that it's not going to be out and able to purchase until 2008! Bastards, I'm really looking forward to this game and now the wait has been extended. Anyways the little excerpt below is from which has the most extensive photo collection and other stuff from Lost, so check it out if you haven't already people.

In a recent interview for Lost the Official Magazine Co-Creator/Executive Producer DAMON LINDELOF is asked some questions for the "Pearls of Wisdom" section. One of those questions read:

"Q:How is the Lost vidoegame looking from what you've seen?
(John Bayer)

A:From what I've seen? RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME."

UPDATE: Ubisoft's Yves Guillemot just mentioned that the video game tie-in to the hit series "Lost" is still on schedule for 2007. The game, which is almost forgotten for lack of screenshots or any solid news that tell people of its existence, is not even included in Ubisoft UK's updated release schedule. Guillemot has reported though that it's still in development in Ubisoft's Montreal studio and will be released before 2007 ends.

GamesRadar is supposing that given Guillemot's statement, the Lost video game may not be released in 2007 since it's way too late for a game that doesn't even have any screenshots or reports of gameplay mechanics. That, or Ubisoft may have resorted to creating a simple Lost trivia game for handhelds due for release this Christmas.

No Booty for Bones??

This is from Kristen @ eonline

Creator Hart Hanson, exec producer Stephen Nathan reveal: For you Bones and Booth fans out there, I've got good news, and I've got bad news: On the up side, executive producer Stephen Nathan told me, "We love the romantic comedy, so that, of course, will not go away." However, and this is the bad part, when pressed about the romantic future of screwball-comedy supercouple Booth and Bones, creator Hart Hanson told the assembled crowd at the Emmy theater, "Something goes out of a series when those characters sleep together." Dr. Jack Hodgins and the lovely Angela Montenegro can look forward to some detective work next season. Stephen says, "They're going to be on a quest to find out who she's married to and find out whether that can be undone or not, and who he is, because Angela doesn't know who she married back in Fiji - she doesn't remember." Expect lots of family-tree climbing for our heroes next season. Hart tells me, "We have to deal with the season ender: Brennan's dad was arrested, so we have to do dad's trial. And this year we meet some of Booth's family - his high-achieving brother, his father who doesn't understand him and his sainted grandfather. At least that's what's in the plans now..." And Stephen promises, "We're going to exploit Ryan O'Neal (as Brennan's dad) as much as possible." Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan filled me in on the Bones crime docket for season three, and it sounds chillingly good. Hart says, "We'll go after the Gravedigger, and there is a serial killer - not the Gravedigger, but a new and different serial killer - who is slowly putting together a perfect skeleton, bone by bone, from 206 different people. So, we've got to catch him before he gets his 206 bones and completes his skeleton. It's great - it's in the season opener."

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Drive to Air Ending on Fourth of July!

Hey, I dont know if you guys caught the VERY few episodes of Drive that aired on Fox earlier this year. As it wasn't the most AWFUL thing I'd ever seen, still they yanked it off the air after only like four episodes, which was wicked rude. The point is, they are going to air the final two episodes on the Fourth of July people back to back so at least we can see the ending. Like I said before, nothing worse than a damn show that ends and leaves you hanging.

So check out FOX listings in your area on the 4th!

Moderate Heroes Spoilers

Nothing ground breaking, just some blips about what episodes are centric and whos back and whos not.

4400 Interview with Jenni Baird

New interview with the chick who plays the most recent NTAC Director who I guess is going to play a love interest for Tom now that Alana is gone back in 1800's.

Stargate Atlantis Season Four Photos and Much More...

Wraithfodder's Live Journal site is EXCELLENT for Stargate fans. It's well updated and has all the greatest spoilers and summaries so go check it out if you're a Stargate Atlantis fan like me....

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Dresden Cancelled???

Basically this article is remarking on the impending doom of the Dresden Files. That sucks, I mean again, NOT my favorite show but definitley something to watch without having to get really into it. It's at the very least an interesting show. Well, one good thing is that it didn't end on a cliffhanger, thank goodness. Nothing worse than a damn show that ends on a cliffhanger and never returns. Either way you should watch season one even if they don't produce season two, you shouldn't be dissapointed.

Dexter Casting News

I dont' know if you guys watch Dexter on Showtime but what a great wacked out show. It's totally different than other shows because it comes from a "bad" guy perspective. It's not my FAVORITE show but its definitley watchable so check it out if you havent seen it.

Jaime Murray, co-star of the AMC Series "Hustle", has been added to the second season of "Dexter". Murray will play Lila a former addict and artist who becomes a friend and ally of "Dexter". Murray is slated to appear in 10 of the 12 episodes in season two which launches Sept 30th.

Award-winning actor Keith Carradine has joined the cast of Showtime’s top-rated drama series DEXTER for its second season. Starring Michael C. Hall, the series follows Dexter Morgan (Hall), an incredibly likeable forensics expert for the Miami Police Department who moonlights as a serial killer.

In season two, Carradine plays Lt. Frank Lundy, Special Agent for the FBI who is investigating a large number of dead bodies recently found in Miami. Carradine will appear in 11 of season two’s 12 episodes.

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Harry Potter Book Seven Spoilers or Foilers??

This is not a TV Show I know but.... Apparently word is, some dude hacked into some London publishing place and found/read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and he posted key plot points over at a weird website. That dude could totally be making it up but it could also be true so head over there at your own discretion!!! AGAIN I WARN YOU DONT READ IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE SPOILED!!

And just for the record I DO NOT believe this crap is true

Here is the link:

Kyle XY Orders More Episodes!!

From Buddy TV -

The second season premiere of ABC Family’s sci-fi drama series, Kyle XY, scored high in the ratings chart, with fans trying to find answers to unresolved issues raised in the previous season.

The debut season of Kyle XY followed its lead character, Kyle, as he tried to gain some insight as to why he woke up with no memory of his past and no knowledge of his true identity. He had to learn how to be human, starting with fundamental activities such as eating, drinking and communicating with others.

In an interview with iF Magazine, Matt Dallas, who portrays Kyle in the sci-fi series, said the previous season “was all about everyone taking care of Kyle and him finding out where he came from and what his origin was.” However, in the current season, the 24-year-old actor said that it is Kyle’s turn to take care of all the other characters as he embarks on a personal journey to find “his purpose in life.”

Although Kyle still has little idea of his true origin, it was revealed in the previous season that he did not possess a bellybutton, a telltale sign that he is not of the human race.

When asked how the effect is achieved, Dallas replied, “To be honest with you, we don’t use a prosthetic. We have one, but usually they CGI it out. Which works better for me because it means less time in the make up chair.”

The developments on-screen have given way to some changes off-screen. Dallas said that in shooting this season, he was made to undergo more rigorous physical training, which included rock climbing and “crazy leaps and jumps.” Dallas also had to learn how to play the guitar.

Another change fans can expect this year is a longer Kyle XY season. The first season only contained ten episodes, whereas the second season has twenty-three episodes, which, according to Dallas, will be shown in two different blocks.

“So, you’ll get a set of thirteen and then there’ll be a big hiatus and then you’ll have the second block in the winter,” he explained.

Dallas also talked of the possibility of new villains for this season, and referred to the character Jessi XX (Jamie Alexander) as “the dark to Kyle’s light.”

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Supernatural/Smallville/Buffy/Angel Convention

Ok I dont know how much of a geek you guys are but if you are the "convention" type, this is a great site to get tickets to your favorite show conventions. Personally, if they were located closer to where I live I would totally go because I AM a geek but anyways heres the link if you want to check them out. So far Jared Padelecki from Supernatural will be one of the guests attending!


New Prison Break Chick!!

Ok latest and greatest Prison Break scoop is who the new chick is gonna be. It's gonna be the girl who was the queen beeeyatch from "She's All That"! Remember that movie? Well her name is Jodi Lyn O'Keefe and rumor is she might be a love interest for older brother, Lincoln Burrows.

New set of Heroes!

Ok so apparently this tidbit comes from TV Guide that David Anders (Alias' Sark) is going to play Takezo Kensei, as in the Kensei Sword, the Kensei Warrior, all that Kensei stuff that had Hiro pumped through most of the season. What I think is weird though is....... isn't he going to be playing someone who is Oriental???? Oh and theres other info about casting as well.

Heres the link:

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More Info on Supernatural Babes..

The latest from BuddyTV -

Since the report that Supernatural was adding two ‘hot’ female regulars to the cast, the show’s fan community has been on fire with protest, praise, and a slight breeze of neutrality. In the time since the controversial Supernatural casting move was reported, we’ve managed to get our hands on the casting sides, bits of script used to audition actors and actresses, and have learned a few things about the characters. Beware, spoilers ahead.

The Mercenary is named “Bela,” a hard drinking, crass, and focused tough girl with an admittedly soft interior. In the sides - which may or may not be part of an actual script – Bela is meeting Dean (Jensen Ackles) to discuss the crystal skull. When Dean refuses to sell the artifact, Bela replies with “Look, you think I’m some heartless mercenary? Hey, I cry every time I see ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.’ I’m just playing the game the way it’s supposed to be played. There’s no good or evil… there’s just different points of view. It’s just business.”

Bela clearly is not indoctrinated to the battle that is waging between the hunters and the forces of evil. As far as romantic sparks go, the three page scene is pretty devoid of anything remotely flirtatious.

The same can’t be said for the scene with Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Ruby, the female hunter. She is more seasoned than Sam, who is grappling with the fact that he had to kill two demon possession victims. She has a tougher stance, actually using the words “war” and “collateral damage.” That scene closes with definite sexual overtures from Ruby “It’s kinda… well, romantic, don’t you think? Very ‘Casablanca.’ What do you think , Sam… we don’t know if we’ll be alive tomorrow… so what should we do tonight?”

The fact that each character is matched with a specific brother might indicate that they are thinking either pairing might produce romantic sparks. Further confirmation of the intent to introduce “love interests” came from Kristin at E!Online who verified scoopage that at least one brother would become romantically involved with one of the girls.

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Try This Show Out!!!

Ok so listen. There's this show Blood Ties. And ok, so it's on the Lifetime Channel which is weird for me, because I don't watch Lifetime stuff. But my husband and I gave this show a try and its not that bad. We usually watch it On Demand with Comcast but I think anyone who likes vampire shows should give it a chance. If you like it, good, if not, whatever...
Heres a link to it's webpage:

Kyle XY Spoilers!!

Chris Olivero plays Declan McDonough, Lori's boyfriend and Kyle's confidant. But being Kyle's secret-keeper comes with a price. It drives a wedge between him and Kyle, and nearly destroys his relationship with Lori. And when Nicole Trager's mysterious new patient catches Declan's eye, things can only get worse.

Jaimie Alexander plays Jessi, the sole survivor of the explosion at Zyzzx. Just like Kyle, Jessi appears in the woods, covered in the pink goo, with no belly button. But there's no nice family waiting for Jessi. Jessi is quickly re-captured by her creators and programmed to acquire and destroy her target: Kyle. Until she locks eyes with Declan, and her killer instincts take a back seat to an even stronger desire.

And check out THESE spoilery pics @
Well allright-y then.................

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Smallville Supergirl?

Ausiello from TV Guide's latest on Smallville -

Question: Any news on the type of person (age, looks, etc) the CW wants for Supergirl on Smallville?— Nicole
Ausiello: KryptonSite has a detailed casting breakdown, but basically they're looking for an actress who has blonde hair and can pass for 19. Also — and you didn't hear this from me — the hope is that Supergirl will eventually be spun off into her own CW show. But again, you didn't hear that from me.
Question: Is there any truth to the rumor that Smallville is trying to get Kristen Bell to play Supergirl?— Jason
Ausiello: That sounds suspiciously like the sort of baseless rumor I'd start. As awesome as that would be, there's no way KB would take a supporting role at this stage of her career. And, really, who can blame her? The girl's on fire!
Question: Any news on who'll play the new editor of the "Daily Planet" on Smallville (Ausiello Report 6/4)?— Justin
Ausiello: I'll tell you who won't be playing him: the erstwhile Clark Kent Dean Cain. "Interestingly, we want to have Dean on the show this year, but I doubt it's going to be in this role," exec producer Al Gough told my colleague Rich Sands. "We had thought about it, but I don't think we can make that work for a number of reasons, none of which, by the way, are creative. It's scheduling, financial, things like that. But the plan is to have Dean Cain on the show this year." So who is Gough eyeing to play the "Planet" boss? "We'd love to stunt-cast it with a great person, and we're going to audition for that."

Supernatural Babes?

Ausiello from TV Guide's latest on the upcoming third season of Supernatural:

Question: It's been a month and a half since you gave us any Supernatural scoop. Will you please give us some Season 3 spoilers?— Gabrielle
Ausiello: Big scoop! The show is adding two new series regulars next season, both of them female and, based on the casting breakdowns, insanely doable. The first one is described as a beautiful, funny and confident mercenary who lacks a conscience, and the other is an enigmatic demon hunter who is sexy, brutal and ruthless. So ruthless that I hear she's going to make Sam and Dean look like the Hardy Boys.

Stargate Atlantis Season Four News!!

Producers of SCI FI Channel's original series Stargate Atlantis told SCI FI
Wire that the upcoming fourth season will add former Firefly cast member Jewel
Staite to the cast as a new doctor. Staite, who also appeared in the Firefly
feature film, Serenity, as well as the short-lived fantasy series Wonderfalls,
will play Dr. Jennifer Keller. She joins Stargate SG-1 cast member Amanda
Tapping, who also joins Atlantis' cast, reprising her role of Col. Samantha

Staite is "fabulous," executive producer Robert C. Cooper said in an
interview on the show's Vancouver, Canada, set over the weekend. Other cast members
hinted that Keller may develop a romantic relationship with one of the other
characters and will become friends with Carter.

As for Carter's joining the Atlantis team, executive producer Joseph Mallozzi
said the transition won't go smoothly. For one thing, Carter and Rodney McKay
(David Hewlett) have a history, as fans of SG-1 know well. "There will be a
little friction off the get-go," Mallozzi said. "But they're both adults [about
it]." McKay's unrequited lust for Carter will be addressed, Mallozzi
promised. "That gets touched on very early on."

"The difference between Carter and [Dr.] Weir [Torri Higginson] is that
Carter is in the military," Cooper added. "In fact, when she joins them she's a
full-bird colonel, and she's a superior to [Lt. Col. John] Sheppard [played by
Joe Flanigan], so there's really not much he can say or do; she's his superior

As for the season's storylines? "In terms of the stories, because we're not
doing 40 episodes a week—we're doing 20 episodes—we can concentrate more on
the individual characters," Mallozzi said. "Each of the characters will have a
story in the front half. We'll be developing a lot more of the overall arcs.
We'll be exploring a bit more of the Replicators and what makes them tick, we'll
be finding out a little bit more about the Wraith as well. That should be

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Excellent LOST Fanfiction!!!

I strongly suggest any fan of LOST read this stuff I grabbed from DARKUFO.BLOGSPOT.COM. Talk about excellent writing and imagination. I totally enjoyed it and I usually could give a crap less about reading fan fiction.

Story 1
Story 2
Story 3
Story 4

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

New LOST Rumors!!

I think we'll be seeing lots of rumors before Season 4 starts - Here we go with the latest!!

So we are couple of weeks into the off season and I am sure each and everyone of us is just itching for some insight on Season 4.....well guess what....!!??

I have the first set of MAJOR MAJOR spoilers for season 4...!!

Now before I start I would like to clarify a few things......the info is from a VERY credible source and NO I will not tell you who/what gave me this information....

Also, I have been sitting on these spoilers for a few days now (because of my trip) and do NOT know what has already been posted on other sites. So if any of these are repeat spoilers, sorry.

Furthermore, my source told me, that as of this past weekend ONLY the story board for S4Ep1 was in the works.....SO please take ALL of the spoilers below with a BAG of salt....the writers are known to change their minds..... :)

HOWEVER, like I said this info is from a credible source and is based on the WRITER'S GENERAL DIRECTION FOR SEASON 4. Plus, keep in mind that majority of spoilers I posted for the last few episodes of season 3 were true. The spoilers that didn't occur were cut and will MOST LIKELY make the DVDs or will happen in Season 4.


NOTE: The spoilers are numbered and some of them are followed by my opinions after dash marks.

1) The REASON why Kate is NOT in jail during the future (flash-forward) story WILL be explained in the first 2 episodes

2) Penny will play a big role in the first 4 episodes and/or later

3) MORE deaths on the way

-- Uh ohhh.....maybe those rumors about the cast NOT getting along ARE true....

4) MORE new Losties will be introduced

-- Hopefully the writers have learned their lessons and introduce them better than Razzle and Dazzle..

5) We WILL get a Danielle flashback but it will leave use wanting more.....the episode will explain some of the questions that the fans have asked at live events and forums...

-- WOOT!!! Hmmm....I wonder.....has she REALLY been on the island for 16 she a an she Annie....!!??

6) Many of the Losties who left the island WILL have a future story (flash-forward) and it will be SHOCKING to see what has happened since they left the island.....this will help us understand a little of WHY Jack really wants to go back

-- I am assuming we are going to see some MORE darkness and other Losties that have broken down just like Jack. Also I guess this puts to rest the argument that JUST Jack and Kate got off the island.

7) Still MANY flashback stories on the LOSTIES have yet to be closed

8) Jacob is the NEW monster (he will be seen in many episodes but not explained) and the monster will be explained (sort of)

-- one alone will keep me confused during the off season.......???

9) The history of the island WILL be explained but unsure if that means about the "natives" or the island itself....

-- Natives huh...??....can any one say Ancient Cultures Thread........??

10) The Ruins and the "Temple" mentioned by Ben will be the explored by Locke

-- Hmmm looks like Bad-Ass Locke is on more adventures...??

11) Michael & Walt and also.......Libby WILL return BUT don't expect much of their stories until mid-season

-- Sooo I assume this MEANS Michael & Walt in REAL time OR flash-forwards and perhaps either Zombie Libby OR her in MORE flash-backs.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Who's the outcast on the set of LOST???

Apparently, theres a crazy bitch actor/actress on the LOST set! I wonder who it could be? Heres all the sordid details I've collected from various sources. Now tell me what YOU think!

As I see it, showbiz produces two kinds of divas: the ones with talent and the ones without. And as infuriating as the former can be to work with, it's the latter you really have to watch out for. Just ask the stars of a certain critically acclaimed series. They've learned firsthand what it's like to work alongside an NTD (no-talent diva), and they're dishing and telling to anyone who'll listen. Good thing I'm a really good listener. According to my spies, this particular NTD suffers from a major case of PPWFE (pretty and privileged white female entitlement), and her prima donna behavior is alienating nearly all of her costars. Even worse, she is widely viewed as the weakest link of what is arguably one of TV's finest ensembles. So not only is she a drag behind the scenes, but she's proving a liability on screen as well. But you know what? Karma's an even bigger bitch than she is. - Ask Ausiello

Heather in Washington D.C.: In today's Vine show, you tell us that a certain castmember on Lost is on the outs with most of the other castmembers. Please, please reassure me that you're not referring to Naveen Andrews or Terry O'Quinn!
I am not.

Cory in Homeworth, Ohio: Tell me, please, who is it on Lost that had a falling out with the rest of the cast? Will this affect their character or story at all?
Ding, ding, ding! It already has! There was a pivotal line during a scene on the beach near the end of one of the last few episodes. It was very telling about what's happening behind the scenes. - Watch With Kristen

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Oohh Goody..LOST Rumors!

While attending Yessica Kumala's yearly "end of lost" celebration bash she prepared for Josh, which took place on May 31st at their home in Honolulu, I managed to snag a few tidbits regarding the season 4 opening episode. He was reluctant to tell me anything, and supposedly didn't know anything as he hadn't got the script yet, but after a few drinks he managed to pop a few out. I cant remember the exact words, but the following was roughly what he told me regarding the season 4 opener. This may or may not be true as he says this is what he heared floating around the set as he did his final scenes for the season 3 finale. Firstly, the season will supposedly open with a similar situation as season 1 and 2, however, this time its slightly more obvious. The episode apparently opens from "???" point of view, on the "rescue boat". Secondly, as a fan of Desmond, I asked if he knew how things ended with him. Again, he reminded me that this was just a rumour, but Desmond does not make an appearence in the first episode, however, Penny does. The final tidbit he popped out was about Locke. He had been in talks with Terry O Quinn, and found out that Locke will be a much darker character next season, and apparently knows alot more about the "rescue party" than he is letting on, and that he had previously knew "Cassie?" (one of boat crew) whilst dating Helen (perhaps a fling?). This information may not be much, and may not infact be real as they were just rumours floating around the set, but I hope you find it as interesting as I did.

Friday, June 1, 2007

LOST Spoiler Leaks?

Thanks to BuddyTV for this insightful look into how the writers feel about the major spoiler leaks for the last two episodes for season three -

When LOST’s Season Three finale twist was revealed weeks in advance, the vast internet fan community for ABC’s hit show was divided between those who thought such information was an entitlement, and those who felt it shouldn’t exist at all. As LOST Season Four looms on the horizon, the backlash from the production end of things has finally reared its head. How did the producers react to the leak, and what plans do they have to keep LOST Season Four under wraps?
Lost producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse popped up individually this week at E!Online and respectively to address the awful incident of spoiling, which took place weeks prior to the airing of LOST’s finale.

Lindelof described his philosophy on the leak to E!’s Kristin Veatch “…no one skips to the end of life. You have to live it, and it's just disappointing to me that people don't respect the integrity of the show enough to let it unfold naturally.”

Lindelof, the co-creator of LOST, went on to say this about how LOST Season Four information will be disseminated “Well, with regard to [LOST] season four, Carlton and I are going into complete and utter radio silence. I know a lot of people are going to be frustrated, but I think if things had gone a little differently in terms of the finale getting spoiled, we might have been a little more open to talking about it.” His later comments, though, were self mocking and indicated that the reason for the silence is more to suspend the audience in this state of vertigo over where the show was going, and not about getting revenge against those that spoiled the finale’s big surprise.

Over at the Ausiello Report on, however, Carlton Cuse, the co-show runner, indicated that while the producers may be limiting themselves to well tempered displays of disappointment, the brass at Disney are the path of Vengeance. When Ausiello asked Cuse whether they knew who spread the info or not, Cuse replied “Disney security is trying to establish a full and complete list of all of the people through whose hands the show passed, We did everything we felt we could do.”

What could this mean for the fan community leading up to LOST Season Four? If Disney has a heightened sense of the damage to the property, it could conceivably set up a DMCA hit squad to take down sites that have a tendency to be too loose with LOST Season Four spoilers. In reality, ABC and other networks tolerate a lot of unauthorized use of copyrighted materials such as videos, logos, and pictures. Exercising their rights as copyright holders, Disney could make spoiler sites pay aesthetically for crossing the line, and in some cases, the removal of copyrighted material could conceivably cause a site to shut down. Unauthorized set photographs, the essence of many spoilers for instance, can sometimes be considered copyright violations.

Overall, even with a lightened tone, it appears that LOST Season Four will present a more tight lipped creative team and, likely, a more locked down production than previous seasons.