Monday, February 8, 2010

Bones Scoop!

Here comes the bride! Bones will host a big wedding in May. “One of the four women in our cast will be getting married,” says exec producer Hart Hanson, who (with a little prodding) narrowed the candidates down to these couples:

Booth & Brennan “It would take a lot
to get there, but it’s conceivable,” says Hanson. Really? When I was on set, I observed a kiss between David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel—but it was a behind-the-scenes smooch on the cheek celebrating their 100th episode. The only way a wedding could happen is if they were undercover in a wedding chapel or, as costar Tamara Taylor (Camille) says, “in another alternate universe.” After fans rebelled over last season’s dream-sex finale, I doubt they’d play us again.

Angela & Hodgins “Angela and Hodgins almost made it down the aisle at the end of the second season. They realized Angela was already married to Berimbau and then broke up,” says Michaela Conlin (Angela). “Although Wendell is turning out to be more than a roll in the hay, Angela is very in love with Hodgins and will eventually end up with him.” I agree and am placing my bets on them! If her character married Wendell, she says, “Fans would probably be upset, and I’d also be a bit bummed.”

Daisy & Sweets “These two are a hot-and-heavy couple,” says Hanson. Maybe, but this newbie intern is hardly May sweeps bride material.

Camille & Mystery Man “Cam will be meeting a love interest this season,” says Hanson. This comes as welcome news to Tamara. “Cam hasn’t had a date in years, so it will be interesting to see how ungraceful she is falling in love,” Tamara says. “But I don’t think I’m the bride.”

Source: TV Guide Magazine

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