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Starbuck's Destiny Revealed!

The fourth and final season of "Battlestar Galactica" will start with a galactic bang when the SciFi Channel airs the feature-length movie "Razor" on Nov. 24.

"Every one of us in the 'Galactica' family has always nurtured a not-so-secret passion to try and make a movie out of the show, because there are so many things that on a week-in, week-out one-hour drama, you have to compromise on," Jamie Bamber, who plays Lee Adama on the series, recently told SciFi Wire.

The new telefilm covers the plights of the Battlestar Pegasus under both Lee Adama and the ruthless Adm. Helena Cain (Michelle Forbes). More is revealed about the relationship between Cain and Number Six in the telefilm, and there will no longer be any doubt that the two were once lovers.

A young William Adama (Nico Cortez) will rack up some pilot time in some frakin’ cool dogfights against the Cylons, and Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff) prophecy will be revealed. Also, a new character named Shaw is introduced as a fresh pair of eyes through which to view the series regulars. All this before the new season begins in early 2008.

"It tries to introduce a new character [Shaw], which I thought was a great way to ... see it all from a pair of eyes that we haven't actually met before, that we'll have to meet all the main characters all over again," Bamber said. "I thought that was a very worthy endeavor and a good way to bring a new audience to ‘Battlestar’ before a fourth season being aired."

Select movie theaters in the U.S. will hold special screenings of the film on Nov. 12.

"Razor" airs Nov. 24 at 9 p.m. ET on SciFi Channel, and the fourth and final season of the show premieres in April.

Source: Sci-Fi Wire


Heroes Spoilers!

From Kristen @ E!


Elle Is Super Kinkay: In ep 8, which flashes back four months, just wait till you see how sadistic our darling Kristen Bell can be as she gleefully zaps and zings Peter. Oh, and FYI, their lips might kinda sorta meet. And oh yeah, I might freak. I mean, Veronica and Jess lip-locking? Hello? That's the stuff of TV legends!

Maya Is Super Bad: And not in a fun Michael Cera of Superbad way—more like a Bill from Kill Bill kinda way. Just wait till you see what she did four months ago! You'll think her brother is a saint.

Nathan Is Super Lucky: You know that creeptastic burned dude Mr. Petrelli keeps seeing in the mirror? Sources confirm to me that's most definitely Nathan just a few months back, and the reason he looks so good is that (a) Adrian Pasdar is genetically blessed and (b) there's a cool new "cure" of sorts that could do a whole lotta people some good—including Nathan and, I don't know, perhaps Isaac and D.L. and Simone and Daddy Suresh, to name a few.

Kensei Is Super Old: 400 years old and he looks that good without a smidge of Botox? No fair! And he might even have picked himself up an Anglo name! You'll see very soon, and so will Peter, who gets a new bunkmate.

A Hero Is Super Dead: Sylar's gonna kill a Hero. A non-Hero's gonna kill a non-Hero. And then Sylar's gonna kill another Hero. Yeah, news flash: The guy's still ridonkulously evil. Don't let that shiny new Mylar fool you!

Pic from

Supernatural Sides!!

For episode 3x11 "Jus in Bellow" which I tried to look up its meaning and I think it translates to something about "rightness of action in war" or "justifiable action in war".


Happy Halloween..................
Here's the latest from TV Guide's Ausiello:

Question: Seriously?! You haven't given us any Bones scoop in three weeks! What happened to your promise to give us more Bones scoop? — Katie
Ausiello: Geez, I thought my Aunt Joan was high-maintenance, but she's got nothing on you Bones fans. And if you must know, the reason I've been scrimping on the Bones prattle is because I traded in three weeks of so-so spoilers for one that's so earth-shattering it could literally, well, shatter the Earth. Sources confirm to me exclusively that at some point before January, Booth and Brennan will (brace yourself for planetary obliteration) kiss! Are we still here? Did Earth explode? No? Phew. Anyway, my mole wouldn't spill the circumstances surrounding the long-awaited smooch, except to say that there is some kind of "twist" involved. Any guesses as to what that twist might be?

Question: Do you have any new info about the upcoming death on Lost? — Menomale
Ausiello: No, but would you settle for info about a new recurring character instead? Well, tough noogies, 'cause that's all I've got. The show is on the hunt for Huston, a fortyish authority figure whose charming demeanor belies an ice-cold heart. The new character is also said to be a model employee — nothing stands in the way of him doing his job… at least not for long. Scary. Sounds like me except when I see bright colors.

Question: No Battlestar Galactica until April? Say it ain't so!— Christina
Ausiello: It ain't so! While it's true that original episodes won't start unspooling until early April, Season 3 will technically blast off in late March with a (prepare to groan) fancy shmancy recap special! Hey, it's something.

Question: How happy are you that the Smurfs are finally being released on DVD on Feb. 26? Because of this fantastic news, how 'bout a little Smallville scoop? — Melanie
Ausiello: Well, I'd be even happier if it was coming out three days earlier (hint, hint), but Feb. 26 will do just fine. On the Smallville front, as I promised in this week's AR vodcast, the identity of the mystery person whom Chloe confronts in the Nov. 8 episode is none other than… Lana! Clark's BFF basically issues Lana an ultimatum: You hurt my friend, you deal with me.

Question: I wondered if you could give me any news about Smallville. — Sergei
Ausiello: In the Nov. 15 episode, we'll learn that two characters (one evil, one presumably good) are in cahoots. And that can only mean bad things for a certain unnamed heroine.

Question: I can't believe you didn't give us any Supernatural spoilers last week! — Jeff
Ausiello: I can't believe One Tree Hill's still on the air, but you don't see me bitchin' about it, do ya? OK, bad example. Anyway, a few Supernatural scoopbits: The Jan. 3 episode will feature a surprising origin story for Ruby, during which we'll learn why she's helping the bros. And the following week (Jan. 10), we're going to learn how Bobby got into hunting.

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SGA Preview!!

New Bones Regular Cast Member!

Story found here:

Supernatural Preview!!


Latest Scoop from E's Kristen

Kacin in Houston, Texas: Any news about the future of Jericho?

According to sources, CBS is looking at the Sunday 8 p.m. time slot for the seven new episodes of Jericho. That would put it opposite football, Fox's cartoon lineup and Extreme Makeover. Jericho previously aired on Wednesday nights. By the way, in case you didn't hear, reported that the show didn't pick up Pamela Reed's contract for season two.

Sophie in Wismar, Germany: How long will Caitlin stay? I totally hate her relationship with Peter. By the way, hopefully Kristen Bell will be on Heroes for a longer time. Elle is such a great character!I asked Kristen and the producers that very question while on set last week, and it looks like they are all trying to make it happen. Pleaseohpleaseohplease! How awesome would it be if they made her a regular?! As for Peter and Caitlin, you might want to shut your eyes for the next episode, as they travel to two different countries together. (Personally, I love them and will gladly take you on in a big fat sumo suit to settle this matter)

Hannah in Albany, New York: What are the odds of a little Elle-and-Peter hookup on Heroes? (Come on, Jess and Veronica hooking up? Heaven!)Yeah, except he might have a minor beef with her for, I dunno, (spoiler alert) wiping out his memory and sticking him in a crate or something. Not exactly high on the compatibility charts, according to the experts at (Check back later for the next Heroes Redux!)

Thomas in Des Moines: Why aren't you talking about Dexter? It's like the best show on television right now, and it deserves some love!

I couldn't agree with you more! This Sunday's episode signifies a major shift in personality and character for both Dexter, the man, and Dexter, the series, and I think you're gonna looove it. Also, it has a raw and savage sex scene that will make you wonder about Michael C. Hall's exact diet and exercise regimen. And when he says the line "not last night" to a certain someone, you'll gasp out loud!

Amy in Renville, Minnesota: Do you have any info about Bones?

In an upcoming ep, while investigating a murder case, Bones gets a little sensitive when Booth notes that one of the female suspects "got around." Sounds like something's brewing.

Starla in Chicago: Anything on House?

If you've been paying attention to media reports, you know already which three newbies House chooses (Kal Penn, 13 and the plastic surgeon), but if you actually just keep up with the show like a normal person, tune in to the last House episode during sweeps (Nov. 27) to see what happens when Cuddy forces House to just pick some, already. Also, during sweeps, the feds bring House a dangerously ill CIA agent, but of course they can't tell House anything about the patient, or they'd have to kill him.

Heroes Episode Details!

Episode 2x08 "Four Months Ago"

A look back at the events immediately following the showdown with Sylar finds D.L. (Leonard Roberts) making the ultimate sacrifice for his family; Nathan paying a heavy toll for his heroic act; and Peter falling into the hands of The Company, which leads to a violent meeting between him, Elle and the Haitian.

Airs: 12th November 2007

Source: SpoilerTV

Episode 2x10 "Truth or Consequences"

PETER ATTEMPTS TO SAVE THE FUTURE FROM THE VIRUS -- Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) travels to Primatech Paper in Texas with his new friend to destroy the virus, which will kill 93 percent of the world's population in the future -- or so he believes. Niki (Ali Larter) returns to Micah (Noah Gray-Cabey) with bad news. To right a wrong, Monica (Dana Davis) puts her abilities to the test while Hiro (Masi Oka) goes after his father's killer.

Meanwhile, Matt (Greg Grunberg) uses his mental abilities to track down the last person in the company photo. In addition, Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) learns his brother is alive. Outside of New York, Maya (Dania Ramirez) must choose between Alejandro (Shalim Ortiz) and Sylar (Zachary Quinto). Kristen Bell, Jack Coleman, James Kyson Lee, Hayden Panettiere and Sendhil Ramamurthy also star. Nick D'Agosto, Adair Tishler and Stephen Tobolowsky guest-star.

Source: NBC

Heroes Stuff!

Prison Break Episode Details!!

Episode 3x08 "Bang & Burn"

The Company has given Linc four days to get Whistler out of Sona, but Susan B. decides to act on her own, bypassing Michael, who finds a new ally in Sona. Meanwhile, Lechero faces a challenge from Sammy; Linc and Sucre try again to rescue LJ; Sofia learns some new things about Whistler; and Mahone, still strung out, testifies.

Source: TVGuide

Pic from DarkUfo

Prison Break Preview!

Wentworth Miller on Season Three!

Smallville Guest Star!

"Smallville" will see another Superman family actor return to the world of Superman later this season.Marc McClure, who played Jimmy Olsen in the Christopher Reeve Superman movies, has just finished filming scenes for an up-coming episode of "Smallville".Marc will be playing a Kryptonian known as Dax-Ur.

Supernatural Episode Details!

Episode 3x07 "Fresh Blood"
Sam and Dean learn that a male vampire is using human blood to turn women into unsuspecting bloodsuckers. Meanwhile, Sam is being pursued by Gordon, who has escaped from jail and become a much more dangerous threat. Dixon: Matthew Humphreys. Gordon: Sterling K. Brown. Lucy: Mercedes McNab.

Airs: 15th November 2007

Source: SpoilerTV

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Susan B Spills!

Follow the link to a very explanatory interview with Jodi Lyn O'Keefe from Prison Break:

Heroes Scoop!


Scoop from 4x05 "The Economist"

* "The Economist" will have Sayid as a main character, and will show his after-island life. We'll be in Germany, and his girlfriend is called Elsa. In the excerpt I wrote, she seemed very intrigued about Sayid's kinda secret job. He refuses to talk about it, even to her...

* In the island, there will be a scene in which some losties will go to "Othersville" and will notice some noises. Kate (not Juliet!) will realize that the noise is coming from a house - pointed in the script as Juliet's house -, and she'll go & check it.

Then - ta-da! - she notices that the sound is coming from the closet; and finally finds Hurley stuck inside.

* Locke and Sayid are disagreeing about the best way to discover more about the "new visitors": while Sayid wants to go to the ship with Charlotte - and
appears that she'll get a boat to get back to their HQ -, Locke prefers to trust in Ben, who said that he's got a spy on the boat.

* By what I read, Kate and Sawyer WON'T have a heavy discussion. By the script, that's the situation: Freckles will want to go to somewhere - not mentioned on the excerpt I read - but Sawyer, even not wanting her to go, won't stop her; but will also show her his disappointment...

Source: Carlos@DarkUFO

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Heroes Info!

Heroes Preview!

Prison Break News!

Murder, mayhem and revenge are on the docket this November on PRISON BREAK, which kicks off with a special two-hour event on Monday, Nov. 5 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT). Lincoln is forced to tell Michael about Sara's murder, leading Michael to take drastic action against a fellow prisoner and place the escape from Sona in danger in the "Photo Finish/Vamonos" episode.

On Monday, Nov. 12 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) in the "Bang & Burn" episode, Michael finds a surprising new ally in Sona; Susan takes the escape into her own hands; and Lincoln and Sucre race to save LJ. In "Boxed In" (Monday, Nov. 19, 8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT), Michael suffers the consequences of solitary Sona-style and a mystery woman makes her way to Panama to find Michael. And on Monday, Nov. 26 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) in "Dirt Nap," a coup in Sona brings Michael's escape plan crashing down and leaves the Panamanian hellhole with one less prisoner.

Source: Futon Critic

Battlestar Galatica news!

Ronald D. Moore, the executive producer who runs "Battlestar Galactica," is gearing up for the long goodbye by taking on a new task. He will step into the director’s chair for the first time next season as his dramatic reinvention of the hokey 1970s’ space opera treks toward the end. The final 20-episode run will kick off in — you read it here first — early April.Moore’s work on the show as a writer-producer landed "Battlestar" its first Emmy nomination in the drama writing category, where he faced off against the writers of "The Sopranos" and "Lost." A veteran of the "Star Trek" series "The Next Generation," "Deep Space Nine" and "Voyager," Moore is also juggling writing duties for the upcoming feature films "The Thing" and the sequel to "I, Robot."

About his directing debut, Moore said, "It’s the perfect opportunity to try and do it here with my family — the cast and crew of the show — who have been working together for years now."For all I know, I’ll hate directing, but right now I’m hungry for it."seLast season ended with a stunning revelation: Four of the characters aboard Galactica that have been helping lead the resistance discovered themselves to be Cylons, the robotic race apparently set on destroying humans. Moore said he’s directing an episode set deep in the Cylon world, as well as aboard Galactica. “On Galactica, things have really begun to fall apart ... and the relationship between President Laura Roslin [Mary McDonnell] and Adm. William Adama [Edward James Olmos] is going to get pretty interesting.”

Moore’s episode, however, won’t air until after the show takes a midseason break and will kick off the remaining episodes in “Battlestar’s” four-season run. Sci Fi Channel executives have not yet determined whether the final season will all air next year or be spread over 2008 and 2009.“I’d probably prefer to see the entire thing air next year to maintain the momentum, to build excitement as it pushes to the end,” Moore said, “not to mention it means less chance of spoilers getting out.”Lucy Lawless will be plugged back in as D’Anna, the rogue Cylon that was deactivated last season. She’ll be back early on for three episodes, which Moore said will serve as a catalyst for the rest of the season.And as for that fifth “chosen” Cylon?

“It’s definitely been decided who that one is,” Moore said, but it won’t be revealed early. “I can’t say when, but we’re certainly not waiting until the last episode to tell you who it is.”In the meantime, the series’ fans can get their fix from “Razor,” an original two-hour episode that serves as something of a prequel to the existing “Battlestar” mythology. It premieres Nov. 24 on Sci Fi.S

ource: LA Times

Smallville Episode Details!

KryptonSite has learned that the eleventh episode of Smallville 's current season, scheduled to air in January, will not only feature the return of Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow, but that the Justice League superheroine, the Black Canary, will feature in the story as well.The title of the episode is "Siren."No further details are known at this time, aside from a recent Al Gough interview where he said that Chloe will be putting her Watchtower abilities to good use moonlighting for the Green Arrow. What we do know is that this episode comes only one week after the episode "Persona," which features the return of Brainiac to the mythos!

Source: KryptonSite

Moonlight Preview!

ML - 1.05
Uploaded by _Sabina_

LOST Rumors Update!

You guys have to go check out all the LOST rumors that DarkUFO has collaborated together at his intricate and well made site. There's tons of stuff any LOST fan will be excited to read and speculate about if you haven't already so move your ass and go read:

Supernatural Interview!!!

TV Guide interview with Jensen Ackles who plays Dean WInchester on Supernatural!!! Check it out!!!

Jericho Update!

And click here to be taken to Spoilertv, where you can view the latest TV Guide scan in large print:

Thanks to DarkUFO & Tv Guide

House Preview!

Supernatural Episode Details!

Episode 3x06 "Red Sky at Morning"

Drownings on dry land are linked to visions of a ghost ship, putting Sam and Dean on a collision course with Bela (Lauren Cohan), who is also investigating the phenomenon.

Airs: 8th November 2007

Source: SpoilerTV
Screencap from

LOST Set Photos!!

Check out these pics from the filming of LOST's season four thanks to Sawyer 840 and DarkUFO!

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SGA Preview!

Prison Break 2???

All I gotta say is....WTF??? :

Supernatural Guest Star!

And its someone reprising from season one!! Can you say "WWBD?" LOL:

Prison Break Preview!!

SGA Preview!

Click away for a clip from Travellers and rumor has it SGA has been renewed for a fifth season so congrats to them and all the fans!

Heroes Episode Details!

Episode 2x07 Out of Time

Peter regains a forgotten power, learning about the virus attacking those with abilities in the process; Suresh, Matt, Nathan, Niki and Bob team up against the “nightmare man”; West discovers the man who kidnapped him as a child is Claire's father; and Hiro and Kensei's adventure takes a final twist.

Airs: 5th November 2007

Info & Pic Source: SpoilerTV

Dexter Episode Details!

Episode 2x07 The Night a Forest Grew
In an attempt to shake the task force off his trail, Dexter sends a manifesto to the newspaper detailing previously unreleased information and he also sets up Doakes in an effort to get him off his case. Also, Deb's relationship with Special Agent Lundy (Keith Carradine) takes a surprising turn; and Rita confronts her intrusive mother (JoBeth Williams).

Airs: 11th November 2007

Source: SpoilerTV


Latest from Ask Ausiello @ Tv Guide:

Question: Do you have any Lost scoop? — Isabella
Ausiello: Those rumors about a death occurring during the first half of the season are unequivocally, 100 percent true.

Question: You haven't scooped us on House since September! Pleases tell me that Cameron, Chase and Foreman will be a team again. — Cookie
Ausiello: Yes, but it's going to happen gradually. The pieces will start to fall back into place next week when Foreman assists House on a case.

Question: I thought Kristen Bell rocked on Heroes! — Pinksunlight
Ausiello: Really? I was expecting more. Not from Kristen, but from Heroes. Maybe Veronica Mars spoiled me, but her dialogue lacked a certain electricity, if you will. That said, her presence without a doubt gave the show a much-needed boost. And remember my hint in last week's AA about a surprising familial connection coming to light between two characters? Well, it may or may not have something to do with the call that Elle made to her daddy at the end of last night's episode.

Question: Any news on when Libby will show up on Lost? — Max
Ausiello: Not before Episode 7.

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Heroes Spoilers and Recap!!

Read on for Heroes stuff!!!Some VERY good tidbits in here by the way:

Supernatural Madness!

Check this scan out over at

What do you think of the whole "situation getting worse before it gets better" part? Some sort of twist where there are plans to make Dean's spirit come back evil or something? Turn him into what he hates?


Latest Spoilers from Kristen @ E!

Jason in New York: Any scoop on Heroes?
Let's see...Hmmm...Gosh, really nothing to report other than the fact that three series-regular characters will die before January. Is that, like, interesting? If it is, I guess you could comment below and try to figure out who's gonna die.

Vita in Alexandria, Virginia: Kristen Bell joins Heroes tonight! What can you tell us?

It's awesome, isn't it? Kristen did a conference call last week and talked a little about Elle, saying, "I have a lot of information about Peter's past." According to Kristen, Elle enjoys her emotional power over other people. Heroes creator Tim Kring added that the show is tying Elle "into this Company we have talked about," and says Elle was raised by the Company. Can't wait. In other Bell-related news, the last-ever (hold me!) Veronica Mars season-three DVD drops tomorrow, and our Cool Stuff blog has the lowdown from Jen on the VM season-four presentation pilot, which is included in the bonus features.

James in Boston: What's coming up on Heroes?

Boy genius Noah Gray-Cabey gets to show off his mad piano skills tonight—and his comedy chops, too. He tells Monica his suspicion that the powers "run in the family," revealing that D.L. could walk through walls, and he says, "Don't even get me started on my mom." Hee. Also, Peter finally opens his box of secrets!

Francis in Rhode Island: How about a little love for J-Pad and the Supernatural fans?

Surely! I'm told Supernatural also has an episode in the vein of A Nightmare on Elm Street, where Dean and Sam meet up with a young college graduate who has the power to enter people's nightmares and keep them locked in their own worst fears. Also, we'll get a double dose of Dean when he battles a dream version of himself.

Prison Break Preview!!

Heroes Promo Pics!

Thanks to DarkUFO

Heroes Preview!

Smallville Episode Details!!


In the process of trying to get the crystal back, Kara is captured and sedated with a kryptonite serum; Clark follows and tries to release her, but not before the serum has caused both to have a vision of Clark's mother (Helen Slater).


Kryptonite and high voltage mix during a lightning storm, causing Lana (Kristin Kreuk) to absorb Clark’s (Tom Welling) powers. Using her newfound super powers, she breaks into Lex’s (Michael Rosenbaum) safe and steals incriminating evidence which she then delivers to Lois (Erica Durance) and Grant (Michael Cassidy), demanding they run a story exposing Lex’s secrets. After Grant refuses to use stolen material, Lana decides to take care of Lex herself. Clark tries to stop Lana from killing Lex and a super battle ensues between the two. Allison Mack, Erica Durance, Aaron Ashmore and John Glover also star. Charles Beeson directed the episode written by Brian Peterson & Kelly Souders.

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Razor Details!

Kristen @ Eonline has some new scoop on the BSG movie, Razor:

Heroes Interview!

Heres a new TV Guide article on one of NBC's newest Heroes, Monica, played by Dana Davis:

Prison Break Episode Details!

Episode 3x05 "Interference"

Michael and a new inmate buddy begin planning their intricate escape from Sona during this episode.Michael's get a visitor in his cell: Captain Hurtado. The man is not happy as he thinks Michael has been watching him lately and asks if a monocular he finds in Michael's cell is a weapon.

When Hurtado is about the shoot Michael to get answers, Whistler comes in and says the monocular is his. Sofia comes up to Hurtado, now next to his car, and tells him she needs a ride to go to Sona. During the ride, Hurtado compliments Sofia and he stops the car. He asks her what she is willing to do to see her prison-bound boyfriend. He even tells her he can not only allow her to see her boyfriend but also touch him... it all depends on her.

But Sofia drops a bombshell, she tells Hurtado that her boyfriend is Norman Corneli, also known as Lechero. Sammy welcomes a new inmate, Andrew Ross. Sammy tries to intimidated Ross in front of everyone but the new guy doesn't want to play the game. But too late, Ross bites the dust. Ross tells another inmate that he knows Michael. As Ross cleans his wounds, Bellick warns him to not use too much water and that it's every man for himself in Sona. It looks like Bellick is trying to befriend Ross.

Later, Ross runs into Mahone who asks him why he (Ross) got in jail (resisting arrest for something he supposedly didn't do). Mahone warns the guy to mind his own business. Colonel Escamilla may appear in this episode.

Pad Man (aka Kim's boss) appears in this episode.Guest Cast: Laurence Mason as Sammy; Carlo Alban as McGrady; Curtis Wayne as Cheo; Carlos Compeon as Colonel Escamilla; Crystal Mantecon as Sister Mary Francis; F.J. Rio as Augusto; Dominic Keating as Tyge.

Source: Inside Pulse

Bones Episode Details!!

Episode 3x06 "Intern in the Incinerator"
The charred remains of a young Jeffersonian intern, the daughter of a highly respected former Jeffersonian scientist, are found in the building's incinerator. With the case hitting so close to home, the team has no choice but to suspect their own colleagues and question everyone from the upper echelons of the Jeffersonian scientists to the victim's fellow interns.

When they learn that the intern had been working on artifact authentication for the Widow's Son serial killer case, they begin to wonder if her involvement could have put her life in danger. But when they discover a romantic link between the intern and a Jeffersonian employee, the motives behind her murder become even more complicated.

Meanwhile, Booth agrees to pose as Cam's boyfriend and accompanies her on a family get-together, eliciting more attention than he bargained for from Cam's sister.

Guest Cast: Rochelle Aytes as Felicia Saroyan; Terrell Tilford as Dr. Kyle Aldridge; Tom Virtue as Dr. Ted Reardon; Scott Allen Rinker as Dr. Evan Klimkew; Xander Berkeley as Dr. Harlan Bancroft; Sam Jones III as Tyler Neville; J.R. Nutt as Nick; E.E. Bell as Phil; David Greenman as FBI Forensic Tech Marcus Geier; Millie Huckabee as Kristen Reardon.

Source: FOX

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Heroes Scoop!

1) Bell's Character Elle is "a little bit off"

2) Elle will find Peter

3) Elle has a "very interesting dynamic" and a much "deeper relationship" with Claire than people think. Joking but accidently hinting they might be sisters!

4) She appears in Episode 5, but will not return until Episode 8 & 9.

5) Bell is signed for only 13 episodes so far.

6) Vol. 2 Generations will end by Episode 11 with cliffhanger to Vol. 3

7) Fans should "fully expect" to see some of the characters leave

8) We will see more of the 12 in the picture.

9) Joanna Cassidy could possibly be the person standing next to Mr. Parkman

10) Bell mentions she was "not offered" a role on LOST

11) Bell says she wants to work with Quinto (Sylar) and face off against him because they are good friends in real life.

Read Full Article @ BuddyTV

Source: The ODI

Photo from

Heroes Sneak Peek!

Smallville Preview!!

Supernatural Preview!

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Heroes Spoilers!!!

Latest from Kristen @ Eonline on Heroes!!

Maya and Alejandro Have a Crazay Twist: I know some of you haven't been too keen on the pair you're calling "Nikki and Paolo" (in homage to Lost's ill-received party crashers last season). But trust me, there's some insanely good stuff coming up to make you get invested. For starters, Sylar will be all hooked up with Maya for at least a handful of episodes, using her for her power to kill everyone, since he's currently a powerless puss. And then there's the jaw-dropping moment where you find out exactly what kind of "homicidio" Maya is wanted for. Let's just it involves a wedding and is above and beyond anything you'd think this Latina cutie-patootie could be capable of. Prepare to freak.

Elle Is Finally Here! Kristen Bell joins Heroes!: Woo-hoo! We'll get to know her in the present, and then soon after flash back to her first interaction with Peter Petrelli, around the time, not too long ago, when NYC nearly went nuclear... (Remember when we showed you Milo Ventimiglia all "banged" up, wearing a sweatshirt that looked like it survived a nuclear explosion? Well, that's because it totally survived a nuclear explosion. So sayeth Milo himself: "I think it’s safe to say if there was a big nuclear type bomb going off in the air, he may look like this.")

DL Will Be Back!: We'll be getting to know D.L.'s relatives a lot better over the coming weeks, leading up to a return appearance (in episode eight) by Leonard Roberts himself. Yay!