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Tons of Supernatural Spoilers!


Comic Con Overload!

A one-stop place to catch up on everything you may have missed that happened at Comic Con, from New Moon panels to Dollhouse:

Burn Notice Preview!

True Blood Sneak Peek!

LOST's Charlie Scoop!

Sources tell us exclusively that, yes, Dom's deal to reappear on Lost is done and that the original castmember is set to appear in three episodes in season six.

Source: E!

Burn Notice Spoilers!


True Blood Renewed!

True Blood has been officially renewed for a third season. Woot!

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The Prisoner Scoop!


Sanctuary Scoop!

Being Human Season Two Scoop!


More Jericho Movie Talk!

I wonder how long this will go on for......

Bones/Lie To Me Crossover!

Here’s further proof that brain tumor-afflicted Booth will be on the mend this fall on Bones: The next Fox character who visits him will be a flesh-and-blood human, not an animated talking baby.

Sources confirm that Fox is toying with the idea of staging a crossover next season that would find Booth and Brennan working on a case with Tim Roth’s Lie to Me doc Lightman. The insider cautions that it’s in the very early stages and “may not even happen,” which is even more reason for me to get this out there now before the whole thing falls apart!
Source: EW

More True Blood Scoop!

Eclipse Casting Scoop!

Evil will have a new face in Eclipse: Bryce Dallas Howard will replace Rachelle Lefevre as villain Victoria in the third Twilight movie.

Lefevre, who originated the role in the first film and its sequel New Moon, is dropping out of the series due to scheduling conflicts, Variety reports.

Watch new clips from New Moon

"We are incredibly happy that Bryce has agreed to come into the franchise," Erik Feig, president of worldwide production and acquisitions for Summit Entertainment, said in a statement. "Rachelle brought Victoria to great screen life and Bryce will bring a new dimension to the character. The franchise is lucky to have such a talented actress as Bryce coming in to fill the role."

News: Woman returns New Moon script found in trash

Howard, daughter of Oscar-winning director Ron Howard, will join her new castmates in August in Vancouver. Eclipse is scheduled for a June 30, 2010, release. New Moon hits theaters this November.
Source: TV Guide

Smallville Scoop!

The SciFi Wire got a chance to talk to Smallville show runners Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson about the upcoming ninth season and boy did they give some great bits of information.

The pair talk a lot about Clark inching a lot closer to creating two identities this season, and finally embracing his Kryptonian herritage. And they finally give the scoop on all this chatter about a new costume (tights?) for Superman (still known as the Red Blue blur).

"He isn't a guy who is going to put the tights and the boots on yet," Souders said. "He hasn't gone as far as Green Arrow or Black Canary. He's still on his path to becoming that man. But he is definitely recognizing that there is a second identity for him. As much as he knows what Clark Kent looks like, he needs to figure out what the Superman part looks like. So it might not be the costume everybody is used to seeing, but it is one step closer to that."

Peterson went on to say, "Up until now Clark has seen himself as human, and he's seen his Kryptonian identity as something to hide. This year he's embracing his Kryptonian identity and seeing himself solely as a hero, almost to the detriment of living as a human. It's really the pendulum swinging a little too far in the other direction as he finds his ground and balance between the two identities. He's really going to be pulled back into being Clark Kent by the realization that he loves Lois Lane. It's the crux of the year, his burgeoning love for Lois and the love triangle of Clark loves Lois, but Lois loves Superman."

The interview goes on to provide some more information on Callum Blue's Major Zod who will be a big part of season 9. In addition, when asked if Jor-El would be seen this year on the show, the pair only smiled. "You might have to just tune in for that one," Souder teased.

You can read the full interview at Smallville returns to The CW on Sept. 25.

Fringe Promo Pics!

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TV Scoop!

New Show: Lawman!

Drama Series from Graham Yost Based on Elmore Leonard Character Stars Timothy Olyphant

FX Orders 13 Episodes from Sony Pictures Television and FX Productions
Premieres Spring 2010

LOS ANGELES, July 28, 2009 – FX has placed a 13-episode order for its next original drama series, Lawman, which was developed by Graham Yost (Boomtown, Speed) and stars Timothy Olyphant (Damages, Deadwood), announced John Landgraf, President and General Manager, FX Networks. Lawman will premiere on FX in spring of 2010.

Produced by Sony Pictures Television and FX Productions, Lawman is based on the popular Elmore Leonard character “Raylan Givens” featured in his short story Fire in the Hole. Yost, who created and produced the critically acclaimed NBC drama Boomtown, wrote the pilot and will serve as Executive Producer/Writer on the series. Leonard (Cuba Libre, Rum Punch, Get Shorty) will serve as an Executive Producer on the series along with Sarah Timberman (Kidnapped), Carl Beverly (Kidnapped) and Michael Dinner (Karen Sisco), who directed the pilot episode. The pilot was shot in Pittsburgh and Miami, and series production will take place in Southern California beginning this fall.

“FX has been fortunate to employ some of the finest writers working in television and we’re lucky to add an outstanding talent like Graham Yost to that growing list,” said Landgraf. “Graham began with a memorable character from one of America’s foremost crime novelists, Elmore Leonard, and we scored the hat trick signing Tim Olyphant who is absolutely pitch-perfect in the role of Raylan Givens.”

“Like the other shows we’ve partnered on with FX – The Shield, Rescue Me and Damages – the pedigree of talent behind and in front of the camera on Lawman is outstanding,” said Zack Van Amburg, President, Programming, Sony Pictures Television. “This gripping narrative of justice being served has such universal themes, it’s sure to resonate with FX’s viewers.”

Olyphant stars in the lead role of U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens. Givens is a modern day 19th century-style lawman, enforcing his brand of justice in a way that puts a target on his back with criminals and places him at odds with his bosses in the Marshal service. That conflict results in a reassignment for Givens to the U.S. District covering the town where he grew up. He is an anachronism – a tough, soft spoken gentleman who finds his quarry fascinating, but never gives an inch. Dig under his placid skin and you’ll find an angry man who grew up hard in rural Kentucky, with an outlaw father, who knows a lot more about who he doesn’t want to be than who he really is.

Olyphant starred in HBO’s award-winning drama Deadwood, and he co-starred FX’s award-winning drama series Damages last season. Some of his feature films credits include Live Free or Die Hard, Hitman and The Girl Next Door.

The series co-stars Nick Searcy (CSI) as Givens longtime friend and boss “Art Mullen,” and Jacob Pitts (21) and Erica Tazel (Life) as Deputy Marshals “Tim Gutterson” and “Rachel Dupree.” Guest stars include Walton Goggins (The Shield), Joelle Carter (CSI: Miami) and Natalie Zea (Dirty Sexy Money). Lawman is produced by FX Productions, Timberman-Beverly Productions, Nemo Films and Rooney McP Productions, Inc in association with Sony Pictures Television.

For FX, Lawman is the tenth drama series ordered by the network since its rollout of scripted dramas in March of 2002. Other drama series include Emmy® and Golden Globe® award winners The Shield and Nip/Tuck; Emmy and Golden Globe nominated Rescue Me; Over There; Emmy Award winner Thief (received a limited series six-episode order); Dirt; Emmy and Golden Globe nominated The Riches; and Emmy and Golden Globe award winner Damages, starring Glenn Close, and Sons of Anarchy which returns for its second season on September 8.

Lawman is the seventh show produced under the FX Productions banner – Sons of Anarchy (co-produced with Fox 21), Damages (co-produced with Sony Pictures Television), The Riches (co-produced with Fox Television Studios), Dirt (co-produced with ABC Television Studios), It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and 30 Days.

FX is the flagship general entertainment basic cable network from the Fox Networks Group. Launched in June of 1994, FX is carried in more than 95 million homes. The diverse schedule includes a growing roster of critically acclaimed and award-winning original series; an established film library with box-office hits from 20th Century Fox and other studios; and an impressive roster of acquired hit series. For more information about FX, visit our web site at

Source: FX
Promo Pics here:

True Blood Promo!

LOST Scoop!

Sons of Anarchy Promo Pics!


House Casting Scoop!

Network sources confirm to us exclusively that Franka Potente (Run, Lola, Run; The Bourne Identity) is set to guest star on House this season.
Source: E!

Fall Premiere Dates!

Tuesday, Sept. 8

Sons of Anarchy, 10 p.m. (FX)

Wednesday, Sept. 9

Glee, 9 p.m. (Fox)

Thursday, Sept. 10

Supernatural, 9 p.m. (CW)
The Vampire Diaries, 8 p.m. (CW)

Thursday, Sept. 17

Bones, 8 p.m. (Fox)
Fringe, 9 p.m. (Fox)

Monday, Sept. 21

Castle, 10 p.m. (ABC)
Heroes, 8 p.m. (NBC)
House, 8 p.m. (Fox)

Wednesday, Sept. 23

Eastwick, 10 p.m. (ABC)

Thursday, Sept. 24

Flash Forward, 8 p.m. (ABC)

Friday, Sept. 25

Dollhouse, 9 p.m. (Fox)
Smallville, 8 p.m. (CW)

Sunday, Sept. 27

Dexter, 9 p.m. (Showtime)

Monday, Sept. 28

Lie to Me, 9 p.m. (Fox)

Tuesday, Sept. 29

Hell's Kitchen, 8 p.m. (Fox)

Friday, Oct. 2

Stargate Universe, 9 p.m. (Syfy)

Friday, Oct. 9

Sanctuary, 10 p.m. (Syfy)

Saturday, Nov. 7

Legend of the Seeker (syndication)

Heroes Scoop!

Chuck Scoop!

"24" Scoop!

Burn Notice/Royal Pains Renewed!

USA's summer hits Burn Notice and Royal Pains have both been picked up for additional seasons, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Q&A: Mark Feuerstein evaluates Royal Pains' Dr. Hank

The pickups follow on the heels of sizzling numbers for both series: In recent airings, Burn Notice (now in its third season) pulled in a robust 7.3 million total viewers, while freshman breakout Royal Pains drew an equally strong 7.1 million.

The dynamic Thursday duo helped USA finish first in the second-quarter ratings race and emerge as the most-watched cable network in July.

Heroes Casting Scoop!

Robert Knepper has already been promoted to series regular status on NBC's Heroes, on which he will make his debut this fall.

Knepper was originally signed to play the mysterious Samuel for six episodes, and has so far appeared in every episode, says the Hollywood Reporter.


I realize it's a long haul for a resurgence of Chuck, but please, when it comes to tidbits... Chuck me! — Scott
MATT: In addition to Chuck making like Marty McFly, I can tell you that the Season 3 opener features a three-month time jump... that has less-than-satisfactory results. Now if only we could finagle our own six-month leap.

Any True Blood scoop? — Rick

MICKEY: Are you as confused as I am about Maryann's endgame? What exactly is she trying to do? Well, we'll learn more Sunday, when Daphne will have quite a bit to say about who Maryann is and what it is that she's doing. I'm not saying she's right, but there's as much food for thought in her one little speech as on one of Maryann's famously overstuffed banquet tables.

Do you have any info on the upcoming season of Lie to Me? — Kate
TIM: It turns out I may have been overly pessimistic last week when I said Cal Lightman's chances of a rekindled romance with his ex-wife, Zoe, were slim. Lie to Me's new executive producer, Shawn Ryan, says the show isn't ruling out any romantic options. "Cal Lightman is a healthy, single man spending a lot of time around Gillian [Kelli Williams] and Zoe [Jennifer Beals]," he tells the Buzz. "Temptation would certainly be understandable."

How many episodes of Eureka will play this season? And has it been renewed for a fourth season? — Lady TKD
MATT: Borrowing from the Battlestar playbook, Eureka's third season was molecularly disseminated into two discrete chunks, the first of which aired last fall and arrived on DVD last month. "Season 3.5," which consists of 10 episodes, is what you are watching now. And yes, there will be a fourth season and it will be 22 episodes —at least one of which is a musical.

Will Warehouse 13's Leena be featured more in the future? I find myself wanting to know more about her and how she came to be working for/with Artie. Obviously she is not simply the proprietress of a B&B. — Dee
MATT: I agree; Leena (played by Genelle Williams) has something going on behind her eyes. You can count on seeing Artie's friend in at least four more episodes — including the season finale, in which she figures prominently.

I heard that NBC is now considering a second season of Kings. Is there any chance that this is true? — Andrea
MICKEY: I've been hearing a similar hope-springs-eternal rumor. I'm guessing it stems from the changing of the guard at NBC, but the crown of monarchs fluttering around my head at the moment (and my Peacock moles) tell me that it's absolutely not true. While Kings was much loved by critics and the network, its ratings were too tiny to justify a second season.

Source: TV Guide

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Dexter Scoop!


LOST Scoop!


Dr Horrible & Dollhouse Scoop!

Dollhouse Scoop!


Kelia in Michigan: I miss Castle so much! It was wonderful last year. When can I see Nathan Fillion on my TV again!?
Castle will return for season two on Sept. 21 to ABC! But in the meantime, a little birdie just told us that Richard Castle is now tweeting in character @writeRCastle, and if you follow along you'll be tweeted treated to an original Twitter mystery from the show's creators. Enjoy!

Kenny in Cheshire, Conn.: I'm glad the real Michael Westen finally appeared on Burn Notice. What's the story behind that?

Here's how it went down: "Here's the thing: Imagine yourselves in our position," says Burn Notice show runner Matt Nix. "You created a show with a main named Michael Westen [played by Jeffery Donovan] not really realizing that that guy you liked from that episode of Six Feet Under is named Michael Weston [yes, with an O, and he played Jake on Six Feet Under in case you were wondering]. And then everyone goes, 'Did you know there's a Michael Weston?' So you start looking for an opportunity to cast Michael Weston. And you know, he's a great actor." In case you missed it, the real Michael Weston appeared on the ep titled "Signals and Codes" on July 9.

Jess in New Orleans: Now that True Blood is a hit, will the Sookie Stackhouse novels follow the show's storyline for the new books?
Good question. The author, Charlaine Harris, says, "I don't think I'm that affected by the show because those are past books that the current plot is kind of hooked to, and I'm way beyond that now. Things have changed. Eric [Alexander SkarsgÄrd] has a completely different maker from the maker on the show. There are all kinds of changes. But I hope that you all see it as a great opportunity to have two different entertainment experiences." She also noted that she doesn't get involved with the True Blood scripts: "We have a working relationship, [show runner] Alan [Ball] and I. I don't tell him how to make the show, and he doesn't tell me how to write the books."

Carina in Toledo, Ohio: How will the budget cuts affect the next season of Chuck?
To paraphrase Schwartz: If they're doing their jobs right, you won't even notice. "I think in terms of the budget stuff, I don't think you'll see a real difference," he says. "And I don't know that the Subway thing will be as major and prominent as feared. I think it's going to be integrated similar to how it's been, blatant, shameless," laughs Josh.

Simon in Boston: Since Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse said Juliet was going to be on Lost this season, do you know when she'll return?
"Pretty immediately, and then I'm not sure after that," Elizabeth Mitchell tells us exclusively. "I think it will be satisfactory." Stay tuned for more from Elizabeth in the coming days.

Marina in Pittsburgh: What's up with this alternative time line stuff that was revealed at Lost's Comic-Con event? Hurley became the CEO of Mr. Cluck's? Kate killed someone else? Oceanic Airlines has never had a crash? Excuse my French, but WTF?
Damon Lindelof asks Lost fans to trust in the writers. We're willing to do that (for now), but we agree the alt time line stuff is superstrange. Our best guess is that instead of resetting the clock to before Oceanic 815, Jack's plan actually changed the course of history at a much earlier point—perhaps beginning in 1977, when we last saw our heroes?

Marie in San Antonio, Calif.: Lost!
We asked Josh Holloway about Sawyer's state of mind following the events of the Lost finale, and he said: "I think he's pretty destroyed. All of that growth got ripped away. I think he's gonna be a bit salty again, which I'm looking forward to. All I know is that he's destroyed and has given up on life again and on having any positive lessons. So watch out!" (We love mature Sawyer, but bitchy Sawyer is damn fun too.)

Jo in Wichita, Kan.: Any news on Sons of Anarchy?
Something horrifying happens in Sons of Anarchy season two premiere. Yes, something worse and more distressing that the castration or the blowtorch tattoo removal in season one. It's the kind of thing that makes it hard to run around recommending SOA as "awesome," because it sucks all the bloodthirsty joy out of the show. On the other hand, it's aggressively honest—at least as far as fictional tales about barbarians go—and if you can bear to watch, it will certainly make you react and think and wonder what happens next.

Donna in Mission Viejo, Calif.: Any news to share on Supernatural? I can't wait for the new season!
Misha Collins told reporters at Comic-Con, "Castiel has his own agenda that will be revealed at the end of episode two. Very big stuff, I have to say. Epic." We hear he's going on a mission to find someone (that missing God guy, perhaps?) and that Bobby's going to have a tougher time helping the boys this season, for reasons that must currently remain unrevealed. Plus, if you haven't seen it yet, don't miss our main Supernatural report from Comic-Con where exec producer Ben Edlund talks about Dean's flash-forward to the Apocalypse, Sera Gamble shares a lot of insight into Dean's arc for next season and show runner Eric Kripke reveals that God will be a character on SPN in season five!

Michelle in San Francisco: Thanks for the Smallville news from Comic-Con! Please explain more about the younger version of Zod. If Krypton has not been destroyed yet, does that mean Clark can change his destiny and save his people?
That's exactly what we asked executive producer Brian Peterson. "We're introducing [Callum Blue] as Major Zod, before he even turns into General Zod, so we get to see his trajectory into becoming the villain he's known as. We've never had a Kryptonian living on Earth with Clark for an entire season, and [to see] how that affects Clark's journey," says Peterson. "We're going to be exploring a lot of that this year, without trying to do too much time jumping and alternate universes. We're going to try to explore the relationship between Zod and Clark, and what if that were different? Zod and Jor-El, and what if that had been different in the past? In the first six episodes, we're going to get to it pretty quickly." (Did we mention Callum told us to "kneel before Zod" at Comic-Con?)

Andy in Long Beach, Calif.: Since Lois was fired by Tess Mercer last season on Smallville, will she find her way back to the Daily Planet in season nine?
"Nobody fires Lois," jokes Erica Durance. Despite getting the boot from the Daily Planet last season, Durance says, "[Lois] for sure finds her way back there, investigating things, getting into trouble and getting rescued. It wouldn't be Lois Lane if she wouldn't."

Sarah in Chicago: Can you please tell us if Jack and Renee will really find happiness this season on 24?
As executive producer David Fury teased, Renee is a damaged person upon returning next season. However, Kiefer says they are really trying to find peace for Jack, which includes all things that have the potential to make him happy. "People would like to see him at least have the option to have a good life," Kiefer Sutherland tells us. "We stripped a lot of those components over the years, by virtue of killing everybody, that whether he wants to live or die seemed to become innocuous—like who cares, there's nothing really to live for. What we did for this season is to really try and create something that would make Jack want to live," i.e., a relationship with Renee.

Andy in Silverlake, Calif.: Is this really the final season of 24?
"I don't know with regard to the last season," says Kiefer Sutherland. "It is the last season that I've been contracted to do 24, but I really don't know." If it truly is Jack's last hurrah, the producers are planning some return visits from seasons past. "There's certainly a chance of [bringing back old characters]. We've certainly been talking about that," says David Fury. "At this point, we're only in the first third of the season, but we have begun to discuss some of the characters that could return." Fury says he really wants to see Teri Bauer (Leslie Hope) return to the show. "If Tony [Carlos Bernard] is still alive, there's every chance that Teri pulled through," jokes Fury. In all seriousness, there's a likely possibility that Charles Logan (Gregory Itzin) and Mandy (Mia Kirshner) could appear. Also, "You may see Tony—there may be an opportunity for Tony to be pivotal in the show," adds Fury.

Milly in Miami: Will Eric Millegan be back on Bones?
Bones star Emily Deschanel and show runner Hart Hanson certainly hope so. "We kind of love Eric," Emily said at Comic-Con. "The answer is, yes, we'd love to have Zack back," added Hart. "If you want the boring producer answer, he's moving back to New York City to do some stage work. It's his first love." So keep your fingers crossed that the scheduling fairies will make some magic happen and bring Zack Addy back to the show. We love Eric too!


Dollhouse Scoop!

Chuck Scoop!


True Blood Preview!

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Eureka Preview!

True Blood Comic Con Scoop!

More LOST Casting Scoop!

Lost's Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert) will finally be a series regular next season. "I'm moving my whole family to Hawaii next week," Nestor tells me. "This whole time I've been flying back and forth, but now I'll be living on the island with the others. They tell me I'll be in 16 of the 18 episodes." Executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof say his backstory will take a significant time to reveal. Adds the actor: "Obviously Richard doesn't age, so I'm most curious to know how old he is and if he's in fact pulling the strings."

Source: TV Guide Magazine

Major LOST Casting Scoop!

Big news about island-castaway show Lost is breaking over at Comic Con. One of our all time favorites is heading back to the island! Details, and major spoilers, after the jump.

Lost news turned up in an unexpected place this afternoon, at the panel and screening of the CW's new teen vampire soap the Vampire Diaries. Ian Somerhalder, best known as the late great Boone from Lost, plays brooding vampire Damon in the new CW show, and was asked by panel moderator Lynette Rice what being cast on this show would mean for him and Lost, and whether he would be returning for the show's last season.

We were actually talking about it today and... Boone will be coming back to Lost.

Somerhalder offered no other details, but this begs the question of exactly which other season-one characters will be returning to the island for Lost's final season. All that's certain is that Somerhalder is going to need that sun-protection ring his vampire character uses in Vampire Diaries when he gets back to the island.

Source: IO9

"V" Scoop!


Heroes Scoop:!


Fringe Scoop!


Supernatural Scoop!


Comic Con Roundup!


Bones Romance Scoop!

LOST Romance Scoop!

Smallville Scoop!


True Blood Romance Scoop!

Chuck Scoop!


True Blood Scoop!


LOST Scoop!

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Vampire Diairies Promo Pic!

Source: Spoilertv

LOST Interview!

With Elizabeth Mitchell:

Bones Scoop!


BSG Scoop!


Stargate Universe Scoop!


Psych Scoop!


Burn Notice Scoop!



Question: Will David Ramsey (Anton) be back for the fourth season of Dexter? --Katya
Ausiello: Yes

Question: Any info on Bones? --Grace
Ausiello: The show is looking for an actress in her late teens to play Cam's adopted daughter Michelle. I know what you're thinking: "We've already met Cam's adopted daughter Michelle!" Do I have to draw you a picture? Obviously, we're going to learn that Cam's got another adopted daughter around the same age and with the same name. Duh.

Question: I'm sad Kirk Acevedo is leaving Fringe, but what I really want to know is if Ari Graynor is coming back for season 2. She and the niece added something special to the show, and showed us a different side of Olivia. --Tim
Ausiello: Yes, Graynor's Rachel returns in the season premiere. Her involvement beyond that is TBD.

Question: Any info on which ABC show Dominic Monaghan will be on this season? I've scoured the web high and low and couldn't find any info. --Stacey
Ausiello: I think you mean what shows. And you'll get your answer soon enough.

Question: Wow! Torchwood: Children of Earth pretty much ascended to a BSG level of fraktacularness. Is there even the slightest chance that the franchise will continue? Personally, I can't see it coming back from the emotional shock at the end. --Amy
Ausiello: First off, we're only up to Part Four here in the States, so watch the spoilers, missy. Second, yes, Torchwood will most likely live on, according to T-boss Russell T. Davies. "I’m fairly confident the series [will continue] in some shape or form," he says. "I will just sit down and invent new stories and characters -- that’s what I’ve spent my entire life doing." Wait a sec, new characters? Jack will continue to be the show's central hero, right? "Oh, I would think so," he says. "I would hope so. He’s absolutely fundamental to Torchwood." (For more on the emotional shock that Amy referred to above, come back here tonight after Part Four airs. Trust me.)

Question: Will the events of Torchwood: Children of Earth be referenced in any way during the upcoming Dr. Who speciials? --Patrick
Ausiello: "Not as such, no," says Davies, who is editing Dr. Who's "great big finale" as we speak. "My God, these [specials] are brilliant. I’m really happy with them."

Source: EW

Chuck Season Three Promo Art!

Click to enlarge!
Source: EW

Dollhouse Casting Scoop!