Thursday, February 4, 2010

True Blood Casting Scoop!

True Blood has found its next bat-bleep-crazy villainess.

After an exhaustive and months-long search, sources confirm that actress Brit Morgan — best known from ABC Family’s short-lived drama The Middleman — has scored the pivotal role of Debbie Pelt, the psycho ex girlfriend of werewolf Alcide (Joe Manganiello).

Last month, exec producer Alan Ball told me that the juicy part — already a major component of the show’s upcoming third season — was being beefed up. “She’s going to be in more episodes,” he said, “so maybe that will have an impact on [what actress] we can get for her, which is a big question right now.”

With that question now answered, all of Season 3’s major roles have been cast.

Source: EW


Emma B. said...

She's okay, I guess. Although, she's not exactly what I expected.

Caitlin said...

Me either, and they are beefing up her role...why??? Maybe once I see her as Debbie I will love her..I hope

devil said...

well it will be interesting to see her as Debbie in True Blood. it will take a real effort from her side to play this negative character as her face is so innocent