Friday, February 5, 2010

Supernatural Interview!

Nrama: So what do you have coming up next?
Shanks: I literally just yesterday finished a guest spot on Supernatural. I had a relatively minor role in it, working with Jared (Padalecki) and Jensen (Ackles), and a few other actors, fighting some demons and throwing down with the boys. I think that will be out in a couple months. The episode is called, I think, '99 Problems'. I'm not featured quite prominently in it, but it was a lot of fun to play in that universe. It fit into my schedule quite handily. That's why I did it.

Nrama: Is there anything about the character you can tell us?
Shanks: Yeah. The character's name is Rob, and he's a member of the Sacrament Lutheran Church, and basically it's a township that has pretty much organized to fight the demon apocalypse that's coming. They're not running and screaming. They're hunkering down. They've figured out a way to fight and whatnot. They boys come across them and are quite enamored by they way they've organized themselves. They have a sort of militia...when a tragedy occurs in Rob's family he sort of takes a bit of a hardline approach when it comes to his beliefs. I'll leave it at that because it starts getting into spoiler territory beyond that

Source: newsarama

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