Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Should House fans hold out any hope for more Huddy? — Maureen
MICKEY: Right now, the best I can promise you is that Dr. Crankypants will experience something of a thaw when it comes to Cuddy in next week's episode. There will still be scads of ice floes between them, but they'll look smaller, like in An Inconvenient Truth, except without all the dead polar bears and with Lucas.

Widmore, Ben, Locke, Jacob, Man in Black... will we ever find out who the good guys really are on Lost? — Lin
MICKEY: We asked Josh Holloway, who portrays Sawyer, one ethically complicated dude, what he thinks. "I think the whole beauty of this show and the intrigue has been the constant question of what is good and what is bad and what is right or wrong," he says. "That is the entire crux of the show, so no, you're never going to get a clear picture. You're going to be left with that question to answer for yourself." Next you'll be telling me the numbers are just... numbers!

Will Rachel and Finn ever get back together on Glee? — Benji
MICKEY: Will you forget about those two for a minute, please? Ryan Murphy tells us he was taken off guard by how involved fans were in the Will-Emma pairing. As a result, he and the writers are drafting a "relationship timeline" for the future couple. Yes, couple! Says Murphy: "We have a lot of conversations about 'When should they kiss again? When should they sleep together? Should they sleep together? Should they stay together?' We talk about that a lot." I'm hearing the spring episodes will make quick work of Terri and Will's separation, but that Emma's story line will be of the "be careful what you wish for" variety. Also: Before Rachel and Finn can walk off into the sunset, there's the small matter of Quinn's baby, who we'll also meet this spring.

I want to see "over there" again on Fringe!!! — Dan
MICKEY: Me too, Dan! So I can't wait for Thursday's episode, titled "Jacksonville," in which a natural disaster blurs the boundary between "over there" and "over here," giving us a revealing look at how things are fundamentally different between the two. Brace yourself for some icky (though fantastic) effects and think back to that guy stuck in the bank vault way back when.

What's coming up on Castle? — Meg
ADAM: Castle's having daddy issues, which resurface when Castle and Beckett investigate a former major league baseball player's murder. Bringing the father theme full circle, Beckett — whose pops raised her to be a hardcore baseball fan — absolutely freaks out when the case forces her to cross paths with Joe Torre.

Source: TV Guide

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