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How many “Luddy” scenes are there in next week’s Cuddy-centric ‘House‘? How long do they total, in minutes? – House_Alias via Twitter
It’s funny you should speak of minutes, because one thing to come out of the episode is the sad fact that ol’ Lucas is a “two-minute man” – and at the worst time, too. A few other tidbits from the very engaging, Lisa Edelstein-tastic hour: Cuddy has Isabel Allendes’ ‘Inés of My Soul’ on her nightstand; she starts her day off with yoga (and is very bendy); and she’s as obsessive with her Blackberry as I am with mine. “Huddy” fans, meanwhile, may enjoy Cuddy’s reaction to House getting a shirtless rubdown by a buxom blonde. One final note: The episode ends with a montage set to Mary Chapin Carpenter’s ‘Passionate Kisses,” which features the lyric, “I want a full house.” Clue? Discuss.

Thanks for the interview with ‘Chuck’s Kristin Kreuk. Will things get catty between her and Sarah? – Greg
Let’s keep any dreams of playful pillow fights in check. I’m hearing that the two beauties in Chuck’s life won’t share any scenes before Hannah bids us adieu in a couple weeks.

Anything on ‘Heroes‘? – colmmurphy18 via Twitter
Next Monday, of course, is the season finale. But could it also work as a series finale, since the show’s fate is seemingly forever in flux? “They could probably edit it [to provide closure],” Masi Oka told me. “But whatever the case, I really hope that we get an opportunity to at least give the show a proper ending in one way or another. We want to pay respect to the fans who have been with us since Day 1.”

I’m having Sue Sylvester withdrawal! Got any scoop on her duet with Olivia Newton-John? – Layla
I asked Jane Lynch how ‘Glee‘ grabbed the ‘Grease’ star, and she explained that ‘both [series creator] Ryan Murphy and I are very big fans of her. Ryan said, ‘I’m going to try to get her on our show,’ so he sent her letters and DVDs, and she said yes.” But what brings ON-J to McKinley High? And is the Aussie songstress in fact playing herself? ” I have no idea,” says Jane. “I just know we’re singing ‘Let’s Get Physical’ and that I’ll be Sue Sylvester.”

You did an interview with ‘Smallville’s Erica Durance, right? Can you give us any teaser? – Nilan
A teaser? Sure. We got to talking about the, ahem, bed at the bed-and-breakfast Lois and Clark retreat to in the episode “Escape.”

Have you got any juicy spoilers about my favorite couple, ‘Smallville’s Lois and Clark? – Wendy
As part of my full Q&A coming later this week, I of course asked Durance to preview Lois’ take on the Clark-Zatanna kiss featured in the February 12 episode, “Warrior.” “She doesn’t witness it, thank goodness – that’s something she wouldn’t want in her brain forever – but she does find out about it and deals with it in her very brash, Lois way,” Erica shared. “Lets face it, Zatanna is every woman’s nightmare. You really don’t want your boyfriend kissing this chick. So while it was a fun episode to do, Lois didn’t like it very much!”

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