Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Heroes Spoilers & Redux


Claire's Heading for Mommy Dearest: Claire's going to be dead set on a mission to fight back after her Sylar encounter. And guess who's going to teach her? Biomom! Yes, as you've seen, Jessalyn Gilsig (Meredith) is back in the next episode, and it turns out she knows a thing or two about combat. (Perhaps Claire would feel less violated if she knew that was her only her uncle engaging in a little friendly brain-picking? Yeah, probably not.)

Ali Larter Will Be Called "The Ice Queen." She will be bitchy, she will be lethal and she will be promptly hopping in the sack with Nathan Petrelli for some decidedly un-chilly action.

It Won't Be All Roses and Sunshine for Peter and Sylar: "We do have a couple of scuffles," Milo teases of what's ahead for his character and his new bro.

Angela Petrelli Has to be Evil: When asked if Angela's good or bad, Cristine offers this glimpse of what's ahead: "As of this volume, none of that applies. It's all up in the air. Nothing is as it seems. You will totally surprised by everything, on every level. It's all about good and evil and all of us walking that strange line between good and evil and who is going to going to fall into the good category?and who is going to fall into the bad, and really stay there. It's a balancing act through the entire Volume, and it's so good."
And oh yeah, and...

More Petrellis Will Be Revealed.
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