Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The fans of Smallville's Chloe and Chlark were really put through the wringer last season. Is there anything for us to look forward to in Season 9? — Cassie
MATT: I hear you, and if the gloomy, Doomy events of last spring continue to cloud your memory, I strongly urge you to consider this the silver lining: The super-talented Allison Mack is poised to have some of her best material yet, as Chloe continues to process her role in Jimmy's death and deal with the resulting pangs of guilt. How will she ever make things right? Watch for Ms. Sullivan to pour herself into her role as Watchtower like never before.

Do you know what the future has in store for Lie to Me's Lightman and Foster, now that Foster is separated and making googly eyes at our favorite lie detector? Will Jennifer Beals' character be Lightman's love interest... or a bitter lover? — Rebecca
TIM: I wouldn't bet on anything working out between Lightman and his ex-wife. Paul Ekman, the psychology professor whose work provides the basis for the show, says contempt is the one emotion on your spouse's face that means your relationship is doomed — and Beals' character told us she knows the look well. So I'd give Lightman and Foster better odds.

Will Bill and Sookie's relationship survive this season on True Blood? — Angi
MICKEY: My sources say "probably," but don't be surprised if their endless bickering is actually foreshadowing a breakup-threatening season finale. Stephen Moyer told us that even he doesn't want Bill and Sookie to stay together forever. "You can't watch two characters be happy in love for 12 episodes," he said. "That would be extremely dull. [A separation is] going to happen."

Source: TV Guide

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