Thursday, July 30, 2009

Smallville Scoop!

The SciFi Wire got a chance to talk to Smallville show runners Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson about the upcoming ninth season and boy did they give some great bits of information.

The pair talk a lot about Clark inching a lot closer to creating two identities this season, and finally embracing his Kryptonian herritage. And they finally give the scoop on all this chatter about a new costume (tights?) for Superman (still known as the Red Blue blur).

"He isn't a guy who is going to put the tights and the boots on yet," Souders said. "He hasn't gone as far as Green Arrow or Black Canary. He's still on his path to becoming that man. But he is definitely recognizing that there is a second identity for him. As much as he knows what Clark Kent looks like, he needs to figure out what the Superman part looks like. So it might not be the costume everybody is used to seeing, but it is one step closer to that."

Peterson went on to say, "Up until now Clark has seen himself as human, and he's seen his Kryptonian identity as something to hide. This year he's embracing his Kryptonian identity and seeing himself solely as a hero, almost to the detriment of living as a human. It's really the pendulum swinging a little too far in the other direction as he finds his ground and balance between the two identities. He's really going to be pulled back into being Clark Kent by the realization that he loves Lois Lane. It's the crux of the year, his burgeoning love for Lois and the love triangle of Clark loves Lois, but Lois loves Superman."

The interview goes on to provide some more information on Callum Blue's Major Zod who will be a big part of season 9. In addition, when asked if Jor-El would be seen this year on the show, the pair only smiled. "You might have to just tune in for that one," Souder teased.

You can read the full interview at Smallville returns to The CW on Sept. 25.

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