Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Burn Notice Episode Details & Casting Call!

For Episode 3x13 "Enemies Closer"

Two of Michael's troublemaking "associates" show up to do what they do best: cause trouble. Scheming sociopath Gilroy demands all local flight data for the next six weeks, a request that gives both Michael and Sam the heebie-jeebies, and scheming sociopath Number Two Larry Garber has casually dumped a dead body in Michael's apartment and expects Michael to help him clean up the mess...


Male, 30s to early 40s, Hispanic, this volatile professional criminal runs a cash processing center for a Colombian drug cartel, and is understandably furious when $3 million of his money disappears, and four of his men are killed, all courtesy of Larry Garber. Wrongly convinced that Michael is to blame, Carlos is more than ready to kill him on sight, and has put out a contract on both Michael and his (only partially framed) sidekick, magician Jack Fleetwood. In a state of rage, Carlos is taken in hand by Michael, who smoothly and steadily convinces him that one of his own hit men ripped him off. Determined to get revenge himself, Carlos shoots the traitorous rat dead, and never finds out that the man he "killed" has been dead and on ice for a couple days already...GUEST STAR


, Caucasian, mid 30s. A professional magician, his real name is Jack Yablonski, but his stage name is Jack Fleetwood. Jack has made the fairly spectacular error of acting as the front man for scheming sociopath Larry Garber, and now he's been targeted for death by a local Colombian cartel that's famously efficient at killing people. Michael's new client (kinda-sorta), Jack is not too bright and not too gifted at magic, but when someone like Michael tells him to "run" and "duck," he follows orders -- especially when his tattered life is at stake. In the end, Jack disappears from the cartel's hit list, but Jack himself has to disappear from Florida -- for the rest of his life...GUEST STAR

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