Monday, July 20, 2009


Jill in Nantucket, Mass.: I read that season six will be the last year of House. Is that true?
There is no end in sight for House, as executive producer David Shore told us last week when we spoke about the show's Emmy nods. He said, "We haven't exhausted what we can do with this character and what we can do with all these characters. As long as the show remains interesting, it'll remain on the air. It's not a show with a defined ending. It is not about a beginning, middle and end any more than a human life is. It's about the journey."

Katie in Colorado Springs, Colo.: We Supernatural fans are still waiting for some spoilery Dean goodness for season five. Help us!
You ask, we answer! Our sources tell us that when Supernatural returns, Dean takes Castiel out for a night on the town to loosen him up. As you could assume, hilarity ensues.

Grace from Chelsea, U.K.: Do you have any news on what's to come on the new season of Smallville? Will Chloe ever be with Clark?
We're actually hearing of a "strained relationship" between Chloe and Clark next season on Smallville. Those two will always work together, and they will always be your "Chloe and Clark," but expect some tension in season nine. Sorry guys.

Andi in Fort Meade, Md.: Will Bill and Sookie have more tender and sexy moments on True Blood this season?
They won't be having such a tender moment next week when Sookie heads off to the Fellowship of the Sun church with the hope of getting information on the whereabouts of Eric's maker, Godric. Bill is quite worried about his gal and rightly so. When asked if Sookie is the kind of person who will save the day, Anna told us, "She will die trying." Ruh-roh.

Emma in Del Mar, Calif.: Anymore info on the heartbreaking season finale of In Plain Sight that you teased before?
Besides the tease from In Plain Sight star Lesley Ann Warren about something awful happening to Mary in the finale, executive producer David Maples tells us about the Aug. 9 season-ender: "The In Plain Sight finale is an event that unfolds over two episodes, and a lot of things transpire with our cast, work-wise and with personal relationships. Things are left up in the air with the show, but it's not like the Moldovan army comes in and starts spraying bullets and we don't know who's alive and who's dead. It's not quite that kind of a cliffhanger."

Natalie: I need some scoop on the new season of Dexter. Tell me something! Anything!?
A casting call has gone out for the sixth episode of Dexter season four, "If I Had a Hammer." The producers are looking for a marriage counselor. Does that spell trouble for newlyweds Dexter and Rita? Besides, obviously, the obvious serial killer thing.

Eric in Long Island, N.Y.: It looks like ABC's Defying Gravity is just the same as Fox's Virtuality. What's the deal?
While Defying Gravity and Virtuality do seem to have some similarities, the difference is that Gravity is a little more lighthearted. It has some subtle comedy to it. Yes, someone almost dies being shot out of an airlock system like Virtuality; however, we'll learn that there's something more sinister calling the shots on the Antares spacecraft, and it's not some virtual crazy man—at least, we don't think so, since it goes by the name Beta. Gravity premieres Aug. 2 at 9 p.m. on ABC.

Source: E!

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