Thursday, November 22, 2007

Moonlight Episode Details!

Episode 1x10 "Sleeping Beauty"

We meet a very old, dying man named Richard Whitley who has had a man searching for Josef. He tells the man to hunt him down and kill him. The man attacks Josef's office with fire, turning everything to ash. Josef lets Mick and the Head of Building Security, Tom, take the reigns of the investigation. To keep Josef safe, he stays hidden and Mick and Beth keep his being "alive" a secret from everyone, including Tom. Beth and Mick visit Richard Whitley who tells them in 1955, Josef killed his daughter so before he dies, he wanted revenge. Beth and Mick visit an unconscious Coraline in the hospital. Later, Coraline nearly transforms into a vampire and kills a nurse but stops herself, then later escapes into the night out the window.

Episode 1x09 "Fleur de Lis"

Richard Haggans, a rich CEO hires Mick to follow Tina, his much younger trophy wife, believing because of her recent actions that she is cheating on him. Mick meets Morgan at a public restaurant to talk and have her help him follow and take pictures of Tina. Tina meets a man who turns out to be her stepson Owen. Morgan catches a picture of Tina and the young man kissing. Mick thinks he hears them saying that if her husband finds out, he'll kill them. Morgan later listens to the recorded file and hears their plans to kill Richard instead. When Mick goes to confront Owen, Tina shoots him in the back of the head. Beth has flashbacks to her childhood abduction after researching Morgan because of her jealousy over Mick working together with the woman.

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