Monday, January 11, 2010

Supernatural Casting Call!

Episode 5x17 is now called "99 Problems".

Producers: Jim Michaels, Todd Aronauer
Director: Charles Beeson

Shooting Starts on the 21st Jan 2010


Early 20s.. a shy, cute, innocent, girl-next-door type. (Think Amy Adams in "DOUBT" in demeanor and earnestness.) She's Pastor Gideon's daughter, but uncomfortable with attention. She's determined to save the souls of everyone in her town, but her methods soon give way to dangerous tactics...GUEST STAR (8)


In his 40s.. he is a very likeable, thoughtful, heartfelt, sincere and down-to-earth leader. Though he doesn't look like it in jeans and boots, he is a small town preacher who's been tasked with leading a militia against the impending Apocalypse. He's proud of his daughter Abby, who's proven to be a pivotal weapon in the fight against evil, but when Abby's behavior becomes more extreme, Gideon struggles with a tough decision...GUEST STAR (6)

Source: SpoilerTV

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