Wednesday, January 20, 2010


What can we look forward to on Glee? — Gary
MICKEY: Contrary to the rumors, Idina Menzel is not playing Rachel's birth mother — not yet anyway. Ryan Murphy tells us that she'll be playing the ethics-free coach of Vocal Adrenaline. But might the two story lines converge? Murphy isn't ruling it out. He's also not ruling out Jennifer Lopez appearing on the show as a lunch lady who has "a Susan Boyle moment" — but he says J. Lo hasn't said yes yet.

What can you tell me about Sissy Spacek's character on Big Love? — Lorraine
MICKEY: The Oscar-winning actress plays Marilyn Densham, a Washington lobbyist who might be able to help Bill's political aspirations. At their first meeting, Bill mistakes her for a secretary. It gets weirder and more awkward from there.

What's happened to poor Renee between seasons of 24? — DaveGG
MICKEY: "Renee is going to do what she wants and you better hope you're not in her path," Annie Wersching tells us of her conflicted character. If you thought the thumb-chopping scene was severe, just wait.

On Chuck, when will things heat up again between Chuck and Sarah? — Yancey
MICKEY: Not quite yet. Instead, it seems that guest star Brandon Routh will fill Sarah's dance card for the time being. "Chuck goes out on a mission and we're guiding him. We have some face time for the first time together," he says. The tense mission leads to tension of another sort between the comely spies.

Source: TV Guide

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