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Any news on what the ‘Smallville’ episode “Persuasion” is about? – Tyson
Oh yes. This episode will find Clark exposed to a kryptonite gemstone which gives him the superpower of (see episode title). So for example, something he casually says to Lois leads her to promptly move in with her beau and play happy homemaker. Similarly (and more gravely), an offhand remark he makes to Chloe about her recent priorities will have unforeseen, complicated repercussions.

Any Chloe spoilers for this week’s new ‘Smallville’ episode, “Disciple”? – Lorraine
You know how everyone is wondering about a Chloe/Oliver hookup? Well, this I can assure you: At least one guy toting a bow and arrow has his sights set on Miss Sullivan.

Hi, News Master. We humbly ask if thou hast any ‘Smallville’ news or spoilers. Anything at all. Blessed be thee if you do. – Josue_can via Twitter
Rains, pours! Here’s a little something on a dude who shares this News Master’s initials: “Absolute Justice” isn’t the only episode Martian Manhunter will appear in this season.

Do you know anything about a ‘Bones’ wedding? – Val
Emily Deschanel told me that yes, “This is a wedding this season” – and it will take place before the finale. Now while it’s simply logical to rule out Temp and Booth as the about-to-be-marrieds, if that is not the case, why are they calling each other “husband” and “wife” when Bones braves her 15-year high school reunion in an upcoming episode?

Matt! Please, please, can you find out where they get the clothes for Tamara Taylor on ‘Bones’? Because they are always awesome. – Kimberley
Only for you, Kimbers, will I risk making The Big Tease read like Glamour. According to ‘Bones’ costume designer Cynthia Summers, “Tamara wears a lot of Herve Leger and Karen Millen. In fact, that sums up most of her wardrobe,” save for the odd piece from Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Theory, Diane von Ferstenberg and Donna Karan.

I was confused by last week’s ‘The Vampire Diaries.’ Is the explanation for why Katherine and Elena are identical simply because Elena was born to a distant descendant of Katherine’s? That really didn’t make sense to me. – Ashlee
Is Elena’s adoption storyline going to drawn out for years, or will they wrap it up before the end of this season? – Lori
Ready, set, kill two questions with one tease: Exec producer Julie Plec tells me, “This week’s episode will make it very clear to viewers that the mystery of Elena’s adoption will be an important part of this season – and that there will be answers.”

Got ‘FlashForward’ scoop? – Donald
Yep! For starters, Jack Donovan told me that when the series resumes its freshman run on March 18, the Lloyd-Olivia-Mark triangle will “heat up in a lot of unexpected ways.” I then asked him if the reason why Simon and Lloyd created the blackout was “really cool,” and he grinned, “Oh yeah. [Series boss] David Goyer is nothing if not capable of coming up with some pretty cool s–t in that regard.” One last tease: The lovely Ashley Jones Tweeted the other day that we’ll be seeing Simon’s bar car hook-up, Camille, again.

Color me skeptical about a U.S. version of my beloved ‘Torchwood.’ Is there any update on John Barrowman starring in it? – Misha
I checked in with Barrowman’s rep across the pond, and he said it is still “very early” in the Fox pilot’s development process. As such, “There is nothing yet to report.”

I am so excited to see Kristen Kreuk on ‘Chuck’! Any more scoop on her character? – norlean
Didn’t she positively twinkle in her debut last night? Thus it’s understandable if Chuck isn’t the only fella to take notice of Hannah. Specifically, that relentless lothario, Lester, is gonna be angling to “reboot the newcomer’s servers,” if my analogy makes any lick of sense.

I’m digging the new season of ‘24, but Katee Sackhoff’s ex-boyfriend is giving me the creeps. Make him go away! – Anna
Tough it out a bit longer: A source assures me that we won’t have to worry about Mr. Apartment-Crasher very far into the season.

Any scoop on ‘Glee’s Will and Emma? – Kristy
I asked Jayma Mays what’s next for those long-tortured lovebirds now that Emma has finally got her man. Her response: “Do I? I don’t know if I’ve technically got him or not. I definitely think she wants him, but ['Glee' creator] Ryan Murphy said, ‘It’s my job as a writer to keep you two apart.’ And we have to respect that!” Meanwhile, how are Ken Tanaka’s spirits in the wake of everything? “Mopey,” says Jayma.

I hope the new season of ‘Damages’ is as good as the first, because I wasn’t loving Season 2! – Lisa
I, too, was disappointed with Season 2, but I’m feeling confident that it will fast become but a distant memory. Now, how about last night’s jaw-dropping reveal of a certain corpse?! In next week’s episode, you’ll get at least two more surprises regarding that ill-fated character.

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