Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Latest from E!Online's Kristen:

Paul in Philadelphia: File this under "This can't be happening, can it?!" Your frenemy Ausiello reported Wednesday that Kristen Bell is still not signed on for season three of Heroes? Whiskey-tango-foxtrot (wtf) is Tim Kring waiting for? Thanks.

I have it on good authority that Elle is very much a part of the writers' grand plan for season three. (Fear not: Kring loves her just as much as we do!) So, if there is a holdup, I assure you it is more on the business (rather than creative) side of things, and there is still time to get this worked out before they go back into production. Oh, and by the by, we might not see much of Claire-bear in the first episode or two. Hayden P told us at her Candies soiree that production is "gearing up in April and I’ll be joining them in May when I come back from shooting I Love You, Beth Cooper in Vancouver."

Jenny in Adelaide, Australia: Lost! Gimme!

Huh? Whosey whatsy show? Oh, that one with the people on the weird island? I guess I can talk about it. Episode nine is gonna feature some richy-rich types who live in a doorman building—the show is now casting for a French-speaking African desk clerk and a "distinguished" doorman. Methinks we're going back to Tunisia...Holler! (Can't stop saying that since Rebecca Mader's hilarious delivery. Why can't I be from Cambridge?)

Thomas in Columbus, Ohio: As a fellow Lost enthusiast, I wanted to send you my theory about the connection between Oceanic Six and the sky turning purple. What do you think? Am I crazy? Wait, don't answer that...

I think it's kind of brilliant. Spoilerphobes, don't click in until later this season, as there are spoilers herein about the identities of the remaining two of the Oceanic Six.

Katie in Farmington, Michigan: Thank you so much for the Dexter info! Can you tell me if Rita and Dex will be together in season three? Please say it is so!

It is so! Show runner Clyde Phillips said their relationship will "deepen and mature." Do I hear wedding bells?

Annie in Chamberlain, South Dakota: Why am I hearing rumors about the CW turning Supernatural into a reality show?! What are its chances of coming back for another season (the way it is)?I suspect the rumors you speak of have come about because of an upcoming storyline in episode 13, where the boys encounter a group of reality-show ghost hunters. But fear not, Jared and Jensen are not moving into a house to hot tub with other ridiculously smokin' CW stars (though I'd watch that, too).

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