Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Chuck Episode Details!

Episode 2x05

We flashback to 1983, when a much younger Jeff has just won the Moto Industries video game championship with his skill at Missile Command. Sporting a mullet and a mustache, our man Jeff has a pair of bikini-clad babes in his arms and a reporter asking him what’s next. Um…Back to present day, a crippling virus is sweeping through the Moto Industries computers. Chuck and Casey attempt to go in undercover as Nerd Herders (!) to find out what’s going on, but are rebuffed by the Moto Industries engineers.

Sarah tries her hand at it instead. Somehow a gorgeous blonde who doesn’t know how to fix computers manages to gain access. They discover that terrorists have hijacked a dormant satellite and are planning to activate it and launch missiles starting a nuclear war. The code to deactive the satellite can be found on the final level of…Missile Command.Now Chuck must find a way to beat the game before the worst happens, but there’s a final secret weapon that he’ll need to succeed: music from a certain Canadian band.

Source: ChuckTV

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