Friday, April 11, 2008

Heroes Episode Titles!

Episode 3x01: "The Butterfly Effect"

Sept. 15, 2008

Written By: Tim Kring

Directed By: Allan Arkush

Episode 3x02: "Dreamtime"

Sept. 2008

Written By: Tim Kring

Directed By: Greg Beeman

Episode 3x03: "One of Us, One of Them"

Sept. 2008

Written By: Joe Pokaski

Directed By: Sergio Mimica-Gezzan

Episode 3x04: "The Year of Our Lord"

Fall 2008

Written By: Aron Coleite

Directed By: Adam Kane


The ODI said...

thanks for posting the titles Mrsb!!

here is the correct linkback to me though... :)

i didn't have your email address, but email me at and any time we have a scoop i can email you... :)


MrsB108 said...

Thanks! All fixed!