Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Stargate Atlantis Episode Details!

The first info has arrived for "The Queen," the ninth episode of Stargate Atlantis's upcoming fifth season. The episode will see the return of a dangerous ally from Season Four, and one of the Atlantis team's most unusual missions yet.The episode is written by staff writer Alan McCullough, and will go before cameras in the coming weeks.

Here is what we know so far:Teyla joins "Todd" the Wraith (guest star Christopher Heyerdahl) in a visit to a Wraith hive ship, one that is allied with Todd. But despite the alliance there is tension, and the hive enters hyperspace in order to conduct their meeting elsewhere.The rest of the Atlantis team is along for this very unusual mission. Back on Todd's own ship, Sheppard, McKay, and Ronon watch as the allied hive jumps away.

Teyla is in disguise as Todd's queen, apparently giving him the authority to enter into negotiations with the other hive and its own queen. But it is not long before suspicion is cast on them, and the two must work together to maintain the ruse -- and not appear weak.

Source: Gateworld

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