Thursday, January 7, 2010


Question: How about kicking off the New Year with a House scoop? —Christopher
Ausiello: I’m hearing something about a marriage proposal coming in the second half of the season. Also, remember House’s loony bin lay, Lydia? There’s buzz she may get a shout-out in the upcoming episode directed by Hugh Laurie. Let’s hope Cuddy isn’t within earshot!

Question: When Glee returns in April, will the storylines continue as if no time had elapsed, or will it be four months later? —Jenn
Ausiello: It’s not really specified. But football season is over, so you do the math (and get back to me with the results).

Question: I love the idea of Kevin Alejandro as Lafayette’s BF on True Blood. What else do you know about his character, Jesus? —Kevin
Ausiello: I know what Alan Ball just told me. “Lafayette, for all his fierceness, has built a big wall around his heart and is not particularly inclined to be emotionally vulnerable. Jesus is going to try his best to knock that wall down. But there is a bigger and more dangerous reason Jesus is drawn to Bon Temps, one that will be revealed over time.”

Question: Thanks for the spoilery tidbits on episodes 1, 2, and 3 of Chuck, but what about 4 and 5? —Daryl
Ausiello: I’m getting to that right now!

Episode 4 (Jan. 18 @ 8 p.m. ET)
* Fight Club homage!
* Someone is promoted
* Memorable quote: “Babe, I decapitated the bear.”
* Someone is fired
* A spy is shot
* Shockingly, there’s not a Subway 6-inch in sight.

Episode 5 (Jan. 25 @ 8 p.m. ET)
* Chuck’s first solo mission involves a scary bald man and Kristin Kreuk!
* Major Buy More drama: Someone gets drugged!
* A diamond holds the key to Shaw’s (Brandon Routh) backstory.
* Paris twist!
* Shockingly, there’s not a Subway 6-inch in sight.

Question: Leverage scoop, please! —Daniel
Ausiello: When the series returns next Wednesday, our company of convivial cons infiltrate Fashion Week, and Tara, the team’s latest addition, finds that she has some pretty big $1100 shoes to fill. Can they trust her, or will she turn out to be just another shifty grifter? Plus, Nate will have to impersonate a flamboyant German designer, natürlich. The following week, the recently on-the-wagon Nate pulls a job against a few Irish heavies in the same Boston pub he grew up in, and he is forced to choose between his cover and his sobriety. As they say, you can lead a con to whiskey but you can’t make him drink.

Queston: I need a Smallville scoop. The most delicious one you can share. —Bryan
Ausiello: This one’s pretty yummy: Later this season, Clark takes Lois on a romantic getaway to a bed and breakfast. Tasty, right? Well, there’s more. Guess who’s also enjoying a quiet weekend away at the same B&B? Oliver and Chloe! Bon appétit!

Question: We need a Smallville spoiler. —Nelson
Ausiello: This one isn’t going to taste nearly as good as the last one. Rumor has it Clark will get infected with red kryptonite again.

Question: Got anything on the new season of United States of Tara? —Jennifer
Ausiello: It looks like Showtime is moving in on my spoiler turf. The network’s new promo for Tara’s second season spoils what I thought was a major twist about the arrival of a new alter. See if you can spot it.

Question: I need some Psych dirt, ASAP. Are we going to see any Shawn/Juliet action this spring? –Hope
Ausiello: Sure sounds like it. “Shawn and Juliet will continue their long twisted journey toward each other’s arms,” says Psych creator Steve Franks. “The two will get very close, more than once this season, leading Shawn to make a big choice that will mean much more than will-they-or-wont-they.”

Got any Supernatural scoopage? We’re dying out here! —Kristen
Ausiello: That’s just the segue I was looking for! An upcoming episode will be set in heaven — after Sam and Dean have been murdered!

Source: EW

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