Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I can't wait for Chuck to return. Will it pick up where it left off? — NigelPat
MICKEY: Not at all. There will be a significant time jump that sets the stage for another kiss and a teary breakup — all within in the first hour. In a nice reversal, cold-as-ice Sarah will thaw slightly and emotionally sloppy puppy Chuck will put his own career first for once.

Is there any chance that Kim Raver will return to 24, or is that impossible now that she's playing Teddy on Grey's Anatomy? — David
MICKEY: It doesn't look good, Dave. "Right now, as much as I love Audrey and Jack, I'm really so involved and committed to Teddy," Raver tells us. With 24's unorthodox shooting schedule, though, it's not an impossibility. "I would love to see Jack and Audrey have some kind of resolution," she says.

Any Big Love scoop? — Marty
MICKEY: Heavens, there's a lot of lying going on! Nicki withholds an important detail about the Prophet. Margene is sitting on a cash cow with her new business. Barb and Bill lie to the church to facilitate his run for office. It's nice to see that Sarah pushes through all the deception to find some happiness with Scott. Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) really impresses in the first two episodes, as the lovebirds find a surprising, sweet way to embark on their life together.

When will we find out if Smallville has been picked up for another season? — Andy
ADAM: Well, Andy, official word likely won't come until the CW's upfronts in May, but don't let that get your 2010 off to a sad start. According to my X-ray vision (read: a super-inside source), things are looking up for a 10th season.

Source: TV Guide

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