Thursday, January 7, 2010

LOST/Heroes Interview!

They've managed to fight off sadistic Sylar for four seasons, but have sagging ratings finally sealed Heroes' fate? Tuesday January 5 marked the last day of filming on Heroes' latest arc - and that may very well turn out to be the final day of filming ever.

"You never know," shrugs the show's Greg Grumberg (Matt Parkman), who worked that solemn day with Ali Larter (Tracy), Hayden Panettiere (Claire) and Jack Coleman (Noah). A wrap party is scheduled for cast and crew on Sunday January 10.

The show had planned to wrap before the holidays but required one additional day of filming. "We were off for some time, so it was so odd to come back for another day," he says.

Before the break, the cast openly acknowledged that it could quite possibly be their final time interacting with each other as their suped-up alter egos should NBC elect not to order an additional season of the struggling series that debuted to great fanfare in 2006. "You say your goodbyes and give gifts, because you really never know," shares the actor. "It was our nineteenth episode - the last of the season. And it was a strong episode, so we'll see."

But is it strong enough to serve as the series swan song? "No!," declares Greg emphatically. "It would not serve as an appropriate series finale. To properly wrap up our show, which absolutely has to happen, we have to come back and do some more episodes. Without question."

Clearly, Greg's refusing to throw in the towel. Though he acknowledges that "the ratings have dipped," he points to the show's international success and DVD sales as a possible saving grace. "They make so much money on the show that they've got to finish it off," he says. "People want that and will demand it, which means we'll probably end up doing it."

So what would make for a fitting ending to the show? Greg cracks: "The only hero left standing would be Matt Parkman." Good luck Greg. I fear you're going to need it.

Fortunately, this is a guy who always lands on his feet. He confirmed some exciting news to me that has been the topic of much speculation among sci-fi fans. Greg will indeed be back in the February 2 season premiere of Lost as Seth Norris, the doomed captain of Oceanic flight 815 and the very first victim of the infamous smoke monster. "It's a very cool wrap up that makes me so invested in watching this last season," says Greg. His part, he concedes, is very small. "It's actually a voiceover thing I was able to do in L.A. People are going to like hearing me as the Captain."

Though he wants to keep his dialogue secret, it's safe to assume it will be something along the lines of: "Fasten your seat belts. It's going to be a bumpy ride."

Source: TV Guide Magazine

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