Monday, January 18, 2010

House Scoop!

No one will say exactly when or for how long Jennifer Morrison will be returning to House as Dr. Cameron, perhaps because they don't yet know themselves. "You'll see her before the end of this season, and next season we'll figure out when this season is over," says executive producer Katie Jacobs.

Jennifer, who wowed on the red carpet in a one of a kind gown by Puerto Rican designer Luis Antonio (a Christmas gift from her boyfriend), says news of her return so soon after her dismissal came as "a pleasant surprise. I totally understood when (the producers) let me know that they didn't plan on continuing writing for my character, so if something else was offered I'd be available to do it. I have to look at this as everything happens for a reason. House will always be a home for me. I just want to be wherever I'm wanted and needed."

Co-star Lisa Edelstein, who plays Dr. Cuddy, couldn't be happier. "I love Jennifer," she says. "It was very hard to watch that happen to her so I'm very excited to see her come back."

So where has Cam been and what brings her back? "She's been practicing medicine at another hospital," says Jacobs. "There are certain things that are unresolved with Chase (Jesse Spencer), so she comes back seeking some sort of resolution. Whether it's good or bad I won't say."

Series creator David Shore warns fans, "There will be a different connection between her and Chase because of the absence."

Source: TV Guide Magazine

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