Wednesday, June 10, 2009

TV Guide Scoop!

I have to wonder if the psych hospital in the House finale was also a hallucination. It was pretty strange how the street and parking lots were empty. And it looked like he was going to one of those hospitals from the 1940s. — RSmith
MATT: How Vanilla Sky! But nope, sources assure me that House's rehab stint is the real deal. And that hospital's more retro than you think. Greystone Park State Hospital (in Morristown, N.J.) made its debut in 1876 as the not-so-subtly named New Jersey State Lunatic Asylum. The hospital has tended to such patients as singer-songwriter Woody Guthrie, and until the Pentagon was built, it boasted the largest foundation (674,00 sq. feet) of any structure in the U.S.. I'd try to book a Q&A with the building, but fear I'd be stonewalled.

Can you tell me where to find the music from True Blood? — Patti
MICKEY: I'm guessing it was the show's brilliant opening credits that seduced you with its Southern Gothic gumbo of sex, religion and Jace Everett's "Bad Things." You can buy the soundtrack on or iTunes, but I'd hold off until you hear Christian pop singer Amanda Jane's version of "Jesus Asked Me Out Today," which appears in the second episode of Season 2. It's heavenly.

If the cast of Dollhouse is going to stay intact, does that mean Miracle Laurie will be back, too? Mellie/November is my favorite character. — Katy
MATT: You and I are likethis when it comes to Mellie. Alas, we should both prepare for heartbreak. Though the Dollhouse scribes don't return to their Smith Coronas until next week, an insider tells me that since Paul negotiated Mellie's freedom from the Dollhouse in the Season 1 finale, "It would seem that Miracle's storyline has come to a close."

Do the kids on Glee do their own singing? — Jamie
MICKEY: Hold up there, Jamie. Who says they're "kids"? Fox has invested a lot of time and money into these sophisticated animatronic karaoke machines fitted with shiny hair and the latest mall fashions and they will not have you dismissing them in this manner. Ahem. Series creator Ryan Murphy told me that everyone in the cast had to submit to both acting and singing auditions. That said, to my ear the studio recordings sound "enhanced." For example, I only counted six people singing "Don't Stop Believin'" in the pilot episode, not 36.

I know that Richard Dean Anderson is appearing in an episode of Stargate Universe, but will we see Amanda Tapping, too? Is there going to be a small Jack/Sam moment waiting for us? I also have a question about the Stargate Atlantis TV-movie — will Elizabeth be in it? — Hilla
MATT: Hilla, you're being a bit greedy hoping for SGU to stage such a reunion ... but in this case, you're in luck. As a source tells me, "If it's quality Jack/Sam time you're looking for, you won't be disappointed." However, you may be disappointed by the following. Atlantis boss Joseph Mallozzi tells the Buzz that while the first draft of Stargate: Extinction is done and is now being fine-tuned, "I'm sorry to say the character of Elizabeth will not be making an appearance."

Source: TV Guide

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