Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Psych/Leverage Scoop!

Will Rachael Leigh Cook return to Psych as the schoolteacher for whom Shawn is hot? Or will he redirect his attention to the lovely Jules? — Mike
I heard that Supernatural's Jim Beaver is filming an episode of Psych. Is this true? — Candy

TIM: Cook does indeed return, but why limit Shawn's options? We've seen an upcoming script where another foxy lady spits some game in his direction — just before undergoing an exorcism. When a hellion tells you you're hot, you know she knows her stuff. And yes, Beaver turns up in the episode "High Noon-ish" as Stinky Pete, a character involved in the Old Sonoma Town mystery of the Ghost Rider. Psych's fourth season premieres Aug. 7.

I cannot wait for Leverage to start back up! Any preseason nuggets? — Lorinda
TIM: The July 15 premiere offers some of the show's sharpest, funniest writing yet, and finds the gang drawn together by the sound of music. Specifically Sophie's appearance in a Boston staging of The Sound of Music that's so bad one reviewer says it "made me root for the Nazis." We're also treated to the spectacle of Nate's latest crusade almost falling into his lap but instead flipping over and bursting into flame in front of him. Need more incentive to tune in? Parker dresses as a nun with a garter.

Source: TV Guide

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