Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Robin Hood Scoop!

Can't remember if I posted this before.................And its odd after last week's episode since they could have very easily just killed him off there....

Keith Allen will not return for a fourth series of Robin Hood, he has announced.

The actor has decided to pursue new projects after playing the Sheriff of Nottingham on the BBC One drama since its launch in 2006.

Speaking to the South Wales Evening Post, Allen explained: "I doubt I'll go back for a fourth series if they do one - it's boring to work on now. I've done three series, and I'd like to move on to something else."

He added: "The work I've done on it has been brilliant, though. I've enjoyed all three series a huge amount, they've been excellent.

"But there's lots of different aspects to performance, and I want to try different things."

Lead actor Jonas Armstrong has already announced that the current series will be his last.

Though a fourth run has not been ruled out, the BBC has not yet commissioned new episodes of the programme.
Source: Digital Spy

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Anonymous said...

Of course it's boring! After they killed off Marian, the writers just don't know what to do with the characters and plotlines; shame on them!!!