Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lie To Me Scoop!

James in New London, Conn.: What can you tell us about Lie to Me? Is it coming back? What's up for the finale?

We caught up with the show's main man, Tim Roth, today, and he says that a season two pickup is not only "looking good," but there's also a chance that his real-life pal Jennifer Beals might just stick around to continue playing his ex-wife, Zoe. "I think there's probably every chance. I hope so. I think she's fantastic, and I think there's room to really expand on that character and expand on their relationship, so I hope that's the case," he says. Whether that means reconciliation for the onscreen exes is another thing. There's always the chemistry between him and Kelli Williams' character. "That is an element, definitely," he says. "It comes up a little bit more in the season finale [on May 13]. The possibility is a little stronger in that one. Yeah, that seems to be in the wind."

Source: E!Online

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