Monday, May 11, 2009

Burn Notice Episode Scoop & Casting Call!

Episode 3x08 "Friends Like These"

Michael sucks it up and does a small but vital job for the slippery Stickler, who promises to clear Michael's burn notice as a quid pro quo. At the same time, he agrees to help Barry (who's just as slippery financially as Stickler is slippery politically) to retrieve a vital business ledger that has been stolen by extortionists...


Female, Caucasian, 30s, MUST BE ABLE TO SPEAK WITH AN AMERICAN AS WELL AS ANY OTHER NON-AMERICAN ACCENT. Natalie is an attractive woman local realtor with a picture of her son on her keychain. She’s been blackmailed into accompanying villainous Serbian extortionist Milovan Bakic on a driving tour of Miami while he sets up a chain of safe houses. Captured by Michael and Sam along with Milovan, Natalie puddles up, convincingly acting like a terrified, sobbing, wailing mess of a woman who insists that she's just the driver. Busily pleading for a chance to save her life and see her son once more, it turns out that Natalie is not as vulnerable and innocent as she appears...GUEST STAR, POSSIBLE RECURRING.


Male, Caucasian, 40s-50s, MUST BE ABLE TO SPEAK WITH AN AUTHENTIC EASTERN EUROPEAN ACCENT. Milovan is a foreign looking and scary as hell extortionist. He is a former torturer for an Eastern European intelligence service. Part of an elaborate scheme to extort $5 million from a hapless Barry, Milovan is captured along with his "stupid American driver," realtor Natalie Rice. Familiar with every trick in the interrogator's handbook, Milovan is stonily impervious to Sam's best efforts to crack him wide open and find the location of the stolen ledger...GUEST STAR


Female, Any ethnicity, 30s. She is the feisty girlfriend of Barry, the money launderer with the priceless ledger. In fact, Amy is not as interested in Barry as she appears, and she's been offered $100,000 in order to help a pair of extortionists facilitate the theft of his ledger. Basically a clueless dupe who betrayed her doting boyfriend for a fistful of dollars, Amy is unpleasantly dragged into the real world when Michael and Fiona point out an awkward fact: her employers attached a huge firebomb to her brand new BMW... PLEASE SUBMIT MIAMI LOCAL HIRES ONLY FOR THIS ROLE, WHICH MEANS ACTOR IS WILLING AND ABLE TO TRAVEL AND BOARD THEMSELVES IN MIAMI.

Source: SpoilerTV


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