Thursday, February 12, 2009


Question: Has Tom Welling signed on for season 9 of Smallville yet? -- Pat

Ausiello: No. I'm not sure what's taking so long.

Question: Any news from Lois' big return to Smallville? -- Claudia

Ausiello: It airs March 5. It features a return appearance by Tori Spelling. It finds Clark revealing his true identity to the world. And I'm told it will have Lois and Clark fans forgetting Lana appeared in any episodes at all this season.

Question: Please tell me Heroes didn't really kill off Daphne! -- Patty

Ausiello: Heroes didn't really kill of Daphne -- at least not yet.

Question: I really need a Fringe scoop! -- Bryan

Ausiello: You know Olivia's MIA stepfather? The evil guy who leaves her creepy birthday cards every year? Well, we're "most likely" going to meet him in the flesh before the end of the season, confirms executive producer J.J. Abrams. "It's a huge story," he says, "and I don't want to rush it." Abrams wouldn't tell me who's on his short list to play the baddie, so I'll tell you who's on mine instead: Carnivale's Clancy Brown.

Question: First-time writer. Long-time reader. Looking for scoop on Psych. Totally love that show. For real. -- Stef

Ausiello: This isn't scoop so much as it is a random tidbit from Super Bowl weekend: At NBC Universal's tailgate party, James Roday, Dule Hill, and Chris Meloni took on Burn Notice's Jeffrey Donovan, The O.C.'s Ben Mackenzie, and an unidentified executive's son in an impromptu game of pick-up touch football. Team Roday-Hill-Meloni prevailed by a score of 21-7. And because I know you'll ask, both teams kept their shirts on the entire game. "At one point shirts and skins were suggested," whispers my gridiron mole, "but it was too chilly."

Question: Since we didn't get a new House this week, do you have any scoop to hold us over until next week? Morgan

Ausiello: I've got something better -- scoop in the form of a frustrating fun game. Try and guess what House-related question prompted Jesse Spencer to declare, "If there is, I'm done. I'll walk. I'm freaking done." The answer is hidden somewhere in this week's AA. Happy hunting!

Question: I've decided I'll forgive your moving Ask Ausiello to Thursdays on one condition: you provide some new House scoop. Kate

Ausiello: Congratulations all you game-players -- you found it! Here's the question that prompted Jesse Spencer to declare, "If there is, I'm done. I'll walk. I'm freaking done.":

Any plans for a very special episode of House in which Chase and Cameron get married?

Did anyone guess correctly? If so, congrats! You just won exclusive access to the rest of Spencer's quote. "I think [producers] are wary about getting into too much relationship stuff," he says. "It's a procedural show at its core. That's why people like it. That's why I like to watch it... [Besides], how much do people want to see well-adjusted, happy Chameron? Because of David [Shore]'s general disdain for life, you can rest assured that what we won't be doing next season is getting happy. You won’t see Chase and Cameron make a home and have babies and other greeting card stuff."

Question: Hugh Laurie was spotted filming a beach scene in Malibu while wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Do you know if it was a House scene he was shooting? -- Martina

Ausiello: Yes, it was. And if I say anything more than that Katie Jacobs will kabob my kabits.

Question: Does First Husband Henry Taylor die on 24? Please say no. He is one of my new favorite characters! -- Nicole

Ausiello: I'll say this about Henry's fate: Nothing. I will, however, divulge that his shooting leads to the introduction of First Daughter Olivia, played by Jericho's Sprague Grayden. "She [became] estranged from the family during the campaign after a small scandal," reveals exec producer Howard Gordon. "She's adversarial and very formidable, and actually had a position of power in her mother's campaign." We'll meet Olivia in Monday's episode when a VIP who's very familiar to 24 fans summons her.

Question: 24 scoop, please! This is the best season ever. What can you give us? -- Robin

Ausiello: I thought I had the whole FBI mole situation figured out. I thought wrong.

Question: What's going on with Sam on Supernatural? Is he going to succumb to the Dark Side? -- Jon

Ausiello: Let's just say Sam may need to start going to meetings. The kind of meeting where you step up in front of a room and declare, "Hi. My name is Sam, and I'm a Demon Bloodholic."

Question: I have just been blown away by these final episodes of Battlestar Galactica. I'm almost afraid to ask for spoilers. Eh, frak it, what's to come? -- John

Ausiello: I'm told this Friday's episode is 33 percent about Ellen Tigh, 31 percent about Brother Cavil, and 5 percent about this awesomeness. The other 31 percent remained unaccounted for at press time. (And I agree with you about these BSG eps being top-notch. Well, mostly top-notch. I still maintain that the Jan. 23 episode was a dud.)

Source: Ausiello @ EW

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