Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Marcus in Solana Beach, Calif.: I hear Mary McDonnell is not in the Battlestar Galactica movie, does that mean she dies in the finale?

Actually, the movie takes place between the second and third seasons so Mary McD's absence from the Cylon-centric flick doesn't mean she's getting killed off, and she's not spilling anyway! "I can't really give that away!" Mary told us. Poo! Still, she did say this about the final 10 eps: "After I shot and then witnessed the whole arc of the second half of season four, I think it's going to be even better to go through the entire series knowing the end. I really do, I think it will be richer, more potent and more emotional to start over once you know the end." Sounds divine.

Kelly in Philadelphia: Who is the killer on True Blood? Can you tell us or give us a big hint?

I was sure that the killer was Sam, but obviously he's just a (shape-shifting) dog who likes to sniff women's sheets. (We all have our funny habits!) That said, I do know who the killer is, and I can tell you the following:

The killer is not Sam but, yes, it is someone associated with Merlotte's.

It's a "he."

The killer has been featured more prominently in recent episodes.

The killer was sneak-peeked in last night's ep, but so briefly most people wouldn't notice.

The killer attacks Sookie in the finale, and there's a bit of that (if you're looking for it) in the trailer for next week's ep.

Alex in Grand Forks, N.D.: Do you have any more scoop on the hostage situation on House?

This just in from Lisa Edelstein (Cuddy): "Somebody dies." Gaaah! So who is it? Well, you know how in medieval times the royal food taster existed to test the king's food for poison, at risk of said food taster's own life? Well, these are modern times but Thirteen (Olivia Wilde) essentially gets that job in the hostage episode—the patient won't let House treat him with anything unless it goes into Thirteen first. Naturally, Thirteen takes a whopping dose of...everything, and that doesn't do her already fragile health any favors. But wait, they couldn't really kill Thirteen...could they? Your comments/theories are welcome below.

Scott in Milwaukee: Despite the naysayers, I still love Heroes, but I'm not loving how Hiro Nakamura's become the punching bag and comic relief for the show! Please, Kristin! Tell me there's something more awaiting Hiro this season!

Things are not looking up for Hiro (Masi Oka) at all. After that encounter with Arthur Petrelli, Hiro is a little off, which doesn't make it easy for Ando. "Hiro now thinks he's 10, that's all he remembers up to. So now I'm trying to save the world and babysit," said James Kyson Lee. I hope he's at least making minimum wage! Later, the pair come into contact with Sam and Frack, played by the hilarious Seth Green and Breckin Meyer, in their attempts to take down the big baddies. Check back next week for my interview with Green and Meyer on their comic-book-store adventures.

Donovan in Victoria, Australia: Heroes?

For the upcoming episode 18, the show is looking for a young actor with dark hair or brown eyes who appears to be three or four. Could they be recasting Sylar's son Noah? Or is someone else popping out a kiddo? In other news, this is not a good year for the Petrelli brothers. I'm told another brother (besides Peter) also loses his powers.

Frank in Houston: I want Jill on Chuck to die! What is going on with her? Tell me she won't stay!

She's here for now, and this week Jill continues to turn Chuck's world upside-down. He even commits treason in tonight's episode when she is kidnapped. (The trollop!) Still, the good news for Chuck and Sarah fans is that Casey and Sarah won't let up with their Chuckveillance even though he really just wants some "private time" with Ms. Jill.

Amber in Tucson, Ariz.: On Smallville, does Davis (or Doomsday, for that matter) steal Chloe away before wedding?

We do soon see the full version of Doomsday, and he makes a special appearance at the wedding. (I smell a Graduate scene!) Lana (Kristin Kreuk) also will be in attendance, and just in time to interrupt Lois and Clark's lovefest. Meanwhile, we have Doomsday himself Sam Witwer coming to the next Watch with Kristin show, and I assure you, he does not disappoint.

Michelle in Dallas: Got any goodies on Prison Break?

A Haitian priest tells T-Bag what the rest of us have known for ages: He's eeevil and shouldn't be allowed in holy places. Gotta love all the spicy priests on TV these days...

Melanie in Homestead, Fla.: Any juicy spoilers for Sons of Anarchy?

Wednesday's installment is heartbreaking. The episode begins with a cover of "Forever Young," and ends with the reveal (at long last) of SOA's Ophelia. And somewhere in the middle, Tara tells Jax she loves him...

Jason in Charleston, W. Va.: When is Kyle XY coming back to ABC Family?

Kyle XY returns in January, and Matt Dallas teased upcoming storylines: "Jessi becomes a much bigger part of the show this year, and we actually start to like her a little bit more. Also, Kyle and Amanda's relationship gets tested." My guess? They pass with flying colors.

Source: Kristen @ E!

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